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Jeffrey Hinton

In a time when club spaces (and with them, overlooked communities) are disappearing before our eyes, Club Vada promoters Hannah Holland and Cathal O’brien are seeking to preserve queer culture and history, and share them with a new generation. As well as booking DJs who made their names in iconic queer parties of the past, at every party they present a special guest artist, performer or cultural figure to present their piece of LGBT history before the party kicks off. For their upcoming party, they welcome prolific videographer, film maker and archivist, Jeffrey Hinton whose work is focused on underground subcultures, spanning decades between London and New York city. We caught up with Jeffrey to chat a bit about his past work, current collaborations and plans for the future.

Hi Jeffrey! We are absolutely thrilled to have you join us for a pre-party show at Club Vada! Can you tell us a bit about your relationship to promoters Hannah Holland and Cathal? 

Well that’s all a kind of club blur! But Hannah and Cathal are great energies and I love what they do, we share lots of the same interests for sure.

How did you first get started as a videographer and filmmaker?

I started recording things on a reel to reel tape recorder age eight, and wanted to mess it up, so hot wired the sound through the speaker outputs on the hifi and fed it back over records and the radio (early mixing). All ways of capturing the world fascinate me, visual and sound. Then experimenting with any tech I can get my hands on and usually doing it all wrong as I have no training but I like the fucked up bits.

How have you watched the gay scene in London change over the years? 

Yes, I’ve seen lots of changes around the world but I like change!  Patterns do emerge if you’ve been around a while like me.

If you could change one thing about the LGBT+ club scene, what would it be?

Stop complaining too much or being inward thinking and get on with action (despite the obvious issues). Mind you that applies to everything. I like people to get more active and visually out there rather than behind a computer (like I’m feeling right now!!)

You collaborated a few years ago with the V&A for their Club to Catwalk exhibition; can you tell us a bit about that project?

That came a bit out of the blue as I went in for a meeting and thought I was just advising them but then they said, “We’re building you a room and want you to fill it with your films and music!” So I did!

As an observer of subcultures and the queer underground, where do you see things developing in the next few years?

We live in such media saturation all regurgitating questions till we’re numb!

The world has shifted a lot but still fails to resolve most old issues. The big rise in controlling right wing powers directly affect us all and especially any queer underground.  But I see lots of cracks are appearing and that’s always been a good time for underground activity!

2016 has been one hell of a year in terms of losing some amazing counter-cultural icons. Among all this loss, what has been a highlight for you?

I’m pretty amazed I’m still on the planet!

Who have been some of the most inspiring people you have collaborated with?

That is a never-ending list all for different reasons. I’m so lucky to know and work with amazing people – it’s why I love being alive.

 I will mention Andy Butler (Hercules and Love Affair) – I love working on ideas with him, he’s a big joy for me.  

Do you have any exciting projects in the works that you can let us in on?

From 28 November I have a big video installation running for two months covering the ceiling at BISTHROTHEQUE called Big Sky. It features clips and moments from my films covering three decades all wafting around a sky ambiance.

Then next year I’m working on a completely immersed sound and visual installation that I’m also designing the interior for and want to tour. Also I’m developing a play (never done that before!)

I’m very excited so look out for details.

Can you give us a sneak peek of what you have planned for Club Vada?

I’m screening my film Scratch Bowery that hasn’t been shown in this country.

It’s my homage cut up video to Leigh Bowery and the life that we shared including some of my visuals from the club Taboo. Then I’m talking to Max Allan about the visual side of queer language… well along those lines but were known to digress!!

 Leigh Bowery

Catch Jeffrey Hinton’s pre-club film screening & discussion with Max Allen at Club Vada from 9pm on Saturday 26 November at Dalston Superstore.



Parisian DJ and party promoter, Babybear is a serious force to be reckoned with. Having recently welcomed house music royalty in the form of Robert Owens, Marshall Jefferson and Andy Butler to play at his party Menergy, he is fast becoming one of the front running tastemakers of the gay Paris party scene. Ahead of his appearance at the Homodrop First Anniversary bash, he caught up with us to chat Paris, parties and programming legendary club nights! 

Hi Babybear! Can you introduce yourself to us in a few sentences?

My name is Yannick Barbe, I’m 45. Actually, I’m a journalist (until recently I was the editor in chief of Têtu, the gay magazine) but I seriously started as a DJ around 2005-06. Ever since my teenage years, house music has been my passion. I was resident DJ of Yes Sir, I Can Boogie, the electro-hairy party at Les Bains (Paris). I also played in parties and venues like Beardrop, Flash Cocotte, Wanderlust, Social Club and YOYO (Palais de Tokyo). One year ago, with my friend Oscar (Wonderbear), we launched MENERGY, a gay party with one goal: to reconcile gay shirtless club goers with house music. And it’s a success.

