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Every Clam needs Her Jam on NYE

(expert lesbian advice on every clam’s plan) 

By Bica

Once upon a time I was born a foreign lesbian with a spoonful of bin-juice fed to me intravenously, by my already exasperated mother. It affected me in many ways, adverse to penis (in my mouth form only), although saying that some of my best friends have perfectly shaped cute and cuddly penises. Other ways would be the ongoing fabulous addiction to gin, friendly flocks of nuns and guns, lesbian sex of rushed and hard-to mop-up-after kind, spare time knitting and drilling simultaneously and finally cLAM jAM on the brain 24/7 with music, glorious music, kind of music that splits you sideways and makes you shake your titties in unwarranted direction of one lucky girl. 

Hence, why I am clearly the most qualified person here to give out the professional advice and selection of quick rules and regulations on what should be expected on the night of cLAM jAM NYE.

1) Expect that Shola Ama is coming and singing live. Who don’t love a bit of Shola? Garage Shola. R&B Shola. Shola here, Shola there, Shola everywhere.  

2) Bring waterproof clothes 



3) Coupled or single get ready to mingle  

4) Fix Up Look Sharp 

 5) Be flash, fuck it! It’s NYE 

giphy (2)

Sorted. Gonna Be Boss! 

Love cLAM jAM 

Catch Bica, Packin’ C, Shola Ama and more at Clam Jam New Years Eve from 9pm-5am on 31 December 2015.

Tickets available here

Clam Jam Big Bitch Single Release

The two mega-babes behind Clam Jam have certainly been busy this year, and we’re only just over half way through! In between booking festival slots at Lovebox and Secret Garden Party and club nights at XOYO and East Bloc, they’ve gone all ‘Yonce on us and sprung us with a surprise single release! We sat down to chat party plans, inspiration and …uh… Victoria Sponge!

Bica and Cathal, your Clam Jam babe-duo is such a big part of the success of your parties. How did you two come together?

B: I bought a box of cereal one day, which is strange in itself considering I am a full English breakfast kinda gal, and lo and behold he was the free gift in it. I kinda liked him so thought I would keep him.

C: Whilst trawling the internet I stumbled upon, placed a bid and won her for 2p and a ten pack of Richmond Menthol Super 10s. She seemed happy enough and I haven’t had the heart to get rid of her since then. They run a strict no exchange or return policy so we’ve been stuck together for years now.

We knew you could throw an amazing party, but had no idea you had a bloody single up your sleeves! How did this all come about?

C: Ah yes! Well… we had this tune in mind for a while, then our mate producer Alex Blanco, who had been  coming to cLAM jAM a while and loving what we played, suggested we all get in the studio……

B: …. and the rest is history.

Where did you draw inspiration for your video?

B: Cathal has been doing amazing video work forever now, for various personal and professional projects, bands, festivals and fashion designers. I love Victoria sponge…. And he loves to make me look demented!

C: There is no one simple answer for this, being that a ‘big bitch’ isn’t a comment about size I suppose.
Its about being fully saturated, excessive and comfortable in your tastes, sexual habits, body, sense of humour or unapologetic lack of it even. One man’s big bitch is another man’s cream cake.  

2015 is looking set to be a big year for Clam Jam! Can you tell us a bit about your party plans for the next few month?

C: We are keeping our Thursday nights, OBVS, at the Mothership Superstore which just gets better and more lushed-out by the minute. We are playing at this year’s Lovebox for the Little Gay Brother Vegas Room on the Friday 17 July, which we are  excited about. Then the weekend after we are set to get all at one with nature, ahem, and play at the Secret Garden Party Festival ! 

B: Also, this is super secret still but we’ll let ya onto something… cLAM jAM will be doing something bigger and better in an unusual location in August. Can’t say more than that, but watch his space.

You have an extra-special guest planned for the debut of your single. Can you tell us a bit about her ?

B: Yep! Super excited that we got a DJ set for the single launch courtesy of the fabulous Perera Elsewhere from the band Yahcoozi.

C: We’ve been following her for a while now, since she has done bits with our mate Hannah Holland, who in turn hooked us up, and we really wanted her to do the set for this night especially. 
Check her out – it’s gonna be ace! 


Join Bica, Cathal and Perera Elsewhere this Thursday 16 July for the Clam Jam Big Bitch single release party from 9pm-2:30am.

Whitney Weiss

This Thursday Paris-based international DJ Whitney Weiss joins us for a r’n’b infused jam at weekly girl-night Clam Jam! Ahead of the party, residents Bica and Cathal quizzed Whitney on Parisian lesbians, songs involving prolific use of the word “pussy” and Prince…

By Bica and Cathal

Hiya Whitney! Welcome to cLAM jAM……what naughty words on the street have you heard about it?

