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Classic Goodybag Giveaway

Just ahead of this weekend’s next Classic Music Company party, they’ve had a dig about the office and filled another Classic tote bag with goodies (including signed vinyl) for us to give away. 

They’re teaming up with local heroes Paris’ Acid Ball for a whole night of two-floor bumpers and pumpers and all-round acid mischief. Classic boss Luke Solomon is joined by Hannah Holland and DJ Squeaky in the basement whilst upstairs Horse Meat Discoer Luke Howard and Superstore head honcho Dan Beaumont takeover.

For your chance to get your mitts on a Classic goodybag plus free entry for you and a pal to Saturday’s party email the correct answer to by 12pm (noon) Friday 6th September.

*only the winner will be contacted

Which other Luke will be joining Luke Solomon this Saturday?

a. Laidback Luke

b. Luke Whostalking

c. Luke Howard

Join the whole gang this Saturday 7th September at Dalston Superstore for Classic X Paris’ Acid Ball from 9pm – 4am.

Smokin Jo

After praying good and hard, the girls of East London have had their earthly desires granted and a heavenly force has delivered unto them a hot Easter Sunday party! Going by the somewhat sacriligious name of Sister Pantychrist, this glorious worship of dance music carries on right through the night until 4:30am, and features a fallen angel in the shape of legendary DJ and former Trade resident Smokin Jo, and five (count’em, five) ex nuns called Borja Peña, Cathal, Bisoux, Rebecca Sawyer and DJ Squeaky. 

Ahead of Sunday’s extravaganza we managed to prise Smokin’ Jo away from her divinely duties to find out more about her favourite tracks, what it takes to be a female DJ and what inspired her to pick up her headphones in the ’90s…

What parties and what DJs inspired you to start DJing yourself?

I used to go to all the big raves and underground illegal warehouse parties in the late ’80s: places like Clink St, Sunrise, The Dungeons were all amazing; DJ’s like Colin Favor, Tony Humpries, Evil Eddie Richards, Kid Batchelor really inspired me; the deep house and techno sounds I fell in love with.

When did you make your first ever mix tape?

God… ummm probably around September 1990. I got some decks and used to practise every day, I made tapes and played them in a shop I used to work in. 

What does Trade mean to you?

Trade means so much to me, It was the club that launched my career, not to mention it was utter mayhem every week. It was a dream gig, to be able to play that music to that crowd is something I will NEVER forget. It was a truly special time, the energy and the feeling that everyone was one. Every track I played and every mix I did was greeted with cheers and applause. Magical.

As a longtime London resident and someone who regularly plays here and abroad, what’s your take on the current view in the music press that London’s club scene (both on the smaller night scale and bigger warehouse events) is in dire straits?

I think the press always needs something to complain about. We are very spoilt in London to have such a diverse music scene, and while some clubs maybe are getting a bit stale and lazy, there are lots of underground, illegal or newer parties and venues that are popping up which are amazing. Dance Tunnel, Half Baked, Shelter, The Loft Studios are all amazing. If you want a good night out you need to go and and find it not expect it to come to you.

You’re our fallen angel at Sister Pantychrist… what’s the most angelic or heavenly act you’ve ever committed?

One time in Ibiza my boyfriend and I found a girl who had fallen into the port in Ibiza town, she had lost her friends, had no money and no idea what she was doing, totally off her nut. We took her back to our place and looked after for a few days, gave her food, let her stay and showed her a good time in Ibiza! 

Tell us one track you plan to play that’ll deliver salvation to the crowd…

Pleasurekraft  – American Hustle

What’s the funniest inaccuracy you’ve ever read about yourself?

That I was married to Skin from Skunk Anansie.

You’ve said in the past you found it easier to stand out when you were first starting out as there were only about 4 female DJs in the UK… now that there are a considerable amount more, what does a girl have to do to get noticed?

I guess it is the DJs that treat themselves like a brand that make it now. You have to have an agent, a manager, PR, your own record label, a club night, lots of tracks out. Maybe even your own merchandise. This is not something that I think makes a good DJ but it seems these days you have to have a team behind you to really stand out and make it.

You’ve recently been releasing on Hannah Holland’s Native City label- how did that come about?

