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Benedikt Rugar

This November we ring in the third birthday of our favourite happy-go-lucky queer rave, Homodrop! Over the last three years, the Homodrop crew have cemented their place in East London queer nightlife, with a strong emphasis on the visual element of their identity. Their resident graphic designer for the past year has been Benedikt Rugar, whose lurid, cheeky and abstractly sexual work has been turning many heads in the venue! Having worked with iconic clubs and brand from Berghain and Cocktail D’Amore to Beam Club Bangkok, his artwork is now synonymous in London with Homodrop’s colourful, mad aesthetic. We caught up with him to chat childhood inspiration, mosaics and, of course, gay nightlife!

homodrop at dalston superstore

Hi Benedikt! We absolutely ADORE your kinky, abstract Homodrop artwork! Where do you get your inspiration?

Hi – thank you so much! It is lots of fun to work for Homodrop. I get the concept of the party from my going out in the queer/gay scene in Berlin. I think I understand what Homodrop wants. It’s queer and colourful, sexy and playful, and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Music, fun and love are in the foreground of the experience. For the poster series, I developed absurd spatial still-lifes that played around with queer topics, without necessarily showing men. From futuristic penis-instruments to a blowjob fruit salad in a glory hole – clichés from the scene in a new packaging.

Has graphic art always been a big part of your life?

I was always a very visual person. I have trouble remembering names, but faces I never forget. My graphic awakening was quite early, at the end of my school years. University was like a forge for my visual understanding, and drawing has never left me since. Graphics and drawing are a language that can be more easily read and understand across cultures. I find this exciting – that it can breach borders.



You’ve worked with the Homodrop crew for a year now – can you describe the party in three words?

Unicorn, kinky, adorable.

What kind of music do you listen to when you’re making work?

Very different kinds of music. Lena Platonos is super!

What is your earliest artistic memory?

As a child, I drew my own action figures on card, cut them out and made them fight with each other – like you would with actual action figures. Almost all of these card figures were muscly “male mermaids” with vampire teeth. A mash-up of the Little Mermaid, He Man and Count Dracula. They belonged in a world of their own. Sadly I lost them over time, otherwise I am sure they would be on one of my walls now. 

That’s so cute! Which other artists or designers do you most admire?

Of course there a few artists that I like. But off the top of my head, I can think of the posters from Braulio Amado, which are amazing, or I still love – and have done so for years – the graphic and comic worlds of Igor Hofbauer or Yuichi Yokoyama.


Which work of art do you wish you created?

Ask me that again when I’m so old that I can’t hold a pen with my hand.

You were recently commissioned to create a mosaic for Bangkok-based Beam Club – what was that project like?

It was definitely something special. I was asked to design a seven-meter long mosaic wall for the Beam club in Bangkok, which had recently been finished with an interior design concept by William Russell of Pentagram. The wall lies behind the bar in the lounge, a quieter area of the club, so the owner wanted the illustration to have a dream-like feel about it, inviting guests to linger in the space.

My immediate reference were vintage illustrations from the 1960s, where families gather in front of futuristic buildings, a representation of everyday life scenarios but in an imposing environment. These were the raw materials that I used to create a window into a fictional landscape. Instead of a conventional rendering, we decided to solve this challenge by creating a huge mosaic wall in tune with the materials used throughout.

The artwork – which I had to “translate” into the language of mosaics – is made up of hundreds of 1 x 1 cm pixels: the actual black or white tiles on the wall. The technique allowed for matt and glossy finishes, which used in combination allowed me to introduce highlights. 


beam mosaic

You’re involved with a lot of graphic design for nightclubs – is the clubbing world a big part of your life? How does it inform your work?

