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Superstore & Voodoo Ray’s at Glastonbury

We are honoured to back at Glastonbury this year! The Superstore crew take over the Downlow Radio room on Saturday night – expect festival pumpers from Hannah Holland, Josh Caffe, The Lovely Jonjo and Mikki Most.
Also in the Downlow over the weekend you can catch Berghain residents Tama Sumo, ND_baumecker, a Frankie Knuckles tribute from David Morales, Luke Solomon, Danny Krivit, Seth Troxler, Jovonn, James Hillard, Luke Howard, Grizzle and loads more.
Luke Howard at Glastonbury
In case you were wondering the NYC Downlow is the wold’s only travelling gay disco and we think it’s probably the best place in the entire world.
If that wasn’t enough, our pizza sisters at Voodoo Ray’s are bringing down their brand new trailer and setting up shop in the Block9 field (right next to The Downlow). ALL your pizza needs will be fulfilled, in fact over the weekend the chefs will be making pizzas until 7am to refuel you and keep your hangover at bay. 
VDR at Field Day
Dalston Superstore at the NYC Downlow
Hannah Holland, The Lovely Jonjo, Josh Caffe, Mikki Most
Saturday night in the Downlow Radio room, Block9
Josh Caffe and The Lovely Jonjo at Glasto
Voodoo Ray’s at Block 9
–       Wednesday 19:00-03:30
–       Thursday 15:00-04:00
–       Friday 15:00-07:00
–       Saturday 15:00-07:00
–       Sunday 15:00-07:00
–       Monday 10:00-16:00
VDR trailer at night
Join us this weekend in the Block9 Field at Glastonbury Festival, Pilton, Somerset.

Blu Peter

After their last smash party with Miss Lina Bradford, Pecker is back! And they’ve coaxed ’90s legend Blu Peter(!!!) out east for an old-school laser basemet DJ set! He’ll be joined by Dirtbox duo the Duchess Of Pork and Gibson whilst upstairs John Sizzle and A Man To Pet aka Grizzle bring their unique blend of cabaret, insults and banging music to the top deck disco. Ahead of the party the residents posed a few questions to their special guest and of course all the sensible questions come from Gibson whereas the more… questionable… questions stem from Grizzle…

Gibson: You had some pretty legendary residencies in club history at both Heaven and Turnmills. What are your memories of those days?    

Blu Peter: I think my memories are pretty cool. Imagine going to DJ at your favourite club. Unbelievable. And then to make a contribution to people’s memories is such an honour. When I first started at FF (the really cool Sunday nighter) the DJ booth was not enclosed and completely open and sitting overlooking the legendary dance floor. John Newman the owner used to come and do the lights for my set. He really loved the music and the light show was spectacular. 

Playing Heaven’s main floor was like flying a massive jet. Another place with amazing light shows. It was so good talking to so many different people about the thing you had in common… the music. It’s this that drives you. I took my job seriously and my idea was and still is, to engage the whole and not the few, to take people on the journey and get to a safe and soft landing. 

Sizzle: I lost a stillie at Trade in ’93… can I have it back now please?

No. Thought I’d got away with that. Funny how the past catches up!!

Gibson: One of the first times I remember seeing you DJ was right in front of 50,000 people at a rave, what does that energy feel like?

It feels otherworldly. But you know what, smaller and more intimate places suits me best. I like to see people’s faces and expressions. Get a connection with individuals and make it personal. 

A Man To Pet: What is your favourite bird is it a BluTit or a Pea Cock? 

A BluTit definitely!

Gibson: You were one of the first DJs to start using the Pioneer CDJ’s to mix with instead of Technics turntables. Would you say technology has revolutionised the way we mix now and did it start with that first CDJ?

CDs did open the door to change but at the end of the day, a CD is just a small record! What has made a real difference is the software solutions, which allow a DJ to be more creative in so many ways. It really is great. However, I will be mixing vinyl and CDs myself. Not sure if I’ll bring the laptop this time. Vinyl sounds great. You still can’t beat the sound of a needle on a record. 

