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Superstore Picks

We’re having a disco swap-shop day here at Superstore, and in the spirit of generosity we decided to extend it to all of you too! We called this weekend’s DJs to ask them what they’re playing, polled the staff and of course, demanded choice picks from the bosses too! Feel free to share your current top tunes in the comments in true swap-shop style…


DJ Rokk is really feeling this track from The Rhythm Odyssey. With its funk and soul sounds we would not be surprised if it gets an airing at Saturday’s edition of Body Talk with Digs (DiY) and Alejandro Asencio.

The Rhythm OdysseyRight On Up For Love 


Back To Back resident DJ Kezokichi will definitely be playing his choice from Click Box at tonight’s party with Bowski (Wax:On) and IDC as he *really* likes it.

Click BoxSomething’s Wrong (Madato’s Wrong Way remix)


Nic Fisher from Gutterslut heard his pick whilst at Panorama Bar last weekend when his “tranny loving, punky-chic” party was in town to play at the CTM Festival.

Róisín MurphySimulation – Mano Le Tough Remix


One half of our monthly girl-heat night JERK! Zoe tells us this has been her “Track Of The Week” for the last five weeks! 

Patrick L & DJ NibcCall Me (Mercury remix)


Superstore boss Mikki Most is looking forward to scaring ravers with this monster from KiNK at next month’s TrailerTrash Halloween party with Ivan Smagghe and Andrew Weatherall.



And the final word from Dan Beaumont is: “This is pure Chicago ghetto sleaze amazingness… a mucky disco bumper for the early hours. Will definitely be dropping this at the Nixwax party tonight in Brixton.”

Chris E PantsPass It Around

The Lovely Jonjo

The Lovely Jonjo joins us this Sunday for another spectacular team up with the JERK! girls for a Bank Holiday bonanza in the form of Hot Boy Carnival Jerk Spot! In the midst of rumours flying about that headliners Bicep will be taking “tops off” to its literal conclusion in the lazer basement, we thought it best to catch up with Sueprstore fave Jonjo (who also kindly provided this amazing mix to get us the mood) and find out how he earned his disco stripes, his best carnival memories and what bands are getting him all hot ‘n’ bothered at the moment…

You’re an actual Londoner! At what discos did you hang out at during your misspent youth?

I started going to a night called Smashing, an amazing night at the Eve Club on Regent Street which is no longer there. It was a proper night out where me and my girly mates would get dressed up at home. They would make a dress each week and we’d go every Friday night and feel like we missed out if we missed one. The club was a super mixed bag of people of trannies, indie kids, and pop stars like Bjork and Oasis. Pulp even filmed their Disco 2000 video down there. Matthew Glamorre, the host, got the crowd to give me birthday bumps for my 15th birthday but he kept shouting “He’s 18! He’s 18!” I used to go to Popstarz when it was at the Paradise Club in Angel and used to sneak into club Labyrnth on Dalston Lane, which had really good drum n bass nights. It was quite rough.

Pulp – Disco 2000 on MUZU.TV.>

How did you come to be involved with the George & Dragon?

Richard and Lilli, the owners, used to regularly come into a store I was a buyer for, the Japanese brand Superlovers. They’d heard I started DJing at mates’ parties and we got along really well and they asked me to DJ as one of the first weekly residents. Then I started doing the legendary Sundays, which were mental. Lots of drunken dancing on the bar.

You were resident at the legendary Trash club with Erol and Rory… What are your lasting Monday night memories?

God, so many.  Soulwax doing their remix album live was mindblowing. These New Puritans and PNAU were also amazing. It really was a family-like tight-knit atmosphere and I just have really good memories of people smiling and going crazy on the dancefloor.

What prompted you to start Hot Boy Dancing Spot?

Partly because of really good memories of Popstarz and the gay boys that were into music other than the recent chart crap, and going to mates’ nights in Berlin that had boys who liked boys but were really into music and the lack of that in London.

If Hot Boy Dancing Spot started a boy band who would be in it? (ps you have a time machine)

Jimmy Edgar, Iggy Pop back in the day, Brodinski, Gesaffelstein, Nile Rogers, and Tom Daly now that he’s 18 haha!

Which bands are getting you excited right now?

Loving Disclosure at moment and have had the Tristesse Contemporaine LP on repeat. We have When Saints Go Machine playing at Durrr next month and can’t wait to see them again. What a treat.

What is your best carnival memory?

Ooooooooh so many! My mum used to know a lot of the old Twice As Nice garage crew so I used to go plonk myself by (or on) a speaker at the KCC Sound System. I can remember one really sunny year hearing Gabriel (garage tune not Joe Goddard) for the first time, incredible.

KCC was always amazing, big smiles and never any trouble. Just shuffling along with mates dancing in the streets. London needs more of that actually.

This is not the first time we’ve had a special Hot Boy Jerkin’ Spot, why do you like teaming up with JERK!

I love those gals and the JERK! crowd are always up for it and love a wine and grind and a good sing a long. I love r’n’b and ragga but I never play it out so I’ll definitely be joining the girls upstairs for a little set this Sunday.

You’ve got purveyors of the tops off dancefloor Bicep headlining in the basement. What’s your personal tops off track?

Man2Man – Male stripper OBVS.

At the moment Róisín Murphy’s collaboration with Luca C & Brigante – Flashlight Solomun remix is driving me fucking insane.

 The Lovely Jonjo plays Hot Boy Carnival Jerkin’ Spot this Sunday 26th August from 9pm – 4:30am.

Bicep’s Top Ten “Taps Aff” Tracks

The Bicep boys join us in the basement for the evening leg of our carnival bank holiday bbq extravaganza, with a night of fist-pumpers and topless tunes at Hot Boy Carnival Jerk Spot. Whilst we’re praying for the day to be a proper sizzler as the JERK! girls are hosting an all-day BBQ of (what else!) jerk chicken served with rice n peas, delicious home-made Caribbean coleslaw, cans of Red Stripe and vodka watermelon crushed cups, we’re pretty sure Bicep are hoping for hot weather so that everyone throwing shapes to their set will also be shedding their tops! With this in mind, we asked them to tell us their top ten “taps aff” tracks for a taste of what’s to expect…

Omar-S And L’Renee – S.E.X (A.O.L Remix)

Not so subtle on  the lyrics but as the name suggests it can only mean one thing.

George Fitzgerald – Child 

Been killin it all summer, when that baseline drops people go nuts.  

PBR Streetgang – J2ThaB

Veterans to the Taps Aff scene, PBR really know how to start a party if you kick off with this you are guaranteed a topless dancefloor.

Womack & Womack – Teardrops

When you want those girls who are acting too cool for school to get involved.

Stevie Nicks – “Smiling At You” (Young Edits Going Home Version)

Fist pumpin arps… Stevie Nicks… ooooooHHH too big.

Prince – Traffic Jam (Ron Hardy mix)

Prince + Ron Hardy = perfection. 

Wired – To The Beat Of The Drum

BASSSSSSSLINE – big tune, packed fulla energy.

Brad Shitt – Casbah Breakdown

If removing peoples tops is your thang… this is your track.

Storm Queen – It Goes On

Yes, everyone knows this, but isn’t that the point of taps aff! When the second chorus drops… so does my leather waistcoat! 

Serge Santiago – Running Passions

BIG Italo inspired piano houser from the main man Serge Santiago… no video available – hunt down the wax.

[Listen to the track here on Grooveshark]

Bicep play Hot Boy Carnival Jerk Spot on Sunday 26th August from 9pm – 3am along with The Lovely Jonjo, Hello Mozart, Adam Kraft and We’re Not Cool.

Hannah Holland’s Jungle Anthems

Superstore fave Hannah Holland will be making a mid-week appearance next Thursday to play a rare jungle set for the girls at JERK! We caught up with the lady herself to ask her all about her musical journey through jungle- when she first heard it, what made her like it when she first started playing it and what her top jungle anthems are…

I first fell in love with jungle when I was about 13; my mates used to play pirate radio non-stop and go to raves. It was the soundtrack of the area; jump-up , dark, raw, ragga, pure energy. I went to my first rave around that time, in a leisure centre full of lazers, white gloves and the legendary DJ Hype, fucking amazing. Later on, when jungle turned into drum and bass (less ragga more beats), I used to go to the legendary MetalHeadz at the Blue Note in Hoxton (Goldie’s night) around 1995/6, with my fake ID innit! It’s hard to describe the energy in that place but anyone who went there knows how insanely special it was, drum and bass at its finest. I started buying records from Black Market, which was a pretty intimidating place for a 14 year old girl, but it was the mecca for jungle/drum and bass. It was definitely part of the start of my musical journey. Still to this day it brings out the goosepumps and crazy feelings that make you go mad on the dancefloor!

