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This Friday we welcome Swedish queers Staffan Lindberg and Pjotr to Superstore’s laser basement. Known for their forward-thinking LGBTQ party, Polari in Stockholm, the two have brought some amazing names to their hometown, including Virigina, Sprinkles, Portable and even our very own Hannah Holland.

And now it’s our turn to bring these two dreamboat DJs to you. Ahead of the party, we quizzed them on filthy Swedish chat-up lines, what their highlights were from their Stockholm Pride party with Gutterslut and Horse Meat Disco and what their end of the night tracks are…

How did you come across the term “polari” and decide to use it as the name of your night?

Staffan: I think I saw a documentary about Quentin Crisp where he speaks it and got to know about it that way. The name is about something we can relate to and it looks good in print, and on top of that it’s a way to focus on gay history in times when there is a worldwide backlash on gay rights.

Pjotr: Yes, it just felt right for us now in the sense of showing our “gayness”. I’ve known about the language for quite a while, since I used to live in London. Taking that name was also a kind of fun thing to do; no straight people would know about it and suddenly they are totally engulfed by this gay night without having a clue. It’s a secret language after all…

What’s the dream Polari line-up venue, crowd, everything?

Staffan: The 150 year old ballroom at Berns that we’ve been using this summer has been perfect. Crowd wise I think that a mixture of LGBTQ’s, freaks and music heads is the best way to get a good party. It feels like we’ve had our dream lineups already this summer but I do wish that we’d have time to book Frankie Knuckles before he passed away.

Pjotr: The venue of course, and the bookings. We have been blessed – from a lot of hard work. But really, without the crowd, no party would exist. And that was our plan with this club, to turn it into a family affair. If you weren’t there dancing, with this great booking and this great venue – the party would suck. We wanted all of our old and new friends to be there and that they would feel included. So the dream has kind of been what has been going down this summer to be honest.

What were your highlights from Stockholm Pride?

Staffan: We did two parties during the Pride weekend that were both great. I think dancing to Pjotr and Horse Meat Disco in the Mirror room and playing techno with Boris in the basement were my highlights. And all the happy queers that came to our parties of course! 

Pjotr: Thanks for saying that! Cause, I mean, to be honest… I was the worst host ever; I didn’t even leave the Mirror room where I was playing with Severino and Luke from Horse Meat – we had so much fun!! I was dancing so hard and laughing so much in that packed room. Me and Severino found an ironing board and an iron that someone had forgotten in a corner (it’s a hotel…) and we started vougeing with it. It was the best party I have ever done. And that says a lot…

Sev Iron Voguing

Considering the caliber of guests you’ve had, who has been your favourite guest for whatever reason from this year’s summer season at Berns? Why were they so good or interesting and what was their standout track they played?

Staffan: Of course it’s hard to pick a favourite, but one who did something sounding like nothing else I’ve ever heard was DJ Sprinkles. Very deep, yet very groovy and long bits without a ”proper kick”, but everyone loved it and adapted to the music. Really inspiring.

Pjotr: Sprinkles was definitely a mutual favourite – to hear and meet. She went deeper than anyone I’ve ever heard in Stockholm. It was very intriguing… I mean we’ve had Hannah Holland, Portable, Solar, Discodromo, Virginia, and fellow Swedes Genius of Time… And the whole line up of the Pride Party with the East London drag queens… But someone that really made deep marks in my heart is definitely cosmic pop princess Zhala, who is Robyn’s first signing to her Konichiwa label. Her live set was out of this world. She can kill with that voice.

And also Crazy P was special to me. I’ve wanted to book them for a long time – Hot Toddy and Danielle Moore’s set, plus her voice!! Have you heard anything like it?? PHWOOOAR!! A lot of old disco peeps came out for that one which was great.

You’re taking us on a date in Stockholm… What are we eating? What and where are we drinking? What dancefloor will we end up on? Tell us how you would woo us in your hometown…

Staffan: Since eating out is ridiculously expensive in Stockholm we’d go to Dimsum 58 and eat delicious but affordable dumplings with duck, Sichuan chicken and portabello mushrooms. Then have beers and Jäger at Side Track with the grumpy bears, continue to Trädgården for more and finish up in the basement at Berns with dancing and Moscow mules. 