It has a big influence in my work, yes. I went clubbing a lot, especially during my first years in Berlin. It’s what happens here. In Frankfurt, where I come from, I never found parties like the ones I enjoyed later in other cities.  I got to know many different kinds of people going out in Berlin, and with some I am still connected. When I first met them, I never suspected that it would lead to very nice collaborations later, like record covers and club posters. The scene is full of talented people from the creative business – and it’s not all lost on the dancefloor. Sure enough, I love dancing and going out. It’s a part of life in Berlin.

What does your queer utopia look like?

Queer utopia ? It depends from where you start. From outside: for sure, more love and tolerance. And from inside – for the scene itself: less narcissism, more activism!

Any exciting project in the pipeline you can let us in on?

My biggest project at the moment is to follow my own art, next to my regular jobs. I just had my first solo exhibition in Hamburg, which was a very nice experience, but in very busy periods like those, I miss sometimes the energy and time to work on my own stuff. And it’s from these self-initiated projects I draw the material that I use in my other work, especially in club posters which depend so much on the visual. Free artworks need their own process, and usually jobs don’t give you the time for this. So it’s important for me to be connected with myself like this too.

Check out Benedikt’s artwork for Homodrop, and join us on the next party on Saturday 4 November from 9pm-4am at Dalston Superstore!

Kiwi and Nina Nana

By Florian Dovillez

Our favourite happy-go-lucky homodisco Homodrop returns to Superstore this Saturday with a special appearance from London based DJ, producer and genre-defying wunderkind Kiwi (Disco HalalFuture Boogie)! Joining him is the queen of the queer scene in Geneva, Nina Nana who is known for DJ sets which branch into the world of drag performance and span disco, italo, boogie and beyond! We caught up with them to get a forecast of what to expect at Homodrop!

Describe in one image your vision of the party.

Divine, Grace, Jones, and friends (Photo by Ron Galella/WireImage)

Nina Nana: 


Describe with one track your vision of party.

Kiwi: This one’s much harder, because i can’t think of a track that really sums up everything a party can be. But this ones been doing the business recently, pitched own of course.

Nina Nana: 


Queen or queer?

Kiwi: Queen

Nina Nana: Queen of queer!

Are they any exciting future projects for you that you can share with us?

Kiwi: So many! Releasing tonnes of music this year, on some of my favourite labels including Life and Death, Disco Halal and Futureboogie, plus this one which is out soon and has a Tuff City Kids remix, and then I’m just finalising plans to launch my own label next year.

Nina Nana: This! 

What can we expect from your DJ set for Homodrop?

Kiwi: A good dose of fun, and the unexpected 😉

Nina Nana: Drag LOOKS! 

Catch Kiwi and Nina Nana at Homodrop this Saturday 2 September from 9pm-4am at Dalston Superstore! 


Throwing Shade

By Florian Dovillez


We often speak to DJs with many a plate up in the air, but I think it’s safe to say that Throwing Shade wins in the versatility category, with an MPhil in African history from Cambridge, work in human rights law, a Black Belt in Karate as well as being a beyond-talented producer, DJ and NTS Radio host. The latter gig has had her placed on our radar for years now, and we are so thrilled that we’ll finally get to experience her sonic mastery at the latest edition of Homodrop! Promoter Florian Dovillez AKA Cheriii caught up with the London music doyenne to find out what she has in store for us at her upcoming Dalston Superstore debut!

The best club or festival you’ve been in your all life?

Worldwide Festival in the south of France! 

Tell us about your NTS show! How did it happen? 

I’ve been doing my NTS show for four years now… quite a long time! I like to play loads of different music and field recordings from all around the world. No boundaries. 

You are perform live as well, and produce. Any releases coming up soon?

I’m currently in the studio working on my next record which is going to be my debut album…. it’s hard work but it’s fun, and I’m hoping to get it finished in the next few months. 

What are your inspirations in your everyday life ?

Just watching London life go by, paying attention to everything around me. 

Give us two tracks you are sure you’re going to play at HOMODROP!

Hmmm. I’ll probably play a Mehmet Aslan Disco Halal remix, and also a good acid house tune by Kerri Chandler

What are your favourite tracks at the moment?