I have know Hannah for years, she is a good mate, when she said she was starting a label I jumped at the chance, keep it in the family and all that!

What are your three favourite tracks for dancing to? And not necessarily ones that you’d play out…

The Emotions – Best of My Love

Blackstreet – No Diggity

Soft Cell – Tainted Love

Join Smokin Jo at Sister Pantychrist on Easter Sunday 31st March at Dalston Superstore from 7pm – 4:30am

New Years Extravaganza!

It’s a New Years Triple Bill kicking off tonight here at Dalston Superstore! Leading the charge will be trans-loving party starters Sink The Pink who’ve recruited a whole troupe of wild “tranimals” to keep their party pumpin’ all night long. We caught up with some of the key Sink The Pinkers, including head honchos Glyn & Amy, to find out their fave tracks and moments of 2012 and got them to explain their New Years Eve look in this cute feature on them. They’ll be kicking things off at 9pm and going on until 5am! Tickets are available in advance for £10 or you can pay £12 on the door.

Check out all the info via the Sink The Pink Presents Tranimals Facebook event.

For those keeping the fire burning, Wet N Wild will be on hand to ensure you start 2013 as you mean to go on! Their all-dayer kicks off at 1pm and takes you all the way through until 8pm. Brighton’s Schtumm! will be in the house for a special DJ set as will Wet N Wild regulars Lee Pattison (Deepgroove), Shay Malt, Nick Gynn, Paul Dragoni, Emma Rudge and Ruth Nichols. They’ve even got a special guest surprise up their sleeve but they say they’re keeping schtumm on that one…

Check out the full details via the Wet N Wild New Years Day Party Facebook event.

Bringing up the rear for those who got their daily disco naps will be Martyn Fitzgerald’s Handsome party. Upstairs sees favourite yesteryears for the New Year, whilst the basement takes on some deep uplifting house, all courtesy of the The handsome Kris Di Angelis, the handsome Rokk, the handsome Dan Beaumont and the handsome Jamie Bull. Proccedings will be free before 7pm but £5 on the door after that.

Check out all the relevant information via the Handsome New Years Day Party Facebook event.

Terry Farley

It was really only a matter of time before the dual juggernaut of Farley & Heller made an appearance at Paris’ Acid Ball. Individually and separately they have both been hugely influential and integral parts of the British dance music scene for many years. We caught up with one half of the duo, Terry Farley, a man who’s definitely no stranger to Dalston Superstore to ask him all about his early Boys Own raves, classic stories from the acid house heyday, Ibiza then and now, and more…

As a born Londoner, what/where is your favourite London hotspot?

I love markets – up the lane (Portobello), Roman Road in the ‘80s was, as they used to say, “ream”, Columbia Road and of course nowadays Broadway market.

What’s the best party you’ve been to so far this year?

Harvey I reckon, closely followed by some nights at East Bloc (especially our Boys Own party).

Why do you think people have been so passionate for so long about house music?

The intense link between the music and the best days (nights) of your life. The chemical reaction as well stays in the subconscious, so as soon as you (well me haha) hears a 4×4 Chicago beat a small rush starts around your toes…  likely story.

What is your favourite record that you own?

It changes by the week but today it’s…

Big London club record when kids actually danced together ‘hustle’ style. Tomorrow it will be some reggae record – I’m fickle.

There’s a great story about being inspired to take your first ever E after seeing Danny Rampling for the first time and he dancing to George Kranz Din Daa Daa. How much impact do you think that moment had on your life?

That was at the Rockley Sands weekender run by Nicky Holloway – it was on the cusp of change when the crowd split between the black music purists and the kids who had been to Ibiza and took gear. Danny was doing his Amnesia style dance and Chris Butler and Johnny Walker had sat inside the huge bass bins. Sitting inside speakers was a early Acid House thing. Pics of said Weekender can be laughed at here at

Speaking of ways you met people… how did you meet Pete Heller?

He warmed up for Danny at Shoom, played guitar over Danny’s set as well.

If you could climb in a time-machine and go back to any dance floor any era any location, where and when would be setting the dial to?

1975: a true golden age of London clubbing. Punk was starting but without a name, American black dance music was at its innovative and raw best and the standard of dancing in west end clubs was amazing. It was also a time when shop culture was important, you found out what/where and whom at places like ACME, Sex, Johnson and Johnson, Swanky Modes…

What one thing will you always love about Ibiza and what one thing do you wish had never changed?

