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Pleasure Cruiser

It’s Breed’s 2nd Birthday tomorrow night and what better birthday present than Pleasure Cruiser being back in town! He joins his former partners-in-crime Rex The Dog and RUFUS&Bambi in the Dalston Superstore laser basement for one night only before he jets it back to his new home in Tokyo! We caught up with this busy boy in between participating in this year’s Red Bull Music Academy in New York, running his record label Organic Art Movement and recording his own music…
What prompted your recent move to Tokyo? A shake-up from London nightlife?
I just wanted something different I think. I certainly got that by moving to Tokyo, it’s a world apart from London. Both are great cities though, but for now Tokyo is my home!
Tell us about you current project AMPC…
AMPC is a new project I started with another Tokyo based artist called Acidmann, we perform live together with our original productions and vocals. It’s very exciting and we’ve been getting great reactions so far.

What other projects are you working on over there?
I’m working on a sound design company with a composer, we’re producing music for advertisements, anime and film. I just started working as a model (with some very Lost In Translation moments so far) and am teaching English too. There is plenty to keep me on my toes over there, it’s an expensive city so gotta keep working hard and making a little hustle.
What are your favourite Tokyo dancefloors?
I’ve been lucky enough to play at Womb, Ageha, Vision Sound Museum and my favourite Eleven, which has unfortunately just been shut down.
How did you come to be a participant in this years RBMA in NYC?
I filled out the mammoth questionnaire, submitted some music and hoped for the best. I’d definitely recommend anyone to get involved it’s been the best musical experience of my career thus far.
What’s been the best moment from it?
Late-night red wine drinking studio sessions with Benjamin Damage and Mathew Jonson. As well as getting to DJ to a more-than-up-for-it crowd in Tamanny Hall in Brooklyn. 
As one of the original residents of Breed it’s great to see you back again! Have you missed it?
I’ve missed it a lot. Dalston Superstore has one of the best crowds and energetic dance floors I’ve ever experienced. I’ve missed getting drunk and DJing with Elena (RUFUS&Bambi) and Jake (Rex The Dog) a lot! They’ve said they will hide the vodka from me for this one, but I’m gonna find it hehe.
Are there any Japanese musical gems you’ll be treating the DSS laser basement to?
Oh yea, a bit of Yellow Magic Orchestra will go down well!

One of the members of the band, Ryuichi Sakamoto, was a lecturer at the academy in New York it was great to meet him!
If you could only ever use one piece hardware to make music for the rest of your life which one would it be?
A Roland 808 Drum Machine. 
What’s next for your record label Organic Art Movement?
We’re releasing an EP from London based artists Morgan Hood with two fantastic remixes from Ejeca and Monika Ross.

Join Pleasure Cruiser for Breed with Rex The Dog this Friday 7th June at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 3am.

Jamie McDermott

Rex The Dog is back this Friday for his bi-monthly night Breed and this time he’s bringing along the vocalist from his brand new single, Do You Feel What I Feel, the super-amazing Jamie McDermott! As lead singer and composer for multi-member orchestra ensemble The Irrepresibles, Jamie is well known in his own right and will be performing live alongside Rex The Dog on the night. Meanwhile upstairs, star and music video director Scottee will be screening the video and DJing alongside Theo Adams, Princess Julia and video co-stars Figs In Wigs.

 Ahead of Friday’s party we caught up with Jamie to find out more about the track, his day job with The Irrepressibles and his creative influences…

How did you come to work with Rex The Dog on his latest single?

We met up backstage at a Fever Ray gig and got talking about music. He’d heard my first record, liked my voice and asked me to come into the studio. I love his style.

There have been some obvious comparisons to Jimmy Somerville with the vocals for Do You Feel What I Feel- was this intentional?

Not intentional, I’m just singing high ha ha! But I love Jimmy Somerville, when I was 20 I used to work as a chef in this gay cafe in London and he used to pop in and chat to us. He’s not only an icon, he’s a nice bloke. It’s pretty amazing to be compared to him – Bronski Beat made powerful emotional music.

What were your fave songs to sing along to when you were growing up?

I was into grunge. Nirvana and The Pixies. I was always in bands; mainly playing guitar, throwing myself about and screaming. But then there was Bowie and Aphex Twin…

If you could go back in time to any dancefloor that ever existed where and when would we be dialling back the time machine to?

I spent my 20’s in illegal raves in the forest. But it would have to be going back to the gay clubs of the ’70s and ’80s for me – though I do imagine it all like a Kenneth Anger film.