Oh hey! I’ve heard wonderful things about Clam Jam, that it gets packed and crazy and there are apparently a lot of cuties and interesting fashion choices involving denim? I hope that’s all true. I’m very excited.

As an international lady loving bird, give us some inside info on Buenos Aires and Parisian lesbians?

Buenos Aires is great because it seems like there’s not so much nesting, plus there are tons of mixed parties where  you can’t tell who sleeps with who until you try to sleep with them, which I think is cool. The art mullet is very much alive and well there, for better or worse.

Since it’s not that big, Paris is already a city where it can feel like everyone knows (or has slept with) everyone in a particular subculture. This is especially true with Parisian lesbians. If you want to engage with a French lesbian—which you can totally choose to do—try asking her about the best place to get gluten-free bread in Saint-Ouen/Canal St. Martin/Montreuil, her electronic music project/accessories line/adorable puppy, or how amazing it was to be a lesbian in Paris during the Le Pulp era, which you (and I) tragically missed out on.

On the “official richter scale chart of lesbianism” 0 being closeted Barbara next door – 10 being being Ellen Degeneres baking muffins with Portia De Rossi whilst listening to Tracy Chapman on the radio, what position would you say you were?

I’m more of an Angelina Jolie circa Hackers vintage 1990s overly-optimistic college sophomore sexuality/gender is fluid kind of girl, to be totally honest!

You played with some big acts/DJs, but I kinda wanna know about the most recent one, Zebra Katz. How did that go?

It was absolutely wonderful and also somehow super-French. We both played at this lovely party called ONO at Faust, which is a new club under the Pont Alexandre III bridge in what used to be like a customs space for maritime imports. So just picture a huge bougie cave of a room packed with people who work in fashion and lesbians in heels with expensive haircuts and professional voguers and stylish foreigners of indeterminate sexual orientation and a handful of enthusiastic barely legal French teenagers, all frolicking together. I got to play thanks to my dear friend Kiddy Smile, who DJed an incredible set the same night. Vjuan Allure, who is an amazing ballroom DJ from the US, also turned people out. And of course Zebra Katz was fantastic.

I know you gonna bring it at cLAM jAM! Tell our girls what kinda music choices have you got cooked for them?

So much Janet, a reasonable amount of ballroom, a little bit of freestyle, some Robbie Tronco songs that prominently feature the word “pussy” and mid-90s treasures you forgot you knew the words to but will remember when on the dance floor. Oh and Prince. There will be Prince.

First time I met you was at legendary CHERYL. Mental night in the best possible way. How did you get involved with that?

Oh my god I have such fond memories of that night! It was one of the highlights of my summer for sure and the London debut of Father Figures, my party/DJ and production project with DJ Traviesa. I had heard about CHERYL through a friend in New York and actually wanted to bring them to Buenos Aires a few years ago. We went out for Polish food and totally got along, but bringing them to Argentina fell through in a colossal way thanks to South American logistics. Instead of hating me, we stayed friends and they had me play CHERYLWEEN V, CHERYL: Alien, and Jennifer Aniston’s fake funeral, which was a personal highlight of my clubbing life. I joined them on their tour two summers ago in Europe, which actually eventually led to me moving here—thanks, CHERYL! I absolutely adore them and they consistently throw the best parties. We had a wonderfully debaucherous time together at Glasslands in August, too; just thinking about it makes me grin. I just can’t say enough good things about them.

You are also involved in the Vogue Balls in Paris. Tell me more……?

Yes! I am Whitney Míu Míu, the DJ for the kiki house Míu Míu. The absolutely wonderful Kiddy Smile invited me to play the Grace Jones Ball last fall, and it kind of grew from there. There was a Janet Jackson Ball last summer, which was great as well. I’m definitely not an expert on the Paris vogue scene at all, but it seems like it’s really growing and expanding. Teki Latex, who is an amazing French DJ, is also quite involved now. I’d say the vogueing community is one of the most creative and legitimately fun facts of Paris nightlife, since people aren’t afraid to dance and actually appear to be enjoying themselves when at parties.

P……p……ppp PRINCE gonna just come out with it. What’s going on between you two? Is it love or lust or both?

Oh my god, it is something that I’ll never comprehend, just like his gender identity/sexual orientation. I’ve been deeply in lust with Prince since puberty and felt funny feelings for him starting with when I was a precocious youngster and saw the cover of Purple Rain in my parent’s record collection. I’ve been listening to him since I was 9 or 10, long before I understood what he was talking about (which explains a lot, really). I love and respect him and am a little bit afraid of him at the same time. I have started relationships with people where their level of enthusiasm for Prince was a determining factor, no joke. Also, according to Wendy and Lisa, he counts as a lesbian. Do with that information what you will.