Pjotr: Well, if it was a private date you’d probably be eating in my bed. I won’t go as far as telling you what. But if we stay on the record, I’d actually probably take you to Berns – I mean, both Staffan and I have been residents there for various amounts of time, but it’s great to bring people over; you can really spoil and pamper your favourite DJ’s or guest there. Or this small place called Barbro in a part of town called Hornstull. That is my favourite at the moment – the best Asian food in Sweden. For dancing, of course we will take you to wherever I or Staffan is playing – are you kidding?! We are in this for a reason haha!

What, in your opinions, are the best queer parties and clubs around the world to play and dance at?

Staffan: One of my favorite queer clubs is Finalmente in Lisbon, which is a really small place with a great mixture of people, super commercial reggaeton-house remixes of radio hits and a drag show to die for every night at 03.00. In London Horse Meat Disco and Dalston Supstore have been favorites for a long time, and of course nothing compares to Berghain. Always fun as a visitor, and playing at Panorama Bar is really the most fun a DJ can have I think. Oh, and I played at a really cool mixed party in Brussels earlier this year called Open The Box.

Pjotr: I would have to say Honey Soundsystem in San Francisco for sure. Those boys work hard and they do it SO well. I’ve had amazing times there. Not yet played, but hopefully sometime soon. I have played in SF at Dial UP for Dr Sleep (who played at Dance Tunnel a while ago), and that was great. SF queer parties are pretty rad. And of course – dancing at Panorama and Horse Meat – again….! And WreckedNYC by Ron Like Hell and Ryan Smith – amazing party!

Can you teach us a filthy chat-up line in Svensk?

Pjotr: “Vill du följa med hem och käka skäggsmörgås?” It’s not translatable.

Staffan: Swedes get straight to the point and say: “Ska vi knulla?”

Pjotr: That is really the only line you need.

Why Berns?

Staffan: Because it’s a venue with so much history, amazing spaces to do parties and we can put loads of people on the guest list, haha.

Pjotr: I mean, we are fresh from the summer, and we have been in a big ballroom upstairs which can be attracting a really weird crowd… But when we did Polari, for some reason we just attracted the weirdest and best mix ever. It was so fucking funny; suit guys jerking off in their pants to the trannies, the freaky fashion faggots vogueing away to our weird animal visuals, music guys who are dancing non stop with a bunch of lesbians… Yeah, Polari just really worked. The soundsystem is also great. We had only compliments from our fellow colleagues.

If you had a time machine what dancefloor would you want to visit anywhere/anywhen?

Pjotr: I would love to visit The Saint in New York in the ’80s… Have you seen that?? It’s… mind blowing. If you google “The Saint nyc + flickr” there’s a whole account dedicated. The people going, the DJ’s, the performers, the light rig… Also their flyers were great. Lots of open letters from DJ’s and stuff. And they always put out the light person’s name on the flyer. Like, they were stars, which I find amazing. That place, and of course Paradise Garage. And Danceteria. I’d like to listen to Madonna there.

A flyer from The Saint

Staffan: I think I’d either want to go there to, to New York, but in the ’70s and go dancing at Paradise Garage – I mean how can you not mention it. London in the ’80s and go to the Blitz, or all the way back to Berlin during the Weimar Republic in the ’20s and experience the gay decadence at one of the hundreds of clubs that were around back then.

What are your end of the night, lights up, slowdance tracks?

Pjotr: Staffan, do you dare to let me answer this? He always gets so embarrassed. I have no shame. I’d probably play The Miracle Of Love by The Eurythmics. It’s very special to me. I’d either cry or go home to fuck. But I know it wouldn’t be the last track if I was playing with Mr. Lindberg…

Staffan: I would never waste the last minutes on a slowdance track! Here’s one of my favourites to end with…

Join Staffan and Pjotr this Friday for Polari at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 3am.

***Please note this is no relation to the wonderful LGBT literary salon of the same name

Gloria Viagra

Get ready for the London debut of both the fabulous Gloria Viagra and her amazing clubnight Partysane! Known as the Empire State Building of drag, she is Berlin’s premiere drag superstar, and she come to make bank holiday Saturday AMAZING. Ahead of the party, we caught up with her to find out more about her, her fave queer hotspots in her hometown, and what London can expect from Partysane

Drag queens with impressive facial hair is totally zeitgeist right now. Why do you think the public is embracing that so much?

Is my moustache that impressive?? Haha, just kidding… Big hair was always loved by the crowed. And by the artists, of course. Big wigs can tell fairytales, thats why.

