Ahead of their appearance at Il Telefono x DAMSEL this Friday, we had a lil’ catch up with Kitty and Phoebe of B.L.O.O.M. B.L.O.O.M. is a fab name- how did yous come up with it?  K: Phoebe originally came up with bloom and to be honest I really wasn’t a fan until we decided it could […]


THEM FATALE! is a brand new night ran by and for non-binary, trans* and gender non-conforming folx. Their SICKENING line up features trailblazers of the trans* community including Lewis G Burton, DAWTA, DJ PUSSIEPHUSS, ShayShay, RODENT, ELLIOT, ORNOGRAPHY and hosts UNORIGINALMINDS, Cool Dad, Lucia Blake & Caviar J!  We caught up with promoters UNORIGINIALMINDS (aka Jo Alloway) & Lewis G. Burton to chat […]

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