Gibson: How does all the new computer software/hardware options today compare to the old turntable days?

It’s just different. You can either use a program to do what you would do on decks or… you can get full on creative and make a whole new soundscape in a completely unique way. 

Gibson: Digital or Vinyl?

Vinyl for sound and MP3 for doing something new. CDs for emergency! 

Pet:  There is a rumour that Hannah Holland is the lovechild of you and Mrs Wood. Is this true? 

Come on! Really? Of course she is! Beauty brains and twice in rehab… it’s a no brainer!!  Seriously though, she’s not, sadly. I can see how you thought that… I could adopt her though?

Gibson: You are also famed for pioneering the Nu-NRG sound in the ’90s, how has your music taste evolved and what/who are you interested in today?

It has evolved. Even the music of Melt back in 97/8 was different to FF, which preceded it. The music I played in 2001 was again different. Always changing to where I am now. But at Pecker it will be an old school vibe and I’m loving what I’ve selected so far!

Sizzle: Pet and I have incredibly unique singing voices… fancy producing an album of ballads for us?

(This I’d like to hear) Yeah, sure. 

Gibson: You were signed to the amazing REACT records and remixed countless artists, what project has been your favourite and why? 

The Reactivate series was great and contributing to that was such an honour. Elevator was a project that ended too soon. It should’ve kept going but there were some negative influences at the time. It would’ve been massive otherwise. Pictures In Your Mind was good. I may revisit that this year…

Sizzle: You want to buy some pills? They’re pucker mate…

I’ve heard that one before!!

Join Blu Peter at Pecker next Friday 7th March at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 3am.

DJ Lina

Actual New York legend DJ Lina joins us at Dalston Superstore next week for a 2-day residency spanning the lesbian delights of Clam Jam on Thursday 5th February with resident DJ Cathal, followed by Pecker on Friday 6th in the laser basement alongside the Duchess Of Pork and Gibson (Grizzle host upstairs). 

As the long-time resident DJ at Sip N Twirl in Fire Island Pines, a summer resort for NYC’s LGBT community, Lina Bradford knows a thing or two about making people dance. And so we’re taking advantage of her current winter sojourn here in London and getting her behind the decks two nights in a row! Ahead of her mini-residency we asked her a few questions about her hometown, her performances as Girlina in the ’90s and more!

How does one get to be the undisputed Queen Of Fire Island? 

I find it funny to have any labels attached to me, ‘cuz when jew know me I am So Not That Gurl! I guess it’s because I came during a time when love and positive light was needed. The Island was very dark after the AIDs scare and morning parties, so people pulled away, and then in 2005 there was a new beginning… and me! 

How much would you say Fire Island Pines has changed since you first went in the late 80s/early 90s? For better or worse?

Well it has changed a lot; I did have a huge part to play on that. For one, John Whyte, the OG back in the day, in the ‘70s and ‘80s was racist and didn’t like women or trans or drag queens… And so the birth of the 4th Of July event that is today known as The Invasion! Then when he died Eric [von Kuersteiner] and Tony [Roncalli] bought up everything and that’s when I brought life to it, as there was never a High Tea before, and that was also the birth of Lina’s Lounge.

You’re originally from Manhattan and have lived in NYC most of your life correct? Do you think people have a tendency now to romanticise New York’s gay scene in the ’90s? Or was it really that amazing? Tell us the truth please Miss Lina… 

Yes, born and raised, so I have seen and done it all! The ‘70s and ‘80s amd YES early ‘90s were EVERYNESS!!!! The early ‘90s were the last good times of what I considered to be the end of NYC, till about ‘97ish. Now it’s very Middle America and not edgy at all! No artist can afford to live there and they have to move outside the city, NYC is a Dorian Gray of what it used to be, it’s sad! 

Talk us through an average night at your night Twirlina at Sip N Twirl? What make it special? 

