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Goodbye Hot Boy Dancing Spot

By Jonjo Jury & Hello Mozart

There have been so many amazing parties that we have such fond memories of. When we started at the opening of Dalston Superstore when it was still under construction, with dust rubble and hard hats everywhere with no air con.


Another was when we did a Hot Boy Dancing Spot Spanish tour when we did Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia in one weekend. Well, let’s just say things got more than a little messy and boys were the order of the day and the dressing rooms were taken full advantage of…….!

And let’s not forget the controversy when we held a party for photographer Brett Lloyd where he announced “boys not bears” door code – uproar in the community! Haha.

Things got Totally Fucked Up with our warehouse party for director Gregg Araki and promo director David Wilson who took us to a heightened state of consciousness with his visuals. 

To be honest, Hot Boy wouldn’t have been the same without all our amazing guests including Daniel Avery, Morgan Hammer, Headman, Hot Chip DJs, Rory Phillips, Little Boots, Kiwi, Josh Caffe, Hannah Holland, We Have Band, Rod Thomas (aka Bright Light Bright Light), Teeth!!!, Justin Robertson, Drums Of Death, Silver Columns, Mighty Mouse and we want to thank Dalston Superstore for all the love and support over the years xxx



Pional – Invisible Amenaza 

Miss Kitten – Cosmic Love Radiation (Acid Washed & La Mverte remix) 

Klein & MBO – Dirty Talk 

 Jimmy Edgar – This One’s For The Children

 C.A.R. – Idle Eyes (Roman Flügel remix)

Robyn – Dancing On My Own (Rex The Dog remix)

New Build – False Thing 

 Abba – Midnight Mouse (Mighty Mouse rework)

Glass Candy – Life After Sundown 

 Nine Inch Nails – Closer

Nine Inch Nails: Closer (Uncensored) (1994) from Nine Inch Nails on Vimeo.

Join Jonjo Jury and Hello Mozart for the LAST EVER HOT BOY DANCING SPOT this Saturday 4th April at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 4am. 

Andy Butler’s Record Box

This Saturday Andy Butler of Hercules and Love Affair returns to Superstore for another showcase from his celebrated record label mr intl. Joining him in the laser basement will be Sasa of In Flagranti, whilst upstairs it’s a Hot Boy Dancing Spot situational takeover! Ahead of the party Dan Beaumont took a peek through Andy’s record box…

A record that reminds you of when you first started travelling the world with Hercules and Love Affair…

Paradise’s Deep Groove – I Love How You Make Me Feel – I had already been revisiting eerie house land, as the last tracks made before my first album came out were Classique and Roar, so that was the frame of mind I was in- “big deep eerie murky trance house”.

A Hercules and Love Affair record that gives you the most feelings…

The one that pops to mind is 5:43 To Freedom from the last album because I always give some kind of a (hopefully) rousing speech about individuality, gender, belonging, love or something to the audience. I dont think they can really ever truly hear what I am saying but I know it works when I get all crazy emotional, and the others on stage do too.

A record that inspired you to start a band…

Massive Attack – Blue Lines

It was the project I was most inspired by in terms of what a band would look like. It had a collective thing about it, which made it feel bigger than a band. It was heavy on the sadness and the boogie. 

A song whose lyrics could be about your life…

Blind by Hercules and Love Affair

I don’t know for some reason it really speaks to me.

Ha no really, maybe something from the Magnetic Fields, like Papa Was a Rodeo.  That whole “love me but don’t” kind of thing Stephen Merrit has going on is highly relatable to me. 

A record you wish you had made…

ABBA – Dancing Queen

I just want to be dancing in the studio and watching them sing it. 

A record that reminds you of coming out…

Ministry – Stigmata  

I had a pretty angry coming out.  I loved the “fuck everyone” rant at the end of the live version from In Case You Didn’t Feel Like Showing Up Live.

A London record…

The Orb – Little Fluffy Clouds

I first went to London in 1992 as a 15 year old, and trancey ambient house as well as that early”progressive” house ala Deconstruction records played a lot at the time in Soho.  I latched onto to this groovy mellow dance track though, and it has inspired me since. 

A song you can’t listen to because it makes you too sad…


Bring it on!

A record that tales you back to the best NYC dancefloors…

The Word Is Love by Silk Hurley

Body and Soul anthem through and through, and it was relentlessly played for months, maybe a year even each week. And I danced every time.

A Secret DJ weapon…

Doris D and The Pins – Shine Up

Camp as fuck and it gets the nerdiest of heads into it. Kind of like a Dutch druggier ABBA.

Your favourite power ballad…

Take My Breath Away by Berlin

I was so overly sensitive as a child, before Ministry entered into my life, that I would cry when I would hear this. Wow.

A song that reminds you of growing up…

Uh that has not happened yet.

Join Andy this Saturday 7th March for mr intl at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 3am.

Photo credit: Alexander Nussbaume

Morgan Hammer

Saturday sees French DJ and producer Morgan Hammer in the basement for Hot Boy Dancing Spot! Part of the Relish Recordings family, the Barcelona based Morgan has been steadily releasing records an growing in popularity. With a track recently included on the latest compilation for cult Paris shop Collette, and more on the way, she’s one to watch out for. Ahead of the party, we caught up with her to ask a few question…

You’ve released on Matt Walsh’s label Clouded Vision, Relish, among others… what other labels would be a dream come true to release your records on?

There are a lot of labels where I would like to work with, but for now I will say Kill The DJ and Ivan’s new label Les Disques De La Mort. I also would love to do some music for Kompakt or Speicher as they have been my first big love since I started DJing.  

What came first- DJing or producing? What feels more comfortable for you?

First I started producing, and a short time after I did my first mixes. I love doing both; the more I play music the more I love DJing and it’s absolutely the same with producing. I need both to have a balanced mind.

We hear you’re a bit of a cold wave fan- what’s your ultimate cold wave track that you could actually get away with playing out?

Recently I’ve become a fan of Makina GirGir, a Parisian artist from La Forme Lente Records. This track is one of my favourites.

What’s currently on repeat on your ipod?

La Mverte new releases on Her Majesty’s Ship, some Timothy J Fairplay’s mixes, a lot of music from La Forme Lente, Mannequin Records or Domestica, also some of Yesco and Lokier tracks, but also a lot of classical like Johannes Brahms, Franz Liszt, Bach…

If you had a time machine to visit any dancefloor anywhere/anywhen, where would you go?

I think I would go to see Joy Division and Happy Mondays at The Factory in Manchester and finish completely drunk in a big endless after hour. 

You joined the Spun Out roster last year alongside the likes of Ivan Smagghe, Andrew Weatherall, Optimo, Psychemagik- it kinda feels like exactly the right home for you! Have those artists been much of an influence since joining?

Spun Out artists always have been a big influence for me since I started DJing, I’ll always remember the first time I saw Ivan Smagghe playing in Montpellier when I was nearly 18, It was such a revelation for me. Andrew’s music, Ewan Pearson, Justus are also big examples to me. 

What was the last book you read?

I’m now finishing Headed For The Blues by Josef Skvorecky.

You’ve got a new track on the latest Collette compilation, can you tell us how that came about and what is next for Morgan Hammer?

Colette’s team wrote me a few months ago to know if I would be interested on making a track for their St Valentines Compilation. It was such  great news for me because I’ve always dreamed about working with them.

Now I’m finishing my EP for Relish Recordings which is gonna be out around March/April. I also have an EP due with TheFkClub which is coming out next month on Astrolab Recordings, after that I would like to work on my first album.

Join Morgan Hammer this Saturday for Hot Boy Dancing Spot at Dalston Superstore from 9pm -3am.

Photo credit: David Imbërnon


Hot Boy Dancing Spot returns this Saturday with special guest Baio in tow. Acclaimed producer and DJ, he also lives as a double life as the bassist for popular indie rock band Vampire Weekend. We caught up with him ahead of the party to quiz him on weird instruments, famous family, LGBT politics and more!

What’s the best and worst thing about being a musician in Brooklyn?

I just moved from Brooklyn to London, so right now I spend a lot more time thinking about the good things than the bad. It was nice to have so many musician friends in a relatively small area and bumping into someone and grabbing a drink was always a pleasant surprise. The worst thing for me, as someone who tends to sweat rather easily, is that dirty NY summertime heat.

How did it feel garnering such high praise from Resident Advisor for your track Sunburn Modern?

I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty happy about that. Getting good reviews in dance music press has been encouraging as I imagine some people in that world would feel cynical about me, with my background, making tracks. That said, if it were a bad review it would not have changed the way I felt about my first EP, which I’m still psyched on and proud of.

Which version do you prefer? Your own or Session Victim’s?

Unfair question! I think they serve different purposes in a set and I often play them both out. SV’s version is darker and deeper and it always goes down well. I never would’ve thought to take the track into that direction. I’ve also become a pretty big fan of their stuff over the past year so in general I’m psyched they took on my track and did something unique with it.

You seem to have pretty eclectic taste- what were the last few records you hunted down?