Putting the roofs on totally fucked things, what was unique and magical turned into normality – a crazy normality but the specialness was lost.

What do I still love…? The fact I’m struggling here tells me something. 

If acid house geese and jackin’ cows sum up the Boys Own outdoor parties of the past, what might sum up Boys Own 2013?

Barbour coats and ketamine haha!  

You and Pete Heller will be playing the Shoom 25th Anniversary… will you be playing old favourites or new bangers?

Both, but that’s how we play anyway. So much new music by new producers harks back to the early ‘90s so music no longer sounds old or new just good or bad.

You’re no stranger to the Superstore basement! What do you like about playing here?

It reminds me of our clubs used to be in the ‘70s and mid ‘80s, mixture of people, intense atmosphere that is not reliant on drug consumption and I dig the way the staff at the club seem part of a community, part of the night and not a opposing enemy like at bigger venues.

You have a long-standing association with London’s gay scene. Why do you think this is?

When I was a kid THE best west end clubs were either gay or black so if you wanted to be part of that elite side of the soul scene you had to leave any preconceptions at home. I just love a good party and a great crowd, and London’s gay scene has produced so many of my faves over the decades.

What’s your favourite current house night?

I’m working most Saturdays but the ones I’ve enjoyed playing at this year was Guy Williams’ party at East Bloc, Society at DSS on a Thursday with Robert Owens.  I also love playing the basement at East Village. If I can hang out, I’m a long-term fan of the secretsundaze crew and I really love the Loft over west down Scrubs Lane.

What do you think has given your career the longevity you’ve enjoyed?

I’m rubbish at anything else. 

And finally, who’s been the most interesting or difficult person you’ve ever interviewed for your own site Faith Fanzine?

Miles got told off by Frankie Knuckles after I had hooked up a Skype interview for Faith haha. The best ones are the older DJs who have stuff to say who have lived the life so to speak: Derrick Carter, Lil Louis, Frankie (eventually)…  young European deep house DJs want to talk about plug-ins.


Rhythm Connection w/ Terry Farley by Rhythm Connection on Mixcloud


 Terry Farley plays Paris’ Acid Ball with Pete Heller as Farley & Heller on Saturday 3rd November at Dalston Superstore with Hannah Holland, Dan Beaumont and DJ Squeaky from 9pm – 3am.

Summer Rites Afterparty

We welcome back the wonderful Miss Honey Dijon to headline our debauched Summer Rites afterparty this Sunday! After cavorting about the luscious green surroundings of Shoreditch Park for the festival during the day, join us back in the lazer basement to continue the party. 

Not only Miss Dijon will be spinning at the decks, as she’s joined by a special b2b set from Batty Bass duo Hannah Holland and Josh Caffe! Upstairs The Lovely Jonjo, DJ Squeaky and Grizzle aka John Sizzle and A Man To Pet keep the party bumpin’ in the top bar.

Get in the mood (and get over any post-bank-holiday midweek blues!) with this live recording of Honey Dijon last time she graced our decks for Paris’ Acid Ball back in January… 

Our special discount tickets for the festival itself our flying out the door so come in and grab one personally for only £15 from behind the bar! It’s no surprise really as we have the fabulous Kim Ann Foxman playing in our very own Superstore tent!

Honey Dijon plays Summer Wrongs this Sunday 2nd September from 9pm – 3am here at Dalston Superstore with Hannah Holland, Josh Caffe, The Lovely Jonjo, DJ Squeaky and Grizzle.

Summer Rites

We’ve very pleased to be joining our friends Gutterslut, East Bloc, Vogue Fabrics and more at this year’s Summer Rites festival! Taking place in Shoreditch park on Sunday 2nd September, the main stage features the talents and delights of Jonny Woo’s Gay Bingo, Bright Light Bright Light, Feral Is Kinky, Mutya and…. BOY GEORGE! 

Rest assured that even though we’ll be nursing our hangovers from Paris’ Acid Ball here at Superstore the night before, we’ll be out in full force hosting a kick-ass, pumpin’ tent with some of our favourite DJs playing all day, including the incredible KIM ANN FOXMAN!!