What makes Twirlina so special to so many, including myself, is its COMMUNITY! Love and respect, there is Low Tea, Middle Tea and then there’s Twirlina! It’s Thursday through to Sunday, with a different vibe every night, as I have to make the music and visuals different for myself, or no one is gonna feel it if I am not!

Haha, so Thursday is Rewind Thursday- all ‘80s and my spin on ‘80s… it’s THE SHIT BABY! Friday is Lina’s Lounge- soulful house. Saturday is GBOGH! That’s Go Big Or Go Home! Bigger sound, factory beats. Sunday is TBS- Throw Black Sunday. Klassics All Klassic Disco. It’s the fact everyone comes upstairs as it’s all outside on a huge outdoor deck that’s packed and my DJ booth is in the center, everyone kisses and hugs me and takes photos. It’s just simply otherworldly and ALL LOVE! 

And what brings you to the most expensive city in the world, LONDON? 

What I love about Londouge is the feeling of old skool, jew all keep it so real and recognize good music! And culture! And always push it and keep it current! 

What’s your Number 1 tip for maintaining a flawless public persona? 

By ALWAYS keepin’ it 100% baby! I Love Love Love people and positive energy!

Is the DJ Lina shower curtain the best bit of DJ Lina merchandise or  are there more amazing gems out there?

Lina shower curtain

Haha there are DJ Lina t-shirts we do every year when I shoot the posters In March… the shower curtains came from those. There’s even a line of jeans on the way!

What’s one record people might be surprised to learn you know ALL THE WORDS to? 

Not really any more but most may not know I am a huge klassic rock chick. Led Zepplin is MY EVERYNESS! I have everything and know every song to everything haha! LOVE THEM, PLANT ROCKS!!!!!!! 

Your performances (and especially your dance moves) as Girlina are legendary in New York, what was the most memorable?

WOW, jew all did yo’ HOMEWERK! Girlina, wow haha! I would say The HX Awards… HX was a huge magazine that was around forever, it just folded a few years back but it was ‘92 I think and Girlina did Feel What Yo Want by my friend Kristine W. Junior gave it to Girlina and she put that song on the map and BROUGHT IT 2 LIFE! And herself and she won Best Performer of 92. 

What’s your key look for early 2014 in London? 

My lewk: it’s klassic fresh faced with a 1940’s vibe and a mix of ethnics and preppy!

And finally, share with us your signature dance move…

Well back in the day it was The Drop And Kick and Queen of The Runway! Now it’s a lil shimmy hahahaha!

Join DJ Lina for her Superstore 2-day residency on Thursday 6th February for Clam Jam and on Friday 7th February for Pecker.


Nancy’s, a new Friday night of disco, pop, house and party bumps at Dalston Superstore featuring our new rotating cast of familiar fabulous residents!

Yes, it’s time to bring back the residents, those trusted DJs that can deliver the goods every week and know every inch of the club and the crowd like their own underpants. So we’re shaking things up at Superstore on Friday nights with new top deck disco Nancy’s, and welcoming back our favourite DJs to play week in, week out in the top deck disco. It’s going to be family vibes all the way as trusted DJs like The Lovely Jonjo, Jeffery Hinton, Martyn Fitzgerald, Grizzle (John Sizzle and A Man To Pet), HiFi Sean, Luke Howard, Johnny Kalifornia and Mikki Most play on rotation along with different hosts every week. 

Nancy’s launches on Friday 31st January with an extra special line-up consisting of the legendary HiFi Sean, Johnny Kalifornia and Trailer Trash’s very own Mikki Most!

Start as you mean to go on we say. Coming up this month we have…

Friday 7th Feb: Grizzle crash-land into Nancy’s top deck disco.
Friday 14th Feb: The Lovely Jonjo and Kim Jakobsen To do a double-ender.
Friday 21st Feb: Dream-team Luke Howard and Jeffrey Hinton takeover (with special guest host DARKWAH!)
Friday 28th February: HiFi Sean and Martyn Fitzgerald show those queens how it’s done.

It starts every week at 9pm and is FREE before 11pm /  £5 after

Join the Nancy’s Facebook group here for regular updates and join the Facebook event for the launch party here.

