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Bourgeois & Maurice’s Brunch Playlist

For the dirty-stop-outs and the ones who got lucky, for the loved, and the unloved, East London’s spangliest duo Bourgeois & Maurice present an extra special post-Valentine’s Fork Of Shame brunch. Ahead of Sunday afternoon’s fun, they sent us over a little playlist of what to expect in-between the endless Bloody Marys, the horoscopes and their own music…

Shamir – On the Regular

Begin Valentine’s day by sitting your date down and playing them this. Then explain that no matter how much you try you will never love them as much as you love Shamir and his heart shaped sunglasses. It’s just scientifically impossible.

Diana Ross – Love Hangover


Every good weekend morning should start with both of these- love and a hangover. If by some error of calculation you happen to be sober and empty bedded then just let the vocals of Lady Di soothe you. And then have a Bloody Mary for God’s sake, it’s Sunday.

Bumblebee Unlimited – Lady Bug


Everyone loves a good nectar and tonic. And everyone’s had a crush on a really hot bumblebee at some point. Don’t lie.

Murray Head – One Night in Bangkok


When people say they don’t like musical theatre we just put this on really loud til their ears bleed and they fall to their knees asking for forgiveness. Only ABBA could make a nice game of chess sound so downright drrrrty.

Betty Wright – Clean Up Woman


Because every morning-after should involve a good clean: flat, fridge, brain and orifices. We’re more gender non-specific than notorious misogynist Betty Wright, but hey she lived in olden times before women voted or drank jaegerbombs, so you can’t really blame her.

The Juan MacLean – The Future Will Come


This is one for suicide Tuesday. Stay strong, it’ll be over soon, the future will come.

Join Bourgeois & Maurice for their Fork Of Shame brunch this Sunday 15th February from noon – 4pm.

Bourgeois & Maurice

Superstore regulars, the ultra-fabulous Bourgeois & Maurice, are set to kick off their latest neo-cabaret show Sugartits at the Soho Theatre and are giving us a pair of tickets to the show that you can win! We caught up with the dazzling duo to find out more about outfits, sequins, songs, erotic tax returns and all manner of oddities that comes up in their celebrated act…

You’re siblings who accidentally killed your parents, yes? Firstly, sorry for your loss! Secondly, can we ask… how did it happen?

Yeah it was very sad. It happened back in 1987, during the Great Storm. We wanted Nickelodeon so we made our own satellite dish and attached it to the house. Unfortunately it acted as lightning conductor and we fried the whole street. Would never happen these days, with Freeview. 

You touch a lot on human and political issues in your shows- what’s one political issue that’s really getting your goat at the moment?

We’re both deeply concerned about the whereabouts of Rick Moranis and what his absence from Hollywood might mean for Western cultural supremacy over the next century.

What are the best outfits you wear in your new show Sugartits at the Soho Theatre?

This morning we commissioned 6 metres of custom printed lycra covered in Vladimir Putin’s face. That’s about all we can say for now…

Your own music is a big part of the show- where do you draw inspiration from?

When we write we’ll waste hours – sometimes days – talking. We just talk about stuff and people and news until somehow a lyric idea creeps out and then we write as fast as we can in case it goes away. 

Who is the ultimate Bourgeois & Maurice icon? 

Walter White – fluctuating moral compass with a penchant for the dark side. And not real. 

What is a erotic tax return?

It’s that special time in January when you lock yourself away with a pile of receipts and a laptop and you get down and dirty with the HMRC website. We call it the Government Gateway to paradise.

You’re both no stranger to Dalston Superstore… what would be your top tip to someone coming here for the first time?

Arrive early to get a window booth, line up the cocktails and wait patiently til Jacqui Potato arrives – you’ll have the best seats in the house for the greatest show on earth.

How many sequins are too many sequins?

When they’re lining your esophagus, you’ve gone too far.

Tell us a secret about the other….

Bourgeois: Get her drunk and Maurice turns into Kenneth Williams’ camp gran.

Maurice: Bourgeois is actually working class. Gross.

Finally, why should we come see your show Sugartits?

Cos there just aren’t that many musical current affairs shows featuring two hot siblings and a confetti cannon these days. Also if you don’t come then we’ll hang around the toilets downstairs at Dalston Superstore and cook your hair in the hand dryer. 

We’ve got our hands on a pair of tickets to give away to Bourgeois and Maurice’s brand new show at Soho Theatre. For your chance to win email the correct answer to by 10am Tuesday 27th August.

What is the name of Bourgeois and Maurice’s upcoming show at Soho Theatre?

A.      Cinamonboobs

B.      Sugartits

C.      Candyknockers

*Winners’ tickets valid for performances on 9 or 10 September at 9.30pm only. Subject to availability.

Buy tickets for Bourgeois & Maurice at the Soho Theatre: