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The Pale Blue Door

Easing you through a post-bank-holiday hangover *and* giving you something to look forward to at the end of your four day week, our friends at The Pale Blue Door are giving away a meal for two at their fabulous Haggerston-based restaurant-cum-cabaret experience!

To be with a chance of winning, simply email us at by 10am Thursday 9th May 2013 with the subject “GIVE ME A FREE MEAL FOR TWO AT THE PALE BLUE DOOR”.

*The winner’s name will be passed on to the people at The Pale Blue Door so you can organise with them which date you would like to attend.

We’ll let them tell you exactly why you need to enter this competition to join them for dinner…

Three years ago whimsical set designer Tony Hornecker opened his house to the public as an art installation dining experience. Since then it has been emptied, packed up and carted around the world popping up in Berlin, Glastonbury, Santiago, Valparaiso and Buenos Aires.

Now returned to its birthplace of London the ever-illusive restaurant is back for you all to enjoy!

Through The Pale Blue Door you are welcomed into a speakeasy restaurant by trans hosts and drag performers…

Take a seat at your table, be it in the candle lit bedroom with a balcony view of the restaurant from above or under a tree of hanging roses and mechanical disco balls where you will be greeted by waiting staff, wine in hand. 

The wonderful and surreal continues, table cloths of old shirts and blankets, wine out of tea cups and mid meal lip synching and trans hosting entertainment that normally ending in an impromptu disco!

Alongside original hostess extraordinaire A Man To Pet throughout the month of May will be Jonny Woo, Jonbenet Blonde and John Sizzle! 

May’s Menu at The Pale Blue Door! Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday throughout May 2013. 

Sweet Potato and Mango Ceviche


Ricotta and Mint Stuffed Breast of Lamb

OR Ricotta Mint and Olive Stuffed Courgette

With Roasted Vegetable Quinoa


Forest Berry Mess


Complimentary ½  bottle of wine per person

THE PALE BLUE DOOR from Sharna Osborne on Vimeo.

Some dates sold out already!

For bookings and enquiries please contact: or tel 07894805424 

For further info and available dates visit: 

Teaser trailer and image by Sharna Osborne. Full film to come soon.

Turbo Grizzle!

Watch out tonight! It’s TURBO GRIZZLE… and that means we’ve let the Grizzle gurls loose over both floors of Superstore, which is bound to result in total anarchy!

John Sizzle and A Man To Pet have invited Mancunian disco legend Rob Barker to provide extra sleaze in the laser basement. 

And the exceptionally erotic Little Red Mitsos will be joining them. He’s a “tattooed Greek man monster of house”. Oooh er!

Dancing and slinking across the bar top tonight will be Madam Nando Messias. She’s a Brazilian ballerina specialising in burlesque and samba. Sex personified, basically!

We even hear there will be a live performance with snakes at 1am!


Join John Sizzle and A Man To Pet for Turbo Grizzle Exotica Extravaganza tonight Friday 8th February here at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 3am.


Grizzle is the the meeting of minds (and makeup) between drag performers John Sizzle and A Man To Pet. They’ve been entertaining us with their peerless combination of exquisite deejaing, insane bar-top cabaret and compulsory audience participation since we first opened our doors back in 2009! John and Mandy are part of the family round these parts – we caught up with them to find out their inspiration for the next performance…

You guys are notorious for your outrageous shows! What’s the plan for the next one at Blonde + Grizzle?

John Sizzle: Those beautiful Blonde kids downstairs will be providing their own surprises this week… you’ll have to nip downstairs to see what their getting up to.

We, on the other hand, are mounting the first ever never been seen before homage to the late great Alfred Hitchcock! God knows how many fabulous films he made but we’re going to do a 3-minute transvestite mash-up of at least six of ‘em….

A Man To Pet: Which ones? Let’s just say feathers will fly!!!!!

John Sizzle: And the bitch gets it in the end…

Grizzle at Dalston Superstore 2

Who are your biggest inspirations, tranny or otherwise?

A Man To Pet: Do you think we need another inspiration apart from each other???? Stupid question.

John Sizzle: I’m inspired by nature…especially trees. And Prosecco.

How do you feel about the recent passing of Whitney Houston and are there any plans to incorporate her music into an act?

A Man To Pet: Houston great voice! Hot mess . We all ready done Huston u know we did recognize her talent even when she was alive! U can see my youtube Whitney tribute!

John Sizzle: I body-doubled for her in The Bodyguard you know…..but I was cut. Well, my arse was cut. Too bouncy.

Grizzle take to the mic

Your previous acts have included a blowup human centipede along the bar top. Can you explain a little bit about how that came about?

A Man To Pet: It was Sizzle’s idea plus we love the connection even if that comes from your bottom of your heart or ass in that case.

John Sizzle: Oh my god, we became inseparable after that gig! Everyone has seen The Human Centipede, right? I was so repulsed I just had to incorporate it into a show. I was at the front, A N Other in the middle and Miss Pet was more than happy to be the main shit eater at the back. We crawled along the bar serenading each other to “Hopelessly Devoted to You” from Grease….

Can you tell us any ideas for acts that you’ve come up with that have been way too outrageous or simply logistically impossible to pull off?

A Man To Pet: Every time we have new ideas new stuff the only logistic thing we do is to don’t fall from that bar, it’s a death trap! Is amazing what we do on that bar, we always do deferent stuff but I think they always look the same cause we always end up having lesbian love on the bar….!

John Sizzle: There was that time that you set fire to me when I was Madonna on a crucifix during “Like a prayer’! And we even did ‘Like a virgin’ in a paddling pool on that bloody bar. At GRIZZLE we always have an encore up our sleeves!!! 

Grizzle on the Superstore bar-top

Blonde + Grizzle is next Friday 2nd March from 9pm to 3am. Blonde takes over the basement with Nova Dando and Feral Is Kinky as the upstairs mayhem is in the capable hands of two of our favourite trannies John Sizzle and A Man To Pet.