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Cosmic Kids

This Saturday L.A.’s Cosmic Kids (Throne Of Blood) join us for Say Yes, a one-off night from Durrr resident Rory Phillips and Rhythm Connection’s Nadia Ksaiba, that promises to be a bit of wax spectacular with vinyl specialists Drop The Needle hosting upstairs. 

Cosmic Kids, or as their mums call them Ron and Dan, are also analogue lovers, with a taste for all things house, boogie and disco and have remixed Holy Ghost!, The Rapture, Fleetwood Mac and Kindness amongst others. We caught up with Dan to ask about the duo’s unusual quirks, wholesome habits, and favourite cosmic records…

Your Facebook fan page states, rather unusually, as one of your interests being “eating while DJing”. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten in a club?

We almost always go with burgers, although I wouldn’t really consider that “weird” as much as I would consider it “appropriate.” We usually stick to playing vinyl so whenever we play the rooftop of L.A.’s Standard Hotel, we have the luxury of putting our burgers and french fries (chips?) on the CDJ racks. Our friend Juan Maclean really one-upped us though when ordered a pizza and had it delivered to the DJ booth while he was DJing. That man is a legend.

And what’s on the menu for your set at Dalston Superstore for Say Yes?

Shepherd’s Pie.  We try not to just stick to one sound. You will probably hear a little bit of boogie, disco, italo, and house. As far as we are concerned, its all dance music. 

How did you come to be on your label Throne Of Blood? Did they call you or did you call them?

We finished a demo of our first single and sent it to anyone we thought might be interested, one of which was James Friedman. The very next morning we had an email back from him saying that he loved it. He asked if we wanted to release it on his label Throne of Blood, and that’s pretty much the way it went down. Its great working with TOB because it definitely feel like a family. We’ve become good friends with James through some of the other TOB artists. We definitely have plans of doing more with them in the future.

Tell us a hiking adventure story!

One time we were hiking in the very edge of the Santa Monica Mountains on a trail that ends up at an old wigwam, we didn’t anticipate the time it would take to reach that wigwam and it got dark, we kept going on the trail even though we had tiny flashlights.  We ended up turning back when our friend Jason spotted yellow cat-like eyes staring at us from a few feet away.  We couldn’t tell what exactly it was, for sure it was not a common house cat.  We turned back and took turns walking backwards to the car. 

What’s your favourite film soundtrack?

That’s a tough question. Vangelis’ soundtrack for Bladerunner is really amazing. Also worth noting is Angelo Badalamenti’s theme from Twin Peaks and Tangerine Dream’s soundtrack for Risky Business. 

Who do you hope to have the opportunity to remix?

It would be awesome to remix someone like Hot Chip. Alexis Taylor’s voice melts me into little pieces. Otherwise it’s always really fun for us to remix our friend’s music and vice versa. We really value having a community of friends making music together.

What’s the strangest sound you’ve yet to record?

The sound of the sun:

How does playing in your hometown in LA compare to playing here in London- accents and mid-set snacks aside?

We’ve never played in London before. Say Yes will be one of our first London gigs, so I’m excited to see how it compares.

What one record sums up the word “cosmic” for you?

Either Casco’s – Cybernetic Love

 Or Rah Band – Messages from the Stars.

And finally, what’s been your proudest moment so far?

It was a proud moment for us to have two remixes released on DFA Records. That label was a paradigm shift for our music tastes in our late teens and early twenties.  We are also especially proud when anything we do ends up on vinyl.

Catch Cosmic Kids DJing at Say Yes this Saturday 13th October with Rory Phillips and Nadia Ksaiba with Drop The Needle hosting upstairs from 9pm – 3am.

Todd Hart

Our good friend Todd Hart will be joining us in the laser basement this Friday night as part of Hyperstore. Known to most as the man behind the popular Dalston Oxfam Blog, Todd is somewhat of a local legend, having DJ’ed at some of our favourite nights over the years. In addition to this he also has a long-standing association with London party Durrr and has thrown parties with artist and DJ Matthew Stone. We caught up with Todd to get the lowdown on his blogging, photography and ever-evolving taste in music…

Why did you decide to start your blog Dalston Oxfam Shop?

I started the blog as a lark because I thought it would be fun to bring back sounds on cassettes that were not otherwise easily available.  I’ve always been into the obscure and weird.

Where you surprised at its success?

I was very surprised because I thought it would be a joke that would only amuse a few friends for a few weeks.

What has been your favourite tape cassette you’ve featured so far?

