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Tusk Turns Three!

This February sees an important anniversary of one of our favourite parties, Tusk! Promoters Ant C, James Baillie and Chris Camplin have been bringing over some of Europe’s most impressive underground electronic music talent to our lazer basement for three years now! With previous guests including Andrew Weatherall, Craig Richards and Doc Sleep, we can’t wait to see what they have planned for 2018. They’re kicking it all off with Ostgut Ton legend and Dalston Superstore favourite Prosumer! We caught up with the boys to chat past highlights, favourite club nights and 

You guys have been throwing your TUSK night at Superstore for three years now! That’s awesome, happy anniversary! How did the three of you meet and start promoting together? 

Ant C (AC): Thanks! Time sure has flown. It’s been a lot of fun. Thanks for having us! I’ve known the boys socially for years from out an about around London.

Chris Camplin (CC): Yeah, we would bump into each other at our favourite dance floors – in fact I think I met both James & Ant at Horse Meat Disco initially. I know James came back to my place for a post-HMD afterparty one bank holiday Monday.

James Baillie (JB): It became obvious we all had a love for music, so I took the idea to Chris and Ant about us doing our own night and TUSK developed from there…

For those that have never been to your party before – tell them what it’s about (and what they’re missing out on!)

CC: Amazing music, great DJ lineups, stellar crowd, lasers and that awesome DSS basement sound system.

AC: Yep, that pretty much sums it up. We just want people to have as much fun as we’re having. I do love me some lasers! We bring in some extra lasers for TUSK and the boys have started calling me Laser Minelli. I kinda like it!

If you had to sum up the TUSK sound in one track, what would it be?

CC: For me it would be – Tiga – Love Don’t Dance Here Anymore (C2 Remix 1)

AC: Tough question – I think it would have to be Markus Gibb – Tohl (Original mix) – Always seems to go off, plus I tend to layer it up with a vocal loop from Voodoo Ray, which fits nicely.

JB: For me it would be Shake It by Fantastic Twins.

Who have been some of your favourite guests over the years?

AC: We try to keep things fresh by working with people who have something individual to bring. Doc Sleep was awesome – she really worked us out. Ewan Pearson for his musicality. A Love From Outer Space (Andrew Weatherall and Sean Johnston) when they took over the basement all night for our Pride Special in 2016. Ketiov was great too and a world exclusive for us!

CC: Ketiov, Doc Sleep & Nail have been some of my faves.

JB: A Love From Outer Space, Craig Richards and Doc Sleep.

Has there been an overall highlight for you?

CC: Being able to book some of my favourite DJs and producers at one of my top clubs.

AC: As Chris says, being able to work with some of the people we have admired for years. Everybody has been super nice and its been interesting to hang out and chat with them about their experiences and get their advice and input.

Your special birthday guest is Prosumer – why did you choose him to ring in your fourth year?

CC: I think Prosumer has a special place in all our hearts and we’ve been discussing booking him for some time now and everything just landed into place!

AC: Yeah – absolutely. I met him at Glastonbury a few years ago and we got chatting and stayed in touch. I think he liked what we were trying to do with TUSK and seems much more open to working with people on that basis, rather than just going for the huge shows. I tried to make it happen during 2017, but we couldn’t make the dates line up – so the third birthday party seemed the perfect choice to have him with us!

What are some of your favourite club nights in London at the moment?

CC: Of course at our sisters Discosodoma and Homodrop at Superstore are up there along with the legendary Horse Meat Disco.

AC: All of the above. I’m also enjoying the residency programs that XOYO and Phonox are running – its interesting to get somebody else’s take on who to put together to make a cohesive night of music.

JB: Similar really – A Love From Outer Space, Chapter 10, Discosodoma and Horse Meat Disco.

Any DJs that you would love to work with in the future?

CC: Sure, we have a big list forming. The Honey Soundsystem guys, Midland, The Black Madonna, Octo Octa.

JB: Felix Dickinson, Black Merlin, Job Jobse, Superpitcher, Massimilliano Pagliara.

AC: The list goes on – Jennifer Cardini, Justin Robertson, Optimo, Mike Servito, Marcel Vogel, Derrick Carter – who knows? Watch this space…

Are you pulling out any special surprises for your birthday that you can let us in on?

AC: Now that would be telling…

JB: I’ve got a good few head melting tracks that are not coming out until Spring…

CC: You’ll have to wait and see!    

Catch Tusk at their Third Birthday Bash on Saturday 24 February from 9pm-5am at Dalston Superstore!

Chris Camplin Calendar

By Clayton Wright

Little Gay Brother are back at Dalston Superstore with their annual Slumber Party, and it’s also resident DJ and all round hottie Chris Camplin’s birthday. As well as being a superstar DJ, Chris is also the superstar of every gay man’s tumblr page. To celebrate the bearded man mountain himself, his pals that played at LGB throughout 2013 have picked their favourite Camplin photos. We thought they might make a nice calendar… What’s your favourite month?