Illustration by Ego Rodriguez:

Duchess Of Pork’s Guide To Men

This Friday night welcomes a new night for manly men and their admirers… Pecker! Grizzle duo John Sizzle and A Man To Pet will be spitting feathers in the aviary bar whilst Dirtbox’s very own Gibson and the Duchess Of Pork are joined by special guest Dave Kendrick in the Bird Bath Basement. So to celebrate all types of manly men, we asked the Duchess Of Pork to give us a guided tour around all the types of (preferably topless) men you could meet in a dark sweaty basement…

The Early Arrivals

Duchess Of Pork - Early Arrival

The first ones in the club, sitting around waiting for other people to turn up for an hour or more. Often the last ones to leave too.

The Mary Go Round

Duchess Of Pork - Mary Go Round

The Mary Go Round samples the delights any dark basement has to offer all night long, snogging everyone that lets him, inspecting the goods and picking the best one(s) to go home with at the end of the night.

The Hot Daddy

Duchess Of Pork - Hot Daddy

The swarthy older gentleman hanging around on his own in a corner, who is being swooned over by half the clientele. Often checking things out from another part of town, but sometimes local.

The Drag about Town

Duchess Of Pork - Drag About Town

The resident drag queen that gets the party going by being generous with their prosecco and dancing on the bar.

The Chatty Cathy

Duchess Of Pork - Chatty Cathy

A gay so talkative he spends all night talking to anyone who cares to listen (or not), completely oblivious to the fact everyone’s looking out for a fumble in the dark corners.

The Nerdy Hipster

The Duchess Of Pork - Nerdy Hipster

Wouldn’t ever dream of taking his top off, until it gets too hot and sweaty and he doesn’t have a choice.

The Grindr Queen

Duchess Of Pork - Grindr Queen

That’s the one who goes out to a steamy dark basement, to then spend the night having his face illuminated by his phone screen. If he has any reception.

Join the Duchess Of Pork in the laser basement at Pecker on Friday 8th November from 9pm – 3am at Dalston Superstore.

Caffe Culture

Ahead of tonight’s Grizzle Cosmic Fembot Extravaganza we pinned down man about town DJ/Producer Josh Caffe. His debut release Caffe Culture Pt 1 is out now on Batty Bass featuring the track Let Love Ruin with David Newtron and remixes from Hannah Holland, The Carry Nation and Leo Zero! He told us all about the track and more!

It’s Grizzle’s Cosmic Fembot Extravaganza tonight… what/who is your sexy robot pick?

 I love the fembots by Hajime Sorayama. Proper sex bots.

Sorayama Sexy Robot

How long has Caffe Culture been in the making for?

For quite some time. I initially came about idea late last year but I wasn’t really sure whether to do it or not as it was my first production and vocals project and I kinda felt a bit out of my depth. I’m quite a perfectionist with my music and wanted this project to be 100% amazing but didn’t feel confident enough…..I overcame that!

Working with Jeroen (aka David Newtron) was such a natural process too, we really bounce off each other with ideas, which made things a whole lot easier in the studio writing or messing around with random objects for instruments. The guy managed to get me to sing! Never would have dared try that on my own.

Which remix of Let Love Ruin can we expect to hear tonight?

I’m hoping to squeeze all of them in. They’re all good!

Who is your biggest inspiration for the record?

Without a doubt Jamie Principle.

What prompted your personal transition from DJ to producer?

It just felt like the right time… and also meeting the right people to collaborate with at the right time. I love DJing to bits, but being able to play out something you’ve produced and worked day and night on is such an amazing feeling. Really makes me want to produce more and more and DJ more and more. Just want to constantly keep sharing good music with people really.

And you sing too! Who are your vocal heroes?

I do! That was a hard experience, which I didn’t like at first since I’m not a natural singer at all. But the more we worked on Let Love Ruin the more we felt it needed more than just a simple hook. I really had figure out how my vocal limit/range could work on things and ALSO I hate the sound of my voice so I criticized everything but Jeroen was like “seriously Josh this is good!”