Joining her will be Grizzle (John Sizzle and A Man To Pet) DJ Squeaky, Rokk, Mikki Most, Dan Beaumont, The Lovely Jonjo Hannah Holland and Severino.

Summer Rites logo

Tickets are £25 from the Summer Rites website or come into Superstore and pick up one of our discounted tickets at £15 each from behind the bar!

For more information be a fan of Summer Rites on Facebook.

Squeaky’s Lovebox Disco Mix

Lovebox is so very nearly upon us and you’d think we couldn’t possibly be more excited for it! Well, that was until we got our hands on Squeaky’s Disco Tent Warm-up Mix. With tracks from Anita Ward and Chemise, this will certainly get you pulling on your dancing shoes (or wellies!)…. Whatever the weather we’ll be there in full force dancing at the front of stage, knocking back shots in the covered refuge of the Disco Tent or getting our rave on with our GutterSlut and Trailertrash sisters in the dance tent.



We’ll be at Lovebox this Sunday 17th June. For the full line-up, info and tickets visit

Lovebox Disco Tent with Alex Noble and Anna Bruder

Two of our favourite artists (familiar to anyone who’s passed through our doors over the last few years) Alex Noble and Anna Bruder, have designed the interior and exterior of our secret disco tent at this year’s Lovebox Festival. Their art has so oft adorned our walls that it seemed only fitting that they join us for our sojourn to Victoria Park. In between their busy schedule preparing everything for the imminent festival, they managed to give us five minutes of their time to explain their plans and designs for the tent…

Explain for us what your involvement in our Superstore Secret Disco Tent is…

Anna Bruder: I am designing the interior of the Dalston Superstore and Bearded Kitten tent. All hand drawn in my typical Aline style. Thick black marker pen outlines are set against a white backdrop, illustrating a clever and humorous representation of domesticity and everyday life. 

Anna Bruder's designs for Lovebox

Alex: Anna and I were collectively asked to design an environment for the Superstore at Lovebox, although we’ve worked together on the same space many times, we thought it could be interesting to split the space and create two different designs to make it an even more dynamic experience. I’ve designed an installation entrance for the tent – also it’s a beacon so you know where it is in the festival.

How did you decide who’d do the interior and exterior or did just seem natural?

Anna: It seemed quite natural. Alex’s style and colours suit the outside much more, and mine is much more suited to interior settings. I also transformed the inside of Dalston Superstore last October, so it felt right for me to transform the inside of the tent keeping familiar symbols from Dalston Superstore that people recognise.

What were the inspirations and influences behind your designs?

Anna: Children and Young People. Keith Haring and Jean Michel Basquiat. And life in Dalston.

Alex: My influences came from ancient art works, temples and places of worship; we toyed with doing a Church Of Disco at one point. But I wanted the design to feel broader and more inclusive culturally. So we’ve got a heady mix of Egyptian, Aztec and Navaho in the mix.

What is it about the Lovebox environment that you think suits your work?

Anna: Fun. Laughter. Buzziness of all the people.

Alex: Anna and I both embrace working to a large scale which is perfect for a festival setting. It’s also really great to give people added stimulation on the day, an exciting back drop to the music and positive experience.

Describe for us what your day at Lovebox Sunday will entail…

Anna: First thing is swapping over the interior design of the tent from Bearded Kitten to Dalston Superstore. Making the space a little bit jazzier for all the colourful people of Sunday! Then hanging out with lots of nice people. Laughing. Dancing. And generally enjoying myself!

Anna Bruder's designs for Lovebox

Alex: Hopefully the sun will be shining and we can relax after all the hard work – catch up with people, take in the festival, dance and of course lots of back stage shenanigans.

See Anna and Alex’s work at Dalston Superstore’s Disco Tent at Lovebox Festival in Victoria Park on Sunday 17th June. You can catch The Lovely Jonjo, Dan Beaumont, Rokk, DJ Squeaky, A Man To Pet and John Sizzle in the tent. For further info and tickets visit:

The Carry Nation

Our favourite acid drenched haus werkout PARIS’ ACID BALL is throwing a party up the road at Bar A Bar on Saturday June 2nd and New York’s Carry Nation will join Superstore favourites Severino and Luke Howard along with Acid Ballers Hannah Holland, Dan Beaumont & Squeaky… Now that’s a lineup!