When we started the night Batty Bass I wanted to have a section at the end of my sets where I could share all these gems and roots. Occasionally I’m asked to do a special jungle set, and I’m really looking forward to playing for the fierce JERKers!!! 

Hannah Holland plays Jungle Jerk next Thursday 5th July alongside We’re Not Cool and residents Zoe and Keziah from 9pm – 3am.

Super-8 Cam Private Viewing

Tonight, before the girls get jerkin’ in the basement, we’ll be hosting a very special viewing of Super-8 Cam, a series of six intimate portraits by local artists Antonio da Silva, Keem, Konstantinos Menelaou, Marie Schuller, Jason Bradbury and Mei Chan, all shot in Super 8 for Fringe! The London Gay Film Festival.

The festival’s curators tell us:

Artists were given a brief to create a personal moment between themselves and the subject of their affection/obsession. 

The video pieces document the relationship between artist and subject as well as exploring the gaze of the viewer taking the viewpoint of the artist. A film camera has the ability to grant power to the filmographer and by proxy the viewer, and put the subject in a vulnerable position. However when the role play is on equal terms then the game becomes an intense erotic experience. 

Each portrait was shot to give the process of filming the same importance as the subject being filmed and thus expose the filmmaker as much as the subject. The result are six video pieces that are exhibited without any editing, no post production alterations and no sound.

It’s free to come down so pop along, have a cider from the sponsors Briska and then stay for JERK! Gets Two Floors with Queer Nation legend Jeffrey Hinton.

Jeffrey Hinton

This Thursday sees night of girl-heat JERK! expanding into the lazer basement as they takeover the two floors of Dalston Superstore for the first time ever. Not only have they created (in their own words) “farsh garms to be distributed (thrown) at the best krumpers, boglers, two steppers, dutty winers and general fierce bitchizzz” but they’ve got Queer Nation legend Jeffrey Hinton playing over both floors! We caught up with Jeffrey to find out what he’s been unleashing on the world and what we’ve got in store for JERK!

What can we expect to hear from you at Jerk?

I will dig deep into my ‘90s r’n’b archive plus mix it all up as I normally do- new and old, bit of UK garage, 2 step, Moomba, swing beat… who knows? But it’s always a party!

Tell us the one track that hasn’t left your record bag lately.

Hmm, well I like it if a tune can stand the test of time! My friend played me Azealia Banks – 212 back in September last year. I always like a good mash-up and she sings over the Lazy Jay track. I thought then that it had a fresh edge- very east London. So it’s no surprise it’s become a bit of an anthem.

What’s your most unusual musical influence?

Most of my influences come from travel, but I guess an unusual influence is lighting. I used to love lying flat out on the dancefloor with my friend Space at the Heaven Club (circa ‘80s). They used to have the most amazing disco lighting rig and we would just look up and bath in music and lights, while people danced and stepped over us. I used to do the same at The Saint in New York, which for me was the best-designed club I’ve ever seen… well, so far! Music is best when you are drowning in a visual experience too. Even if it’s just in the mind!!

Your DJ career has spanned from the ’80s to now- what’s been your favourite decade for music so far?

I don’t really think like that as all music is connective and has its place. I wouldn’t say it always evolves as it often devolves. But that’s okay. If it frustrated you then that’s good as it pushes you to create.

What was on the first mixtape you ever made?

I was probably making them in my head aged two but I didn’t get a tape recorder until I was seven and then I just taped every sound I could. I found a way to feed it back through the hi-fi we had and mix it over music or the radio. It would sound mental but I loved it.

Tell us a bit about your work with the National Portrait Gallery!