You’re well known for your orchestral outfit The Irrepressibles… what attracted you to singing over synths for once?

I’ve always been into electronic music, starting with being obsessed with Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Gary Numan, Donna Summer, and Jean Michel Jarre at an early age. In my teens I composed instrumental music with synths before I discovered my voice. With my first record Mirror Mirror I worked with orchestral instruments and I do compose a bit for film with the orchestra. But it’s just all about singing and being involved in making music for me. Plus I’ve always wanted to make people dance!

What was the last piece of art or media that you came across that inspired you?

Querelle by Fassbinder.

What album or record is soundtracking your life right now?

At the moment it’s iamamiwhomami. They recently remixed one of my tracks called New World.

Any hints for the next record from The Irrepressibles?

Can’t say a thing, but we’re already in the studio.

What can we expect from your live performance in the Dalston Superstore laser basement at Breed?

I’m going to sing this track LIVE!

Finally, could you tell us about the video for Two Men In Love…

We asked homosexual couples to send in videos of their lives together from which to create a homage to gay love. You can see it here…

Join Jamie at Rex The Dog’s single launch Breed #11 on Friday 26th April from 9pm – 3am at Dalston Superstore.

RUFUS&Bambi’s Breed #10 Mix

It’s almost time for the first Breed of the year and what better midweek reminder than this warm-up mix from techno-fiend and Rex The Dog partner-in-crime RUFUS&Bambi. We’ve managed to get hold of not just the exclusive tracklisting but also one of the fab “Rexstasy” tshirts to give away too! For your chance to win entrance to the party on Friday as well as one of the fresh tees, email us at with the subject title “I’m in the throes of Rexstasy!” and tell us why you should win.

*Entrants must be received by 10am Friday 1st February. Only the winner will be contacted.


Tom Trago feat Cinnaman – Rise up

Get People – Back To Dust (Jimmy Edgar remix)

Jokers Of The Scene – A Fine Line Between Nowhere And Now Here

LINDSTRØM & Todd Terje – Lanzarote (diskJokke remix)

Marc Houle – Chuck Gaydicaca

The Other People Place – Let Me Be Me

Bot’Ox – Basement Love (Pachanga Boys Point Of View)

Unknown – Unknown

Join RUFUS&Bambi and Rex The Dog at Breed #10 this Friday 1st February from 9pm – 3am.

Truth Or Dare

Next week’s Truth Or Dare top bar takeover sees a writer from Nylon Magazine, an MTV presenter and a stylist all join Miguel Dare at the decks. To find out what’s going on in their worlds and what we can expect from their sets we caught up with, respectively, Rob-Denis, Becca Dudley and Alexis Knox…

What is next season’s hottest look?

Rob-Denis: Well I know what my look for next season will be – black t-shirt, black jeans and black shoes. I’m toying with the idea of switching up my black bomber for a black shearling jacket though. Call me a creature of habit if you must.

Becca Dudley: For SS13 it’s all about monochrome stripes checks and bold prints – Marc Jacobs and Louis V set that trend very well. I also think it’s the season for sneakers, high tops and trainers as seen on the Ashish and Hogan runways.

Alexis Knox: Cyber Girl Power Babez! Like I’ve just stepped out of a rave on your iPad in the year 3000.

Rob-Denis Truth Or Dare


Who is a DJ/producer/band that everyone is soon going to be pretending they’ve liked for ages?

Rob-Denis: Rebecca and Fiona are two of the hottest club DJ/producers at the moment. They’ve been under the radar for a while but there are some amazing remixes out there – like The Loops Of Fury Remix of ‘Dance’ – kind of like a Swedish dance/K-pop marriage made in heaven. 

Becca Dudley: Flume. Also going to see Cyril Hahn soon which I’m pretty excited about!

Alexis Knox: Charli XCX is super rad and certainly oozes Girl Power. Also Bebe Black will blow your socks off! 

Must have accessory/item for Truth Or Dare…

Rob-Denis: Headphone jack and/or pint of Red Stripe.

Becca Dudley: Black leather snap back worn with all black everythang.

Alexis Knox: Instagram… I’m obsessed with it! Plus a good pose… like a peace sign with your fingers… no swearing though please!

Becca Dudley Truth Or Dare

Becca Dudley

What’s one track you’re going to play that all the other DJs won’t be spinning for another few months?