Known to their mums as DJs Will Automagic (Spank) and Nita Aviance; The Carry Nation have been wowing New York dance floors for the best part of a decade.

Here is an exclusive mix they made for us ahead of their upcoming show!


Saturday June 2nd 10pm-6am

The Carry Nation (NYC)
Luke Howard + Severino 
Hannah Holland (Batty Bass)
Dan Beaumont
DJ Squeaky

Bar A Bar 135 Stoke Newington High Street N16 8BT
£10 on the door 

GutterSlut At Slutty Shopper

We pinned down Per QX and Nic Fisher, two of the boys behind one of our favourite east London gay party institutions, GutterSlut, to chat them up to them about how their night came to be and how they’re playing our very next bank holiday bonanza, Slutty Shopper…

What made you want to start GutterSlut?

Nic: After a couple of years living with Per and Ralf, having too many after parties at ours trashing the flat we decided it was time to move. Per had experience promoting club nights in Sweden, we’re both DJs and as Ralf is a great photographer he would be the best to then document the night. It seems like the perfect idea.

Per: We started GutterSlut as protest against the gay scene that at the time, in 2007, was quite stagnant back then. There was clubs like Trailer Trash around in east London but not much more playing cool dance music. There was no where to go out on Saturday night, so we thought let’s start a fun club that felt like a house party.

You’ve been going for a good few years now- what’s your favourite ever GutterSlut memory?

Nic: The first GutterSlut we did in Berlin was at a place called Hubertus Lounge. To go into the basement you had to enter through a cupboard door, go down a really narrow set of stairs to end up in this really dark and dusty space where the rave was going. It was kind of surreal, very Alice In Wonderland.

Per: There’s too many. I loved it when we played at Summer Rites festival and had all the trannies climbing in the dance tent scaffolding up to the roof, Miss Crystal MC stage diving from the DJ booth, and A Man To Pet crowd surfing away to the music.

You’re going to be at Lovebox Sunday with our disco sisters Trailer Trash and you’ve got DJ Hell, Tiga and a special DFA Disco version from the LCD Soundsystem guys James Murphy and Pat Mahoney playing in your tent! Who are you most looking forward to?

Nic: They are all amazing DJs but I’m really excited to see DJ Hell as he will also put on an incredible visual show.

Per: I’m Looking forward to Tiga. I’ve heard him before and he always rocks the house, but also DJ Hell and the LCD crew will be cool.

Describe the level of debauchery at an average Gutterslut on a level between 1-10.

Nic: With parties that are normally a 10, you’d have to make them 5 so you could give GutterSlut a 10.

Per: 9.5 sometimes 10

What’s your one quintessential Gutterslut tune each?

Nic: There are a few at the moment, MK ‘Burning’ (Round Table Knights Mix) but one that I tend to always play is Deetron ‘Starblazer’

Per: I’ll go for a party anthem Martin Solveig – The Night Out (A-Trak remix) 

If you could have your wildest dreams come true, who would you book to play a dream Gutterslut- alive or dead?

Nic: DJ Sneak, he’s a legend, I heard him in Berlin a couple of years ago and he was brilliant. I love the dirty disco sound he’s releasing on his label.

Per: I think A-Trak would be great.

This weekend you’re playing at Slutty Shopper- a magic team-up between Sink The Pink and Tutti Frutti. Bank holidays here at Superstore are always bananas and it’s fair to say it’s going to be a tranny bonanza. What have you got planned to either drive these ladies wild or keep them under control?

Nic and Per: We don’t think those ladies need to get any wilder, they’re quite mental already and it would be a too difficult job to try and keep them under control, but a few bottles of Jaegermeister always helps.

Define a “gutterslut” for us and tell us which of the two of you first that bill more.

Nic: A true GutterSlut lives in Dalston, goes out on Friday and comes back on Monday sometimes Tuesday escorted by an ambulance or the police with half her garments missing, she wasn’t wearing lots anyway as she loves to show her bits.

It would have to be Per in his hay days , I guess we’ve both calmed down a bit with the years.

Per: A GutterSlut is a person that don’t care about who you are, who you know or when it’s time to go home.

