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10 Hi-NRG Pumpers

By Dan Beaumont

Genre snobs beware. I’m a little unsure of the exact distinction between hi-NRG, space disco and straight up Italo pumpers, but if they were in a Venn diagram I want to be right in the middle.  Here are some of my favourites…

Lime – Babe We’re Going To Love Tonight
So much Lime to choose from! But this is the fruitiest I think. Starts with catchy synth-brass riff and just gets better and better.

Eastbound Expressway – Primitive Desire
So this came from the stable of Doctor Who superfan, walking Northern Soul encyclopedia and discoverer of Take That. It’s all about the jungle mix.

Peter Richard – Walking On The Neon
Serious arpeggios on this one. And it’s got the most dreamy name for a record ever.

Arpeggio – Love & Desire
So many good noises in this it’s hard to know where to begin. And those drums have been sampled more times than you can say ‘Hi-NRG PUMPER’.

Irene Cara – Breakdance
A Giorgio Moroder production. She raps, she sings!  So much pump in this one. 

Mike Mareen – Dancing In The Dark (Galactica Remix)
Again… so many noises! This is so spacey it’s even called the “Galactica” remix. Just when you can’t take any more, the vocoder hits.  

Viola Wills – Stormy Weather (Disconet Remix)
One from the Disconet stable. There is so much drama in this record that the thunder claps sound subtle.

VISA – I’m A Dancer
You want a load spacey trumpets? Here you go. And so many whooshes. Beware if you suffer from motions sickness.

The Immortals – I’m The Ultimate Warlord
This one might give you nightmares.

Fun Fun – Colour My Love
You might need some light relief after that one. Just watch this. You can thank me later. (The only girl group with utility belts. I think they might fight crime in their spare time.)

Join Dan Beaumont tonight in the laser basement for Castro Boy at Dalston Superstore from 9pm -3am.

Homoelectric Happy Finish

Finishing up our bank holiday/birthday mega weekend this Sunday is Mancunian disco institution Homoelectric. They’ve got special guest Justin Robertson playing alongside residents Luke Unabomber, Jamie Bull and Lucy Locket and will be digging through their record bags for their unique blend of disco, house, techno, garage, rock ‘n’ roll trash and outsider pop.
Jamie Bull sent us this HOT MIX ahead of Sunday’s debauchery so we decided to ask him a few questions about it!
You’ve started your mix with Giorgio Moroder. What does Moroder mean to you?
Real simple: Giorgio Moroder’s I Feel Love is ground zero for dance music as we know it.
You’ve plumped for a Fern Kinney track too! Who is your ultimate Diva Of Disco?
I would have said Diana Ross, however I’ve been reading a few books and autobiographies on Motown recently and she sounds like a right cow, so I think I have to hand the crown over to Donna Summer.

Out of all the tracks on the mix which would you say is a record bag staple?
Todd Terje. His stuff always saves the day.
Why do you favour eclecticism? You’ve got everything from Todd Terje to Le Tigre (and even taking in Frank Ocean on the way) on here!
Because I have the attention span of a radio edit! Plus I don’t like to get bogged down with genres, there’s too many. My main criteria with track selection is “does it make me want to dance?” I enjoy taking different sounds and stringing them together in a way which is cohesive and keeps people dancing. Sometimes the blends are as engaging as the tracks themselves. If I played two hours of 128bpm house I think it would get a little one dimensional.
And finally, what is your favourite track by your special bank holiday guest Justin Robertson?
I’ll go for a classic and say his remix of Bjork Big Time Sensuality. 

Join Jamie at Homoelectric this Bank Holiday Sunday 5th May at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 4:30am.

Five Minutes With Dave Kendrick

Dave Kendrick returns to Superstore this Saturday with a Macho City dream team in tow, consisting of himself, Severino and Charlie Porter. The three of them takeover the top bar for our second Classic Records party, whilst the laser basement plays host to Classic boss Luke Solomon, Chris Duckenfield and Dan Beaumont!

We spoke to Dave ahead of tomorrow’s party to find out all the latest updates in Macho…

What is currently on repeat on your stereo?