January – Mr. Wright and Master Haze (Man Sushi)

Chris Camplin - January - Man Sushi

Dear Daddy Issues,
Here is a photo we like to call “Birthday Boy in Birthday Suit” haha.
Happy Birthday from your Little Gay Brothers, you’re growing up so fast and so is your beard.
P.S. please don’t go outside dressed in just rice and fish, you will freeze in January.
Love & Soy Sauce
Man Sushi x

February –

Chris Camplin - February - Frankco

Happy Birthday Chris! I have said it a million times already, but I am so glad to have met you. You are one the coolest people I have met for a while. I am so grateful for your generosity, your love, your music and vibes. I hope life continues to treat you well brother man. BIG LOVE!

March – Maze & Masters (Verity Mayes and Bryony Masters)

Chris Camplin - March - Maze & Masters

Of course you treat every day like a Lambrini and Pall Mall fuelled birthday binge, but here’s a special lesbian pussy stroke for the big one, big boy.
-Verity & Bryony. 

April – Severino – Horse Meat Disco

Chris Camplin - April - Severino

A man in a crispy white shirt and suit is always hot!
Buon compleanno gorgeous Chris.
Love Severino xxx

May – Wes db

Chris Camplin - May - Wes db

The Christopher Camplin living sex doll from the channel 4 documentary with fully penetrable vagina and installed rectum. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Xx
Love Wes

June – David Oh and Neil Prince – Songs of Praise

Chris Camplin - June - Neil & David

Fucking poser, have a smashing birthday xx
David Oh and Neil Prince x

July – Mikki Most – Dalston Superstore

Chris Camplin - July - Mikki

(Photo from Little Gay Brother’s Secret Garden Party Venue, Powders)

Day three at Secret Garden Party was when the fun really began! Happy Birthday Mr Camplin – Disco Legend! xx

August – Bright Light, Bright Light

Chris Camplin - August - Bright Light Bright Light

You don’t often see pictures of Chris smiling! So when you see a picture that cracks the serious look, it’s a nice reminder that he’s quite funny, and while he spends a lot of time modelling and being composed, the other part of his life as a DJ isn’t necessarily as serious and well behaved.
Happy birthday sir. Give some good birthday face x
-Bright Light Bright Light 

September – Martyn Fitzgerald – Bender

Chris Camplin - September - Martyn Fitzgerald

I don’t know the context of this photo, or who the other bloke is, but there’s just something really wrong about it.  The one on the right has a whiff of an early ’80s BBC children’s TV presenter about him, and this is the photo to get him the sack…  Are they in a bath? The plant, the contented smiles, the neckerchiefs, the bubble bath on knee… it’s like a still from a weird Channel 4 program that got loads of complaints from Surrey. Chris, explain.
Happy, happy birthday!  I can’t remember your age, but I’m always surprised at how young you are  x

October – Guy Williams

Chris Camplin - October - Guy Williams

Oi what you lookin’ at!?
Look forward to playing for your 50th xx

November – Meat Boys -Fannar Sveinn Gudmundsson and Adrian Lourie

Chris Camplin - November - Meat Boys

Til hammo med ammo elsku Chris. Minn heydur ad kynnast ter og spila vid hlid ter. Gangi ter allt sem best! An Icelandic message from Fannar. Much love xx. 

This is probably one of the first pictures of you I’d seen and to me it sums up exactly why your the epitome of a pinup. Happy Birthday Handsome Christopher. Loadsa Love Adrian ( xx

-Meat Boys

December – Terry Vietheer

Chris Camplin - December - Terry Vietheer

Happy birthday big man! Funny to think we met at a casting a couple of years ago and now playing music together around the world. Let the good times roll!

Plus cos it’s his birthday we found some that didn’t make the calendar but definitely need to be hung on someones wall…

Chris Camplin

Chris Camplin

Chris Camplin

Chris Camplin

Chris Camplin 

Help Chris celebrate his birthday at Little Gay Brother Presents: The Slumber Party on Saturday 18th January at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 4am.

Any Chris Camplin addicts like us can follow his club night and events on
Facebook at,
Tumblr at 
and sign up to news letters at

Happy Birthday Handsome.

Dolly Parton’s Guide To Being A World Class Whore

By Clayton Wright

Little Gay Brother presents The Back House, a Dolly Parton inspired Whore House Party with Neil Prince, The Meat Boys, Chris Camplin, Maze & Masters, Tim Fanucci and Wes db. Ahead of Saturday’s hoedown, we’ve compiled our guide to how to become a great whore via the medium of the great Dolly Parton.  

Step 1: “Wear very little.”

In this film Dolly plays a madame of a brothel. This film has everything, including young red necks who do a very homoerotic dance in a high school football locker room. It also showcases Dolly and her incredibly large chest in a variety of ’80s underwear. She sings a tender and heartfelt version of I Will Always Love You”, way before Whitney. This is what any good whore should aspire too and it’s the theme for our party. 

Taken from The Best Little Whore House in Texas.

Step 2: “Don’t let your pimp boss you around.”

