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Double Decker Burger - 7.5 Two beef patties, tomato, pickle, onions, monterey jack cheese, burger sauce, toasted bun
+bacon 1
+cheese 0.5
+hot sauce 0.5

Sloppy Joe - 8.5 Beef patty, slow cooked beef and chorizo chilli, grated cheddar, baby gem, beef tomato, toasted bun
+bacon 1
+cheese 0.5
+hot sauce 0.5

Jerk Chicken Burger - 7.5 Marinated Jerk chicken thigh, slaw, beef tomato, baby gem, walnut and mango cream cheese, toasted bun

Fried Chicken Sandwich - 7.5 Crunchy southern fried chicken, slaw, beef tomato, baby gem, pink aioli, toasted bun

Beetroot Burger (v) - 7 Beetroot and mushroom patty, grilled Portobello mushroom, halloumi, beef tomato, baby gem, beetroot sauce, toasted bun

Bean and Quinoa Burger (Ve) - 7 Chickpea & red bean patty, green tomato relish, onion ring, beef tomato, baby gem toasted vegan bun

All Day Brunch

Eggs any style on toast w/ brunch sauce - 4.5 +Avocado 1
+Halloumi 1
+Bacon 1
+Smoked Salmon 2
+Black pudding 2
+Toulouse sausage 2

Fully loaded bap - 6 Egg, halloumi, sausage, bacon, avocado, tomato, brunch sauce

Avocado with chilli, lime & guava jam on toast (v) - 4.5

Brunch Bagels - - Marinated Halloumi, avocado, tomato chutney (v) 5
- Smoked salmon, cream cheese, gherkin 5.5
- Maple infused bacon, scrambled eggs, tomato chutney 5

Build Your Own





Skinny fries seasoned with smoked paprika - 3

Side Salad (v) - 3

Slaw (v) - 2



Kirin Ichiban 4.2

Estrella Damm 3.9

Stowford Press Cider 4.1

Guinness 4.4

Peroni 4.8

Frontier 4.6

Brooklyn Lager 5


Peroni 3.8

Sol 3.8

Vedett 4.7

Vedett Extra White 4.7

Desperado 4.4

Crabbies alcoholic ginger beer 4.9

Kopparberg pear cider 4.8

Kopparberg strawberry + lime cider 4.9

Kopparberg elderflower + lime 4.9

Punk IPA 4.5

Anchor Steam 4.7

Sierra Nevada 4.9

Brooklyn Lager bottle 4.6

Pacifico Clara 4.4

Einstock pale ale 4.4

St Stefanus 5.2

Plus guest beers on rotation!


Marques Del Turia Bobal Syrah 4.4 / 15.5

Alta Vista Malbec 4.9 / 18.5

El Coto Crianza Rioja 5.6 / 21.5

Paso Del Sol Sauvignon Blanc 4.4 / 15.5

Villa Borghetti Pinot Grigio 4.9 / 18.5

El Coto Blanco Rioja 5.6 / 21.5

Montepalacio Tempranillo Shiraz Rosado 4.4 / 15.5

Prosecco Spumante Revino 5.5 / 28

Hatton Brut Reserve Champagne 45


Hackney Iced Tea (H.I.T) 7.7
A potent potion of spiced rum, tequila, cachaça, pisco and gin given a blast of lime and charged with Lilt for a totally tropical taste.

Dalston Negroni 8.5
Sloe gin, bitter Campari and sweet vermouth. Served on the rocks with an orange twist.

Lusty Jenny 7.7
Raspberry vodka, mixed berry purée, fresh citrus, mint leaves and fiery ginger beer. 

Pornstar Martini 8.5
Vanilla vodka and exotic passion fruit liqueur shaken with vanilla sugar, citrus and passion fruit juices. Served with a Prosecco chaser.

Espresso Martini 7.7
Stimulating espresso and rich Mexican coffee liqueur shaken with vanilla vodka and a teaspoon of sugar.

East End Julep  7.7
Deep South US whiskey muddled with fragrant mint leaves, cane sugar and passion fruit juice.

Got Milk 7.7
Vanilla vodka and apricot liqueur shaken with coconut cream and lychee juice. 

The Whore’s Handbag 7.7
A drink for good time gurls. Gin and rose petal vodka gently shaken with lychee juice. Served straight up and sealed with a kiss.

Green Goddess 7.2
London dry gin shaken with elderflower juice, a splash of citrus and cloudy apple juice. Served over ice with mint and cucumber.

Mojo 7.2
Apple mojito fixed with Caribbean rum and cloudy apple juice, fresh lime muddled with cane sugar and mint leaves.

Brandy & Monica 7.7
French cognac and rich coffee liqueur stirred on the rocks with a drop of Maraschino syrup and topped with a cherry.

Turbo Shandy 5.5
Smoky aged tequila and citrus juices chilled and mixed with cane sugar and Jamaican beer.

Bloody Mary / Bloody Maria 7.5
Premium tequila or vodka mixed with tomato juice seasoned with hot sauce, aromatic herbs and special spices.

House Margarita 7
Golden reposado 100% agave tequila shaken with sugar cane syrup and citrus juices served on the rocks in a salt-rimmed tumbler.

French Martini 7.2
Premium vodka and French black raspberry liqueur shaken with citrus + pineapple juice and served straight up.

Aperol Spritz 7.2
The Italian aperitif fixed up with prosecco and orange soda.

Red Stag Manhattan 7.2
A twist on the old classic made with Red Stag cherry bourbon and a hint of sweet vermouth, stirred with ice and served straight up with a cherry. 

Traditional cocktails still available at request 


Pimms 15
Pimms, lemonade, mint, cucumber + fruit.

Sangria 15
Fruity Spanish red wine, Teichenné raspberry schnapps, Martell cognac, cranberry, lemonade, citrus juice + fruit.


Isolabella sambucca 3.4

Jägermeister liqueur 3.4

Patron XO café liqueur 4.6

Sauza Hornitos Reposada tequila 3.6

Lajita Mezcal 4.2