Rob-Denis: Anything by Iman, an amazing new artist and good friend of mine, who has been producing tracks with Rudimental, Bondax and Wilkinson. Not forgetting of course, the exclusive remix of Bauuer’s Harlem Shake that I have stuffed in the bottom of my bag.

Becca Dudley: I don’t really abide by what other people are playing, I just do my own thing! I’m really into my reggae remixes right now – I have a great mix of Riding Dirty mixed with Welcome To Jamrock. 

Alexis Knox: Charli XCX – Cloud Aura ft. Brooke Candy I wish I could also VJ it as I make a subliminal cameo in the video!

How do you make a party hotter?

Rob-Denis: Balloons, cheese and pineapple on cocktail sticks, WKD Blue, definitely a Slug & Lettuce style photo booth, and a grope in the corner with someone you’ll probably never want to see again. LOL, right?

Becca Dudley: Play tunes that you know people want to dance to. Thats why I love playing dancehall and reggae, the dancing gets heated! Dutty whining and slow grinding all over the shot.

Alexis Knox: Rock up wearing a Dane London catsuit and my 9″ Buffalo platforms.

Alexis Knox Truth Or Dare

Alexis Knox

Truth or Dare?

Rob-Denis: Definitely ‘Dare’ (as in, Miguel Dare).

Becca Dudley: Dare. 

Alexis Knox: Truth. I’m too straight edge for dares. But I’m ballsy so ask me anything…

Join Rob-Denis, Becca Dudley, Alexis Knox and Miguel Dare in the top bar for a game of Truth Or Dare on Friday 1st February from 9pm – 4am with Rex The Dog’s night Breed taking place downstairs.

Photo credit: Becca Dudley image by Luc Coiffait

RUFUS&Bambi’s Acid Rain Mix

Rex The Dog cohort RUFUS&Bambi has dropped this exclusive mix on us ahead of Friday’s party. It’s an acid house/303 special so she’s pulled out all the stops with some full on acid madness…


Aiello – Sabrer (Hannulelauri warehouse remix)

Samoyed – Klondike Rush

Legowelt – Danger In The Air

Liddell Townsell – As Acid Turns

SCS – Model Specific

Larry Heard – The Sun Can’t Compare

Simian Mobile Disco – Breaking Times

DJ Sprinkles – Grand Central Part 1

Omar S & Ob Ignitt – Wayne Country Hill Cops

Join us at Breed this Friday 7th December from 9pm – 3am with Rex The Dog and RUFUS&Bambi.

Photo credit:

Shaun Prickimage

Tomorrow night sees the next installment of Rex The Dog’s bi-monthly night Breed and they’ve roped in WALKABOUT Vs Pikilipita to provide an animation spectacular for the evening! Using a hi-tech portable system, they’ll be roaming Superstore projecting Rexes and the previous Breed t-shirt designs onto all available surfaces… including onto you lot!

To find out more about this innovative system, we caught up with Shaun Prickimage, the man behind WALKABOUT Projection and the amazing visuals seen at WetYourSelf at Fabric and various other clubnight and festivals… including the Gutterslut Vs TrailerTrash tent at Lovebox! We posed all our burning questions to him to find out how it all works and what we can expect from Friday’s party…

Can you explain the concept behind WALKABOUT Projection?

WALKABOUT Projection was setup as an extension of PRICKIMAGE and allows us to stage pop-up performances just about anywhere using a hi-rez mobile projection system. Projections can roam free outdoors or indoors with no need for cables or screens.

The technology allows performers to project animated images using portable projector systems as they walk among the public at a broad range of events. The performers manipulate the projected images live, encouraging audience interaction using media players, game controllers and Kinect sensor from Xbox.


And do you have plans to expand this?

We are excited about technology such as Pico projectors and the Raspberry Pi that will give us even more opportunities to play with portability. This tech is so light and so powerful that it can almost be sewn into the costumes of performers, which will allow intimate and exciting encounters with crowds.

We are currently on the lookout for performers for winter events, so people can get involved if they like what they see.

What’s been the biggest or most exciting WALKABOUT project so far?

WALKABOUT Projection was featured in Don’t Think, the 2012 film of a live performance by Chemical Brothers. The technology was used in a very clever way to take the visuals off stage and around festival.

WALKABOUT Projection feat. in Don’t Think Chemical Brothers’ live performance film from PRICKIMAGE on Vimeo.

What’s your favourite venue in London to work in and why? Do you prefer to perform in more confined areas or large cavernous clubs?