Last time I went record shopping was at Kompakt while on tour in Cologne and I bought a bunch of white label stuff and some edits… a bunch of records from Love Edits and Editainment. All my gear just arrived here from America so I’m spending the next few days setting up my home studio, I’ll probably hit Phonica in the next few days to pick up some more new stuff.

Which artists and labels are getting you excited at the moment?

Been really into Delusions of Grandeur and their monthly podcast at the moment, Cómeme is consistently putting out really fun and weird stuff and I always like everything on Running Back.

How did you find out you’re related to Steve Buscemi?

So as well as being a DJ and a producer, you’re also the bassist in indie rock band Vampire Weekend and you score film soundtracks…what else do you turn your hand to creatively?

Right now most of my projects are musical. Backstage in San Francisco the other day I sewed the collar on this red jacket to look different & found that I really enjoyed the process. Maybe I’ll get really into knitting in my advanced 20’s.

What’s one instrument you wish you could play or have always been intrigued by?

The duduk. It’s an Armenian instrument I wrote a paper on back in college. I found the history of the instrument pretty fascinating and it has a cool tone.

As someone who majored in Russian Studies, what’s your take on the recent anti-LGBT controversies? 

I find it distressing, especially as the Duma voted unanimously in favor of the law, which means it’s not just the views and work of a few people in power. It’s widespread and deep-seated.

I try to think back to the people I’ve known in Russia from spending time there in 2006 and last year, and they’re all open-minded kind people who are embarrassed by their government. While young people in the major metropolitan areas of St. Petersburg and Moscow are just a fraction of Russia’s population, they give me some hope for the future. But yeah, these laws are immensely fucked up.

For some further reading I’d recommend this article a friend wrote.

What is your favourite dancefloor in the world?

Some favourite places I’ve played are Pratersauna in Vienna, U Street Music Hall in DC, Monarch in San Francisco and Farbfernseher in Berlin. Heard good things about Dalston Superstore so I have high hopes for Saturday!

Join Baio at Hot Boy Dancing Spot this Saturday 24th August from 9pm – 4am.

Photo Credit: Thom Kaine

Borja Vs Jonjo

By Borja Peña

I have been following Hot Boy Dancing Spot’s The Lovely Jonjo since he used to play at Trash on Mondays at the sadly now gone club The End. I remember it like it was yesterday, his sets were always so unexpected, from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs to Kraftwerk; you couldn’t help but turn your head to the booth and wonder who was this DJ with blonde curls…. 

Well, almost ten years later I have finally booked him to play at B(e)ast and I couldn’t be more excited, but before the party on Saturday 1st of June, let’s find out more about Mr. Jonjo while we enjoy some sangrias in sunny Barcelona just in time for Primavera Sound…

Hey Jonjo, Primavera always has the reputation to book these bands that are largely unknown to the general public and then a year later everybody is talking about them… who are you looking forward to seeing the most at this festival, who do you think is the underdog?

Two bands that have really dividing people at the mo are The Knife and Savages, I have seen both but can’t wait to see them again. Saw Veronica Falls last night, proper British band; the drummer is amazing. Other bands I’m looking forward to, apart from Blur and Phoenix (swooon), are Tame Impala and Death Grips.

Amazing I really hope you make them part of your set!

I remember hearing you playing with Erol Alkan at Trash in the now disappeared The End. What are the clubs you miss the most in London and why?

God there are so many clubs that are no longer around that formed my teenage ears. Smashing at The Eve Club, Turnmills for Heavenly Social and of course Trade, Bagleys, and I used to love The Leisure Lounge when Popstars was there.

Your club Hot Boy Dancing Spot is now an institution, but if we talk about actual hot boys… who is your ultimate hottie?

Movie stars or pop stars don’t really do it for me. Lots of cute boys walking around here in Barcelona but the boy I’m seeing really is the hottest in my eyes hehe.

I’ve seen you play at some crazy nights… and days… but what is the weirdest thing that has happened to you while playing?

God so many weird things, a man got a bit gropey in Tel Aviv, a little bit forward. Apart from that just odd requests, Geri Haliwell asking for “black music” springs to mind, silly cow, Prince was playing.

You play so many styles but if you had to do a back to back and you could choose any DJ who would that be and what would be the track would you start your set with?

Apart from you Borja you mean hahaha! I’m a huge fan of KiNK and would love to be on same bill as him let alone back2back. I would probs open with anything by Daniel Maloso, all of his releases drive me crazy.

It was so great working in the studio with you and Tom Stephan and I love playing the track we made together! Are you working on other tracks at the moment?

I know right! So much fun working with you and Tom, our track The Birds goes mental on dancefloor. I just finished a edit for Moonlight Matters as well.