At the moment I’m listening to Black Focus, the album by Yussef Kamaal which came out last year, ON REPEAT! The whole record is so incredible. 

Catch Throwing Shade at Homodrop on Saturday 1 July from 9pm-4am at Dalston Superstore!



By Florian Dovillez

For the latest edition of banging gay bash Homodrop, promoter Florian Dovillez AKA Cheriii invites Parisian big guns Abajour for their lazer basement debut! The duo have shot to cult status after closing the Cocktail D’Amore main room with cosmic marathon eight hour sets. No stranger to throwing their own parties, their Berlinons Paris nights have grown from small illegal parties to legendary full-throttle raves, and we can’t wait to see what they bring this Saturday! 

The last track you played at Cocktail D’Amore in Berlin?

Yello – Lost Again (Extended Dance Version)

Your BEST producer and why?

Considering the fact that we are playing many different styles there are a lot of producers that are important for us. At the moment we are particularly into DJ Sotofett. The quality and the creativity of his productions are simply incredible.

How and when did your party BERLINONS PARIS start?

It all started with small illegal private parties we threw for our friends at different spots around Paris. It was a way to express our vision of how we wanted a party to be like. Several friends joined us to form the [BP] crew  and we continued to organise more parties that grew bigger and bigger while keeping the same objective.

Berlin or Paris??

They are two very different cities and we love them both and wouldn’t like to have to choose!

The club / place you would LOVE to play ?

To be honest the last eight hour closing sets we did at CockTail D’Amore at Griessmühle in Berlin were particularly intense. The crazy energy of this party perfectly suits our sound. We are fully satisfied knowing that we will play there again in August.

Tell us 2 tracks you’re sure you gonna play at Homodrop!

We never really plan which songs are gonna be played, yet these two are good candidates for Homodrop:

D’Marc Cantu – Hungry for People


A Split Second – On Command

Catch Abajour at Homodrop this Saturday 6 May from 9pm-4am at Dalston Superstore!


One of Dalston Superstore’s most influential party institutions in recent memory is no doubt Florian Dovillez’s Homodrop. Over the past two years the promoter and DJ has welcomed a veritable who’s who of house and techno artists from the UK, Europe and beyond to repeatedly blow the lid clean off our lazerpit. This month sees the celebration of two years of brilliant parties, and for the special occasion, Florian has called in crowd favourite Heretic to return for a thumping basement sweat sesh. We sat down with the prolific DJ and producer to find out what makes him tick, and what he has up his sleeve for the birthday this Saturday!

Hi Heretic! We’re super excited to have you play at Dalston Superstore! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hello, I’m Tim! Producer of electronic tomfoolery, DJ of very special interest music & I’m based in the artistically ever-declining / property developer utopia that is East London.

If you had to trace your DJ career back to one track that started it all, what would it be?

Well, I never really set out to be a DJ. Eskimo Twins, of which I am one half, started life as a live band but our manager made us learn to DJ. So that was actually the impetus to start playing records at people, but one track the we’d always shoe-horn into every set in the early days was Aspic by SMD. It still holds some pretty special memories, having played it at thousands of people, and at empty rooms.

What is the weirdest/best place you’ve ever played?

Played in an ex-army tank sprayed gold once at Secret Garden party once, that was a bit weird.

You recently remixed Andrew Weatherall’s Frankfurt Advice, how did you guys come to be working together?

I first met Andrew when we played with him at Slide in Brixton a couple of years ago. He opened by giving us a salute for a remix we’d just done and we’ve sort of stayed friends ever since. He did a remix of my track Pollux last year and it was an absolute honour to return the favour for him this year.

If you could pick any other artist, alive or dead, to collaborate with, who would it be?

With 2016 being the utterly shit year that it has been, I suppose I have a wider pool of dead geniuses to choose from.. I’ll go with George Martin though, my Beatles obsession is where my love of music started I think.