If you could trace your love of house techno and disco down to one track, what would it be?

Donna Summer – I Feel Love (Patrick Cowley Remix). Definitely!

Your party MENERGY has welcomed major DJs such as Robert Owens, Marshall Jefferson and Andy Butler. What has been the highlight for you?

Obviously, Robert Owens because it was the premiere! Can you imagine talking to your friends about your project when having a drink, and few months later, a house music legend is in your club singing I’ll Be Your Friend?! What a blast!

How does the Paris gay party scene differ from other major cities?

Diversity is the key word – a lot of parties every week with a variety of music styles and different crowds. But we are missing one world-renowned big gay club. Venues are a major issue in Paris. We need space and freedom!

You’re taking us on a date in Paris – where are we going to eat, drink and dance?

You can start the night by having a drink at A La Folie Paris, the newly opened restaurant by Remy Baiget – also a party promoter – in the middle of la Villette park. For a delicious dinner, don’t miss the tasty grill room of Loup, a trendy restaurant with good music. Finally, check the line up of Gibus Club, newly revamped club with brand new parties: Possession, Black Out and… MENERGY of course 😉

This is Homodrop’s First Birthday – what is your favourite celebration track?

Whitney Houston – Greatest Love Of All (Club 69 Mix). So cheesy. How can one be gloomy when listening to Whitney?

What is one guilty pleasure record that people would be surprised to discover you love?

My unconditional love for French singer Véronique Sanson. The best sad songs ever.

What is one fool-proof track that always lifts the energy of the club?

KiNK vs. Marc Romboy – Over & Out. Italo-house crazy piano, infectious rhythm, sample of First Choice’s Let No Man Put Asunder, and this incredible breakbeat sequence in the middle of the track.

Describe your perfect queer party utopia.

Less misogyny in the male gay scene.

If you had a time machine and could visit any dance floor anywhere/anywhen, where would you want to go dancing? 

San Francisco. Circa 1978. Sylvester is singing on stage. And I am having fun with Al Parker, the gay porn icon. The boys in the back room laughin’ it up/Shootin’ off energy/The guys in the street talk checkin’ you out/Talkin’ ’bout Menergy.

Catch Babybear at the Homodrop First Anniversary on Saturday 3 October from 9pm-4am.

Disco Bloodbath Record Bag

Ahead of this Saturday’s mr intl records showcase, we caught up with our old pals Disco Bloodbath, who return to Dalston Superstore once more for a top floor takeover! For the uninitiated, Disco Bloodbath was and is an East London institution, throwing disco ragers in Passions, a basement club below a Dalston restaurant, developing into a record label and generally being record collecting badasses. With that in mind, we caught up with the duo, comprised of Ben Pistor and Damon Martin, to have a rummage through their record bags…

A record that is forever Disco Bloodbath

Ben: Fern Kinney – Love Me Tonight. Damon would play it towards the end of the night, it starts off all twinkly then when the vocals kick in everyone sings along either hands in the air or hugging.

A record that is too sad to listen to

Ben: Magic FM fave, Odyssey – If You’re Looking For A Way Out is deeply moving in the back of a cab at 5am.

A record that never leaves your bag

Damon: Cappuccino – Hell Dance With Me

A record that you’ve always wanted to play but it’s never quite happened

Ben: I’ve always wanted to hear Bruce Springsteen – I’m On Fire played to a heaving dance floor. 

A record that sounds like it’s from a spangly disco future

Damon: Donna Summer – I Feel Love definitely fits the bill but a big favourite of mine is My Mine – Hypnotic Tango. A record that’s over 30 years old but still sounds massively futuristic to me. It’s also well spangly.

A record that transports you back to a spangly disco past

Ben: The Three Degrees – Giving Up Giving In. A huge mirrorball moment from the past that builds and builds and builds and explodes in to pure spangle.

Fave Andy Butler/Hercules & Love Affair/Mr Intl track

Ben: Obviously Blind is incredible but I really love Roar which is on the first H&LA 12”.

A record that always sounded brilliant in the basement of Passion

Damon: The Chaplin Band – Il Veliero

The one record you’d save if your house was on fire

Damon: I would probably spend too long trying to decide and burn to death. Although, apparently in house fires it’s the smoke inhalation that gets you first. Either way it would be a huge tragedy.