And totally random I know but… If you were a B(e)ast… which one would you be and why?

I know it’s a little Miss World but I would have to say a dolphin. Sunny sunny and smiley.

Join Borja and Jonjo in the basement at B(e)ast on Saturday 1st June from 9pm – 3am at Dalston Superstore.

Mighty Mouse

Tomorrow night sees disco and re-edit aficionado Mighty Mouse take to the laser basement for a Friday night edition of Hot Boy Dancing Spot! He’ll be joined by Hot Boy residents The Lovely Jonjo and Hello Mozart whilst those crazy Grizzle Gurls will be taking over the top bar with their very own version of Hot Slut Dancing Spot Extravaganza.

With a new side project with Van She singer Matt Van Schie in progress and a brand new volume of his acclaimed Disco Circus compilation fresh out, we decided it was high time to catch up with Mighty Mouse himself and find out about all that and more ahead of tomorrow night’s party…

Why are you so excited to be playing at Superstore for Hot Boy Dancing Spot?

I first went to Dalston Superstore when the Magician played with Mylo. I thought the atmosphere was amazing, the crowd was amazing and I love intimate spaces. Then someone told me they had a great night at Hot Boy Dancing Spot, so I thought, I’ve got to play there. So I’m really excited it’s happened.

Why did you chose to name yourself after the original Mighty Mouse over any other anthropomorphised mice? What makes him better?

I’ve no idea why I chose the name, I think at the time I wanted something silly and fun; I really didn’t expect to be making Mighty Mouse tunes three years later. It’s all a bit crazy. So I must have seen it somewhere and gone, “Yeah. Mighty Mouse, that’s a fun name.” It will have been a split second decision, not a lot of thought went into it.

Favourite cheese? Music and actual cheese…

Actual cheese – it changes a lot, I am a massive cheese fan though, like, I could live off cheese… Hmmm, maybe subconsciously my mind was telling me to include ‘Mouse’ in my name??? My favourite at the moment is manchego. Musically, I would say Toto – Africa…but I suppose that’s not cheese, although some people would consider it cheesy. Maybe Queen ‘Radio Ga Ga’ is a better answer. 

How did you come to collaborate with Matt Van Schie from Van She?

We met in Paris about two and half years ago, we were both playing at the Social Club. I was sat outside a cafe somewhere and these two Australians came and sat down, for some reason I decided they must be the only Australians in Paris, so I said “Are you Matt Van Schie?”, and he said “Yes”. We sat in that cafe drinking for about eight hours then went straight to the gig, it was a messy night. But we became good friends since then and had been saying we should do something together…. it just took a while.

Where did you guys get the name Du Tonc from?

It came from that night in Paris when we met, probably best Matt tells that story because it’s about him, or more what he becomes. 

We hear you just shot the latest Du Tonc video at our neighbours Vogue Fabrics. Can you tell us more about it?

Yes! Super excited about this. Simon Savory has done it, he had just finished a film and wanted to put the Du Tonc single (Darkness) in it. Then he asked if we had a video. We saw his script and were sold, he’s a really talented and lovely guy, it should be ready in a few weeks… I think there are like 40 or 50 people in it. Should be quite mental. 

Du Tonc - Darkness Music Video

What’s your favourite re-edit you’ve ever done and one you wish you’d done?

My favorite I’ve done is Prince – Controversy, it works every time on the dancefloor. One I’d wish I’d done? No idea to be honest, I make so many myself to play out, I probably make ones other people have done. Nothing springs to mind though. I don’t actively seek out other peoples edits, but get some cool ones I play. 

Have there been any tracks you’ve found to be uneditable or just too sacred to touch?

Oh god yes, loads – normally because I can’t make them sound as good as the original, the magic just isn’t there – or they start sounding too much like a house track with a disco sample in it. I’d love to do Chris Rea – Josaphine and TOTO – Africa, but I just can’t bring myself to touch them. 

This month sees the release of your latest compilation Disco Circus- what track are you most pleased about securing for it?

I’m really happy with this one, probably the most out of all of them. Track I’m most pleased to have on it is Lindstrøm – I Feel Space. One of my favourite dance tracks ever. 

And finally who is your ultimate disco hero and why?

That’s a tough one because so many have had an influence on me, but I would say Prince. I could probably do an entire evening of just Prince edits. For me he’s the perfect musician. He can play multiple instruments, write clever lyrics and hooky melodies and he’s an incredible performer. I don’t think we’ll see many of his type in the future, I hope we do though!

Join Mighty Mouse this Friday 22nd March at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 3am for Hot Boy Dancing Spot.