Vocal heroes would have to be Ralph Tresvant, Robert Owens, Vikter Duplaix, Larry Ernest Blackmon (to name a few).

Describe your ideal music video for Let Love Ruin…

Ummm, I’m having discussions about potentially doing one so I can’t really say the idea otherwise it will ruin the surprise when you see it. It would be my dream idea if it happens though.

Who would you just die to collaborate with?

Todd Terry, Sonny Fodera.

What’s next for Caffe Culture?

Well Caffe Culture comes in two parts so we’re just finishing up the second release As I Look which will be out later in the year. Watch this space!!

Join Josh TONIGHT (Friday 11th October) for Grizzle’s Cosmic Fembot Extravaganza at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 3am.

Grizzle’s Sexiest Robots EVER

GRIZZLES! Top Ten Sexy Robots!

10. The Cylons from Battlestar Galactica

Grizzle- BSG Cylons

Sizzle: The ’80s originals rule the cosmos!

A Man to Pet: This lot make Daft Punk look like tins of beans.

Sizzle: If you’re going to be a hot robot, be a hot robot with lots of gold accessories.

9. The Bionic Woman

Grizzle - Bionic Woman 

Pet: Someone help her!

Sizzle: She is being chased by her nemini….. nemisises…. neminou?

Pet: All robots were sexy in 1970s. Did you know the beginning of robots were in my country… ancient Greece?

Sizzle: Yes… Didn’t your grandmother invent the battery?

8. Doctor Who’s K9

Grizzle - Dr Who K9 

Pet: A poodle on wheels.

Sizzle: A doggie made of diodes that was really annoying and kept overheating.

Pet: A hot doggie robot.

7. Pris from Bladerunner

 Grizzle - Bladerunner Pris

Sizzle: Amazing movie with loads of amazing replicants.

Pet: Look at her… goth!

Sizzle: She killed people with her thighs.

Pet: Killer thighs… Like you!

6. RoboCop

Grizzle - Robocop 

Pet: Part man.

Sizzle: Part machine.

Pet: All cop.

Sizzle: Total bitch!

5. David from Prometheus

 Grizzle - Prometheus

Sizzle: Daaaaviiiiidddddd…..sigh.

Pet: I don’t understand. He is not my type. You can have his metal penis.

Sizzle: And fingers…

4. Maria from Metropolis

Grizzle - Metropolis 

Sizzle: I love it when a fembot gets plugged in. Here’s Maria getting a few volts.

Pet: Yes… the amazing star of this amazing Greek musical tragedy.

Sizzle: You’ve not seen the movie have you?

Pet: No.

3. Terminator

Grizzle - Terminator 

Pet: Look at those lethal pectorals!

Sizzle: Titanium tits.

Pet: I love a robot in a patent leather mac.

2. Metal Mickey

 Grizzle - Metal Mickey

Pet: What is this tin of shit?

Sizzle: This is Metal Mickey… He’s the chunky bear of cyborgs.

Pet: I will never have sex with it.

Sizzle: Metal Mickey doesn’t do drags.

1. Austin Power’s Fembots

Grizzle - Fembots 

Sizzle: Beautiful, silvery and topped with great weaves.

Pet: Sexy bitches with explosive breasts.

Sizzle: And an anus packed with deadly gases. Just like you Pet.

Join A Man To Pet And John Sizzle at Grizzle’s Cosmic Fembot Extravaganza with Josh Caffe and Jos Gibson on Friday 11th October at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 3am. 


Danse Club Records bros Brodanse join us this Friday night for our two-floor Rome Vs Egypt Extravanganza that is Severizzle (that’s Grizzle + Severino). Real-life brothers Scott and Austen not only DJ and produce under the name Brodanse but also helm the good ship Danse Club, home to remixed from artists like Oliver $ and Lula Circus. We caught up with Brodanse before they join Sev in the “orgy laser basement” for a whole night of jackin’ house…

Why do you only ever wear navy?

