LGBT+ Yoga with Tommy

Dalston Superstore is thrilled to announce something a little different… yoga classes for the LGBT+ community in the basement! Tommy Hibbitts Yoga is bringing all sorts of love and energy to the basement of Dalston Superstore for some much needed soul reconnection through the art of yoga! We caught up with Tommy to find out what […]


Since starting out as a DJ and promoter ten years ago, Volvox has been challenging and shaping the underground dance scene as a member of the Discwoman collective. Having lived in New York since 2011, she holds residencies at JACK DEPT. NYC and Unter, and has been lighting up dancefloors from Detroit to Puerto Rico […]

Mchl Kelly

Mchl Kelly’s gay electroclash party series Shake Yer Dix has gained cult status over the past six years, having cruised the basements of Dalston before settling on Superstore as its spiritual home. In that time, he has welcomed guests ranging from pop princess Ronika to Yelle‘s GrandMarnier who have lit up the lazer basement with all […]

Hifi Sean & In Flagranti

Two of Dalston Superstore’s all time favourite people have teamed up to bring you a night of synth-infused nonsense and tops-off basement shenanigans! Hifi Sean and Sasa of In Flagranti are no stranger to throwing banging parties, so naturally this duo is set to have you hurling your body about in ways you’ve never known […]

Man Power

Having kept his identity top secret for the first two years of his career, Man Power is a true master of intrigue. His sets famously reflect this sensibility – he never fail to surprise and delight dancers from Mexico to Tel Aviv to London and back again! We are absolutely thrilled to welcome the international man […]

Andrew Armstrong

Having graced festival stages the world over as one half of English electronic duo Monarchy, we are thrilled to welcome DJ & producer Andrew Armstrong to Dalston Superstore for the next edition of throbbing gay bash Pump! We sat down ahead of the party to chat favourite gigs, Dita Von Teese, and broadcasting performances into […]


Calling anyone the king of a city’s underground nightlife may sound like hyperbole, but in the case of Seattle’s Nark it is the wholehearted truth. The DJ, promoter and magazine editor is, among other things, the mastermind behind Dickslap, a party lauded by Vice as being the single-handed saviour of the city’s nightlife. We are […]

Tornado Wallace

Homosuperparty Discosodoma is about to ring in her second year of exisitence, and for this very special occasion they welcome one of their musical heroes – Melbourne’s Tornado Wallace (ESP Institute, Beats In Space) – who has quite literally been taking the world by storm. One of the masterminds behind iconic party series Animals Dancing, Tornado Wallace […]

five minutes with Stefan Fähler

Dalston Superstore and ArtHole London are thrilled to present Gegen Identity, a retrospective of freelance art director and illustrator Stefan Fähler‘s poster work for Gegen Berlin. Fähler has designed gig posters for the likes of Ariel Pink, Baths, Death Grips, Mykki Blanco and Mogwai, and shown work in publications, exhibitions and festivals around the globe. Gegen is a complex word […]


Dalston Superstore is absolutely thrilled to announce new weekly gurlzzz party Goldsnap will be debuting on Thursday 31 March! The three-way lovechild of local female DJ collective Goldsnap, this is a party space for all with an emphasis on showcasing amazing local female talent. You can expect R&B, Hip Hop, House, Trap, Afrobeats, Garage, Dance, House and […]

Awful with Jonbenet Blonde and Little Jimmy Johnson

A brand new party with some familiar faces is set to crash land into the Saturday night spot at Dalston Superstore… And it’s set to be AWFUL!  We caught up with Little Jimmy Johnson and Jonbenet Blonde to find out what to expect from their latest offering.   Hello, you two.   JJ: HIYA!   JB: […]


Uncontrollable Urge is proud to present their first special guests for 2016! Fresh from the debut night of their residency at Birthdays, the boys or squareglass records will be hot-footing it down the road for a takeover at Dalston Superstore. A self-described “home for new and unconventional artists”, squareglass have unearthed some seriously stunning talent over the […]