A record in your collection that’s TOO MUCH of a guilty pleasure to ever play out

Damon: I’m not sure such a record exists. I’ll pretty much play anything after a few shandies.

Join Ben & Damon this Saturday 16th May for mr intl at Dalston Superstore from 9pm -3am.


Andy Butler’s Record Box

This Saturday Andy Butler of Hercules and Love Affair returns to Superstore for another showcase from his celebrated record label mr intl. Joining him in the laser basement will be Sasa of In Flagranti, whilst upstairs it’s a Hot Boy Dancing Spot situational takeover! Ahead of the party Dan Beaumont took a peek through Andy’s record box…

A record that reminds you of when you first started travelling the world with Hercules and Love Affair…

Paradise’s Deep Groove – I Love How You Make Me Feel – I had already been revisiting eerie house land, as the last tracks made before my first album came out were Classique and Roar, so that was the frame of mind I was in- “big deep eerie murky trance house”.

A Hercules and Love Affair record that gives you the most feelings…

The one that pops to mind is 5:43 To Freedom from the last album because I always give some kind of a (hopefully) rousing speech about individuality, gender, belonging, love or something to the audience. I dont think they can really ever truly hear what I am saying but I know it works when I get all crazy emotional, and the others on stage do too.

A record that inspired you to start a band…

Massive Attack – Blue Lines

It was the project I was most inspired by in terms of what a band would look like. It had a collective thing about it, which made it feel bigger than a band. It was heavy on the sadness and the boogie. 

A song whose lyrics could be about your life…

Blind by Hercules and Love Affair

I don’t know for some reason it really speaks to me.

Ha no really, maybe something from the Magnetic Fields, like Papa Was a Rodeo.  That whole “love me but don’t” kind of thing Stephen Merrit has going on is highly relatable to me. 

A record you wish you had made…

ABBA – Dancing Queen

I just want to be dancing in the studio and watching them sing it. 

A record that reminds you of coming out…

Ministry – Stigmata  

I had a pretty angry coming out.  I loved the “fuck everyone” rant at the end of the live version from In Case You Didn’t Feel Like Showing Up Live.

A London record…

The Orb – Little Fluffy Clouds

I first went to London in 1992 as a 15 year old, and trancey ambient house as well as that early”progressive” house ala Deconstruction records played a lot at the time in Soho.  I latched onto to this groovy mellow dance track though, and it has inspired me since. 

A song you can’t listen to because it makes you too sad…


Bring it on!

A record that tales you back to the best NYC dancefloors…

The Word Is Love by Silk Hurley

Body and Soul anthem through and through, and it was relentlessly played for months, maybe a year even each week. And I danced every time.

A Secret DJ weapon…

Doris D and The Pins – Shine Up

Camp as fuck and it gets the nerdiest of heads into it. Kind of like a Dutch druggier ABBA.

Your favourite power ballad…

Take My Breath Away by Berlin

I was so overly sensitive as a child, before Ministry entered into my life, that I would cry when I would hear this. Wow.

A song that reminds you of growing up…

Uh that has not happened yet.

Join Andy this Saturday 7th March for mr intl at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 3am.

Photo credit: Alexander Nussbaume


Enigmatic house DJ and producer Brawther spent his teenage summers travelling from his hometown of Paris as part of an exchange program to live with a host family in the Midlands and got exposed early on to the British dance music scene. Now, living in Leeds, Brawther has become a protégé of Chicago legend Chez Damier, releasing on celebrated label My Love Is Underground and is now a part of the mr intl records family. Ahead of the mr intl showcase this Friday, we spoke to Brawther about all this and more!

You discovered Nottingham’s DiY parties at the turn of the century –  what was it about that time that led to you getting into house music?
Back in 2001, I stumbled into a serious house music party at The Bomb, the legendary club that hosted the infamous Floppy Disco parties by DiY. That night was ridiculous and from that moment on I felt that I wanted to be part of this culture. I couldn’t put a finger on what the music was, but my head and my feet were at home.
What’s the most important lesson you’ve learnt from your mentor Chez Damier?

Interesting question, possibly to respect your audience and inspire people and new generations at all time. Always bring people up.

Brawther And Chez Damier

Tell us what we need to know about Dungeon Meat, your project with Tristan Da Cunha, in one sentence…

It can be hard, it can be ruff and it can be pounding; the meat from the dungeon won’t leave you indifferent once you have experienced it.

If you had a time machine and could visit any dancefloor anywhere/anywhen, where would you want to go?

I would want to experience the first few years of the DiY free parties.