Conchita Wurst publicly named you as like a sister, alongside Gaga and Drag Race creative director Mathu Anderson… who do you think of as your sisters?

My sister in crime and everything is the one and only Sherry Vine from New York. Tittsisters, as we use to say… but also the legendary Joey Arias, most of the Berlin girls and yes, sister in beard and heart is Conchita..!! ?

What was your first drag experience? Or, if that’s too personal a story, could you tell us about your most memorable drag moment?

Honey, as far as I remember I am born in sequences… there are two moments:

1. One was in the finale of The Voice Of Germany when Robbie Williams came up to me, climb up the chair next to me (to reach me…) sung for me and… then he kissed me, the drag with moustache!!! In front of the whole TV nation..!

2. One was singing with my rockband Squeezebo at the Berlin gay pride in front of 150,000 people…!!

Gloria Viagra on The Voice Of Germany

When did you know you were actually Queen Of Berlin? Or is it just something you were destined for?

Honey, I come from a quite anarchist family, we don’t need a Queen!!! But it was quite a way to get where I am now… and a lot of wild parties to deserve the title Queen of Berlin Nightlife, hahaha!

How did Partysane come about? Where/when was the first and what was it like?

I was asked to do a party in SchwuZ. I wanted to bring a new queer crowd there and so I started PARTYSANE three and a half years ago. And it became just what I wanted, and a big insane success with great DJs and live acts from all over the world.

And what can we expect from the Partysane London debut?

Well, I really hope London can go even more nuts then Berlin!!! Terry Vietheer and I have booked a great mixture of DJs, so proud about it.. And A Man To Pet and me together will explode the DSS… aaaahhh can’t wait !!!! ?

What are some of your fave queer parties? You do seem to have a wealth of choice in your hometown of Berlin!

Yes, I looove Berlin for its diversity. Don’t know where to start… Homopatik is grreat, QueerRiotClub, Cocktail d’Amore, Horse Meat Disco, Gutterslut, Rattenbar…

You’re known as the Empire State Building of drag!! How tall are you in heels and weave and will we fit you in the DSS laser basement???

Mama Moustache is 7,4 tall give or take. I’ll take the ceiling down if I can’t walk head up…!

Who was your drag mother? Who are your Berlin children?

We never really had this tradition of drag mother before, it just came up some years ago… but the wonderful Gérôme Castell (which was nearly beaten to death last autumn just for the great person she is) is my Drag Mum… she made the way for a lot of queens!!! And my girrrrlz are Sally Morell and Fixie Fate. They’re doing their way, I am quite proud.

Gloria Viagra, please tell us, what is your top tip to living a life as fun and glamourous as yours?

Be yourself, respect the others but give a shit about conventions… Nothing is more glamourous than a heart of glitter!!

Join Gloria Viagra for her London debut of Partysane on Saturday 23rd May at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 3am.

Per QX

Swedish DJ/producer and GutterSlut co-founder Per QX joins us from Stockholm this weekend as a special laser basement guest for Little Gay Brother’s latest circus themed party. LBG resident Terry Vietheer and guest C_A_C complete the basement line-up whilst upstairs music and merriment come courtesy of Chris Camplin, James Phillips and NuAge.

No stranger to Superstore, we caught up with the Stockholm based Per about his motherland, his music and his hidden circus skills…

You used to live in London- what made you want to move back to your native Sweden?

I love London and Stockholm, but in Stockholm I’ve always known more music producers and songwriters, and I felt that it was about time go back and concentrate on music. I still love DJing in London and putting on the GutterSlut parties there with Ralf, Nic and MS Crystal Mc. I do miss my London friends when I’m in Stockholm though.

Do you play out much in Stockholm and what’s the queer scene like there?

I don’t DJ here in Stockholm that often. I play occasionally at some clubs and raves. The raves here are great. It’s a mix of techno heads, hippies, homos, heterosexuals and freaks all coming together, a bit like back in the good old days in UK. All the misfits that don’t agree on our government’s strict policies.

There’s not a gay scene as such. There are a few bars and parties. We don’t have the same community and street culture here like you have in London, Berlin or New York.

Any insider tips on anyone visiting and wanting to explore the nightlife there?

Go to Berlin, haha!!! No, seriously speaking the last couple of years has been great for seeing and hearing good DJs and acts. The places to go for that this summer are Trädgården, Berns, F12 and Fotografiska. 