The beauty of WALKABOUT Projection means that it doesn’t matter what sort of space we have. We bring the projections to the people no matter how many are involved. What’s important is that there is enough room for interactivity. Small Pico projectors are used for smaller spaces while a larger, more powerful setup works great outdoors or large venues.

What inspires your animation style?

Projections by their nature need to bold and bright on dark surfaces. With WALKABOUT, it’s important that we use very colourful and bright projections to make sure that it works well indoors or outdoors.

Who are your most frequent collaborators?

VJ Hash will be performing additional WALKABOUT Projection at BREED 8, but we’ve done a lot of great work with Pikilipita  and Nicola Saponaro (SapoLab), not forgetting of course Martin Wollerstam. Rafael Filomeno is in his final year studying interactive graphic design and he has been working closely with us.

PRICKIMAGE / WYS! @ SPACE, Ibiza – Rough CUT teaser from PRICKIMAGE on Vimeo.

We hear PRICKIMAGE is doing the visuals for Shoom’s 25th Anniversary Party- you must have something extra special up your sleeve for such a prestigious rave!

Danny Rampling is eager to combine the best of past, present and future both in terms of music and visuals. We are grabbing the chance to take advantage of the high ceiling, which allows for a large projection screen. We’re also dying to reference the rich back catalogue of imagery from the Shoom rave era. We’ll be taking advantage of the best of current technology, but do expect plenty of smiley faces!

What London club nights, besides the ones you work at(!) do you like to go to?

Tough one. I’m always chasing that experience I had when I first walked into Trailer Trash

Can you talk us through the process that goes into performing WALKABOUT Projection live?

We have to get the more practical things such as lighting and surface sorted out and then we use a controller to bring the personality and character to the projections, treating them as puppets rather than flat animations. So, we might choose a game controller to add interactivity and fun, breathing life into the characters.

What is your preferred type of music to work alongside with?

There is no truth to the scurrilous rumours that I really love Norwegian folk trumpet….

Why do you think the Walkabout Projection will work well at Breed?

Rex is alive and chomping at the bit to get taken for a walk. He likes to explore and meet new pussies.

The crowd will be fun and up for innovative interaction with our furry friend. Rex’s owner has designed loads of amazing t-shirts and we will be bringing these designs to life on the ravers. We want the crowd to capture Rex’s adventures as they happen with photo and video so anyone who shares great footage or pics on the Facebook page will be in with a chance of bagging one of these exclusive t-shirts.

WALKABOUT Vs Pilikipita will be projecting onto walls, surfaces and even you this Friday 5th October at Breed #8 from 9pm – 4am.

Illustration credit: Martin Wollerstam

Dog Is A DJ

Breed is back this weekend with electronic superstar Rex The Dog going back 2 back with partner in crime RUFUS&Bambi for some acid madness. As per usual, they’ve got a bonanza giveaway in the form of a brand new t-shirt design. This one, Dog Is A DJ, comes in both black and white and looks fit on both boys and girls and is absolutely free, just like entry to Dalston Superstore on the night.

We’ve also managed to get our mitts on this behind-the-scenes video from Rex showing the man himself hand-screenprinting the new tees….

 And, in a show of even more generosity, he’s also sent us the latest Breed podcast featuring both himself and RUFUS&Bambi. Ideal to eliminate those midweek blues and get in the Friday mood early.

Breed #7 takes place this Friday 3rd August at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 4am with Rex The Dog and RUFUS&Bambi in the lazer pit and Grizzle performing atop the bar upstairs.

Rex The Dog Podcast

Rex The Dog has been hard at work making sure this Friday’s Breed is even better than before. Not only are the latest batch of limited ‘Chien’ t-shirts that he’ll be giving away free already highly covetable, but he’s also slaved away to create a new kennel’s worth of special robo-rexes to hang from the Superstore ceiling! 

With only days to go until the actual event, Rex has sent us his latest podcast, entitled ‘Neutralise The Dubstep’. He says:

“In this mix we used the TEAC A3340S reel to reel tape machine again and we made edits of Nero and Lana Del Rey, to make them weird and maybe interesting.”


1 Must Be The Feeling – Nero – Kill The Noise Remix (Rex’s reel to reel tape edit) 
2 Pulse – Ntology – Polymath Remix 
3 The Cave – Say Yes To Another Excess 
4 Cicero Prism – Jaguar Trax – Original Mix 
5 LaLaLaLaLa – Green Velvet presents Jamie Principle 
6 Curling – Sykur – Database Remix 
7 Flux – VCMG 
8 Superimposer – Mason – Polymath Remix 
9 Rave Weapon – Alex Metric 
10 Blue Jeans – Lana Del Rey – Gesaffelstein Remix (Rex’s reel to reel tape edit)

Breed #5 takes place on Good Friday (6th April) from 9pm – 4am and is free all night but show up early if you’re keen for one of the t-shirts.