What’s the one record we’d have to prise out of your cold dead heads?

Some obscure early ’90s japanese house record that doesn’t exist on the internet. Yet.

You’re an international man, but how did you come to be on mr intl records?

I first heard about the possibilty to work for Andy thru Christian from Skudge. I always refuse remixes but thought he was of wise council.

Why Leeds?

Back to Basics and warm and friendly people.

What are the most Underrated parties happening in France at the moment?

The Flyance parties.

You’ve remixed My Offence by Hercules & Love Affair and it’s ace. If you had free license to remix any track from history with no worry from the artist or their label, what would you pick and what would you do with the track?

That’s a tough one. I couldn’t choose a track that is a classic because there’s no testing against a classic, period, unless it’s an edit. I couldn’t say.. sorry.

Join Brawther tomorrow night (Friday 12th December) for mr intl London at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 3am.

Photo credit: Gracie Rogers

Little Gay Brother’s Festival Amazingness

Ahead of Little Gay Brother’s Lovebox extravaganza and afterparty right here at Dalston Superstore, we asked man behind the fun Clayton Wright to run through his fave queer festival acts…

By Clayton Wright

I love a festival. For me it’s where I can chuck a load of glitter over my face and go feral for a few days. Oh and I might see a band or two. This is my list of AMAZING FESTIVAL ACTS YOU SHOULD SEE BEFORE YOU DIE GIRL!

Scissors Sisters – V Festival 2004


In 2004 I was in love with Jake Sheers. I loved his hair, his face, his music and his arse in tight jeans. I stood at the back of the festival and I desperately wanted to get to the front. ‘A friend’ was peeing in a cup because the toilets were crazy busy. Before he knew what was happening my friends and I grab him by the scruff of his neck and push him forward. He peed his way all the way to the front of the stage. I was front row to stare at Jake. Unfortunately standing behind us were a lot of angry chavs now covered in piss. Soz V. 

Róisín Murphy – 2008


I saw Róisín at a little festival called Bloom. It rained and there must of been only about 1000 people there max. It’s impossible to find a clip of Róisín at that festival but she was amazing. She had a bag of clothes and hats at the side of the stage and kept rushing to the edge of the stage to change her costumers herself. I loved how incredibly low budget the show was but her performance was world class and so were her hats. 

Florence and the Machine – 2009 Bestival

I was lucky enough to hang out with Flo back stage at Camp Bestival one year. I was later told she was later found naked in a someone’s garden off site. She’s never confirmed this, but she does still owe me 20 quid.

Grace Jones –  Lovebox 2010 

The woman hula hoops as she sings????? What more could you ask for? I told so many lies to get back stage that year to meet her that I’m surprised I don’t have boils on my tongue, but who cares it’s GRACE JONES!?????

Hercules & Love Affair – Lovebox 2010 

“Miss Honey, Miss Honey” This clip is just hilarious and reminds of what an incredible year for gay artists to showcase at Lovebox in 2010. This is definitely one act you should have a gay love affair with. I definitely have… but that’s another story. Andy Butler is playing with us at Bearded Kitten’s Colosillyum stage this year at Secret Garden Party.

Blondie – Secret Garden Party 2011

This festival is my spiritual home. 2012 was the first year we started the gay bar at SGP and Blondie was headlining the main stage. SGP has always been an eclectic mix of people and music. As you watch this clip you see a crowd covered in feathers, sequins and glitter. We love SGP and we love Blondie. See you at the Gay Bar. 

Diana Ross

The great thing about seeing any legendary gay icon or band is that you know in amongst at least the first 100 people near the stage is a hottie ready and willing to cop off with you whilst you both hold hands and sing along to ‘I’m Coming Out’. I need to do this before I die. If Diana does a UK festival you can find me always by the left hand speaker, boys. 


I love these guys so so much. They still rock out in sequin costumes. Without a doubt on my list of gay festival acts to see before I die. 

Dolly Parton – Glastonbury 2014 

She sings, plays guitar and even raps. What could be gayer than watching the Queen of Dollywood surrounded by hundreds of trannies dressed up in cowboy hats immolating her highness? 

 Elton – Bestival 2013

OK so Elton is gayer than Dolly, but only just. You can catch Elton and our mate Bright Light x2 on tour in the UK this summer. 

Little Gay Brother at Secret Garden Party

Catch Little Gay Brother at Lovebox this weekend, 18th and 19th July at the washing machine stage in the Bearded Kitten Mansion and at ET Phone HOMO at Secret Garden Party 24th to 28th July.