Both GutterSluts Nic Fisher and Per QX play Slutty Shopper this Bank Holiday Sunday here at Dalston Superstore and co-host the dance tent for TrailerTrash Vs GutterSlut at Lovebox Festival in Victoria Park on Sunday 17th June.

TrannyTrash In Pictures

Last Sunday, being a Bank Holiday blow-out,  saw the wig-spinnin’ spectacular that was TrannyTrash! With the legendary Chloé from Kill The DJ headlining and our favourite ladies Hannah Holland, Michelle Moist and Alexandra Parade from Trailertrash, Nicola Fisher  of Gutterslut, Josheline Caffe, Dame Squeaky and John Sizzle all getting down and dirty in the lazer pit; you know it went off! Luckily our good friend Kenny Campbell was on hand to snap some fabulous pictures which we just had to share with you…

TrannyTrash 8-4-12

TrannyTrash 8-4-12

TrannyTrash 8-4-12

TrannyTrash 8-4-12

TrannyTrash 8-4-12

TrannyTrash 8-4-12

TrannyTrash 8-4-12

TrannyTrash 8-4-12

TrannyTrash 8-4-12

To see all of Kenny’s amazing TrannyTrash pictures and more visit the Event Pictures portion of his website:

Photo Credit: Kenny Campbell


The TrailerTrash team are super-excited to have Kill The DJ’s Chloé play their tranny-extravaganza and have wanted her on their bill for some time now. We were lucky enough to catch up with the French underground electronic star and quiz her on the dance scene in Paris, her recent projects and playing the Easter long weekend…

How did you get into DJing?

I started DJing when I was 17, actually when I discovered electronic music. I started buying records; at that time you couldn’t find this music on any other format than vinyl. I was studying law and university gives you a lot of time so I was playing more and more and then I started to produce. I released my first EP in 2001 on Karat records. Since then I’ve DJed everywhere, released a lot of EPs and remixes on different labels, released two albums, and will release a new track on my first label Karat in the next two months.

What’s the dance music scene in Paris like at the moment?

In the last two years there have been much more parties going on, inside clubs as usual, like Rex Club and Showcase, but more and more outside clubs which is kind of new for Paris.

You’re playing at the TrailerTrash Easter Sunday Special- do Parisians go all out for long weekends like Londoners do?

A lot of Parisians goes out on long weekends, but a lot also leave Paris to go to the countryside. In the summertime on long weekend Paris is a bit empty.

You DJ all over the world- what’s the most remote or strangest place you’ve ever played?

I’ve played few times in India, and it’s an amazing place to play that you’d never think about.

Your last album came out in 2010- do you have plans to do another?

 My first album The Waiting Room was released in 2007, the second one One In Other in 2010. These days I’m not focusing on a new album, as I’m working on remixes and EPs, and also I’m producing an artist called The Big Crunch Theory, working on her second album.

Can you tell us a bit more about your live show and subsequent book Chasser Croiser?

I released a book and CD in September 2011, it was a very specific project organised by the French radio show L’Atelier de Création Radiophonique (ACR). The show asks artists from any origins to arrange and create an artistic piece. Radio is a laboratory of sound experimentation. I was totally free to choose a specific theme and to work on it the way I wanted. The result was a 40-minute piece that I performed live at the Centre Pompidou in Paris and is released on the CD.

The book consists of my photos taken during trips, tours and DJ sets, notes, projects, albums, collaborations, and excerpts from notebooks.

Which surrealist artists have been the biggest influences on your music?

Aragon, Duchamp, Elsa Triolet, Joyce Mansour, Maiakovski. Surrealists left us with an important freedom to dream, create poetry and love, and it’s in this way it’s a big influence.

Who would you share your dream line-up with?

Maybe my mum, as she use to be a Disc Jockey when she was young!

What is the one record you just can’t stop playing?

I like Metronomy’s latest album a lot!

Chloé plays TRANNYTRASH this Easter Sunday 8th April with Hannah Holland (TrailerTrash), Michelle Moist (TrailerTrash), Alexandra Parade (TrailerTrash), Nicola Fisher (Gutterslut), Josheline Caffe (Batty Bass) and Dame Squeaky (Paris’ Acid Ball) all spinning their wigs in-between spinning records from 8pm – 4am.