Probably this underground Belgian tape I found in Hackney. But I’m also a huge fan of course of all the Smylonylon tapes.

We hear you LOVE vintage suits and ties… what’s been your most outrageous purchase?

Outrageous??!  I generally don’t think the suits are that outrageous.  I have some vintage Gaultier and Westwood suits that are very nice.  But I do like to buy a weird dress now and then.  Last halloween when I DJ’ed at Dalston Superstore I wore a long black sleeveless turtle neck knit dress with a slit up the leg.

And can you describe in detail your favourite vintage suit and tie?

Probably a vintage Gaultier boiler suit and a vintage Gaultier striped tie.

You just shot the cover for Erol Alkan’s new Bugged Out album- can you tell us the thought behind the shot?

We shot a bunch of photos at his house with ambient lighting. I like to work with simple lighting and then do a lot of work afterwards in photoshop. We were looking for some effects that are bit like simple Warhol polaroids. I took a lot of great shots of Erol. But credit for the design cover goes to Erol and his friend Phil – I just took the shot. I’m really happy with it.

Why do you like shooting with analogue cameras?

When I started shooting a lot of photos back in the late ’90s there were no digital cameras that could compare with film for someone at my level.  Over time my taste in photos came to look a lot like film and less like digital. Now I find that even reasonbly priced digital cameras can produce quite excellent shots – especially if you have photoshop skills. But I still can’t seem to get the same quality as with my Hasselblad.

How do you feel about Hipstamatic and Instagram? 

Love ’em. But people probably are not thinking about the fact that in the next 10 years the quality of resolution on devices we use will improve dramatically and all of their memories are going to be stored in what will become low res tiny instagram pics. This is what happened to me for some digital photos I have from 2003.  Now they look really small on my high res screens. Shoot at high res and get a bigger memory card. They’re cheap.

What does Todd Hart bring to the Hyperstore crew?

A very diverse taste in music, and unlike lots of DJs that have been around a while, a real love for lots of really new pop that comes and goes quickly.  I really like all of the new rave riff hip hop and dubstep influenced sounds from the US and Canada.  But I know that disco and nu disco and house will always be around.

And finally, as we asked Shaun, what are your 5 quintessential Hyperstore tracks?

I post most of the music I’m into these days on a tumblr – the cousin of the Dalston Oxfam Shop blog. D.O.S. tumblr

Girl Unit – Club Rez

Azalea Banks vs. Paris is Burning

Sinjin Hawke!!! He can almost do no wrong.  Check out his recent Rinse FM mix.

Boylan – High Lite (Sinjin Hawke Remix)

I people are hatin on Iggy Azalea but I still like this.

Fire Pu$$y

This is the track I recommended to the BBC when they asked you I thought was going to break out in 2012.  Brenmar!!

Todd Hart plays at Hyperstore this Friday 7th September from 9pm – 3am alongside Shaun Bass, Sick Bwoy, Alexis Knox and Portia Ferrari.

The Lovely Jonjo

The Lovely Jonjo joins us this Sunday for another spectacular team up with the JERK! girls for a Bank Holiday bonanza in the form of Hot Boy Carnival Jerk Spot! In the midst of rumours flying about that headliners Bicep will be taking “tops off” to its literal conclusion in the lazer basement, we thought it best to catch up with Sueprstore fave Jonjo (who also kindly provided this amazing mix to get us the mood) and find out how he earned his disco stripes, his best carnival memories and what bands are getting him all hot ‘n’ bothered at the moment…

You’re an actual Londoner! At what discos did you hang out at during your misspent youth?

I started going to a night called Smashing, an amazing night at the Eve Club on Regent Street which is no longer there. It was a proper night out where me and my girly mates would get dressed up at home. They would make a dress each week and we’d go every Friday night and feel like we missed out if we missed one. The club was a super mixed bag of people of trannies, indie kids, and pop stars like Bjork and Oasis. Pulp even filmed their Disco 2000 video down there. Matthew Glamorre, the host, got the crowd to give me birthday bumps for my 15th birthday but he kept shouting “He’s 18! He’s 18!” I used to go to Popstarz when it was at the Paradise Club in Angel and used to sneak into club Labyrnth on Dalston Lane, which had really good drum n bass nights. It was quite rough.

Pulp – Disco 2000 on MUZU.TV.>

How did you come to be involved with the George & Dragon?

Richard and Lilli, the owners, used to regularly come into a store I was a buyer for, the Japanese brand Superlovers. They’d heard I started DJing at mates’ parties and we got along really well and they asked me to DJ as one of the first weekly residents. Then I started doing the legendary Sundays, which were mental. Lots of drunken dancing on the bar.