I’ve dug out Daft Punk’s – Homework again for obvs reasons. It’s still as berserk as ever.

I’m also listening to a radio recording of the Paradise Garage 2nd Birthday Party with Larry Levan in the mix.

Tell us the Man Of Macho for 2013!

Ron Swanson from Parks & Recreation! He’s the ultimate Man of Macho. He loves Meat! And Hunting! He’s Hot!

Ron Swanson Man Of Macho 2013 

What are your favourite defunct nights of London- what would you resurrect given the chance?

Garage at Heaven, Queer Nation at the Gardening Club and The Cock!

Best DJ set you’ve seen or heard recently?

Tama Sumo at Dance Tunnel was by far was the most inspiring set I’ve heard in ages. She was like an artist, playing B side vinyl jams, weird drum tracks, Chicago and Detroit oddities. The place went crazy.

Who is your ultimate Macho City icon?

Giorgio Moroder by a mile.

Giorgio Moroder Macho City Icon

Why should everyone support same sex marriage?

Because they’re fabulous. Gay weddings should be enforced by law, for everyone.

With Dalston having been bathed in sunshine this week- what is your go-to summer music to play out?

House Music!

Join Dave for the Macho City top bar takeover at Classic X Superstore #2 this Saturday 27th April from 9pm – 4am

The Men Who Fell 2 Earth

This Saturday sees a very special Bowie themed night the shape of Serious Moonlight! The Men Who Fell 2 Earth are showing their appreciation for the Thin White Duke’s return to form by lavishing a whole night on us dedicated to him. In the basement Horse Meat Disco’s Jim Stanton, Hello Mozart (Hot Boy Dancing Spot) and The Men Who Fell 2 Earth will channeling Bowie’s Berlin period with choice selections of house and disco. Meanwhile the Pin Ups in the bar – the legendary Princess Julia and GQ Style’s Ben Reardon and Jeremy Abbott will be dishing up Saturday Night Delights along with Bowie Classics.
Ahead of Serious Moonlight we asked The Men Who Fell 2 Earth to pick their top 10 Bowie tracks to dance to whether originals, remixes, duets or cover versions… 
Queen & David Bowie Bowie – Under Pressure
This was actually on Queen’s fairly dodgy 1982 Hot Space album, initially called Feel Like and written by Roger Taylor but during a ‘session’ with the band, Bowie fixed their action up and transformed it into the No. 1 Vanilla Ice inspiring smash we all know and love today. Great ’80s David Mallet video to accompany too. 

Lulu – The Man Who Sold The World
This glam-tastic cover version was produced by Bowie & Mick Ronson around the recording of Pin Up’s. As well as being a hit for the Scottish songstress in the early ’70s, it went onto be covered again by Nirvana for their MTV Unplugged album. 

David Bowie – Sound & Vision (808 State ‘lectric blue mix)
Most Bowie remixes are super naff but this one’s anything but. 808 State bring a little bit of synth n drum action but leave the classic elements in place – a joy to behold. We liked it so much it kicks off our new, soon to drop mixtape. 

David Bowie – Shake It (12” Mix)
Kinda like Nile Rogers made a crazy ass dub mix of Let’s Dance. Almost like Bowie sampling Bowie with Bowie adding a new vocal over the top. This is a sure fire, gold plated TheMenWhoFell… classic!!!

David Bowie – Jean Genie 
Talk about a guitar riff? Written and recorded in NYC around the time he was hanging with Warhol and never fails to get feet moving.

David Bowie & Giorgio Moroder – Cat People (Putting Out Fires)
Recorded as the theme tune to ’80s ‘erotic horror’ film Cat People, with Moroder producing and writing the music and Bowie doing the lyrics. What a double act. More recently used by Tarantino in his 2009 Nazi-killing  epic Inglorious Basterds. Takes a while to kick in but it’s bloody rocking when it does.