This particular tip comes from the film that made her a Hollywood star, Nine Till Five. Dolly shows us who’s the boss and gives us a master class on being badass. She threatens to Lorena-Bobbitt her over-familiar boss with her gun. Love it. 

Taken from Nine Till Five.

Step 3: “Pick out and mentor future whores.”

Filmed at the spiritual meeca for every true redneck whore, or as Dolly likes to call it “Disney World with fried chicken”, Dollywood. Dolly performs one of our favourite songs about a whore called Jolene with future whore Miley Cyrus (way before she embraced her inner whore). 

Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton singing Jolene live at Dollywood

Step 4: “Be prepared.”

Dolly is no fool. She knows any good whore is on call night or day. In this clip, Dolly confesses to Graham how she sleeps in her make up, just incase she has to leave in the middle of the night. She also says she would have to be “awful hungry” to pose nude. Another great piece of advice: no good whore gives it away for free, even to Playboy. 

Dolly Parton appearance on Graham Norton

5: “Sell out.”

Like every good whore, you have to sell out. This however is next level. Watch Dolly do the most awkward rap ever. What a whore. 

Dolly Parton raps for Queen Latifah

Join Clayton and the rest of Little Gay Brother for The Back House this Saturday 16th November at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 3am.

Little Gay Brother’s Top 10 Slumber Party Movies

After November’s Big Fat Dalston Wedding, Little Gay Brother are back to host the slumber party to end all slumber parties right here at Dalston Superstore! They’ll be inviting you to don your sexiest pyjamas, get those curlers in and start pillow fighting over music from special guest DJs Severino, Bright Light Bright Light, David Oh (Songs Of Praise) and residents Chris Camplin and Terry Vietheer. Dave The Unicorn will be on top bar hosting duties with his band of tooth fairy whores to help make all your wet dreams come true.

Ahead of the party on the 19th of January, we asked the team to pick their Top 10 Slumber Party Movies to get us in the mood (and probably help pull us through the last of New Years hangovers!)











Join Terry, Chris and Dave The Unicorn for their next party In Bed With Little Gay Brother on Saturday 19th January from 9pm – 3am.

Little Gay Brother

It’s the wedding of the year here at Superstore… My Big Fat Dalston Wedding, put on by the lovely Little Gay Brother Presents aka Terry Vietheer and Clayton Wright! Having put on parties at both Secret Garden Party and Bestival, these two are more then adept at pulling off the best wedding disco you’ve ever been to! They’ve roped in fellow Bestival party-starters The Wedding Crashers for the top bar and The Broken Hearts Club (Marro and Chris Camplin) for the basement!  We took Terry and Clayton for the first dance and a moment to ask them our burning questions about what’s in store for the party…

Why did you decide on a wedding theme for your party here at Dalston Superstore?

Clayton: I’m single. I’m looking for a husband. And I only have a certain amount of time before my eggs dry up.

Can we expect full wedding attire for everyone involved?

Terry: Yes, including myself. This will be the third time in 34 years I have worn a dress.

Why did you both decide to set up Little Gay Brother?

Clayton: We are approached by Bearded Kitten and The Secret Garden Party to create SGP’s first gay bar. It was too much fun to only do as a one off so here we are. 

You’re playing a disco set upstairs at Superstore- what’s the cheesiest wedding disco classic you think you’ll be able to get away with?

Terry: I’m keeping clear of cheese… kind of. I want to see the brides and grooms getting down and filthy. These will definitely be getting a spin though…

 Prince – Cream

Tina Turner – Private Dancer

Billy Ocean – Carribean Queen

What kind of music can we expect downstairs though?

Terry: With Marro coming over from Berlin, followed by Chris Camplin, who always nails it every time with his track selection, the beats will be deep and erotic.

Clayton: It’s music you can fuck to.

Terry, you’re originally from Sydney- what made you make the move to London?

Terry: Love

(Clayton laughs) 

What are your fave nights and venues in London to go out to?

Clayton: The Bussey Building in Peckham, Netil House in Hackney and The Eagle in Vauxhall. In terms of parties… Gutterslut at East Bloc, Dirtbox at Vogue Fabric and Room Service at Miabella.

Why do you think Little Gay Brother and your guests The Wedding Crashers both work well in a festival environment?

Clayton: I have been working with The Wedding Crashers for seven years at festivals across the UK. The guys from Wales know how to throw an amazing party! We still joke over marrying Jake Shears to himself in a mirror at Glastonbury. 

Clayton and co at a festival

Who is your host Dave The Unicorn?

Terry: The biggest dickhead I have ever met and fast becoming the love of my life.

Clayton: Of course he is. He has a 13 inch horn.

And finally, what other tricks do you have up your sleeve for the party?

Terry: I’m currently in the workshop with a tone of glitter and 100 cocks. Good times. 

Join Terry and Clayton from Little Gay Brother on Saturday 17th November here at Dalston Superstore for My Big Fat Dalston Wedding from 9pm – 3am.