Join Whitney this Thursday 4th December for Clam Jam at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 2.30am.

Visit Whitney Weiss’ website:

Bica & Cathal

London’s premiere Thursday night social for thirsty lesbians and their gay boyfriends Clam Jam turns ONE YEAR OLD this week! And to celebrate, we rounded up resident DJs Bica and Packin C aka Cathal to find out how they keep managing to attract the hottest girls, interesting guests (this week as a birthday treat, Pat Butcher- ok Jacqui Potato dressed as Pat Butcher- takes to the decks) and still manage to play good music…

“Clam jam” is the female equivalent of cock blocking. But isn’t what you guys are doing basically the opposite?

bICA: We called it that because it was one of our favourite lesbian slang expressions.

cATHAL: We wanted to turn it on its head – claim the expression for ourselves and bring a bit of humour to it. Plus I mean, come on, if you’re getting clam jammed it means there are some serious fitties in the room.

bICA: Yeah, who doesn’t like some hot and healthy competition?!

Before you settled on the obviously amazing name, what else hilarious was up for consideration?

bICA: Anything that had pUSSY cat or female genitalia was obviously considered.

cATHAL: mINGE bINGE was tossed around and is still in the running.

bICA: Yeah, we’re still considering using it as an after cLAM jAM party should the occasion arise.

Why do lesbians like dancing on Thursdays?

bICA: It’s weird innit because we presume the majority are employed and still have to get up on Fridays!

cATHAL: From the outset we thought if it’s a good party the ladies will come regardless of what day it is – Thursday just seems to fill their slot.

What’s a guaranteed Packin’ C dancefloor filler?

cATHAL: Anything sleazeh and chunkeh.

bICA: With a Jäger bomb bass line and a healthy amount of pheromones sprinkled across it.

cATHAL: This Toddler T track with Shola Ama is a favourite  – it’s a bit of a Clam Jam anthem now – it ALWAYS gets the girls dancing, if you hear it you know you’re here and the fun is gonna increase ten fold.

Fave photo each snapped by Cathal that sums up the night for you…


Cathal's Clam Jam pic


Bica's Clam Jam pic

Forget “what happens at Clam Jam, stays at Clam Jam”, what is the craziest thing you have seen with your own eyes at Clam Jam?

bICA: Girls getting it on in the most unusual crevices of Superstore, naked dancing on the bar…

cATHAL: I’ve got a vivid memory of these really hot girls packed into a gold BMW outside doing their nails getting ready to come in – that gave a happy warm feeling inside.

Who is your dream Clam Jam guest?

cATHAL: Aside from Pat Butcher?

bICA: I’d have to say Courtney Love on one on the decks.

cATHAL: Beth Ditto dressed as Lil’Kim holding hands with Sandra Bernhard would be nice.

If Clam Jam was a cocktail what would the ingredients be?


7oz crushed ice

500ml Hendricks gin (strong as fuck, gets you unawares)

A large unused (please girls) slice of cucumber

Lucy Fizz tonic (for the ting)

A big red sugary rim 

NB: it’s paramount not to be stingy with the measures.

All of this is guaranteed to leave you with no regrets, just a fuzzy clammy feeling of joy.

What would you improve about London’s lesbian scene?

cATHAL: Consistency.

bICA: There simply should be more to it.

cATHAL: Yep, I think people being more aware that there are a whole bunch of girls out there who are pretty next level and wanna go out somewhere together.

bICA: Definitely… sometimes a factor that is  missing from lesbian nights is a good directional music policy.

What’s the ratio of girls to boys on a standard Thursday?

bICA: I think I would say 85% girls, 10% fit gay boys, 5% drag queens, 0% straight pervy boys hassling ya.

What can we expect from Clam Jam Year Two?

cATHAL: We have a really exciting warehouse collaboration coming up – still under wraps, I can’t wait , our girls are going to LOVE IT.

bICA: We’ve had some really great girl guests in our first year – we wanna continue bringing a diverse element to the east end – if I tell you more I’m gonna have to kill ya.

cATHAL: Our website is launching next week so keep ya clams peeled! It’s going to be a great showcase of all the photos I’ve taken over the past year as well as the posters we’ve created with Shay Malt – he has been brilliant. We want to continue pushing a strong visual identity for cLAM jAM and most importantly, continue in making a difference.

bICA: We wanna thank our fiercely loyal girls by making the night even more bam! 

What advice would you give to a Clam Jam virgin?

bICA: Brush your hair, change your underwear, do some pelvic floor exercises.

cATHAL: Bring a jar, we provide the jam.

Join Bica, Cathal and Pat Butcher (aka Jacqui Potato) this Thursday 4th September from 9pm – 2.30am at Clam Jam’s 1st Birthday.