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Disco Brunch

This month sees the beginning of an exciting new venture for Dalston Superstore: We know you have loved Naked Boys Reading, and other one-off brunch parties, so we’re stepping up our game to bring you a disco brunch every Sunday! Ahead of the lauch of the first party series, we bring you some of our DJs’ favourites as a sneaky taster of what’s in store!

sunday wax at dalston superstoreSunday Wax – Sunday 28 February

Will Cozforg and friends bring you a selection of their favourite records while our famously medicinal Bloody Marys and signature Superstore big breakfasts solve all of your problems!

Favourite track to wake up to on a Sunday morning?

Will: Wally Bardou – Echoes. It’s the perfect album to slowly wake up to in the sunshine on a Sunday morning

Oddball disco favourite?

Will: Was Dog A Donut – Cat Stevens. Cat Stevens experiments with this kooky electronic disco – never to repeat the style again. It’s so different to anything else he ever did – love it!


power brunch at dalston superstorePower Brunch – Sunday 6 March
Following the pop-up Erection Section brunch on Valentine’s Day, power balladeer pro Neil Prince and East London drag superstar Miss Craig take matters into their own hands with Power Brunch – the power ballad request-fest!

Favourite power ballad to sing/screech in the shower?

Neil: Whitney Houston – I Have Nothing. That intro is just clutch your chest and take a deep breath – a moment for Whitney. And that chorus. And that key change. Grade ‘A’ belter material.

Your go-to break up song?

Miss Craig: Mariah Carey – Without You. That girl has some serious emotion in those words… Gets me every time! She also looks fab in the video.


naked boys reading at dalston superstoreNaked Boys Reading – Sunday 13 March

Back by popular demand, the Naked Boys Reading Brunch Takeover sees four (mostly) naked boys taking over the bar at Superstore for a homage to the humble breakfast staple: BAPS! Hosted by Dr Sharon Husbands and disc jockess The Duchess of Pork!

Favourite literary reference in pop? 
Duchess: Has to be Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights. It’s an obvious choice but you can’t go wrong with it.

Favourite song to get naked to?
There’s a lot of songs I can see myself get naked too so I’ll have to choose two: Roisin Murphy’s Overpowered – it’s the first song of one of my go to records when I have a gentleman caller over. One of them once remarked that I must really like Roisin Murphy because the album was on repeat for hours.

The other song is Dannii Minogue – Disrememberance. Mostly because, once on a first date with an ex, the song came on and he asked if I’d dance naked to it (in his living room) and I immediately complied.


sylvia's soul food at dalston superstoreSylvia’s Soul Food – Sunday 20 March
Sylvia’s Soul Food is here to bring you the holy trinity: breakfast cocktails, soul food specials and sweet, sweet, music to lull you out of that hangover stupor! DJs Dance Armstrong & Chaka Khan’t bring you soul, gospel and motown while you fabulous host Miss Craig takes you to church!

Favourite soul crooner?
Dance Armstrong: Otis Redding. Because no one does a broken hearted yearn belter like Otis. Subtle, sweet and always soothing soul.

Most redeeming take-me-to-church belter?
Dance Armstrong: Pastor T. L. Barrett and the Youth for Christ Choir – Like a Ship. The Pastor and his Youth for Christ Choir take you to church – for real! I close my eyes and imaging sitting at the back of Sunday service, fan in hand, praising the sweet lord. This song lifts you up. Whether you’re for Christ or not.

Catch the launch of the Dalston Superstore Disco Brunch Series on Sunday 28 February from 1-5pm with Sunday Wax!

Erection Classics

The Erection Section has been celebrating the best of power ballads and love songs (with an especially fond remembrance of the 1980’s) for well over a decade. Founded by Bugged Out’s Johnno Burgess with a later lineup addition of Dan Beaumont; the Section makes its way to Dalston Superstore for an evening of key-changes, “Eastenders” drums and children’s choir reprises. Johnno has kindly supplied us with his ‘Section Top 5 to give you a taster of what is to come. Sentimental powers might help you now…  
Heart – Alone

Various Heart songs from their ’80s Hair Metal Imperial phase do the trick. These Dreams and What About Love have that similar quiet-quiet-LOUD-quiet-quiet-LOUD format that Nirvana CLEARLY stole from them. Horse Meat Disco’s Severino once very bravely dropped this outside the confines of the Section, at Glastonbury, in the middle of a disco set. 

Whitney Houston – I Have Nothing

One of Beaumont’s bangers (and from the period when Whitney was still alive). An instant head and heart turner for every lady in the house. Great key change. Visions of Kevin Costner being a “safe pair of hands”. 

Abba – The Winner Takes It All

Throats lumpen as soon as the pianos cascade downwards and the saddest of breakup records begins to unfurl. Mad to think The Blokes got The Ladies to sing such a record when their own relationships were in tatters and that’s the reason why Abba are up there with The Beatles. Everyone in the Section has to sing, “Big ones, small ones” on cue. 

Toto – Africa

Powerful chords. And also powerful when you hear the throng sing. As sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti. 

Foreigner – I Want To Know What Love Is

Apparently one of Foreigner, probably Johnny Foreigner, wrote this to woo some broad who in turn gave birth to Mark Ronson. But don’t hold that against this incredible song. A brooding start and an epic, gospel filled climax. Just like when the Sectioneers make love. 

Join Johnno Burgess, Dan Beaumont and Neil Price for Erection Section on Valentine’s Day, Thursday 14th February at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 2:30 am