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Felippe Johann

Tonight sees the launch of our latest exhibition, Pray Babes, Pray, a hymn to the beauty of Catholic stained glass windows via the medium of digital fashion prints. Artist Felippe Johann, half Italian, half German but hailing from Sao Paulo in Brazil gives us the rundown of what to expect ahead of the private view…

Can you outline your inspiration for Pray Babes Pray?

Pray Babes, Pray is a never ending project related to the repetition of patterns. I am a sucker for pattern making and I find it outstandingly beautiful when a image is created by a single pattern. Stained glass windows are a very good example of that and I felt extremely inspired to create a project related to prints for textiles/fashion with that subject in mind. I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and bring a conventional craft with contemporary colours and treatment.

Why does the Catholic Church over any other denomination have such an impact on your work?

I think it’s an outrageous the amount of art work you can find in a single cathedral, it’s like… who’s got all that money?

Who is getting you excited during London Fashion Week so far?

Balenciaga and Alexander Wang?? What was that all about ? Can’t wait to see the results… And I have been following Bora Aksu, Fyodor Golan and the obvs Meadham Kirchhoff, Louise Gray, Gareth Pugh… love love love!

What kind of influence has your upbringing had on your work?

Oh Babes, don’t get me started on that one, I will spend an essay trying to explain being brought up by an Italian mother and German father in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Ha!  I have learned from an early age that I had to put in tons of hard work to get what I wanted in life and I am so grateful for this.

What’s your favourite piece in the exhibition and why?

Pray Babes Pray piece

I love this piece because of the colour combination and the 3D effect I managed to create. I can’t wait to print it in a rich silk and give it to my mum to wear it as scarf.

Join Felippe tonight for the Pray Babes, Pray private view here at Dalston Superstore from 7pm – 2:30am.

Pray Babes, Pray










PRAY BABES, PRAY is an enduring experiment dedicated to digital printing for textiles and fashion purposes, exhibited with an edge.

Dalston Superstore makes way for an extraordinary visionary exhibition, expressing a love and worship towards prints designed for fashion.

Felippe Johann taking initial inspiration from the beauty and extravagance of stained glass windows has transforms this concept in to a breath taking print based art exhibition.

Expect to see the representation of the artist’s adoration for the rich and intricate artwork found in the Catholic Church. The craftsmanship of Stained Glasses Windows, the overwhelming compositions of scale and fantastic colour combinations, this exhibition will take you back to a sacred place however this time sinners are welcome. 

Felippe Johann is a fashion designer, half German and half Italian, born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He began to develop his passion for textiles and garment construction from a young age where he spent most of his time learning how to weave and embroider complex tapestries at his mother’s Atelier.

In search for life experiences Felippe moved to London at the age of seventeen and never looked back. Graduated from University of East London – Fashion Design, his bold creations have marked him as one of the standout young designer from the graduate shows of 2012.

Felippe’s signature is the bold clash between unusual technique, print, texture and the strange love for pattern making.

The main goal with this work is to present the ability to create a thorny piece of surface design using straightforward mirrored images accomplished with the artists digital skills, his own illustrations and photographs. Felippe is establishing a conventional craft with a contemporary treatment using Photoshop, Illustrator and colours that clash. Expect a mind-blowing experience.