If you want to go to a gay club check out Garage at Kolingsborg, it’s three dance floors and a mix of everything from glittery queens to butch boys.

Who is your new production alter ego Ruefus?

I started the project at the beginning of this year. I wanted to do something different to my party sound. Ruefus is a bit slower and deeper, 117 bmp to 122 bpm, still melodic and energetic.

My studio friend Zoo Brazil is working together with me on a whole Ruefus and Zoo Brazil project. The first single is out in June. He’s a great guy and knows how to make things sounding gritty and dirty.

What other tracks can we expect to hear from you coming out soon?

Next weekend the rap sing duo RedNPink will perform our a new single we just wrote called Like What? at GutterSlut. RedNPink are the support act for Rita Ora at the moment. Like What? sounds like punk rap ragga rave machinegun house music. How now that sounds? A bit like a bulldozer on crack maybe? I had some great help engineering the track with the super talented Grönros and Bravo. I also have a new track called WTF Did U Come For out now on Tommie Sunshine’s label Brooklyn Fire.

What’s been your career highlight so far?

There are a lot of great things that I’m really happy for. Music wise I think it was great to hear Pete Tong playing my track U Can’t Hide on BBC Radio One. The track came out on Strictly Rhythm. As a kid my biggest dream was to have a release out on Strictly. Also, it’s been great to have releases out on Southern Fried Records and to have DJ’ed for Roger Sanchez’s Stealth parties and put out tracks on his Stealth label.

GutterSlut is probably the biggest highlight so far club wise. We started it as a revolt, and it’s something that I’m very proud of.

Who would be your dream artist to collaborate with?

Armand van Helden.

What/who were your musical influences growing up?

De La Soul, Public Enemy, Snap, Leila K, NWA, Whitney Houston and Todd Terry.

Any hidden circus skills you can show off at Little Gay Brother Presents: Big Top?

The helicopter!!!!

What one track has made its permanent home in your record bag?

I think a track that still rocks is DJ Rolando – Black Jaguar especially in the summer.

Join Per for Little Gay Brother Presents: Big Top this Saturday 18th May at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 3am

Photo credit: Peo Bengtsson

Nic Fisher’s Totally Fetch

Friday sees Gutterslut’s Nic Fisher join us for the Totally Fetch: Fringe! Vs Mean Girls official afterparty, alongside Hannah Holland, Duchess Of Pork, Kostakis, John Sizzle and Vangelis & Tareq. And to get us in the mood, the lovely Nic made us this totally fetch mixtape which we’ll be alternating between that and re-watching Mean Girls so we’re fully armed with every imaginable (and amazing) line ready for the quote-a-long tomorrow night at the Rio Cinema. Make sure you get your ticket from the Rio’s website!


1. Round Table Knights – So Good (Teenage Mutants Remix)
2. Nicone – Why (Monte Remix)
3. Kolombo, Compuphonic – Sand Storm (DeMarzo Remix)
4. LouLou Players, Kolombo – Don’t Go Away (Zombie Disco Squad Remix)
5. Nick Curly – Underground (Dennis Ferrer Remix)
6. Flashmob – Hot (Original Mix)
7. Dusky – Nobody Else (Original Mix)
8. ReKreation – Before Me (Leftwing & Kody Remix)
Join Nic at Totally Fetch: Fringe! Vs Mean Girls Afterparty on Friday 12th April from 9pm – 4am at Dalston Superstore.

Relive Sink The Pink NYE

We’re just about feeling human again after our new years triple bill extravaganza so we’re pretty excited to share some of the photos that have surfaced from Sink The Pink’s trans-tastic party. In addition to that, the super-hot Verity Mayes from Gutterslut sent us her pumping set from the lazer basement recorded live on the night! Definitely worth popping it on whilst you have a whizz through some of our favourite snaps courtesy of photographer Sharp Shock.

STP NYE Sharp Shock

STP NYE Sharp Shock

STP NYE Sharp Shock

STP NYE Sharp Shock

STP NYE Sharp Shock

STP NYE Sharp Shock

STP NYE Sharp Shock

STP NYE Sharp Shock

STP NYE Sharp Shock

STP NYE Sharp Shock

STP NYE Sharp Shock

STP NYE Sharp Shock

STP NYE Sharp Shock

STP NYE Sharp Shock

For the full photo album from the night visit Sharp Shock’s Facebook Fanpage.