Austen: Because we are ginger! It looks the best! Have you ever seen a ginger person in yellow? Hope not.

How did you meet and befriend Severino?

Austen: I actually met Severino when I used to live in Milan, he was DJing there one night and a mutual friend who ran the record shop Serendeepity introduced us, but we all really hit it off when we moved down to London last year!

What is your definition of “real house music”?

Scott: This is our definition so in no way is it THE word . . . it’s not trendy or hyped, it’s just good old grooves from the heart that make you move your feet!

When and why did you set up the Danse Club label?

Austen: The label was set up in in 2012 with the first release coming out in December. It was set up in a rather organic way to be honest, we posted an old track on Facebook and our friend Oliver Dollar liked it, we thought ‘hey what if he remixed it’, we got hold of the original and did a deal with the licensor and Olli and everything worked out nicely, so naturally we thought let’s just roll with this and run a label!

Who’s the hidden gem on the label- who should we be listening to more of?

Austen: Personally I think it has to be Matthew K, he is the cousin of Oliver Dollar, and we first got onto him when he sent us his mix of Cherie Lee’s Love Me Or Leave Me totally out of the blue , that track is a can opener!!! And there is more to come!!

Scott: For me it has to be Mario Aureo, we have him doing a remix on a forthcoming Markus Homm EP! In fact Markus Homm, he is also one to check out!
Austen: No no, John Jastszebski! That guy is going places!! His remix of I Got Something Here is next level.
Scott: Agreed. Job done.

What’s the signature of Danse Club Records?

Scott: Essentially it is solid music for the dance floors and night clubs! But ‘the sound’ which people seem to like just comes down to our personal taste…

Who are your personal Real House Heroes?

Austen: Got to be Radio Slave, we have been following him for so long.

Scott: He is just consistently good. 

What can we expect from a Brodanse set at Dalston Superstore?

Austen: A few forthcoming Danse Club releases which we have not played out yet. A massive new one we have just signed, and of course our collab with Groove Armada!

Scott: Some serious grooving!

What fuels your studio sessions?

Scott: The vision. Our vision of DJing that music to thousands of people around the world. Nothing gets us going more.

What’s the furthest you’ve ever gone to track down a record?

Austen: I spent a s**t load on Discogs buying some proper hard to find ones, a) cos I love them and b) because we are trying to license them to the label.

Scott: I went to Berlin, and accidentally found a record I have been searching for for a very long time!

Join Brodanse this Friday 13th September for Severizzle at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 3am.

Paul & Shay’s Top EVER DSS Moments

Ahead of their impending move to that far-flung Chinese metropolis, Hong Kong, we asked long-time Superstore regulars and promoters Shay Malt and Paul Dragoni to pick their ultimate DSS moments from the last few years. They had a rummage through their hazy memories and embarrassing photo albums and gave us a countdown of their fave ever Superstore LOLZ just in time for their goodbye party tonight…

5. GRIZZLE (Snake Charmers)


Grizzle is always our favourite. Anything with A Man Da Pet and John Sizzle is guaranteed LOLZ. Pet was a slutty snake charmer whilst Sizzle came out of a £1 laundry bag as an inflatable snake. On the bar… with poppers!


Outside The Box at Dalston Superstore

Every year! There are too many good memories to list here. Each year is more hilarious. How someone hasn’t fallen off the bar and broken their neck is beyond us.

3 PARIS’ ACID BALL (we think)

Shay: Me and Josh Caffe both wearing Nic Fisher’s stilletos and armed with water guns trying to master pussy dramatics in the basement whilst Hannah was playing. I hurt my back and could hardly walk for a week after that.


Wet N Wild on New Years Day at Dalston Superstore

The after Shed-after Dolphin-after everything-afterparty. Carnage! The cleaners hadn’t turned up to clear away the mess from New Years Eve so everyone was cleaning whilst Shay played Tina Turner and Madonna records.