If you had a time machine and could go dancing anywhere/when, where would you go?

I’d love to go & check out The Dancing Plague of 1518 in Strasbourg. No one can say for sure why it happened, but the most likely cause was ergot fungi, which probably grew on their bread. It has a very similar makeup to LSD, so everyone was off their tits dancing maniacally. Sounds like a decent rave to me.

I think that might just be the most original answer we’ve ever had to that question!! What is your go-to track to rescue a waning dance floor?

Currently, I’d go with Dance.. While The Record Spins by Kornel Kovacs, it’s a groovy beast.

Favourite track of the year?

That’s really tough, there’s been such a monumental amount of great music out this year, so I’m not going to overthink this one. First one that comes to mind is Black Sands by Mikron. Belter.

Can you let us in on any plans you have in the pipeline for 2017?

Sure, I’m actually going to try and slow down on the release front in 2017. I feel the last 12 months have been a bit of an overkill with the amount of records I’ve put out and I’m keen to put more time and energy into my live show. So, I’ve currently only got one EP lined up in 2017 for the chaps at Ransom Note Records, and I’ll probably only do another two after that next year. I’ll have my head down, making the live show as good as it can be.

Can you give us a hint of what you have in store for Homodrop’s Second Birthday?

At this point, I honestly have no idea! I’ve played Homodrop a couple of times so I know what the vibe is likely to be, but you never know. I’ll take my ‘The Very Best of Drive Time: 40 Driving Classics & Feel Good Anthems’ CD along, but we’ll see where the night goes…

Catch Heretic at Homodrop’s Second Birthday this Saturday 5 November from 9pm-4am at Dalston Superstore!



French producer and DJ Kosme has developed a cult following over the last few years, having played some of Europe’s most cutting-edge underground clubs as well as huge festival dates. Between gigs, he has established the famed Cosmic Adventure club night at Le Sucre, which has seen guests ranging from Theo Parish and Mr G to Konstantin Sibold & Move D. Ahead of his Dalston Superstore debut for Homodrop, promoter Florian Dovillez caught up with him to chat Boiler Room favourites, dream parties and plans for 2016!


HOMODROP is so glad to have you on board for your first gig in London. Tell us which track you really want to play during the night?

For sure some terrible disco classics like this :)

Who is your currently favourite English producer ?

Matthew Herbert, eternal source of inspiration

You’ve played two times already for Boiler Room. The first time before TALE of US, and the second one in 2015 before Laurent Garnier. Now you are playing in Dalston where Boiler Room was been created… Can you give us two tracks you played from those two sets? 

Donnie Mark – Stand Up For The Soul Grand Club Mix

Konstantin Sibold – Mutter

For New Year’s Eve, you played to the temple of techno, Berghain/Panorama Bar. Tell us the most intense memory from your set.

A friend that I have not seen for ten years cried with pleasure at seeing me playing & happy with other people. Friendship is very important for me.

What is the most precious record in your vinyl collection?

All of my records are precious for me, each one is a part of my life. 

If you have a time machine and could visit any dance floor / anywhere, where would you like to dance?

Paradise Garage

Can we expect new Kosme tracks on a new label soon ?

I will soon release on Concrete music, the label arm of famed Paris club Concrete.

Catch Kosme at Homodrop on Saturday 5 March at Dalston Superstore from 9pm-5am. 



By Florian Dovillez

Homodrop are thrilled to be welcoming Parisian DJ, producer and general super-babe Chloé (Bpitch Control, Kill the DJ) for the next instalment of their loved-up homodisco. Between releasing killer LPs, playing at her Rex Club residency in Paris, and DJ spots all over the world, we caught up to chat precious records, plans for 2016 and what to expect at Homodrop!

Hi Chloe, we can’t wait to have you back at Superstore! First of all, who is currently your favourite English producer?