Photo credit: Peter Fingleton

New Years Extravaganza!

It’s a New Years Triple Bill kicking off tonight here at Dalston Superstore! Leading the charge will be trans-loving party starters Sink The Pink who’ve recruited a whole troupe of wild “tranimals” to keep their party pumpin’ all night long. We caught up with some of the key Sink The Pinkers, including head honchos Glyn & Amy, to find out their fave tracks and moments of 2012 and got them to explain their New Years Eve look in this cute feature on them. They’ll be kicking things off at 9pm and going on until 5am! Tickets are available in advance for £10 or you can pay £12 on the door.

Check out all the info via the Sink The Pink Presents Tranimals Facebook event.

For those keeping the fire burning, Wet N Wild will be on hand to ensure you start 2013 as you mean to go on! Their all-dayer kicks off at 1pm and takes you all the way through until 8pm. Brighton’s Schtumm! will be in the house for a special DJ set as will Wet N Wild regulars Lee Pattison (Deepgroove), Shay Malt, Nick Gynn, Paul Dragoni, Emma Rudge and Ruth Nichols. They’ve even got a special guest surprise up their sleeve but they say they’re keeping schtumm on that one…

Check out the full details via the Wet N Wild New Years Day Party Facebook event.

Bringing up the rear for those who got their daily disco naps will be Martyn Fitzgerald’s Handsome party. Upstairs sees favourite yesteryears for the New Year, whilst the basement takes on some deep uplifting house, all courtesy of the The handsome Kris Di Angelis, the handsome Rokk, the handsome Dan Beaumont and the handsome Jamie Bull. Proccedings will be free before 7pm but £5 on the door after that.

Check out all the relevant information via the Handsome New Years Day Party Facebook event.

Shaun Prickimage

Tomorrow night sees the next installment of Rex The Dog’s bi-monthly night Breed and they’ve roped in WALKABOUT Vs Pikilipita to provide an animation spectacular for the evening! Using a hi-tech portable system, they’ll be roaming Superstore projecting Rexes and the previous Breed t-shirt designs onto all available surfaces… including onto you lot!

To find out more about this innovative system, we caught up with Shaun Prickimage, the man behind WALKABOUT Projection and the amazing visuals seen at WetYourSelf at Fabric and various other clubnight and festivals… including the Gutterslut Vs TrailerTrash tent at Lovebox! We posed all our burning questions to him to find out how it all works and what we can expect from Friday’s party…

Can you explain the concept behind WALKABOUT Projection?

WALKABOUT Projection was setup as an extension of PRICKIMAGE and allows us to stage pop-up performances just about anywhere using a hi-rez mobile projection system. Projections can roam free outdoors or indoors with no need for cables or screens.

The technology allows performers to project animated images using portable projector systems as they walk among the public at a broad range of events. The performers manipulate the projected images live, encouraging audience interaction using media players, game controllers and Kinect sensor from Xbox.


And do you have plans to expand this?

We are excited about technology such as Pico projectors and the Raspberry Pi that will give us even more opportunities to play with portability. This tech is so light and so powerful that it can almost be sewn into the costumes of performers, which will allow intimate and exciting encounters with crowds.

We are currently on the lookout for performers for winter events, so people can get involved if they like what they see.

What’s been the biggest or most exciting WALKABOUT project so far?

WALKABOUT Projection was featured in Don’t Think, the 2012 film of a live performance by Chemical Brothers. The technology was used in a very clever way to take the visuals off stage and around festival.

WALKABOUT Projection feat. in Don’t Think Chemical Brothers’ live performance film from PRICKIMAGE on Vimeo.

What’s your favourite venue in London to work in and why? Do you prefer to perform in more confined areas or large cavernous clubs?

The beauty of WALKABOUT Projection means that it doesn’t matter what sort of space we have. We bring the projections to the people no matter how many are involved. What’s important is that there is enough room for interactivity. Small Pico projectors are used for smaller spaces while a larger, more powerful setup works great outdoors or large venues.

What inspires your animation style?

Projections by their nature need to bold and bright on dark surfaces. With WALKABOUT, it’s important that we use very colourful and bright projections to make sure that it works well indoors or outdoors.

Who are your most frequent collaborators?

