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Bryony Masters

It’s almost time to get Trampy again with those glam trans and hot boys at Kris Di Angelis’ bi-monthly night Tramp. For this party he’s invited sexy DJ Bryony Masters to join him in the basement for more garage than you can handle, whilst upstairs in the Transformations Bar, Jonathan Bestley and Stacey Dee Collins will make sure you have your dancing shoes on. Dave Tester and Johnny Woo are on hosting duties ensuring you have maximum fun.

We caught up with Miss Masters ahead of tomorrow night’s high-heeled hi-jinks to speak about her garage heroes, London Vs Brighton and more!

How did you start DJing?

I’ve always loved music, but was awful at it when I was in school, so I never really considered it as an option for a career… I moved to Brighton and went to a Pride one year and was totally inspired by a DJ in the Wild Fruit Tent – she was called Dulcie Danger. It became one of my dreams to play there one day, and it pushed me to learn to DJ. My girlfriend at the time managed a club so I just started practising on the decks there during the day, and it just went from there. As luck would have it, the dream is coming true as me and my girlfriend Verity are playing alongside Dulcie in that very tent at this year’s Brighton Pride. Major!

You recently moved to London from Brighton- what were your favourite nights and clubs to play at there?

I will always love the gay scene down there – cheesy as hell but you can’t get enough of it. My favourite club without a doubt is Coalition; the programming and management there is fantastic and their summer line ups are major. You get to party in there till the wee hours, and walk out onto the beach when the sun comes up.

Who are your garage heroes?

I was brought up on UKG in the late ’90s so my garage heritage lies with acts such as Wookie, MJ Cole, Artful Dodger…  However there are a lot of really decent house DJs who are merging the genres and doing it very well. The likes of Shadow Child and Prince Club are getting rinsed by us at the moment.

Tell us about your side project Maze & Masters with your girlfriend Verity Mayes…

Well we met through DJing. I count myself pretty lucky that I have found someone who loves what I do, as much as I do – if that makes sense. We share very similar tastes in music but maintain quite separate styles, so it made perfect sense to team up and start playing and producing together.  We totally challenge eachother when we play, it’s really refreshing.

You both recently supported the legendary MK! How did that go?

He is a massive inspiration to us as a producer, so it was such an honour, but it was totally nerve-racking! The hardest part of supporting a DJ you love is not dropping one of their productions. But we managed it! The crowd were amazing as was he. It was a great night.

You’re often found playing in Vauxhall… what does the scene there have over Dalston and vice versa?

The scenes are so divided but I feel that more and more that people are moving to the middle of the fence. For a long time Vauxhall was seen as circuit queen central, however with new promoters and new musical programming, that is starting to shift. They offer great after-parties that you can drop in on at anytime over the weekend. East London can be pretty intimidating for people who don’t necessary fall in line with the style… but they are completely on point with their music and offer something different week in, week out.  The fact of the matter is that both employ fantastic DJs and you have equally as good nights at either – or both!

You just remixed Foxes! How did that come about and can we hear it?

It’s all a little hush hush at the moment, we are pretty tied in by the label at current but it will be out later this year when the EP is released. It came about as a result of our fantastic manager Mark – the track is really beautiful so we were really excited to work on it.

What is your favourite track to end a night on?

I have this thing where I always try and make people go “what the ….” to my end track. Something everyone knows or they haven’t heard in forever so that everyone goes home smiling. My current favourite is Jetlags mix of Whitney’s Every Woman – it creates such a great vibe in any room – people go nuts for it.

Join Bryony tomorrow, Saturday 11th May at Dalston Superstore for Tramp from 9pm – 3am.

Stav B

Dalston Superstore is proud to launch a special new party called the T-Club, we asked promoter Stav B to give us the lowdown… 

You’ve been a fixture of London clubland for a while… Tell us about yourself!

A fixture? Haha! That is cute! I suppose I have become after all these years of diverse outings!
I have lived in london for 22 long, challenging and rewarding years and I still love london and constantly discover marvels and delights everywhere I go!
I am a visual artist, using photography and performance to manifest my work. It’s all about love and identity and they are dramatic, humorous visual spectacles. I have been an active, practising artist since 1993. I own and run a pop up cocktail bar, called Stav B’s Liquor Bar, where thematic one night only events and site specific approaching keep it fresh and alive, via the consumption of tailor made cocktails which I devise and mix. I also organise an avant garde night for women, called Queen Bees, which started romantically and nicely in a tiny bar in Brixton in 2006. All are welcome, but women take over the stage, the decks and the walls. Again, the theme is paramount for its character and Grace Jones its mascot. The T Club is my new venture, launching proudly this March at Dalston Superstore and I’m very excited about it. In between all this activity of conceiving, planning, curating, arranging, delegating and ultimately performing, I hold a full time job, endlessly socialising and cultivating my being…
What are your favourite places to go out?
For lunch, cake and camomile tea and TLC, I’ll go to Fabrica; for a meeting, lunch, dinner, an artist’s private view and club, you’ll find me at Dalston Superstore, which is perfect, friendly and open minded; Vogue Fabrics, for some downright sweating experience and supporting friend’s nights, Alibi, East Bloc and the old stint at The Joiners the last minute for a nightcap and a boogie on trash classics! Also, totally open to a good house/ warehouse/ club party with good music and good folk!
What prompted you to start the T club?
A trans friend of mine was refused entry to a lesbian club. He was distraught. I was furious. I did not understand why a disco would refuse entry to a punter, who just wanted to mingle, dance and generally socialise, for the fact that he was transgender! A Facebook debate begun, among butch, lesbians, trans, queer folk… I jokingly said: what if I open a club for trans, women as guests? And it had a positive and understanding response and as my mind is ticking constantly for new things, a flame triggered and I decided to follow it through…
It is very important to understand though, especially for the people who read this and don’t know me, that the T club is an avant garde night for trans people and all in between and everyone is welcome. What is not welcome is discrimination, fear and intolerance… The T Club is celebrating gender diversity and is giving out trans sisters and brothers a safe disco to have fun in! It’s rather simple…
How can the queer community help fight transphobia?
Education, visibility, communication, honesty, acceptance, understanding and tolerance and lots and lots and lots of love! We are all in this pot of life together and we must stick together, celebrating difference, which makes us all very special and unique! 
What music can we expect to hear at the T club?
The music policy in my clubs is always of the highest quality and the array of genres… diverse: expect a good combo of hip hop/ garage/ riott girl punk/indie/ ragga/ drum n’ bass/ ’60s girls garage/ new indie northern soul/ post punk between kanchi and the librarian and I suspect DJ Felix would probably throw some lively pop in too!
Stav B’s T Club takes place at Dalston Superstore on Thursday 22nd March from 9pm to 3am.