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Lewis G Burton

For the latest edition of Spin Cycle, we invite multidisciplinary artist, drag performer and in-demand DJ and club host, Lewis G Burton to bring his unique brand of performance back to Superstore! His work spans the worlds of fine art and underground queer clubland, fluctuating from the grotesque to the beguiling, from high culture to low culture – but the one common thread in all of his performance is an intriguing study of identity, queerness and the body. Having performed previously at The Institute of Contemporary Art, The Peckham Space and The Mori + Stein Gallery as well as East London queer club spaces, we can’t wait to see what he devises for his next appearance at the ‘store! We caught up to chat learning and unlearning, collectivity and London’s queer scene!

Hi Lewis! We can’t wait to have you join us to perform at Spin Cycle! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself for those who aren’t familiar with your work? 

Hiya! I can’t wait for you to have me inside of you. Well I’m a performance artist, although people know me as a drag queen, superstar DJ, performer and all round club personality – the fat femme fab Lewis G. Burton!

Your work spans across the arenas of fine art and underground club spaces. In which ways do each of these worlds inform your work? 

Underground club spaces are a lot more fun. Having an audience of 1000 people off their tits at a rave in Europe is more exciting as you affect people in so many different ways. I feel like people in gallery spaces try and analyse and pick apart my performances too much rather than enjoying it for what it’s meant to be. I feel at home in the underground and it’s something that has inspired me and my work since I was 17. Being a part of the scene has inspired my work completely differently to being a voyeur reading through books. I get to have so many great conversations and meet interesting people from all walks of life. With my work I’m just holding up a mirror and reflecting the good and bad parts of society within these spaces. 

Did you study performance art in a formal environment? If so/not, how do you think that has influenced your approach and perspective?

Yes I studied fine art and specialised in performance at university. I had some amazing teachers from all disciplines and they encouraged me and pointed me in the right directions. My two performance tutors (Pil and Galia Kollectiv) had such a wealth of knowledge and really made me want to read more. As a queer person though I feel like I’ve had to unlearn the majority of things I’ve been taught growing up and really educate myself on my history. Identifying as LGBTQ+ and being part of a beautiful, diverse community has helped truly influence my approach and perspective. 

lewis g burton at dalston superstore

Can you tell us a bit about your process when it comes to developing performances?

It completely depends what I’m working on. For a club performance I might hear a song or get given a theme to work around and construct something around. I’m very aware in a club environment that I have to entertain and my London parents taught me when I was first starting “If in doubt, freak them out!” So there’s always a grotesque twist I like to include. When creating performances in more of a fine art sense I get the chance to collaborate and work with some really exciting creative individuals and we take each other’s ideas and constantly push each other until we’ve created something we’re happy with. There’s always a different angle to look at something or an element you can take further and working with someone really makes that come out.

If you could invite three queer icons, past or present, to dinner, who would you choose and why?

Kate Bornstein because they’re amazing and so smart, Grace Jones because she’s an absolute goddess and Pete Burns (RIP) because I was always too scared to speak to him when in a club!  

What is the most inspiring thing about London’s queer performance art scene?

The people – so many unique, talented and wonderful people from all walks of life. There are so many great conversations and discussions to be had. It’s just so diverse in terms of what people create! 

lewis g burton at dalston superstore

You have performed at some incredible venues, ranging from The Institute of Contemporary Art to Resistance Gallery. What has been your career highlight?

My career highlight will be gracing the floor at Superstore this Friday for Spin Cycle! (Tragic I know!) 

You also DJ at a number of club nights across London. Which track is currently on high rotation in your sets?

Oh god sooooo many bangers! My current faves are Robyn – do it again, Lady Gaga – Aura (Boyfriends kill the runway remix) and Tatu – all the things she said obvs! 

What exciting plans do you have in store for the rest of the year?

I’m working on an EP, I’m collaborating with fashion/art collective Fecal Matter on some projects and I’m shooting a new TV show in September were I get to take two extreme Tory supporters and open them up to the world of performance art and make them realise why voting Labour is so important and what impact voting conservative has on the community. Also I get to put them through hell which is really exciting! As well as the usual DJ, performance and hosting gigs. She’s a busy girl! 