You were resident at the legendary Trash club with Erol and Rory… What are your lasting Monday night memories?

God, so many.  Soulwax doing their remix album live was mindblowing. These New Puritans and PNAU were also amazing. It really was a family-like tight-knit atmosphere and I just have really good memories of people smiling and going crazy on the dancefloor.

What prompted you to start Hot Boy Dancing Spot?

Partly because of really good memories of Popstarz and the gay boys that were into music other than the recent chart crap, and going to mates’ nights in Berlin that had boys who liked boys but were really into music and the lack of that in London.

If Hot Boy Dancing Spot started a boy band who would be in it? (ps you have a time machine)

Jimmy Edgar, Iggy Pop back in the day, Brodinski, Gesaffelstein, Nile Rogers, and Tom Daly now that he’s 18 haha!

Which bands are getting you excited right now?

Loving Disclosure at moment and have had the Tristesse Contemporaine LP on repeat. We have When Saints Go Machine playing at Durrr next month and can’t wait to see them again. What a treat.

What is your best carnival memory?

Ooooooooh so many! My mum used to know a lot of the old Twice As Nice garage crew so I used to go plonk myself by (or on) a speaker at the KCC Sound System. I can remember one really sunny year hearing Gabriel (garage tune not Joe Goddard) for the first time, incredible.

KCC was always amazing, big smiles and never any trouble. Just shuffling along with mates dancing in the streets. London needs more of that actually.

This is not the first time we’ve had a special Hot Boy Jerkin’ Spot, why do you like teaming up with JERK!

I love those gals and the JERK! crowd are always up for it and love a wine and grind and a good sing a long. I love r’n’b and ragga but I never play it out so I’ll definitely be joining the girls upstairs for a little set this Sunday.

You’ve got purveyors of the tops off dancefloor Bicep headlining in the basement. What’s your personal tops off track?

Man2Man – Male stripper OBVS.

At the moment Róisín Murphy’s collaboration with Luca C & Brigante – Flashlight Solomun remix is driving me fucking insane.

 The Lovely Jonjo plays Hot Boy Carnival Jerkin’ Spot this Sunday 26th August from 9pm – 4:30am.

Thank you SMS

Thanks to the amazing Stop Making Sense crew for having us out in Croatia for the second year on the trot!

Huge cosmic hugs to our motley crew of Severino, Hannah Holland, Nadia Ksaiba, Mikki Most, Dan Beaumont & Nadia Ksaiba (Rokk… we missed you!).

Thanks to everyone who cam out and danced with us… Extra fistbumps go out to the ladies of Durrr (The Lovely Jonjo, Rory Phillips, Daniel Avery and Kiwi) for being extra special.



Stop Making Sense Stage Times

It’s almost beginning to seem like summer has returned to the capital this week (in between the odd rain shower) so it’s time for us to resume dreaming of our impending getaway to Stop Making Sense festival in Croatia. With the recently released stage times, that dreaming is quickly turning into planning as we know now when our friends at Durrr and Trouble Vision (not to mention Electric Minds and Warm!) are doing what and with who!

As we mentioned previously our boat and beach parties take place on Monday 6th August with Rokk, Nadia Ksaiba (Rhythm Connection), Hannah Holland and Severino rocking the boat (party) with an afternoon dance session from 2pm – 6pm and Sev and Hannah continuing the fun with Superstore bosses Dan Beaumont and Mikki Most at the brand new beach bar.

Stop Making Sense stage timesJoin us at Stop Making Sense festival in Tisno, Croatio from 2 – 6 August 2012. For tickets and info visit: and check out their late-bird deal, Dance, Sail, Sleep Special, that includes five nights on-site accommodation, festival ticket and a boat party of your choice. 

5 Minutes With Rory Phillips

Durrr’s Rory Phillips has been bringing his signature sound to London’s indie chic and underground cool for the last 10 years with residencies at Erol Alkan’s seminal  Monday night Trash, revered east London night Our Disco and now that semi-regular hub of cool Durrr. In addition to his DJing responsibilities Rory is also a noted producer and remixing, making him the ideal candidate to ship off to Croatia to helm the good ship Durrr at Stop Making Sense festival a super person to have play our SMS warm-up party with Body Talk this Saturday. We pinned him down for a five-minute chat ahead the upcoming festival and impending party…

Can you describe Durrr for the uninitiated?

Transient love and dancing with myself, The Lovely Jonjo, and our friends from around the world.

What do you miss most about Trash?