At the moment I’m into Jamie XX. I really respect him as a producer – he has the talent to make a good mixture of multiple genders. I really like the production on The XX too.

What is the most precious record in your vinyl collection? of them all ?

I am very attached to all my vinyl collections – music that goes from classical music to 60’s/70’s jazz, 80’s punk rock bands, 90’s electronic, 2000 electroclash-whatever, 2005 minimal etc etc… difficult to just pick only one of those ! 

You recently played B2B with your friend Miss Kittin. What was the best moment of the night?

At one time Kittin played And I Miss You by Everything But The Girl, an edit/remix by Todd Terry. So I thought “Okay, then I can play Show Me Love by Robin S” – this old school hit from the 90’s. I have to say everyone was so happy to party, t0 just have fun – especially as it was just eight days after the Paris attacks. We really needed to be all together, and continue to do our job normally, even it was a bit difficult as we all think about the people that died there.

Homodrop is so glad to have you for the last edition of 2015! Tell us which track you really want to play during the night ?

I’d like to play one of the tracks from Markus Gibb’s new EP, out on Lumière Noire, a collection I’ve created on Kill the DJ. And I have tracks also to be coming on Lumière Noire from Moderna & Theus Mago to play for sure!

Can we expect a new album from Chloe soon ? 

Yes, I am working on it!! Hope to finish SOOOOON!!! 

Catch Chloé at Homodrop on Saturday 5 December from 9pm-5am at Dalston Superstore. 


Parisian DJ and party promoter, Babybear is a serious force to be reckoned with. Having recently welcomed house music royalty in the form of Robert Owens, Marshall Jefferson and Andy Butler to play at his party Menergy, he is fast becoming one of the front running tastemakers of the gay Paris party scene. Ahead of his appearance at the Homodrop First Anniversary bash, he caught up with us to chat Paris, parties and programming legendary club nights! 

Hi Babybear! Can you introduce yourself to us in a few sentences?

My name is Yannick Barbe, I’m 45. Actually, I’m a journalist (until recently I was the editor in chief of Têtu, the gay magazine) but I seriously started as a DJ around 2005-06. Ever since my teenage years, house music has been my passion. I was resident DJ of Yes Sir, I Can Boogie, the electro-hairy party at Les Bains (Paris). I also played in parties and venues like Beardrop, Flash Cocotte, Wanderlust, Social Club and YOYO (Palais de Tokyo). One year ago, with my friend Oscar (Wonderbear), we launched MENERGY, a gay party with one goal: to reconcile gay shirtless club goers with house music. And it’s a success.

If you could trace your love of house techno and disco down to one track, what would it be?

Donna Summer – I Feel Love (Patrick Cowley Remix). Definitely!

Your party MENERGY has welcomed major DJs such as Robert Owens, Marshall Jefferson and Andy Butler. What has been the highlight for you?

Obviously, Robert Owens because it was the premiere! Can you imagine talking to your friends about your project when having a drink, and few months later, a house music legend is in your club singing I’ll Be Your Friend?! What a blast!

How does the Paris gay party scene differ from other major cities?

Diversity is the key word – a lot of parties every week with a variety of music styles and different crowds. But we are missing one world-renowned big gay club. Venues are a major issue in Paris. We need space and freedom!

You’re taking us on a date in Paris – where are we going to eat, drink and dance?

You can start the night by having a drink at A La Folie Paris, the newly opened restaurant by Remy Baiget – also a party promoter – in the middle of la Villette park. For a delicious dinner, don’t miss the tasty grill room of Loup, a trendy restaurant with good music. Finally, check the line up of Gibus Club, newly revamped club with brand new parties: Possession, Black Out and… MENERGY of course 😉

This is Homodrop’s First Birthday – what is your favourite celebration track?

Whitney Houston – Greatest Love Of All (Club 69 Mix). So cheesy. How can one be gloomy when listening to Whitney?

What is one guilty pleasure record that people would be surprised to discover you love?

