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Throwing Shade

By Florian Dovillez


We often speak to DJs with many a plate up in the air, but I think it’s safe to say that Throwing Shade wins in the versatility category, with an MPhil in African history from Cambridge, work in human rights law, a Black Belt in Karate as well as being a beyond-talented producer, DJ and NTS Radio host. The latter gig has had her placed on our radar for years now, and we are so thrilled that we’ll finally get to experience her sonic mastery at the latest edition of Homodrop! Promoter Florian Dovillez AKA Cheriii caught up with the London music doyenne to find out what she has in store for us at her upcoming Dalston Superstore debut!

The best club or festival you’ve been in your all life?

Worldwide Festival in the south of France! 

Tell us about your NTS show! How did it happen? 

I’ve been doing my NTS show for four years now… quite a long time! I like to play loads of different music and field recordings from all around the world. No boundaries. 

You are perform live as well, and produce. Any releases coming up soon?

I’m currently in the studio working on my next record which is going to be my debut album…. it’s hard work but it’s fun, and I’m hoping to get it finished in the next few months. 

What are your inspirations in your everyday life ?

Just watching London life go by, paying attention to everything around me. 

Give us two tracks you are sure you’re going to play at HOMODROP!

Hmmm. I’ll probably play a Mehmet Aslan Disco Halal remix, and also a good acid house tune by Kerri Chandler

What are your favourite tracks at the moment?

At the moment I’m listening to Black Focus, the album by Yussef Kamaal which came out last year, ON REPEAT! The whole record is so incredible. 

Catch Throwing Shade at Homodrop on Saturday 1 July from 9pm-4am at Dalston Superstore!


Porto Superstore

Next week sees Superstore stalwarts Dan Beaumont and DJ Rokk pack their cases and take a little slice of Dalston with them across the seas to Portugal. They’ll be setting up shop for one night only at Plano B in the heart of Porto for a special “Dalston Superstore Clubnight”.

As any regular readers will know, Superstore boss Dan was famously part of legendary party Disco Bloodbath and our dear DJ Rokk runs monthly shindig Body Talk, as well as having just returned from a huge American tour with Swedish popstar Robyn. 

If anyone knows how to throw a party full of house pumpers and dancefloor workouts, it’s these two! Check out this mix Dan did for ID Magazine a few months back to get warmed up on a foggy day…

Dalston Superstore Clubnight: Dan Beaumont & DJ Rokk takes place on Friday 23rd November at Plano B, Rua Cândido dos Reis nº30, Porto, Portugal.