How The Other Half Lives

This Saturday sees two of our favourite parties come to Superstore for an excellent team-up taking place over both floors. The basement plays host to Hot Boy Dancing Spot, where special guest Rory Phillips, fresh from a US tour that even took in a celebrated Beats In Space appearance, will join residents The Lovely Jonjo and Hello Mozart. Meanwhile, upstairs, vinyl-obsessives Drop The Needle return for another journey through the depths of their record bags.

We caught up with DTN guest Goncalo Pereira aka ZNTN from record label and mixtape series How The Other Half Lives to quiz him on all things wax ahead of the party…

Why the cassette tape limitations on the HTOHL mixtapes?

As I didn’t want people to try to use obvious dance music genres or edits I thought that referring to it as a mix-tape would help to put it in perspective. No mixing and a short amount of time will make people only get their favourites and not care if a track is easily mixable or not. Also making a reference to cassettes might bring back memories of old tapes. 

Is there much, or any, crossover with tracks that feature on them, to what you play out?

Depends on the night. It’s a great way to find new tracks and I’ve had a couple residencies that worked around the same sort of music selection and mixing style, but I’m mostly booked for more of a club type of night. I do try to mix it up a bit if it’s early enough and bring some weird gems through the night but I suppose this project is an outlet for music I don’t usually play out.
Which one do you find yourself coming back to more often that not?
I try to go over all of them every now and then and my best-of keeps on changing, I think some of them take a while to get to you. I’d suggest as a starting point the mix-tapes by Ivan Smagghe, Bennedict Bull’s four part mix-tape, Romain BNO, Scott Fraser, Justin Robertson, JD Twitch…
What can we look forward to on the record label for the rest of the year?
I just released a couple weeks ago a double 12” by The Draughtsman (Alex Egan), that includes six original tracks and remixes by Cosmo Vitelli, Tim Paris, Daniel Avery and Roman Flugel.

Currently I am working on release number four which includes a new project called Herman Brahns (Unlikely and Medlar) with remixes by Scott Fraser and DMX Krew.

Plus getting back on guest mix-tapes and more of my own original material.

What’s currently on your stereo?
Currently on my stereo or piled next to it are Office Of Future Plans, The Asphodells, Iron & Wine – Kiss Each Other Clean, Yo La Tengo – Fade, Macadam Mambo 003, Anthony Naples – Moscato, Rogue Edits 003.
What’s your favourite record store ever?
Embarrassed to pick favourites but I make a weekly visit to Rough Trade for my ‘rock’ collection and to Phonica for my ‘electronic’ collection. Kristina and Sounds Of The Universe are also unmissable. Back in Lisbon I’d pick Flur as a mandatory stop.
What was the last record you bought?
You can never buy just one and you can tell how divided I feel about my collection which prompted the mix-tape project.

Last week includes Crackboy – Crackwood, Doubleheart – Roots, Brassica – Temple Fortune, Jawbreaker/Jawbox split, Husker Du – Everything Falls Apart…

Why is wax still so important?
If you’re paying for something it has to count – I completely understand the necessity for digital for it’s portability and accessibility but digital-only releases are disposable. If you’re willing to release a vinyl record or to pay for one then there’s more effort involved and that will keep the quality on another level. The records you buy on vinyl will most likely be your favourites. Plus the obvious higher quality and amazing artwork! Having said that I love when albums come with voucher for digital.


Discogs or crate digging?

I have to say it’s usually Discogs, I do some digging but mostly trying to track down records I’ve missed or are out of print. There are also a lot of American labels that I admire which don’t seem to do particularly well in the UK so it’s impossible to find them in second-hand shops.

And what’s one track we can expect to hear from you at Drop The Needle?
Can I pick two? An upper and a downer?

Fader – Fortunate Alpha

Sophie – Nothing More To Say (Jackmaster Dub)

Join Goncalo in the top bar this Saturday 23rd February for Drop The Needle. Downstairs plays host to Hot Boy Dancing Spot with special guest Rory Phillips.

Drums Of Death

Who better to headline Hot Boy Dancing Spot’s Halloween extravaganza than DRUMS OF DEATH! Some say he is a master of things that go bump in the night… Some say he is a master of all things H.O.U.S.E… Both are right! We asked him our spookiest questions and then twisted his arm with a Chinese burn until he made us this exclusive mix until we found out what’s scarier: his taste in music or his skull-face-paint!

What is the scariest record you own?

The chord changes in Art Decade on Low by David Bowie have always given me the fear and the early mad stuff by Steve Reich like Pendulum Music, while not exactly scary, I find rather unsettling.  Dance music though, no…  Even the stupid or mad stuff is still funky.