My unconditional love for French singer Véronique Sanson. The best sad songs ever.

What is one fool-proof track that always lifts the energy of the club?

KiNK vs. Marc Romboy – Over & Out. Italo-house crazy piano, infectious rhythm, sample of First Choice’s Let No Man Put Asunder, and this incredible breakbeat sequence in the middle of the track.

Describe your perfect queer party utopia.

Less misogyny in the male gay scene.

If you had a time machine and could visit any dance floor anywhere/anywhen, where would you want to go dancing? 

San Francisco. Circa 1978. Sylvester is singing on stage. And I am having fun with Al Parker, the gay porn icon. The boys in the back room laughin’ it up/Shootin’ off energy/The guys in the street talk checkin’ you out/Talkin’ ’bout Menergy.

Catch Babybear at the Homodrop First Anniversary on Saturday 3 October from 9pm-4am.

Roi Perez

Roi Perez is a DJ with one seriously impressive rap sheet. In addition to playing legendary ten-hour sets at Berghain’s Panorama Bar, the Israeli electronic music producer & DJ has spent the last couple of years jetting around Europe playing some of the biggest clubs and proving himself to be at the top of the house and techno game. Ahead of his Superstore laser basement debut this Saturday for Homodrop, we caught up to chat favourite records, marathon sets and new releases. 

Hi Roi! Can you tell us about yourself in a few sentences?

Hey ! I’ve been living in Berlin for the past two years, as a DJ, record collector, and a clubber. I’m also running the London’s Phonica Records section at The Store in Berlin. Before that I was a Tel-Aviv resident where it all started. 

What is something that would surprise us about the Tel Aviv party scene?

The scene is pretty much focused on big names worldwide rather than local DJs. I think the freedom of creativity to book whoever is more suited is important, but it’s becoming more of a fetish to glorify artists from abroad. I wish it was more supportive for local DJs/producers scene. I do think it will get there in few years. 

You are known for some seriously epic sets at Panorama Bar – what is it like playing a 10 hour set?! How do you go about it? 

I’m lucky to have Panorama Bar to allow this possibility. I prepare for the set very properly. But once it starts I get in a very specific mood and I run with it. For a set that goes for 10 hours without any breaks I’m aways surprise how it feels like 1 hour in the end. It’s fun! 

If you had access to a time machine and could visit any dance floor anywhere/anywhen, where would want to go dancing?

I’d have loved to go to an early David Mancozu’s Loft Party. When I was in NYC two years ago I went  to one to check it out. I loved it! It felt like everyone there was on mushrooms. 

What is the first record that got you into house and techno?

I really don’t remember, probably it was a Larry Heard album.

What is one record you like to throw in as a curveball to keep people on their toes and why?

Matrixxman – 808 state of mind. 
It might sounds like just a decent good track but I’ve tried it many times, it’s a dance floor slow killer!

What is your favourite release of 2015 so far?

 It just been out this month and it’s kinda hit material but Heaven’s Vape by STL (Smallville records)

Join Roi Perez this Saturday 1 August for Homodrop at Dalston Superstore from 9pm-3am

Alex Smoke

Rising Glaswegian techno star Alex Smoke joins us in the laser pit this Saturday for a very special LIVE set for Homodrop! Having released techno and electronica records as early as 2002s on labels like Soma and more recently Optimo, Alex has since turned his hand to composing scores for television. Ahead of the party, Homodrop caught up with the Scottish producer to find out more about what we can expect this weekend…

By Homodrop

You come from Glasgow, where the club culture is intense, what do you think about the club culture in the UK these days?

Truthfully I have to be honest and say that I can no longer speak for people who are driving club culture as I don’t go clubbing nearly as much these days and play less too, but there are trends that I notice from a distance. The undergound is still there but the commercial pressures are huge, and the hype and front seem to matter as much as the music. Some of the innocence has been lost and that’s a shame. Having said that, there is more great music than ever, and younger and younger producers pushing their own sounds and that is great. The occasions when nights have that magic reminds you what club culture is all about, and that it is still there.