David Bowie – Fame 
Doesn’t David appear to be over joyed to be performing on Soul Train? Look, he even put together some ‘special’ dance moves and stayed up for an entire week practicing them! At least, that’s one way of looking at it…

David Bowie – Golden Years (Tim Fuchs Edit) 
Despite a slightly dubious name, that man Fuchs does a tasty line in edits. We drop his re-works of Foals – Miami and LCD’s Sound Of Silver on a regular, and this new one that turned up on Flight Facilities ‘mazin new Tripple J mixes is gonna be no different.

David Bowie & Cher – Young Americans 
Talk about groovy. This classic never fails to get dance-floors moving. Feast your eyes on this very random duet which turns into a slightly bonkers medley from The Cher Show in 1972. 

David Bowie – Let’s Dance (SIM0NE Remix) 
I know we said Bowie remixes weren’t much cop, but we think we’ve found three that are! It’s as equally brooding as it is uplifting, a peak time nu-disco beast of a record that manages to make one of the best known Bowie lyrics sound ever so slightly sinister. Wearing of red shoes while listening highly recommended.

Join the Men Who Fell 2 Earth this Saturday 23rd March for Serious Moonlight at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 3am.

Voodoo Ray’s

You may have heard some local rumours of late-night cheesy happenings on Kingsland High Street. We are very proud to reveal that we have finally opened Superstore’s brand new sister venue Voodoo Ray’s – a late night pizza spot just down the road from us next to The Rio.

Our chefs bake giant 22” pizzas in an American baker’s oven using the best ingredients we can find including Caputto flour for the dough, Italian plum tomatoes for our Napoli sauce and Fior di Latte mozzarella. Choose a slice (or two) from our selection and we reheat it for you – it’s piping hot in about a minute.

We make refreshing frozen margaritas to accompany your pizza – a house margarita made from top-quality Sauza Hornitos reposado tequila, Cointreau, agave syrup, and citrus juices plus a rotating selection of seasonal specials. They are churned in Ugolini Italian granita machines.

You can also pick up a beer to wash down your slice – at the moment we stock Hobo Czech lager, Punk IPA from Scotland, Brooklyn, Brooklyn East India and Asahi, all in recyclable cans (definitely watch this space for more to come including Maui and Pabst). We have also paired our favourite premium liquor with mixers like Stoli vanilla with Cherry Coke, Jagermesister with Dr Pepper, and Stoli red with San Pelligrino blood orange.

You can take a slice to go or eat inside – some people just like to stop by for a drink.

Voodoo Ray’s opens from 6pm in the week (4pm at the weekend) until the small hours. We stay open until 1am from Sunday through to Thursday and 3am on Friday and Saturday.

Oh, and there’s something downstairs called Dance Tunnel…

The Pizzas…

Regular Slice  3.50
Fior di latte mozzarella, Napoli tomato sauce, herbs

Buffalo Margherita (v)  3.80
Buffalo mozzarella, fresh tomato, basil

Garden Centre (v)  3.80
Mushroom, aubergine, red & green peppers, red onions, mozzarella, tomato sauce

H & M  3.80
Ham, mushroom, mozzarella, tomato sauce
* This might need a better name… all suggestions gratefully recieved  

Green + White (v)  3.80
Ricotta, spinach, pine nuts, grana padano, mozzarella

Giorgio Moroder (v)  3.80
Goats cheese, sun blush tomatoes, zucchini, tomato sauce, mozzarella

Honolulu  3.80
Ham, pineapple, tomato sauce, mozzarella

Cabbage Patch Kid  4.20
Savoy cabbage, bacon, tomato sauce, mozzarella

Cheese Dreams (v)  4.20
Fontina, dolcelatte, grana padano, mozzarella, tomato sauce
*Has been known to actually cause cheese dreams

Hot Mix 5  4.20
Pepperoni, jalapeño, red chillies, red pepper, mozzarella, tomato sauce

Got Beef  4.20
Minced steak, béchamel, aubergine, mozzarella, tomato sauce,

The Meat Is On  4.20
Minced steak, pepperoni, ham, pancetta, mozzarella, tomato sauce

Porky’s  4.20
Cumberland sausage, stilton, red onion, flat leaf parsley, tomato sauce, mozzarella

The Full Moon Slice  4.20
Fresh tomato, mozzarella, bacon dust, mayonnaise
*Only available after midnight!

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