I don’t think club record is scary. some are pretty daft or funny… Like everyone else I have records that I’ve never played out.  Usually ridiculous techno that I can’t find the right time to play.

What is your idea of hell?

Pure boredom.

How does your Waves trilogy of EPs translate into the current A/V show you’re touring?

My current live show is all music from the Waves EP series and new album tracks. Music and visuals sync up and it’s a very immersive experience.  I’ll be playing some of those new things at the Halloween party.  I started off as being this raw, punky, energetic bassline and wonky house guy but I’ve really hit my stride now. My music is stripped back, I play synths live, no singing (I let others do that in the studio) and I let the music breathe. The new live show with or without the visuals is something I really proud of.  

What’s been the best show for it so far in terms of how it’s worked visually in the venue, how the crowd’s responded to it, the atmosphere…

The debut at this year’s Springfestival in Graz, Austria was amazing… it was the culmination of the all work from the start of the year and the first time seeing the whole thing in action.  Well, I didn’t actually see it as I was doing it, but my visual artists film the show and I’ve seen it. Very cool.  I’ve also done the show at Zouk in Singapore, Razzmatazz in Barcelona and other places. It’s been dope. Really a lot of fun. This is the beginning; we’ll scale it up for next summer. 

Here’s the clip of the debut show:

What’s your favourite Murk record and why?

It has to be an Oscar G solo joint. Reaching Up!  (Raw Vocal Mix) – The whole track is raw and rough… love it.

How did it feel to hear Azealia Banks’ vocal on your track?

It’s been great, she and I have been working on/off since last year and aside from the tracks on her mixtape I’m doing something on the album.  I’m working with a bunch of awesome artists right now, kind of easing into my role as a producer for other people.  I’m taking two weeks out from after Halloween to work on some new Drums Of Death album music.

Is the art of song-writing a lost art in dance music?

It depends on the song. It’s easy to load a piece of music with too much song. The key is stripping it back to the essentials. I don’t really think anyone does this well in the UK to a consistent level.  I love the Steffi record ‘Yours’, this is a prime example of pure hooky vocal and stripped back.  

What vocalist would you love to work with?

If it could be anyone from any time it would have to be those we’ve lost…  Gil Scott-Heron would be at the top of that list.

If you had a time-machine what dance floor would you visit?

I’d like to have gone to the Soundfactory or Music Box, though the privilege of hindsight means we ascribe a certain greater to value to those venues or parties but I’m not actually a retro-ist.  I think there’s so much good music now, we have better soundsystems and more expansive technology.  I love so much of house music but I don’t want to think that the best is behind us. I always want to be hit by something fresh.  Saying that, I’ll be DJing a ton of old jams at Dalston Superstore for Halloween… Ha Ha Ha.

Drums Of Death plays a DJ set at Hot Boy Dancing Spot next Saturday 27th October from 9pm – 4am with The Lovely Jonjo, Hello Mozart and a top bar takeover from Anal House Meltdown.

The Lovely Jonjo

The Lovely Jonjo joins us this Sunday for another spectacular team up with the JERK! girls for a Bank Holiday bonanza in the form of Hot Boy Carnival Jerk Spot! In the midst of rumours flying about that headliners Bicep will be taking “tops off” to its literal conclusion in the lazer basement, we thought it best to catch up with Sueprstore fave Jonjo (who also kindly provided this amazing mix to get us the mood) and find out how he earned his disco stripes, his best carnival memories and what bands are getting him all hot ‘n’ bothered at the moment…

You’re an actual Londoner! At what discos did you hang out at during your misspent youth?

I started going to a night called Smashing, an amazing night at the Eve Club on Regent Street which is no longer there. It was a proper night out where me and my girly mates would get dressed up at home. They would make a dress each week and we’d go every Friday night and feel like we missed out if we missed one. The club was a super mixed bag of people of trannies, indie kids, and pop stars like Bjork and Oasis. Pulp even filmed their Disco 2000 video down there. Matthew Glamorre, the host, got the crowd to give me birthday bumps for my 15th birthday but he kept shouting “He’s 18! He’s 18!” I used to go to Popstarz when it was at the Paradise Club in Angel and used to sneak into club Labyrnth on Dalston Lane, which had really good drum n bass nights. It was quite rough.

Pulp – Disco 2000 on MUZU.TV.>

How did you come to be involved with the George & Dragon?

Richard and Lilli, the owners, used to regularly come into a store I was a buyer for, the Japanese brand Superlovers. They’d heard I started DJing at mates’ parties and we got along really well and they asked me to DJ as one of the first weekly residents. Then I started doing the legendary Sundays, which were mental. Lots of drunken dancing on the bar.