Could you explain why our Homodropers might be so excited to see you playing at  Dalston Superstore? 

I’ve always been popular with the deaf, so I imagine you have a large following who are hard of hearing. Ho ho. Seriously, if that is true, then that’s very nice to hear. Maybe because I tend to play the same few venues in London these days such as Fabric, which only caters to a certain cross-section of clubbers. I’m really happy to be playing in a small intimate venue though…. it suits me best.

Do you play often for gay scene? 

Not really to be honest. I am very homophobic. Just kidding of course! I have played many gay nights over the years but less so recently.

What can we expect from your live set?  

I’ll be playing extra well. That’s the main thing. I like to keep it very dancefloor focused but also interesting and varied. Sets which don’t move in style or emotion become boring unless you’re out of your banger, so I’ll be catering to the full range of intoxication. Technically, it’s melodic techno and rave-wonk on a laptop, pieced together as I go along and accompanied with a drum machine and possibly some singing…..

You recently released the score for the BBC’s Order & Disorder series under your real name Alex Menzies, how come? 

In recent years I’ve been working more on scoring and composition as that is probably where I’m headed, and I got the chance to score this physics series. It’s such a different outlook from club music, but it’s what I enjoy most. It got picked up by Kathexis for release on vinyl and I’m really glad actually as otherwise it’s restricted to the tv and I think it stands alone as music too.

Any new projects? 

Yup, some more Wraetlic material (weird vocal songs) later in the year on Huntleys + Palmers, another BBC score release on Kathexis, a possible Alex Smoke album this year and a large scale psycho-acoustic installation in Glasgow Cathedral in November designed to melt brains.

Join Alex Smoke this Saturday 6th June for Homodrop at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 3am.

Matt Walsh

For this Good Friday late-night fun, Homodrop brings not only the legendary Ivan Smagghe to the Superstore basement, but also long-time local hero Matt Walsh! Since supporting Tiga at Shoreditch’s much-missed T-Bar in 2007, Matt has carved out a space within London’s ever-changing nightlife for himself, from the forefront of the electroclash movement, to becoming a resident at the seminal Bugged Out nights, to founding his own label Clouded Vision. Ahead of the party we posed a few questions to find out what we can expect…

If you had a time machine and could visit any dance floor from your own past, where would you go dancing and why?

I first started going out to house clubs at university, prior to that I was pretty much an indie kid, but the first few nights that I really loved were at The Bomb in Nottingham. I went every Saturday throughout my first year at university. Craig Richards and Lee Burridge used to do their Tyrant night there once a month.

What’s one Bugged Out moment you’ll treasure forever? 

Playing the last set and the last record at the last Bugged Out at The End. I was lucky enough to play there quite a few times and even now with lots of new London clubs opening, the main room can still not be beaten for sound quality and the reaction you got from being in the centre of the room.  This was my last track…

Okay predication time… seeing as you saw it all the first time round, and all things in life (especially fashion and music) tend to be cyclic… how long do you think we’ve got before a proper electroclash revival? 

I think there already has been one to some extent, with labels like Clouded Vision, Phantasy, Correspondant, Cómeme, DOBW etc doing so well. It’s just a shame that the fashion part of it hasn’t been revived. Clubbing is missing that element now and there is so much great music around, techno especially, but there is a distinct lack in people making an effort to look different when they go out.

What is one defunct night/nightclub you’d happily resurrect? 

There was so many great nights in the early Electroclash era, I had just moved to London and went out five nights a week – Trash on Mondays, White Heat on Tuesdays, Nag on Wednesdays, and Fabric, Our Disco, Sonic Mook, Flesh and Return to New York at the weekend….

The one nightclub that has a special place in my heart is T bar, for a number of reasons, as well as being my first real London gig when I moved to Shoreditch 10 years ago.