VJ Hash will be performing additional WALKABOUT Projection at BREED 8, but we’ve done a lot of great work with Pikilipita  and Nicola Saponaro (SapoLab), not forgetting of course Martin Wollerstam. Rafael Filomeno is in his final year studying interactive graphic design and he has been working closely with us.

PRICKIMAGE / WYS! @ SPACE, Ibiza – Rough CUT teaser from PRICKIMAGE on Vimeo.

We hear PRICKIMAGE is doing the visuals for Shoom’s 25th Anniversary Party- you must have something extra special up your sleeve for such a prestigious rave!

Danny Rampling is eager to combine the best of past, present and future both in terms of music and visuals. We are grabbing the chance to take advantage of the high ceiling, which allows for a large projection screen. We’re also dying to reference the rich back catalogue of imagery from the Shoom rave era. We’ll be taking advantage of the best of current technology, but do expect plenty of smiley faces!

What London club nights, besides the ones you work at(!) do you like to go to?

Tough one. I’m always chasing that experience I had when I first walked into Trailer Trash

Can you talk us through the process that goes into performing WALKABOUT Projection live?

We have to get the more practical things such as lighting and surface sorted out and then we use a controller to bring the personality and character to the projections, treating them as puppets rather than flat animations. So, we might choose a game controller to add interactivity and fun, breathing life into the characters.

What is your preferred type of music to work alongside with?

There is no truth to the scurrilous rumours that I really love Norwegian folk trumpet….

Why do you think the Walkabout Projection will work well at Breed?

Rex is alive and chomping at the bit to get taken for a walk. He likes to explore and meet new pussies.

The crowd will be fun and up for innovative interaction with our furry friend. Rex’s owner has designed loads of amazing t-shirts and we will be bringing these designs to life on the ravers. We want the crowd to capture Rex’s adventures as they happen with photo and video so anyone who shares great footage or pics on the Facebook page will be in with a chance of bagging one of these exclusive t-shirts.

WALKABOUT Vs Pilikipita will be projecting onto walls, surfaces and even you this Friday 5th October at Breed #8 from 9pm – 4am.

Illustration credit: Martin Wollerstam

Superstore Picks

We’re having a disco swap-shop day here at Superstore, and in the spirit of generosity we decided to extend it to all of you too! We called this weekend’s DJs to ask them what they’re playing, polled the staff and of course, demanded choice picks from the bosses too! Feel free to share your current top tunes in the comments in true swap-shop style…


DJ Rokk is really feeling this track from The Rhythm Odyssey. With its funk and soul sounds we would not be surprised if it gets an airing at Saturday’s edition of Body Talk with Digs (DiY) and Alejandro Asencio.

The Rhythm OdysseyRight On Up For Love 


Back To Back resident DJ Kezokichi will definitely be playing his choice from Click Box at tonight’s party with Bowski (Wax:On) and IDC as he *really* likes it.

Click BoxSomething’s Wrong (Madato’s Wrong Way remix)


Nic Fisher from Gutterslut heard his pick whilst at Panorama Bar last weekend when his “tranny loving, punky-chic” party was in town to play at the CTM Festival.

Róisín MurphySimulation – Mano Le Tough Remix


One half of our monthly girl-heat night JERK! Zoe tells us this has been her “Track Of The Week” for the last five weeks! 

Patrick L & DJ NibcCall Me (Mercury remix)


Superstore boss Mikki Most is looking forward to scaring ravers with this monster from KiNK at next month’s TrailerTrash Halloween party with Ivan Smagghe and Andrew Weatherall.



And the final word from Dan Beaumont is: “This is pure Chicago ghetto sleaze amazingness… a mucky disco bumper for the early hours. Will definitely be dropping this at the Nixwax party tonight in Brixton.”

Chris E PantsPass It Around

Summer Rites

We’ve very pleased to be joining our friends Gutterslut, East Bloc, Vogue Fabrics and more at this year’s Summer Rites festival! Taking place in Shoreditch park on Sunday 2nd September, the main stage features the talents and delights of Jonny Woo’s Gay Bingo, Bright Light Bright Light, Feral Is Kinky, Mutya and…. BOY GEORGE! 

Rest assured that even though we’ll be nursing our hangovers from Paris’ Acid Ball here at Superstore the night before, we’ll be out in full force hosting a kick-ass, pumpin’ tent with some of our favourite DJs playing all day, including the incredible KIM ANN FOXMAN!!