You were resident at the legendary Trash club with Erol and Rory… What are your lasting Monday night memories?

God, so many.  Soulwax doing their remix album live was mindblowing. These New Puritans and PNAU were also amazing. It really was a family-like tight-knit atmosphere and I just have really good memories of people smiling and going crazy on the dancefloor.

What prompted you to start Hot Boy Dancing Spot?

Partly because of really good memories of Popstarz and the gay boys that were into music other than the recent chart crap, and going to mates’ nights in Berlin that had boys who liked boys but were really into music and the lack of that in London.

If Hot Boy Dancing Spot started a boy band who would be in it? (ps you have a time machine)

Jimmy Edgar, Iggy Pop back in the day, Brodinski, Gesaffelstein, Nile Rogers, and Tom Daly now that he’s 18 haha!

Which bands are getting you excited right now?

Loving Disclosure at moment and have had the Tristesse Contemporaine LP on repeat. We have When Saints Go Machine playing at Durrr next month and can’t wait to see them again. What a treat.

What is your best carnival memory?

Ooooooooh so many! My mum used to know a lot of the old Twice As Nice garage crew so I used to go plonk myself by (or on) a speaker at the KCC Sound System. I can remember one really sunny year hearing Gabriel (garage tune not Joe Goddard) for the first time, incredible.

KCC was always amazing, big smiles and never any trouble. Just shuffling along with mates dancing in the streets. London needs more of that actually.

This is not the first time we’ve had a special Hot Boy Jerkin’ Spot, why do you like teaming up with JERK!

I love those gals and the JERK! crowd are always up for it and love a wine and grind and a good sing a long. I love r’n’b and ragga but I never play it out so I’ll definitely be joining the girls upstairs for a little set this Sunday.

You’ve got purveyors of the tops off dancefloor Bicep headlining in the basement. What’s your personal tops off track?

Man2Man – Male stripper OBVS.

At the moment Róisín Murphy’s collaboration with Luca C & Brigante – Flashlight Solomun remix is driving me fucking insane.

 The Lovely Jonjo plays Hot Boy Carnival Jerkin’ Spot this Sunday 26th August from 9pm – 4:30am.

Bicep’s Top Ten “Taps Aff” Tracks

The Bicep boys join us in the basement for the evening leg of our carnival bank holiday bbq extravaganza, with a night of fist-pumpers and topless tunes at Hot Boy Carnival Jerk Spot. Whilst we’re praying for the day to be a proper sizzler as the JERK! girls are hosting an all-day BBQ of (what else!) jerk chicken served with rice n peas, delicious home-made Caribbean coleslaw, cans of Red Stripe and vodka watermelon crushed cups, we’re pretty sure Bicep are hoping for hot weather so that everyone throwing shapes to their set will also be shedding their tops! With this in mind, we asked them to tell us their top ten “taps aff” tracks for a taste of what’s to expect…

Omar-S And L’Renee – S.E.X (A.O.L Remix)

Not so subtle on  the lyrics but as the name suggests it can only mean one thing.

George Fitzgerald – Child 

Been killin it all summer, when that baseline drops people go nuts.  

PBR Streetgang – J2ThaB

Veterans to the Taps Aff scene, PBR really know how to start a party if you kick off with this you are guaranteed a topless dancefloor.

Womack & Womack – Teardrops

When you want those girls who are acting too cool for school to get involved.

Stevie Nicks – “Smiling At You” (Young Edits Going Home Version)

Fist pumpin arps… Stevie Nicks… ooooooHHH too big.

Prince – Traffic Jam (Ron Hardy mix)

Prince + Ron Hardy = perfection. 

Wired – To The Beat Of The Drum

BASSSSSSSLINE – big tune, packed fulla energy.

Brad Shitt – Casbah Breakdown

If removing peoples tops is your thang… this is your track.

Storm Queen – It Goes On

Yes, everyone knows this, but isn’t that the point of taps aff! When the second chorus drops… so does my leather waistcoat! 

Serge Santiago – Running Passions

BIG Italo inspired piano houser from the main man Serge Santiago… no video available – hunt down the wax.

[Listen to the track here on Grooveshark]

Bicep play Hot Boy Carnival Jerk Spot on Sunday 26th August from 9pm – 3am along with The Lovely Jonjo, Hello Mozart, Adam Kraft and We’re Not Cool.

