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Ahead of this Friday’s Miss Zombie Drag Queen 2018 as presented by notorious heauxmeauxsexy disco crew Mints, we caught up with them to hear about some of their favourite evil drag queen inspirations! Y’all better roll on down to Party Party this evening, stock up on some Smiffy’s campery and join us this Friday for your chance to be crowned MZDQ2018, win a £50 bar tab, flagon of Lambrini or a frozen chicken tikka lasagna as unofficially sponsored by Iceland!

The Witches
These ladies, led by queen Anjelica Huston herself, are the dream combination of horrifyingly glam and horrifyingly… well… horrifying. The Roald Dahl books were scary enough, but when The Witches came out in full colour in 1990, all our worst nightmares came terrifyingly to life. Iconic.


A wig made entirely of snakes, and the ability to turn mere mortals to stone with just a glance. Now THAT is drag.

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

She has to be on every single list of the most devilishly camp Halloween divas. This film is full-blown 80s horror cheese, and we are here for it!

Every single Jessica Lange character on American Horror Story
Whether it’s Constance Langdon, Sister Jude, Fiona Goode or Elsa Mars, Jessica Lange never fails to leave us gagging at the depth and bredth of her sheer evil in American Horror Story. Our personal fave is Constance Langdon, original terrifying bad bitch of AHS, and though Elsa Mars might not be the most iconic of those four charaters, she leaves us with a fabulous tagline for Mints presents Miss Zombie Drag Queen 2018: “My monsters, the ones you call depraved, they are the beautiful, heroic ones.” I mean.


Bette Midler in Hocus Pocus
If this movie wasn’t a formative autumnal tradition every year of your childhood, have you ever even participated in Halloween? This 1993 comedy horror fantasy is just the perfect recipe of camp that we love at Miss Zombie Drag Queen. Ladies, take note.

Her Majesty the Queen
Notorious reptilian shapeshifter and royal leech of the people, her majesty Queen Elizabeth II might not be the campy glam icon we all deserve, but she’s probably the most likely on this list to be an actual undead zombie creature. Sorry not sorry ma’am.MINTS QUEEN

Anjelica Huston at Morticia Addams
Our babe Anjelica makes her second appearance as this scathing, ruthless matriarch with an unmatched contempt for pastel colours. She is pure unbridled gothic femme. And can we talk about those eyebrows?!

Meryl and Goldie in Death becomes Her
Name a more iconic duo… we’ll wait.

The Craft
The original teenage badass witch crew, this is the cult horror film that kick started our obsession with the occult, and paved the way for Charmed, Witches of East End and other favourite ooky spooky pop culture hits. Fairuza Balk is the badass BFF that every queer deserved in high school.


Grace Jones in Vamp

Grace Jones as stripper vampire seductress Katrina is the perfect icon for MZDQ 2018. All hail.

Win A 2 Bears Goody Bag!

This Saturday Raf Rundell of The 2 Bears joins us in the laser basement for a special edition of hot hot HOT night Bust Yo Nut… and we’ve got our paws on a whole goodybag of The 2 Bears merchandise to give away PLUS guestlist to Bust Yo Nut *and* Bender for the rest of the year! 

Inside the goody bag of dreams is a The 2 Bears tshirt, their latest album and their recent mix album!

2 Bears 1 Love

For your chance to win email with the email subject “I LOVE BEARS” by 10am Friday 11th October with the correct answer to the following question…

(*only the winner will be contacted)

Raf from The 2 Bears is also known as:

a. Raf Daddy

b. Raf Mummy

c. Raf Nanny

Join Raf (2 Bears) at Bust Yo Nut this Saturday 12th October at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 4am.

Classic Goodybag Giveaway

Just ahead of this weekend’s next Classic Music Company party, they’ve had a dig about the office and filled another Classic tote bag with goodies (including signed vinyl) for us to give away. 

They’re teaming up with local heroes Paris’ Acid Ball for a whole night of two-floor bumpers and pumpers and all-round acid mischief. Classic boss Luke Solomon is joined by Hannah Holland and DJ Squeaky in the basement whilst upstairs Horse Meat Discoer Luke Howard and Superstore head honcho Dan Beaumont takeover.

For your chance to get your mitts on a Classic goodybag plus free entry for you and a pal to Saturday’s party email the correct answer to by 12pm (noon) Friday 6th September.

