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Working Girl At The Rio

This Friday our neighbours and hands down the best cinema around, The Rio, are screening a special Fringe! Trims showing of Working Girl.

Melanie Griffith’s shoulder pads, Sigourney Weaver’s lingerie…. Joan Cusack’s hair!!! 

Fringe! says: “How to get ahead in this mess of an economy? Easy, take a leaf out of Melanie Griffith’s book as she makes it from Staten Island secretary to the boardroom table unseating Sigourney Weaver in the process. A head for business and a bod for sin. It’s all you need. Oh and Joan Cusack’s sky high hair (single-handedly responsible for that ozone hole back in the day).

The screening will be hosted by East End tranny with a fanny Holestar who will give you advice on how to work yourself to the top, power dressing, should pads and tranny empowerment at work. Plus a special appearance by Carly Simon’s Massive Mouth.”

And if that’s not ridiculously exciting enough, Working Girl is only the first in a series of irregular cult movies to be shown in the lead up to Fringe! Film Festival 2013! After the success of Showgirls and In Bed With Madonna, we’re not surprised Fringe! is back at The Rio with more of our favourite films

To win a pair of tickets to see Working Girl at The Rio this Friday email us at with the subject line “She Works Hard For The Money” by 2pm Thursday 4th October 2012 answer the following question…

Who wrote the title track “Let The River Run” on the Working Girl soundtrack? 

a. Paul Simon

b. Simon Le Bon

c. Carly Simon

Fringe! Trims presents: Working Girl takes place this Friday at The Rio Cinema, 107 Kingsland High Street, Dalston, E8 2PB.

For tickets visit The Rio’s website.

Tasty Tim

One of the original innovative trailblazers who shaped London’s disco and alternative gay scene in the early ’80s, Tasty Tim has been an integral part of everything fun and flamboyant going on in the capital since. He’s seen it all, done it all, and played at all the most pioneering club nights and been a very welcome guest here at Superstore. He returns on Saturday 5th May to play Delirium alongside Jaime Ritchie and Kris Di Angelis so we caught up with him to ask all about his prestigious DJing history…

What prompted you to first start DJing?

It wasn’t something I’d intended on doing or even given any thought to, it just “happened”. I was working in a record shop on Kings Road that was owned by Rusty Egan (of Blitz club and Visage fame). We flogged all the fab electronic tracks that Rusty used to spin at his clubnights. It was a great place to hang out, hear the latest tunes and swap make-up tips and that was just the boys! I mean we’re talking back in 1981 here. You HAD to have the face on if you were stepping out on the Kings Road.

Steve Strange and Rusty had had such great success with their one-nighter club events like Blitz and Hell that other people were catching on (or should that be cashing in?) on the idea and new nights were starting to happen. One such venue that wanted a slice of the action was the almighty Heaven. So vast and cavernous that it could easily accommodate what they called an “alternative” night in a back room, hidden away from the rest of the club. The night was called Cha-Cha and was so quirky that the music for the night was all on pre-recorded cassettes. I’m not sure why they decided to change it to having DJs but I’m very glad they did because that’s how I got started. I’d met one of the promoters at the record shop who invited me to the club and then almost as an after thought said “Why don’t you bring some records and you can play them at the club.” VERY clever promoting if you ask me!

And that’s how it started…I got the DJ bug. Apparently, there is still no cure.

The alternative gay scene of the 80s is massively influential – what was special about those years and why do you think the legend endures?

It’s actually a bit of an urban myth that the alternative scene of the 80s was solely a gay scene. In fact it was very very mixed. All the really great nights were a melting pot. That’s what made them so special. The Mud club in particular had a really fantastic blend of straights, gays, boys, girls and everything in-between. Even Taboo was a very mixed-up affair. It wasn’t about your sexuality it was about having a certain style or a certain attitude and that is part of the legend that has endured. Any great club night has to have the right blend, too much of one thing or another is just boring. Get the mix right and you’ve got yourself a hit.

What has been your craziest gig?

I can tell you the most dangerous! I was DJing in Moscow once at a really big event. I was up on a stage spinning away and behind me on big podiums were naked go-go boys in paddling pools splashing around and throwing beach balls. All good fun. But of course they got over excited and decided to try and soak the crowd as well but it didn’t quite make it into the crowd, it was landing on me! That I could just about cope with (it was rather a warm night so it was quite refreshing really) but then it started hitting the decks and the mixer. Even I know that electrics and water don’t mix. Smoke was starting to come from the mixer. Not good. Not good at all.

Luckily the promoter was on hand and we quickly decided to put one of the planned drag shows on early so we could shut the music down and change the mixer. Which, bless them, they did in record quick time, saving the night and what could have been one very toasted tranny. The go-go boys and their paddling pools were never seen again. Shame really.

What is special about London’s gay scene today?

There is just sooooo much choice. Something for everyone. Personally I still prefer a “mixed” crowd, still an 80’s girl at heart I guess. Luckily the Superstore mix it up just right and I can’t wait to play there on the 5th.

What are your plans for the future?

To carry on carrying on! I have a new night with Lady Lloyd called Lost in Music which starts June 23rd at a new venue in Vauxhall. We’re super excited about that one, it’s gonna be H.O.T. I’m also planning a return to the studio. Gonna throw out a few tunes. It’s been quite a while! Watch this space.

Tasty Tim plays Delirium here at Dalston Superstore on Saturday 5th May from 9pm to 3am.

DJ Squeaky

Tutti Frutti has been a weekly feature at Superstore since July 2010, running every Sunday from 8pm till 2am. Resident DJ Squeaky has put together this special mega mashup mix for us, and it’s a two-hour dip in and out of some top tunes that he’s been working the floor with. Squeaky tells us,

Tutti Frutti is becoming one of the best Sunday Socials in Dalston; a place where you can detox or retox your weekend. We are dedicated to playing you a fine selection of musical genres both old and new. Our sound has become synonymous with remixes & re-edits including our very own brand of mashups, which are born from the live sets at the club.

Soul, funk, r’n’b, rare groove, pop, country & western, disco, ’80s, breakbeat, indie, hip-hop, tech and authentic house are in the mix. All tracks have been Squeaked and Tweaked in the true TUTTI FRUTTI style.

Artists on this mix are Tom Tom Club, M.I.A, Labi Siffre, Carly Simon, R.Kelly ft Jay Z, Missy Elliott, Amerie, Snoop Dog V’s Jackson 5, Chakachas, Kelly Rowland, Sahara, Dee-Lite, Michael Jackson, Dolly Parton, Anane, Depeche Mode, Claudja Barry, Hercules & the Love Affair, Rick James, Lolleatta Holloway, James Curd, Kylie, Leftfield and of course Madonna!

Tutti Frutti is every Sunday night from 8pm to 2am. Visit their Soundcloud profile for more mixes and their Facebook group for more info.