Little Boots x Louie Fresco

Our friend Little Boots has just given us an exclusive remix of her track Every Night I Say A Prayer courtesy of upcoming Mexican producer, DJ and Mexa Records label boss Louie Fresco. At her DJ set at February’s Hot Boy Dancing Spot, we saw in person that she knows how to take care of dancefloor business.

In between dates of his current UK megatour, the frenetic Louie took the time to explain to us how the remix came about and how he gets his disco kicks…

What is it that attracted you to this Little Boots track?

First off, the original tune had some much good elements to work with. As soon as I heard it for the first time, the ideas started bouncing all over my screwed up head, so it was really such a joy to work with this tune.

And secondly, it’s LITTLE BOOTS, ‘nahmean? I’ve been a big a fan of her for a long time now, so for me to be asked to do a remix for her, it was A-Mazing!

Why do you like London and the UK so much?

Who said I liked the UK so much?? Whoever told you that is soooo RIGHT!

You guys have the best scene for anything related to electronic dance music. There’s so much stuff going on at the same time that sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming.

Every time I’ve been here I end up having so many epiphanies; it’s insane!

I mean, yeah, I end up doing so much “silly” stuff all the time that it makes everyday into a whole new experience. It’s brilliant!

What amazing parties and venues have you been playing at or attending during your latest visit?

Each and every one of them has it’s perks, you know? I love Brighton (Audio Brighton, DPM, etc), Leicester (onefifteen), Birmingham (IF, Zukonda, etc.), and Leeds (One Religion, Solidstate, etc).

I just went to Sheffield, for the Tramlines Festival, for the first time and it was sooo good.

London (sooo many venues!) and Tunisia (HYPE) are two of my favorite spots in the world right now.

Seeing as the track that brought you to people’s attention, So Good, sampled the late great Donna Summer, we are wondering who else are your disco idols?

The King Of Pop, Earth, Wind And Fire, Anita Ward, and Tina Turner all the way!

But my fave (don’t know if I can put him on the disco genre though) is Curtis Mayfield. LEGEND!

You’re a self-proclaimed good cook- what’s your specialty?

Cannelloni, no jokes! Basically, everything that involves pasta.

What’s next for your label Mexa Records?

We have the summer sampler coming out next month, and I couldn’t be happier with tunes we’ve just signed for this. BOMBS!

And finally, it might seem a bit obvious, but why should people support gay marriage?

Life is free, why put rules on it?

Listen to Louie Fresco via and be a fan of him on Facebook.

Darrell Berry

Some people have been part of the fabric of Dalston Superstore since the very beginning. Our friends, our DJs, our patrons. One such person is photographer Darrell Berry who was here for our launch party and has snapped the bold, beautiful and the downright trashy that have passed through our doors for the last three years. We caught up with him to talk photography styles, Superstore memories and favourite pictures…

How would you describe your photography style?

21st century nightlife meets 1940s Hollywood studio shot.

Rokk By Darrell Berry

What attracts you to club photography?

Being able to share my love of a world where endlessly creative people are making and sharing amazing new culture, whether that’s music, fashion or performance, hopefully in a way that others can see WHY that world is so amazing, even if they weren’t there or would have no real interest in that world for its own sake. Making the FEELING of a moment, one that was over in the duration of a dancefloor heartbeat, last as an image, and bringing that home so people can experience some part of that.

John Sizzle By Darrell Berry

Who are you favourite subjects at Dalston Superstore to shoot?

Ha. It’s different every night. Some nights there are people who you just know are going to do … something…  and that I’ll need to ready to capture that when it happens. That could be a look, or just a moment where everything comes together and works, and you know that feeling will translate into an image… but of course the scene superstars, like Ma Butcher, A Man To Pet, keep making an appearance in my favourites. They are truly beautiful creatures.

What’s your favourite picture you’ve ever taken here?

That’s a hard one. Probably my ‘defnitive’ Superstore shot is this one… 

Darrell Berry Photography

You’ve used that on posters and it tells the story of the upstairs bar on a big night pretty well, I think.

But there are so many others!

This one, from the pre-pre-launch party back before opening night, still makes me smile.

Darrell Berry Photography

That’s on the dancefloor downstairs. Nothing like power tools to get the party started!

But they all tell a little bit of the story… I don’t think this one’s ever been published, but it’s a favourite…

Darrell Berry Photography

You took pictures at our opening night and have been coming back ever since. What’s your favourite memory from the last three years here at Superstore?

My favourite moment was probably that pre-launch party. It was obvious even before day zero that Superstore was going to be amazing. And it was. And it still is, which is a hell of an achievement!

The Lovely Jonjo By Darrell Berry

All photography reproduced with the kind permission of Darrell Berry. For more of his photography please visit his official website or his Flickr page.