*only the winner will be contacted

Which other Luke will be joining Luke Solomon this Saturday?

a. Laidback Luke

b. Luke Whostalking

c. Luke Howard

Join the whole gang this Saturday 7th September at Dalston Superstore for Classic X Paris’ Acid Ball from 9pm – 4am.

Win A Pair Of Tickets To Field Maneuvers

Ahead of tonight’s Banjee Boy Realness party with Capracara and Josh Caffe, BBR resident Joe Roberts drops this hot mix on us! Featuring Ralphi Rosario, Paul Woolford, Cajmere and more it’s the perfect brief trip into banjee to get you hyped for tonight.

As well as joining us here at Superstore, Mr Roberts will also be hitting up brand new boutique festival Field Maneuvers and we have a pair of tickets to give away to one lucky winner! Taking place an hour outside of London over Friday 30th August – Sunday 1st September, the festival will also feature Drums Of Death, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Auntie Flo, Jane Fitz, Deep Shit Records Nadia Ksaiba and more. 

For your chance to win email the correct answer to by 10am Thursday 1st August with the email subject “GIVE ME FREE TICKETS TO FIELD MANEUVERS PLEASE!”

*only the winner will be contacted

Who is also playing at Field Maneuvers…

a. Plums Of Death

b. Drums Of Death

c. Thumbs Of Death

Join Joe Roberts for Banjee Boy Realness tonight (Friday 26th July) at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 3am.

For more info and tickets visit:

Win A Pair Of VIP Lovebox Sunday Tickets

Next weekend sees our annual jaunt down to Victoria Park for Lovebox Sunday! To celebrate we’re throwing two parties over the course of the weekend AND we’ve managed to get our mitts on a pair of VIP Lovebox Sunday tickets to give away! With some of favourite people appearing at the festival, from Kim Ann Foxman to DJ Harvey to Frankie Knuckles to Derrick Carter and a whole host of DSS family and friends across all the stages throughout the day, it’s sure to be a family affair.

Catch Johnny Woo, Horse Meat Disco and former DSS guests A Love From Outer Space (Andrew Weatherall and Sean Johnston) over in the Russian Standard House Of Davai… Hannah Holland, The Lovely Jonjo, Kris Di Angelis and of course Superstore boss Dan Beaumont can all be found in the East Side Strut.

Meanwhile here at the good ship Dalston Superstore, we’re kicking off the weekend with our Lovebox Sunday Warm-Up… on a Friday! We’ll be doing our duty helping you warm up your rave muscles for Sunday’s amazingness (our doctors advise you to stretch out at Dalston Superstore where we have a taster of what’s to come on the big day). Horse Meat Disco’s Luke Howard and Guy Williams of Paradise 45 will be massaging your dancing feet in the bar and kick-ass DJ Kris Di Angelis and Macho City hero Dave Kendrick will attend to your cardiovascular needs downstairs.

And on Sunday evening, it’s time once more for our legendary Outside The Box afterparty where we welcome a very special NYC guest to play alongside our fave local hero DJs including Grizzle, Borja Peña and Mikki Most.

For your chance to win a pair of VIP Lovebox Sunday just email the correct answer to by 10am Monday 15th July with the email subject “GIVE ME A PAIR OF VIP LOVEBOX SUNDAY TICKETS!”

Which former Dalston Superstore guests will be playing at Lovebox Sunday?

a. A Love From Outer Space

b. A Love From The Laser Basement

c. A Love That You Found After One Too Many Hackney Iced Teas

*Only the winner will be contacted

For more info and Lovebox tickets visit:

Terry Farley’s Acid Rain Launch Party

Tomorrow night sees Terry Farley join us once more both for Society’s Farr Festival Warm Up and for the launch of his new Acid Rain compilation! And ahead of the party we’re giving away a pair of tickets to Farr Festival, which takes place just outside of London in Hertfordshire over the weekend 19-21st July, AND a copy of Terry’s new release!

“It was 25 years ago in 1988 when the Acid House sound created a musical revolution in the UK following the success of London’s Shoom and Hedonism, whilst, at the same time, Manchester was kick starting the movement in the North of England with the Hacienda’s Hot and Nude nights. Acid House continued its corrosive effect on the late 80’s party crowd with new clubs opening up almost every month throughout 1988 – R.I.P., Spectrum, Zoo, The Trip, Apocalypse Now, Legends, the State, Rage, Sunrise to name a few.

By the summer of 1988 aka ‘the second summer of love’, Acid House was something of a national sensation in the UK with the political establishment seeing the movement as a threat to law and order and the tabloid press vilifying the movement and its main symbol, the smiley face.