Who is someone in dance music you find really inspiring (and not just in a like-their-music kinda way) and what is it about them that makes them so inspiring to you? –

Michael Mayer – For his love and knowledge of music, ability to stay on point without really changing his style and for the best dance label of this generation.

Where did the name for your production alias and label, Clouded Vision, come from? 

It was Steve Cook, my production partner at the time, that came up with it while we were in the studio working on our early tracks.  He is making some great stuff alone now and has so many records about to come out.  This one was released last month on Tsuba…

What’s one thing that has surprised you about running your own label? 

No surprises to be honest, but I do find that most people are surprised when you tell them that you can’t make any money from doing it!

You’re no stranger to Dalston basements… why are you looking forward to playing ours? 

Playing alongside Ivan is always fun and inspiring.  He is one of the best out there and to play in a tiny basement together will mean we can push the boundaries a lot more than in a large club environment.

Finally, tell us a dance floor banger lurking in your record bag ready for Good Friday’s Homodrop party…

I cant get enough of Factory Floor’s remixes at the moment and Gabe from the band has just made a killer solo EP on Drone (Richard Fearless’s label). Both of these are killer…

Join Matt Walsh this Good Friday 3rd April for Homodrop at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 4am.


This Saturday we welcome back Homodrop to Dalston Superstore with Hackney Wick based party and label Colors ldn as special guest stars in the basement. Ahead of all the fun we caught up with the brains behind Homodrop, Mister Florian Dovillez to find out a bit more about him and what we can expect from his parties this year…!  

What is the ethos behind Homodrop?
Subtlety is the conductor of this party… And it’s a very mixed party, where everybody is socialising together and dancing! It’s why I used the word DROP! Just a DROP of everything to make it full of happiness!
What’s been a standout moment from a previous party you’ve held?

At the end of two first parties it was amazing to see people staying till the last track, hands and the air, screaming, dancing!

Justin Robertson at Homodrop

And I remember  when I saw girls and guys  at the last party with faces full of make up and paint on them (done during the night by our artist Loulou Reloulou).
What do you do in your real life and how did you come to put on parties?

I’m session stylist. I work on editorials, commercial TV or shows.

And I’ve been going out from last 12 years now. So I’ve been to a lot of parties in so many different clubs, festivals and countries hahaha! Now I want to create my own party.
Why have you chosen to bring Colors LDN to the Superstore basement this weekend?
I met Colors team 2 years ago, when they first launched their party. Colors was not a big party at that time… I remember it was close to London field, in a basement, on a Sunday evening during summer. 
AMAZING music and happy people! They are very talented and have done amazing showcases in Berlin and Barcelona (for Sonar festival), they created their label, and are working with good producers/remixers like Ivan Smagghe.
Hot guys at Homodrop
What one track sums up a night at Homodrop?
Here are two of my favourites ones…


If you had a time machine and could visit any dancefloor anywhere/anywhen, where would you want to go dancing?

Oh dear, a lot of places. Maybe Studio 54 for the craziness, and dancing with amazing voguing dancers. In Detroit as well in the ’80s (I’m a big big fan of Detroit techno). Palace in Paris for sure! Maybe back to Le Pulp in Paris (10 years ago) and DV1 (in Lyon, where I’m from), both of them had amazing line-ups.

The visuals for Homodrop are always really striking- who are some of the artists you work with?

I love working with LOULOU RELOULOU (she designed the toilet murals at Superstore). She is so creative and very colourful! For this Saturday, Alessandro Monaco is our VJ, and I’m directing the new video teaser for the April party, which we are filming this week.

Loulou Reloulou at Homodrop

Your next party (after this one of course!!) is over Easter bank holiday! What can we expect?

A lot of surprises! And a very good guest haha!

And of course HAPPINESS! 
Join Florian this Saturday 7th February for Homodrop at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 4am.
Buy earlybird tickets for Homodrop here :