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Mozhgan’s Top Tips For Successful Raving

We can’t wait for notorious rave institution DISCOSODOMA to return to the mothership with an almighty bang this February, as they welcome Iranian-born San Franciscan party maestro Mozhgan to the lazer basement! As the DJ and promoter behind We Are Monsters, she has seen a meteoric rise to success, with sets at Honey Soundsystem and Sunset Sound System catapulting her to play at Berlin’s Panorama Bar, NYC’s Output, Burning Man’s Disco Knights and beyond. The Discosodoma crew caught up to quiz her on her top tips for successful raving ahead of Saturday’s Discosodoma Loves We Are Monsters.

1. Drink water! Hydration is key.


2. Wear comfortable shoes.


3. Pace yourself. Slow and steady wins the race… 

4.  Deodorant, chap-stick, mints or toothbrush and toothpaste can rejuvenate you when you’re feeling not so fresh. 

5.  Snacks 

6.  No parking on the dance floor

7.  Put your phone away

8.  Sharing is caring

9.  Sunglasses – you never know what time you’re going to leave the party, these can be essential when facing the outside world.

10. Have a good rave buddy – someone that will have your back in case things get a little bit too wild…


Catch Mozhgan at Discosodoma this Saturday 10 February from 9pm-4am at Dalston Superstore!



To help our third birthday party go with a bang we enlisted the help of international Cocktail guru Mr. Dre Masso who worked some magic and came up with a brand new selection of premier league booze… So make way for the Whore’s Handbag, the Turbo Shandy and the Dalston Negroni… There are still more drinks to come so look out for the addition of the Milk Bottle and the Disco Daquiri in the next few weeks

Hackney Iced Tea (H.I.T)  7.7
A potent potion of spiced rum, tequila, cachaça, pisco and gin given a blast of lime and charged with Lilt for a totally tropical taste.

Dalston Negroni  8.5
Sloe berry gin, bitter Campari and sweet vermouth. Served on the rocks with an orange twist.

Mighty Mule  7.7
Russian raspberry vodka and crushed berries mixed with fresh lime and fiery ginger beer.

Pornstar Martini  8.5
Vanilla vodka and exotic passion fruit liqueur shaken with vanilla sugar, citrus and passion fruit juices. Served with a Prosecco chaser.

Kingsland Coffee  7.7
Stimulating espresso and rich Mexican coffee liqueur shaken with zesty orange vodka and a teaspoon of sugar.

East End Julep  7.7
Deep South US whiskey muddled with fragrant mint leaves, cane sugar and passion fruit juice.

The Whore’s Handbag  7.7
A drink for good time gurls. Gin and rose petal vodka gently shaken with lychee juice. Served straight up and sealed with a kiss.

Turbo Shandy  5.5
Smoky aged tequila and citrus juices chilled and mixed with cane sugar and Jamaican beer.

One Night Stand  7.7
Caribbean rum, cloudy apple juice and fresh lime muddled with cane sugar and garden mint leaves.

Brandy & Monica  7.7
Fine French brandy and forest berries shaken with citrus juices, cane sugar and egg white for a silky smooth texture.

Bloody Mary / Bloody Maria  7.7
Premium tequila or vodka mixed with tomato juice seasoned with hot sauce, aromatic herbs and special spices.

Our chosen brands are Stolichnaya Russian vodka, Seagrams American gin, Brugal Dominican rum, Sauza Hornitoz Mexican tequila, Jim Beam American bourbon, Cutty Sark blended Scottish whiskey and Courvoisier French cognac.

Join us for our Third Birthday Party this Saturday 28th April here at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 5am  with some of our favourite DJs ever playing including Severino, Tom Stephan Kris Di Angelis, Mikki Most, Rokk, Dan Beaumont, Squeaky, John Sizzle, A Man To Pet, Josh Caffe, Borja Peña, Mark-Ashley Dupé, JERK! and Will Viper.