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Arthole Presents: Girls Girls Girls

Girls, Girls, Girls
A solo exhibition by
Aphrodite Papadatou

Exhibition Launch Thursday 30 July  6-9pm
Dalston Superstore
117 Kingsland High Street, E8 2PB 

‘If she runs now she’ll follow later,
If she refuses gifts she’ll give them
If she loves not, now, she’ll soon
Love against her will’
– excerpts from ‘Glittering-Minded Deathless Aphrodite’ by the ancient Greek poet Sappho of Lesbos

GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS is a war cry – a shout of liberation from chains of all kinds: physical, psychological, social; chains of the body and the mind.

Depicting the journey of a woman, Aphrodite Papadatou is an artist in the making and her work is her rite of passage, her coming of age. This show is an early retrospective of Papadatou’s interest in the female form – represented as strong and vulnerable, but always resilient and free.

All these women are me, they are you, and they are both the men and women I have loved.

These images represent the progress of the human soul, and the innate femininity of our emotional make-up, regardless of sex or orientation. Papadatou’s work is a visualisation of our emotional pain, happiness, and the extremes of consciousness manifested through sexual liberation. 

Aphrodite Papadatou is a London-based Greek artist characterised by prolific imagination, tantalising sensuality, and a remarkable ability to bring to life irreverent, maudit characters. Papadatou’s expressionistic oeuvre depicts figures whose tormented, consumed physicality and twisted, convulsive limbs are reminiscent of Egon Schiele. Eyes burning with emotions encompassing resentment and lust are imprints on canvas of the artists’ friends and lovers, documenting fetishes, subcultural community and sexual and social identities.

Art work from the show will be available to buy via WWW.ARTHOLEARTSHOP.COM from 30 July

Morris Monroe

For the next Arthole exhibition we welcome the brains behind Arthole, Morris Monroe, who brings his own solo show to the walls of Dalston Superstore. Ahead of tonight’s Private View we caught up with Morris to find out more about his inspirations, technique and training…

Who are you and what medium do you work in?

I am Morris Monroe.

I am captured in my art.

My thoughts, my ideas, my questions and understandings. These are my hopes, my fears, my memories and meditations.

I am finding my way through life, creating a documentary of images, diary entries, visual statements, status updates, replacing text with colour, geometry and images of self. Within the limitations of this new language.

I have found a way to communicate.

I am the frequency of colour, the line, the form, the space.

I am the movement and action.

I am the image.

Who was the first artist who mesmerised young you, and what work specifically caught your eye?

Egon Schiele’s approach to the figure and expressive. J.M.W. Turner for his depiction of energy and description of movement.

What training have you received in your chosen medium, if any?

I draw my inspirations from my understanding of fine art Masters, their essays and words, resulting in contemplative and emotional expressions. I assimilate art as the fullest part of my life and with no art school training, I aim to explore my own development with the enthusiasm, drive and confidence of the great artist I am inspired by. Being prolific with my output of work which is as deeply considered as the essays and books I currently study.

What’s your fave piece of your work on exhibition with ArtHole?

Duality in Space.

This piece of work asserts a contemplative approach from the viewer. It is also a piece which shows the development of my exploration of techniques and processes within the thematic continuation. It acknowledges a very masculine energy and I have tried to achieve the perfect balance between the two masculine forms. It is both the analytical and the expressive, the intuitive and the logical, the physical and non-physical. In the exhibition each individual statement within the show captures a moment, a perception. I hope that the thoughts and emotions of the viewer travel with the work through the dimensions of conceptual landscapes.

In an ideal world, what would you change about the current art world?

I would like to see it be less of an institution.

What do you aspire to?

Evolution. My fullest potential.

Tell us a secret about yourself.

I only started painting last year.

What music do you make your art to?


Describe your working process for us…

I use drawing as a cathartic medium to express experiences which are personal as well as universal. Through my work I am exploring the discernment of life, through which I hope everyone can identify; light and darkness, positive and negative perceptions, the journey of the self, philosophies on spirituality, contemplations on reality. My approach to the two dimensions of canvas is to construct the space in a way to affect the feelings of the viewer, and connect with the higher states of sensibility. My work encourages contemplation and meditation to reveal statement and concepts which are encoded within the work. I aim to address the physical and the astral, the emotional and the vibrational, the masculine and feminine universal energies, the intuitive and a logical, expressive and analytical. I have an idea to find true harmony and balance between the workings of both.

Through psychological regression techniques I connect with my emotional memory; this guides my figurative work. For the abstract work I use a technique I have called “composition in the fifth dimension”, the fifth dimension in this instance refers to the vibration of emotion. I use gesture, geometry, colour, position, movement, energy, expression, form.  This is my outsider approach to the formal elements. The work speaks  in a language that cannot be taught but rather is felt via understanding one’s own inner truth. It is a language that is understood intuitively.

What was the last thing that moved you to tears?


Join Morris tonight for the private view of new Arthole exhibition Essence Of Self at Dalston Superstore from 6pm – 10pm.