Breed #5: Chien

With the next Breed nearly upon us and coinciding with the Easter bank holiday weekend, it’s time to see the latest free t-shirts that Rex The Dog will be handing out to the first 50 lucky enough to lay claim to them. As usual each t-shirt is screen-printed by the Breed team and this time they’ve used American Apparel and given a choice of black or white!

Screenprinting Chien tshirts

Considering they look hot on both boys and girls, it’s worth following Rex on Twitter to get your paws on a voucher for a t-shirt to pick up on the day, but its worth bearing in mind it’ll be Good Friday, it’s a free event and the t-shirts are free on a first come first served basis so they go pretty quick! 

Rex The Dog's Breed tshirts

For those away for the long weekend, the Chien tshirts will be on sale on Rex The Dog’s online shop

Breed #5 will be Friday 6th April from 9pm – 4am with Rex The Dog, RUFUS&Bambi and Pleasure Cruiser.

Breed #4 In Pictures

With the last Breed over a month ago and a whole ‘nother month until the next one, we’re consoling ourselves over the wait with these ultra-cute snaps from February. Pretty girls, Robo Rexes, hot boys kissing, people having the best time ever and Breed residents Rex The Dog, RUFUS&Bambi and Pleasure Cruiser all behind the decks; what more could you want!

Breed 4 at Dalston Superstore

Breed 4 at Dalston Superstore

Breed 4 at Dalston Superstore

Breed 4 at Dalston Superstore

Breed 4 at Dalston Superstore

Breed 4 at Dalston Superstore

Breed 4 at Dalston Superstore

Breed 4 at Dalston Superstore

The next Breed will be at Dalston Superstore on Good Friday 6th April 9pm -4am. Make sure you follow Rex on Twitter to get a downloadable voucher for your chance to get one of his limited hand-made free t-shirts.

Photo credit: Eleonora Cecchini

Just Dog It

Tonight the basement sees the fourth installment of Rex The Dog’s Breed party. The Robo Rexes are in place and we’ve got a stack of free, limited edition ‘Just Dog It’ t-shirts to give away! It’s first-come-first served so download a voucher and get here early before they all get snapped up.

They’re hand-made by Rex The Dog himself, as he explains in the recent interview we did with him. And today we managed to get our paws on these exclusive behind-the-scenes pictures of the screen-printing process which saw him cutting out the letters by hand. That’s dedication to the cause!

Breed at Dalston Superstore tshirt paper cut outs

Just Dog It tshirt cut-outs

Whilst we can’t provide the free clothing until you actually get here, we can provide a pre-party soundtrack to get you pumped beforehand. The latest Breed podcast, recorded by Rex whilst he was in Tokyo last week, is a total banger and, after some gentle persuasion we’ve even managed to get the tracklisting for you. 

Jokers Of The Scene – Organized Zounds (Babe Rainbow Remix)
Para One – Mother – (Mr Oizo Remix)
N.Y House’n Authority – APT. 2A
101 Force – Ray Tracing
Adonis – Cool & Dry
Hannah Holland – Transexual Bass (Original Mix)
Kiko – Ace Spectrum
Petar Dundov – The Arch
Jay Shepheard – Classic Reality
Yazoo – State Farm – (Madhouse Remix)
Daniel Maloso – Ritmo Especial

Tonight is totally free but get down early as it’s sure to be rammed!

Breed Podcast

With REX THE DOG’S night BREED nearly upon us, what better way to get in the spirit than with Breed Podcast #12 by resident RUFUS&Bambi. She’s ready to unleash her big bag of electronic pulse wave disco on you ahead of Friday’s party.

It’s completely downloadable to head over to Rex The Dog’s Soundcloud to get your copy. And just in case you haven’t already, make sure you read our interview with Rex from last week for the full lowdown for the hotly anticipated fourth edition of Breed.

BREED Podcast 12 – RUFUS&Bambi: GIMME THAT BEAT MIX by rexthedog1980 

BREED #4 will be FRIDAY 3RD FEBRUARY with residents REX THE DOG, Pleasure Cruiser and RUFUS&Bambi with John Sizzle and A Man To Pet upstairs.