Michelle Moist aka Mikki Most

Everyone was a tranny! Per QX looked like Kim from Eastenders, Mikki Most looked like a cross between Farah Fawcett and the dog from The Never Ending Story! And Josh was a young hoochy Whitney Houston.

Come and say goodbye to Shay and Paul TONIGHT Friday 30th August from 9pm – 3am at Dalston Superstore.

Photo credit: Kenny Cambpell, Shay Malt

Win A Pair Of VIP Lovebox Sunday Tickets

Next weekend sees our annual jaunt down to Victoria Park for Lovebox Sunday! To celebrate we’re throwing two parties over the course of the weekend AND we’ve managed to get our mitts on a pair of VIP Lovebox Sunday tickets to give away! With some of favourite people appearing at the festival, from Kim Ann Foxman to DJ Harvey to Frankie Knuckles to Derrick Carter and a whole host of DSS family and friends across all the stages throughout the day, it’s sure to be a family affair.

Catch Johnny Woo, Horse Meat Disco and former DSS guests A Love From Outer Space (Andrew Weatherall and Sean Johnston) over in the Russian Standard House Of Davai… Hannah Holland, The Lovely Jonjo, Kris Di Angelis and of course Superstore boss Dan Beaumont can all be found in the East Side Strut.

Meanwhile here at the good ship Dalston Superstore, we’re kicking off the weekend with our Lovebox Sunday Warm-Up… on a Friday! We’ll be doing our duty helping you warm up your rave muscles for Sunday’s amazingness (our doctors advise you to stretch out at Dalston Superstore where we have a taster of what’s to come on the big day). Horse Meat Disco’s Luke Howard and Guy Williams of Paradise 45 will be massaging your dancing feet in the bar and kick-ass DJ Kris Di Angelis and Macho City hero Dave Kendrick will attend to your cardiovascular needs downstairs.

And on Sunday evening, it’s time once more for our legendary Outside The Box afterparty where we welcome a very special NYC guest to play alongside our fave local hero DJs including Grizzle, Borja Peña and Mikki Most.

For your chance to win a pair of VIP Lovebox Sunday just email the correct answer to by 10am Monday 15th July with the email subject “GIVE ME A PAIR OF VIP LOVEBOX SUNDAY TICKETS!”

Which former Dalston Superstore guests will be playing at Lovebox Sunday?

a. A Love From Outer Space

b. A Love From The Laser Basement

c. A Love That You Found After One Too Many Hackney Iced Teas

*Only the winner will be contacted

For more info and Lovebox tickets visit:

Whatever Happened To Baby Grizzle

Tomorrow night sees those crazy Grizzle gurls let loose over both floors of Superstore once more. Fresh from their antics in the NYC Downlow at Glastonbury, John Sizzle and A Man To Pet bring their Hollywood Babylon Extravaganza party to Dalston Superstore, featuring themselves in the top bar with Gutterslut’s Nic Fisher and Little Gay Brother’s Terry Vietheer in the laser basement. We caught up with them both (and attempted to decipher A Man To Pet) ahead of what is sure to be total madness…

You’ve just got back from Glastonbury… what were your most glamorous highlights?

Sizzle: Glamour and Glasto don’t usually go together what with all that vegetation and THOSE toilets. Have you ever tried to do a No.2 wearing a dress made of ribbons?

A Man to Pet: Speak for yourself, sister!!!! I had a glamorous super luxurious caravan made from gold with waterbeds, showers and electronic toilets!!!! I had nothing to do with the rest of the trans ’cause you know I am coming from Greece and I like luxurious things!!!!! So my glamorous highlights was when I slap one of our dancers (by mistake!) ’cause when I was spinning around in one of our routines with Sizzle on ‘knock on woods’!!!! That was very glamorous and sophisticated moment of me. I would love to slap dancers more often if I could is so glamorous!!!!

Sizzle: Jeesus…..

What were the best outfits you wore whilst there?

Sizzle: We had matching ‘space vixen slut suits’ made by our seamstress Olivia which were rather spesh. But I made my very own warrior princess bodyshaper, enhanced with dozens of Prosecco corks!