Joining her will be Grizzle (John Sizzle and A Man To Pet) DJ Squeaky, Rokk, Mikki Most, Dan Beaumont, The Lovely Jonjo Hannah Holland and Severino.

Summer Rites logo

Tickets are £25 from the Summer Rites website or come into Superstore and pick up one of our discounted tickets at £15 each from behind the bar!

For more information be a fan of Summer Rites on Facebook.

Squeaky’s Lovebox Disco Mix

Lovebox is so very nearly upon us and you’d think we couldn’t possibly be more excited for it! Well, that was until we got our hands on Squeaky’s Disco Tent Warm-up Mix. With tracks from Anita Ward and Chemise, this will certainly get you pulling on your dancing shoes (or wellies!)…. Whatever the weather we’ll be there in full force dancing at the front of stage, knocking back shots in the covered refuge of the Disco Tent or getting our rave on with our GutterSlut and Trailertrash sisters in the dance tent.



We’ll be at Lovebox this Sunday 17th June. For the full line-up, info and tickets visit

Trailer Trash Memories

For those who don’t know TrailerTrash is the eastend rave rodeo that has defiantly stamped its filthy mark on London’s underground electronic dance scene over the last 8 years. They’ve showcased some of the best DJ’s around since 2004, when promoters Mikki Most and Dan Glamtrucker teamed up with DJ resident Hannah Holland and started the legendary weekly Friday nighter at On The Rocks, playing an explosive soundtrack of electrofied booty shake, jackin’ techno rave, distorted disco and dirty off-kilter jump up sounds.

Along with fellow resident DJ Ian Robinson the party ran for over 5 years until they finally closed the doors at On The Rocks in 2009, but the TT crew continue to put on big warehouse raves and this summer are lining up to takeover the main dance tent at Lovebox Sunday with party partners GutterSlut. It’s set to be a big day with DJ Hell, Tiga, LCD Soundsystem and Ivan Smagghe headlining the big top tent, which holds up to 5000 people – so no problems if the rains come!

Ahead of the big event we caught up with Mikki and Hannah for a chat about their fave TrailerTrash parties over the years, and which ones particularly blew their minds. So for all those who remember the lost Friday nighters and sweaty warehouse bangers then here are some of the standout moments from the last 8 years of no good fun… it’s been one hell of a ride!

Kwik-Fit Garage rave

The first massive rave we ever did nearly didn’t happen! We lost the original space at the last minute but luckily managed at the last minute to secure the disused Kwik-Fit garage near the Old Street roundabout. With hardly any power and one strobe light (literally!), about 1000 people turned up and went mental to Ivan Smagghe in the concrete bunker. Everyone thought we had hired a load of smoke machines for it but it was just all the dust in there!

Banged Up – Prison Rave

We were given the chance to do a party in a 200-year-old underground medieval prison near Clerkenwell. It was a maze of underground dungeons; an amazing, surreal and very creepy space, but it just worked perfectly, and I remember the atmosphere as being so intense especially when Hannah played the whole place went crazy. Because it was underground people couldn’t find the entrance for hours!

Every Friday at On The Rocks

Possibly the most seedist venue, it was voted the worst toilets in London by Time Out, with dodgy crates in the DJ booth, so that gives you a little idea of how grimey it was. But that was its charm and to watch it grow from a small family of Shoreditch party people to a completely mobbed electric rave over the course of 5 years was amazing. Every week it went off, people really lost there minds in there. The music of 2006 was probably the best year; Oliver Huntemann was a staple sound of the club… big dirty filthy electro techno.

Summer Camp

Along with our pals from Horse Meat Disco and Disco Bloodbath this was the biggest outdoor party we have ever done and was actually after Lovebox in 2008. Over 2500 people turned up to some outdoor football pitches next to Liverpool Street (which have sadly now been developed) and it was just brilliant. It was special because it is so hard to do outdoor parties in London because of the sound issues but for that one night we were somehow allowed…. we even had an ice cream van!

Eastend Pleasure Cruise

We have done several boat parties but the first one stands out when we teamed up with our friends at The George & Dragon because it was just a perfect summer’s day. I will always remember a boatload of trannies sailing under Tower Bridge waving at everyone to the soundtrack from Baywatch!