But what exactly was Acid House?

Internationally renowned DJ and House expert, Terry Farley has painstakingly compiled 5 CD’s which trace the movement’s beginnings and the incredible 6 years when this underground music from Chicago dominated the UK dance floors and spread throughout the world. To accompany this furious aural assault is a 32 page booklet written and curated by Miles Simpson, founder of the influential House Music blog, ‘Beyond the Stars’, interrogator of legendary DJ’s and all-round House expert. Plus, of course, pages of scans, flyers and key photos from the period from the Terry Farley archives.”

Terry Farley Presents: Acid Rain

For your chance to win a copy of the 5-CD compilation Terry Farley Presents: Acid Rain and a pair of tickets to Farr Festival just email the correct answer to by 10am Thursday 27th June with the email subject “ACID RAIN/FARR FESTIVAL COMPETITION”.

*Only the winning entrant will be contacted.

What was the summer of 1988 also known as?

a. The second summer of love

b. Another summer of rain

c. The winter of discontent

Terry joins Society’s extra special resident and all-round genuine legend Robert Owens, Thunder’s Miles Simpson, Damon Martin, Jake Manders, Josh Caffe and the Society DJs here at Dalston Superstore for Society’s Farr Festival Warm-Up tomorrow night from 9pm.

Win A Lovehammer Tee

With the hotly anticipated Lovehammer party with Lady Blacktronika almost upon us, we’ve managed to get our mitts on these fresh Lovehammer tshirts and have one to give away along with free entry to the night!

For your chance to win* guestlist for two and a free Lovehammer tshirt just email us  at by 10am Friday 21st June with the email subject “Lovehammer freebie for me please!” and tell us exactly why you deserve to win.

*only the winner will be contacted

Join us at Lovehammer on Saturday 22nd June at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 3am.

The Pale Blue Door

Easing you through a post-bank-holiday hangover *and* giving you something to look forward to at the end of your four day week, our friends at The Pale Blue Door are giving away a meal for two at their fabulous Haggerston-based restaurant-cum-cabaret experience!

To be with a chance of winning, simply email us at by 10am Thursday 9th May 2013 with the subject “GIVE ME A FREE MEAL FOR TWO AT THE PALE BLUE DOOR”.

*The winner’s name will be passed on to the people at The Pale Blue Door so you can organise with them which date you would like to attend.

We’ll let them tell you exactly why you need to enter this competition to join them for dinner…

Three years ago whimsical set designer Tony Hornecker opened his house to the public as an art installation dining experience. Since then it has been emptied, packed up and carted around the world popping up in Berlin, Glastonbury, Santiago, Valparaiso and Buenos Aires.

Now returned to its birthplace of London the ever-illusive restaurant is back for you all to enjoy!

Through The Pale Blue Door you are welcomed into a speakeasy restaurant by trans hosts and drag performers…

Take a seat at your table, be it in the candle lit bedroom with a balcony view of the restaurant from above or under a tree of hanging roses and mechanical disco balls where you will be greeted by waiting staff, wine in hand. 

The wonderful and surreal continues, table cloths of old shirts and blankets, wine out of tea cups and mid meal lip synching and trans hosting entertainment that normally ending in an impromptu disco!

Alongside original hostess extraordinaire A Man To Pet throughout the month of May will be Jonny Woo, Jonbenet Blonde and John Sizzle! 

May’s Menu at The Pale Blue Door! Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday throughout May 2013. 

Sweet Potato and Mango Ceviche


Ricotta and Mint Stuffed Breast of Lamb

OR Ricotta Mint and Olive Stuffed Courgette

With Roasted Vegetable Quinoa


Forest Berry Mess


Complimentary ½  bottle of wine per person

THE PALE BLUE DOOR from Sharna Osborne on Vimeo.

Some dates sold out already!

For bookings and enquiries please contact: or tel 07894805424 

For further info and available dates visit: 

Teaser trailer and image by Sharna Osborne. Full film to come soon.

Win A Superstore 4th Birthday Present!

It’s our fourth birthday party coming up on Friday and we’ve put together an extra special birthday present for one lucky winner! Not only can you win a meal for two at Dalston Superstore anytime over the bank holiday weekend and try one of our amazing sandwiches like The Sex And The Satay Sandwich or our fabulous burgers like The Calicornication Burger or any other item from our delicious menu, AND win a pair a tickets to ANY of the four birthday parties we’ve organised.