I miss the time more than anything, that excitement of styles colliding for the first time, things that seem very much standard now.

What’s your favourite end of the night track?

Carol King – I Feel The Earth Move

What’s your favourite drum machine?

The Siel MDP 40, an almost toy-like drum machine, think that crunchy Storm Queen clap sound.

What/who are you excited for at this year’s Stop Making Sense festival?

I’m excited for the family feel of it more than anything, us, Superstore and all of the other London crews. I’m looking forward to seeing Lil Louis for the first time and Jimmy Edgar is always great.

Who are you favourite band right now?

I’m currently in a serious relationship with the Chromatics album Kill For Love.

Tell us about the Singles Club!

Glad you asked! It’s called Mixed Fortunes and the simple version is that I am releasing 6 12″ records throughout 2012 of my own original material and you can subscribe to get them delivered straight to your letterbox, along with digital versions, for less than just the WAVs would cost on Beatport. All the info is at:

What’s your one essential item (bar headphones and music) for your Stop Making Sense suitcase?

It’s a tie between sunblock and white loafers.

Rory Phillips plays Body Talk Presents: Stop Making Sense this Saturday 19th May alongside Hannah Holland (Batty Bass, Paris Acid Ball), Mikki Most (Trailertrash) Nadia Ksaiba (Rhythm Connection and Rokk plus the funky fresh Body Talk residents Charlie Bones & Tristan Reed.

Stop Making Sense Lineup

As we mentioned back at the beginning of the year, we’ll be joining Stop Making Sense Festival out in Croatia this August, alongside some of our favourite people like Durrr, Trouble Vision, Ostgut Ton, Warm, Electric Minds and more. This week sees the first lineup announcement from each crew that’ll be curating part of the festival and all we can say is WOW!!! This year looks set to the best year yet with a high calibre of artists from classic names like Lil’ Louis, Chez Damier and Ron Trent, to underground heroes like Steffi, Deetron and Move D.

We’ll be bringing Superstore bosses Dan Beaumont and Mikki Most, plus Hannah Holland (Batty Bass), Rokk (Body Talk) and Nadia Ksaiba (Rhythm Connection) and keep your eyes peeled because we’ve got even more tricks up our sleeve yet to reveal!

This year will also see on-site accommodation for Stop Making Sense that they tell us is

“Not too close to the stages so you cant hear yourself sleep, yet within crawling distance to all the action!

We’ve got a few £90 Early Bird tickets left so grab one while you can. And it’s worth bearing in mind that the closer we get to August, the more expensive the flights get…

To get a taste of Stop Making Sense, bop along to their launch party with Chez Damier on Saturday 17th March.

Stop Making Sense Festival 2012 will be held at The Garden, Tisno, Croatia from 2-6 August. For more info visit:

Stop Making Sense

If, like us, you spend your Monday morning dreaming of summer, then you’ll be pleased to know we’ve already begun making our plans, as we’ve been invited back to man one of the ‘crews’ at Croatia’s Stop Making Sense festival. Set over five days with boat parties, beach parties and sunshine; it’s definitely a summer highlight for us. We asked Superstore boss Dan Beaumont what his favourite bits from last year were…

SMS @ The Garden, Croatia 12-08-11

We are hugely fortunate to haver been asked back the amazingly cosmic Stop Making Sense festival on the Adriatic coast… Highlights last year for us included the bonkers Superstore boat party with Hannah Holland and Jonjo, our cosmic sunset beach bar residency (ending in 5-way DJ back-to-back set), James and Giles from secretsundaze rocking the club with deeper then deep house and disco, the “tops-off” finale on the last night with Optimo, Nadia Ksaiba and me on the decks, Body & Soul’s Joe Claussell dishing out some serious punishment to the mixer and all the amazing new friends we made at the festival…. We can’t wait to get back out there.

SMS @ The Garden, Croatia 12-08-11

This year’s crews will feature some of our favourite people including secretsundaze, Electric Minds, Warm, Trouble Vision, Durrr and for the first time for 2012, the label off-shoot of famous Berlin nightclub Berghain, Ostgut Ton. We can’t wait to see who they’ll all be bringing along and what madness will prevail.

SMS @ The Garden, Croatia 12-08-11

Tickets are already on sale here so get organised early this year!

SMS @ The Garden, Croatia 12-08-11

Stop Making Sense takes place at The Garden Tisno in Croatia 
Thursday August 2 at 8:00pm until Monday August 6 2012 at 12:00pm
See Stop Making Sense’s official website for full details 

All images used courtesy of Antony Price –