Rumble In The Jungle – Boxing Ring Party

For some reason we thought it would be a brilliant idea to have a full size boxing ring in the middle of a rave with a DJ battle in it for our 8th birthday. It was totally amazing apart from when the ring broke because there was too many people dancing in it and we had to pay loads of money to a very pissed off boxing coach. Ooops… it was worth it though. 

TrailerTrash and Gutterslut will be taking over the main dance big top at Lovebox Sunday this year – for tickets and info visit

They will also be having a summer rooftop party in August, a series of intimate warehouse events in early September and a massive Halloween rave as well… so keep  ‘em peeled kids…

GutterSlut At Slutty Shopper

We pinned down Per QX and Nic Fisher, two of the boys behind one of our favourite east London gay party institutions, GutterSlut, to chat them up to them about how their night came to be and how they’re playing our very next bank holiday bonanza, Slutty Shopper…

What made you want to start GutterSlut?

Nic: After a couple of years living with Per and Ralf, having too many after parties at ours trashing the flat we decided it was time to move. Per had experience promoting club nights in Sweden, we’re both DJs and as Ralf is a great photographer he would be the best to then document the night. It seems like the perfect idea.

Per: We started GutterSlut as protest against the gay scene that at the time, in 2007, was quite stagnant back then. There was clubs like Trailer Trash around in east London but not much more playing cool dance music. There was no where to go out on Saturday night, so we thought let’s start a fun club that felt like a house party.

You’ve been going for a good few years now- what’s your favourite ever GutterSlut memory?

Nic: The first GutterSlut we did in Berlin was at a place called Hubertus Lounge. To go into the basement you had to enter through a cupboard door, go down a really narrow set of stairs to end up in this really dark and dusty space where the rave was going. It was kind of surreal, very Alice In Wonderland.

Per: There’s too many. I loved it when we played at Summer Rites festival and had all the trannies climbing in the dance tent scaffolding up to the roof, Miss Crystal MC stage diving from the DJ booth, and A Man To Pet crowd surfing away to the music.

You’re going to be at Lovebox Sunday with our disco sisters Trailer Trash and you’ve got DJ Hell, Tiga and a special DFA Disco version from the LCD Soundsystem guys James Murphy and Pat Mahoney playing in your tent! Who are you most looking forward to?

Nic: They are all amazing DJs but I’m really excited to see DJ Hell as he will also put on an incredible visual show.

Per: I’m Looking forward to Tiga. I’ve heard him before and he always rocks the house, but also DJ Hell and the LCD crew will be cool.

Describe the level of debauchery at an average Gutterslut on a level between 1-10.

Nic: With parties that are normally a 10, you’d have to make them 5 so you could give GutterSlut a 10.

Per: 9.5 sometimes 10

What’s your one quintessential Gutterslut tune each?

Nic: There are a few at the moment, MK ‘Burning’ (Round Table Knights Mix) but one that I tend to always play is Deetron ‘Starblazer’

Per: I’ll go for a party anthem Martin Solveig – The Night Out (A-Trak remix) 

If you could have your wildest dreams come true, who would you book to play a dream Gutterslut- alive or dead?

Nic: DJ Sneak, he’s a legend, I heard him in Berlin a couple of years ago and he was brilliant. I love the dirty disco sound he’s releasing on his label.

Per: I think A-Trak would be great.

This weekend you’re playing at Slutty Shopper- a magic team-up between Sink The Pink and Tutti Frutti. Bank holidays here at Superstore are always bananas and it’s fair to say it’s going to be a tranny bonanza. What have you got planned to either drive these ladies wild or keep them under control?

Nic and Per: We don’t think those ladies need to get any wilder, they’re quite mental already and it would be a too difficult job to try and keep them under control, but a few bottles of Jaegermeister always helps.

Define a “gutterslut” for us and tell us which of the two of you first that bill more.

Nic: A true GutterSlut lives in Dalston, goes out on Friday and comes back on Monday sometimes Tuesday escorted by an ambulance or the police with half her garments missing, she wasn’t wearing lots anyway as she loves to show her bits.

It would have to be Per in his hay days , I guess we’ve both calmed down a bit with the years.

Per: A GutterSlut is a person that don’t care about who you are, who you know or when it’s time to go home.

Both GutterSluts Nic Fisher and Per QX play Slutty Shopper this Bank Holiday Sunday here at Dalston Superstore and co-host the dance tent for TrailerTrash Vs GutterSlut at Lovebox Festival in Victoria Park on Sunday 17th June.