Pick from Thursday’s one-off Twat Boutique with Planningtorock, Friday’s Superstore Birthday Bender with Ostgut Ton’s Boris in the laser basement and pretty much all of our favourite local hero DJs, Saturday’s SOS party with Light Year and House Of Wallenberg or finally, Sunday’s bank holiday happy finish with Justin Robertson at Homoelectric!

To be in with a chance to win simply email us at by 10am tomorrow morning (Thursday 2nd May 2013) with the subject “HAPPY BIRTHDAY DALSTON SUPERSTORE!”, specify which night you would like guestlist +1 for and answer the following question correctly…

Who is playing at the Superstore Birthday Bender? Is it

a. DJ Boris

b. Infamous actor Chuck Norris

c. Lead singer of Boyz II Men Wanya Morris

Please note only the winner will be contacted.

Please join us at our Superstore Birthday Bender on Friday 3rd May from 9pm – 4:30am.

Win A Classic Goody Bag!

Next weekend sees one of our favourite record labels, Classic Music Company, return to Superstore for another amazing team-up! Classic boss Luke Solomon is joined in the laser basement by Chris Duckenfield and Dan Beaumont, whilst upstairs it’s a Macho City takeover with Severino, Dave Kendrick and Charlie Porter all taking to the decks.

Ahead of the party, the lovely people at Classic have sent us one of the amazing and super limited edition hand-printed Dalston Superstore X Classic tote bags FILLED WITH CLASSIC TREATS to give away to a lucky winner!

You too can look as good as Honey Dijon and Classic co-boss Derrick Carter showing off your Classic tote around town…

Honey Dijon and Derrick Carter

All you have to do to be with a chance to win is email the correct answer to by 10am Tuesday 23rd April with the subject “I NEED A DALSTON SUPERSTORE X CLASSIC BAG!”

Only the winner will be contacted.

Who runs Classic Music Company with Luke Solomon. Is it…

a. Beyoncé Knowles-Carter

b. Aaron Carter

c. Derrick Carter

Join Luke, Chris, Severino and more at Dalston Superstore on Saturday 27th April for Classic X Superstore #2 from 9pm – 3am. 

Image courtesy of Honey Dijon’s Instagram.

RUFUS&Bambi’s Breed #10 Mix

It’s almost time for the first Breed of the year and what better midweek reminder than this warm-up mix from techno-fiend and Rex The Dog partner-in-crime RUFUS&Bambi. We’ve managed to get hold of not just the exclusive tracklisting but also one of the fab “Rexstasy” tshirts to give away too! For your chance to win entrance to the party on Friday as well as one of the fresh tees, email us at with the subject title “I’m in the throes of Rexstasy!” and tell us why you should win.

*Entrants must be received by 10am Friday 1st February. Only the winner will be contacted.


Tom Trago feat Cinnaman – Rise up

Get People – Back To Dust (Jimmy Edgar remix)

Jokers Of The Scene – A Fine Line Between Nowhere And Now Here

LINDSTRØM & Todd Terje – Lanzarote (diskJokke remix)

Marc Houle – Chuck Gaydicaca

The Other People Place – Let Me Be Me

Bot’Ox – Basement Love (Pachanga Boys Point Of View)

Unknown – Unknown

Join RUFUS&Bambi and Rex The Dog at Breed #10 this Friday 1st February from 9pm – 3am.

Get Quizzical

Next Tuesday sees Let’s Get Quizzical turn into a Christmas office party for all those who don’t actually have an office to organise one! Alongside all the usual quizzing and crazy audience participation, you’ll get the opportunity to get very merry on the sherry and snog the postboy without the gossip round the water-cooler the next day!

As a special Christmas treat we’re running a little competition for you to WIN A BOTTLE OF PROSECCO to guzzle right here at Superstore on the night. All you need to do is email us at with the subject “I wanna get quizzical, quizzical” and play a little quizzical game with us. The entries will be judged by none other than Holestar herself so we really want to see you go all out!

We want you to come up with your very own mini Let’s Get Quizzical Quiz. Our rules state you need to compose FIVE questions and the subjects must cover music, pop, trivia, gossip, TV and film and you need to be free to come along to the party on Tuesday evening!

Entries in by 10am on Monday 3rd December. Only the winner will be contacted.

Join us for Let’s Get Quizzical on Tuesday 4th December from 8pm – 2:30am.