Pet: Yes, I did like our matching outfits and my unique ‘Rafaella Carra’ costume send from Sydney by special friend Alex. It was like a box of expensive chocolate… black and gold.

If Grizzle was a TV show what would it be?

Sizzle: The Muppets!

Pet: But without the frog. Just the piggy, lots of pigs actually.

Sizzle: Just a load of pigs in Primark bodyshapers!

Tell us about your closest near-death mid-show experience…

Sizzle: We’re always trying to pull off a musical extravaganza on the bar at Dalston Superstore, and this one time we were a human centipede crawling along whilst singing ‘Hopelessly Devoted To You’…. I could have died laughing at the look of disgust on everyone’s faces!

Pet: Every single show on that bar on high heels is near death experience.

What level of razzle-dazzle can we anticipate for Whatever Happened To Baby Grizzle at Dalston Superstore?

Sizzle: It is a Hollywood Legend Extravaganza. Expect awards, expect show-stopping performance, expect a journey through classic party music in the upstairs Hollywood Bar and house music tour de force in the Babylon Basement from our DJ’s Terry Vietheer and Nic Fisher. Plus, we’ll be unveiling our unique pop-up VIP area where the chosen few get to feel GRIZZLE! fabulous for at least five minutes or less.

Pet: We expecting Sophia Loren to come as she is very close friend of mine, as you know we share a villa in Napoli and also Judie Foster [sic] as is close friend of Sizzle they have been rapped together in the same movie. Unfortunately Sizzle he didn’t won the Oscar cause he was terrible acting his orgasm!!! 

Sizzle: Eh?

Pet: But I still believe he was better than Judie. 

Sizzle: Judie!

Who is Jane and who is Blanche out of the two of you?

Sizzle: A Man to Pet is mental, so she’s Jane. I am the sophisticated one…..

Pet: If you have seen the movie you will understand that Jane she wasn’t the mental she just drive her mad the sophisticated one.

Sizzle: Proper mental, see?

Who is your screen siren icon and why?

Sizzle: We both love Sharon Stone in ‘Basic Instinct’ and Madonna in ‘Body of Evidence’….

Pet:  At the moment am in love with Faye Dunaway.

Sizzle: All three are mega-mental. And allll three are very GRIZZLE!

Join John Sizzle and A Man To Pet at Grizzle’s 2 Floor Hollywood Babylon Extravaganza tomorrow night, Friday 12th July from 9pm – 3am. 

Love Letter To The Downlow

Team Superstore is just about recovering from our cosmic Glastonbury weekend where we had the privilege of DJing in the Downlow Radio room on the Saturday night. In a special back-to-back situation we threw together Josh Caffe & The Lovely Jonjo, Dan Beaumont & Hannah Holland, Cormac & Mikki Most, plus a special warmup from the wonderful Squeaky.
Tranny Tank at Glastonbury
Five downlow moments down in the Downlow
1. Josh Caffe teaching Kate Moss to vogue backstage and trying to persuade her to take to the main floor.
2. Maude Adams and All Those Children performing MacArthur Park – especially sir Luke of Howard’s show-stealing entrance.
3. Maceos… Backstage you would mostly find us in the crew bar, where the disco-in-a-shipping-container continues for 24 hours a day throughout the festival. Fatboy Slim’s surprise 6pm set made the place resemble DC-10. Gene Hunt and Robert Owens back-to-back was something else.
4. Grizzle. Superstore’s favourite showbiz duo (John Sizzle and A Man To Pet to their house mothers) were always ready with a look and a routine.
5. Kerri Chandler DJing in the Downlow – while simultaneously playing a piano. Serious house business. When he started teasing in the riff from Marshall Jefferson’s Move Your Body the entire dancefloor definitely had a ‘moment’.  
Luke Howard at Glastonbury
We would like to say a special thank you to Steve, Gideon and the Block9 team for having the vision to create such an amazing environment, and for allowing us to join them in the adventure.
If you ever feel the need to get back in the field then we recommend tuning into the Downlow Radio.