Can you give us a cheeky hint about what you have in store for us at Spin Cycle?

I don’t want to ruin the surprise but there will be mess – a lot of mess and maybe some snogging with Anna Wall!! 

Catch Lewis G Burton at Spin Cycle this Friday 4 August from 9pm-3am at Dalston Superstore!


Coco Cole

Dalston Superstore and the Goldsnap girls are absolutely thrilled to welcome a very special guest to this week’s edition of Goldnsnap! Coco Cole has had one hell of a year – from hosting her regular residencies on Capital XTRA & Capital FM with a 9 million-strong audience, to being selected by the widely revered Martin Solveig for a summer residency at his My House night in Ibiza. We can’t wait to see what this “vital cog in the machinery of UK Dance” (Mixmag) has in store for the ladies of Goldsnap! They caught up to find our how she got to where she is today!

When did you start DJing – and what or who were your early passions and two most influential albums?

I started properly when I was 19. Saved for ages to buy this Numark DJ controller and Traktor. Not as romantic as the previous generations who had turntables, but hey I’m a child of the digital age and it helped me learn what I needed to know. Early passions? I’ve always been a big music head. Learnt classical guitar in primary school and was always the singer in school plays. Pontius Pilate hello! It was when I was 15 that I started diversifying my tastes and really learning about music. The internet saved me. I’d spend hours on Limewire (not realising it was piracy to be honest) and I found I was into music labelled under “electronica.” From there, I discovered Massive Attack, Zero 7, Cinematic Orchestra, Telepopmusik, CocoRosie, Metaform, Nightmares on Wax and they all blew my mind. Listening to them just sent me to another place. I totally jacked the soundtracks from The L Word too… so I was really into Tegan & Sara…!

What equipment do you prefer to use for your sets and why?

I use SD cards at the moment. Using a computer with Traktor would really stress me out. I’d be retching before my gigs because I was so nervous my computer would fail. So one gig I just thought, “Fuck it,” and I gave USBs a go. Never ever looked back. My USBs have been giving me grief recently though with the export time from rekordbox so I switched to SD cards as they’re quicker & cheaper for the capacity too!

Where does the name Coco Cole come from?

Facebook. Back when it was a bit of joke. I told my mate who I called RiRi (because her last name was Riley) to change her FB name to RiRi Riley… she did on the premise I did too and vóila. Basically Year 9 bants!

Goldsnap is a gurlzz night, what genre/subgenre do you think these queers want to hear?

I’m hoping to go kinda jackin’ house to take it back to the Chicago scene but it all depends how the night goes. I love DSS & run a night there myself where we play proper house party shit so who knows, I might end up pulling out Destiny’s Child & the Biebs.

What is one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you hear it?

Oh jeez. Luckily loads. But my all time favourite track ever is Prince – Controversy. I could listen to that over and over and over and over ….

Can you tell us a bit about Coco Cole and your DJ lifestyle – what is a typical month for you?

Haaa there’s no such thing as typical in my life which is how I like it. I’d wilt with boredom if I ever followed a schedule again. There are, however, always running themes of sleeplessness, radio shows, dancing, gigging, hours downloading music, meetings, emails, swearing at my computer and spending all my money on Ubers!

If you were to be stranded on an island and you only had 3 albums you can take with you, which would they be?

Fuck, how are you doing this to me?! Okay okay I can do this…

  1. Lauryn Hill “Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” for singing along and never getting bored of those classroom discussions about Love.

2. CocoRosie – Adventures of Ghosthorse & Stillborn for daydreaming & being sad.

3. And a mixtape of all my all time favourite tracks for jamming. Loophole!

Music and DJing sometimes can be difficult with the lifestyle & scheduling, what keeps you going / what keeps you motivated?

I literally have no idea sometimes. I’m just fueled by this innate desire to share music with other people. It’s at the root of everything I do. The feeling of blasting out tracks to a packed out sweaty dancing room is also pretty addictive. I’m always chasing that too.

Catch Coco Cole at Goldsnap this Thursday 17 November from 9pm-2:30am!