Well, as you say I have been around a while(!!) so I have collected archived most of my life: filming and photographing club stuff. It’s a very big collection with a lot of behind the scenes bits. I didn’t keep it for showing as such, more to celebrate the friends that I love. But it does document moments in time that are of a different mood to now and also completely unique.

It has lots of people that have become a bit iconic like Leigh Bowery, plus it features a lot of underground London culture. So the British Film Institute and the National Portrait Gallery are into showing it and archiving it, which is lovely. In fact, on 26th April at 7pm at the National Portrait Gallery Theatre I’m showing some of my archive plus there’ll be a bit of a chat.

What’s been your weirdest DJ experience?

Well this has probably been mentioned before due to me being well known for my approach to music at Leigh Bowery’s club Taboo. I loved sound effects at that time (I still do) so I would chop and mix up videos (video scratching they named it, I didn’t though). I edited everything together: porn, Abba, operations, tv and film from around the world and my own stuff. I would project it over the dance floor and mix it in with the music. Also I would have tape cassettes playing sound effects and mix that into the music as well. The music would be quite random too. The whole effects was nuts, but then the club was nuts too.

So one night I was happily playing the slip mat as I was on acid and the grinding sound seemed normal! As they were so used to unusual sounds everyone kept dancing anyway. I did think I was at home though and not actually there, that when Princess Julia came over to see if I was okay, I asked her make me a cup of tea!

And your worst?

I think I’ve had a few sticky moments!! One was working at a club called Rock. I was rushing and on arrival I noticed I’d picked up my record bag full of r’n’b music. The problem was it was a house music club! Really had to wing that one!!

What do you like about playing at Dalston Superstore?

I love working at a place where the people that own and run it have a passion for what they want to create- it makes such a difference. Dan Beaumont and all the gang are amazing. Plus east London gives me more freedom and we all need more freedom right!!

Jeffrey Hinton plays Jerk Gets Two Floors at Dalston Superstore this Thursday 12th April from 9pm – 3am.

Hello Mozart!

Saturday sees two of our favourite nights joining force for a fabulous time, as Hot Boy Dancing Spot takes over the basement with special guest pint-sized popstar Little Boots, whilst JERK’s girl-heat infiltrates the top bar with Queer Nation legend Jeffrey Hinton. We tracked down Hot Boy resident Hello Mozart! for a quick chat about all the upcoming fun… 

How did you get the name Hello Mozart? A nickname from others or did you name yourself kinda after the Motorola catchphrase?

I have to say I was always a Nokia boy. In all seriousness, I used to DJ with a really good friend Ben. He called himself Ben Goodbye and I took the Hello part. Mozart comes from Queer As Folk when the young kid Nathan shouts out “I’m Mozart! I’m fucking Mozart!”. I kind of liked the notion of doing everything when I was young. 

Can you tell us a bit about how you met The Lovely Jonjo and how you came to be part of Hot Boy Dancing Spot?

I met Jonjo when I was promoting a club night in Bournemouth called Big In Japan. We booked him and we got on really well so when I moved up to London it just made sense to work on something together. I really love throwing parties with him and we’ve got some pretty big plans for HB this year.

This Saturday sees you guys joining up with girl-heat extraordinaires JERK to create Hot Boy Jerkin’ Spot! How did this magical team-up come together?

We love throwing parties with other nights. There’s something about two different crowds getting together that makes it a really interesting night. We also really like girls and don’t really like it if there aren’t any at our nights. So this seemed perfect. JERK is also my favourite weekday night. Their parties are always amazing. 

Please do tell us all about the extra special guest you have brightening the basement this weekend!

We’ve always been fans of Little Boots. I’ve seen her live a few times and her sets are always really interesting. It’s definitely going to one of the biggest nights we’ve had in a while. Expect some pretty big things!

Who’s been your favourite guest you’ve had so far?

We’ve had so many amazing guests, but I do love it when We Have Band and Dan ‘Stopmakingme’ Avery play for us. Also TEETH! always put on an amazing show. We have a lot of rotating residents as well so it’s always fun when we play with them. 

Can you tell us your top three Hot Boy tunes?

Little Boots –  Shake (Azari & III Remix) 

This track had to be in here as standard. Expect to hear it this weekend. I don’t think Azari & III have ever done a bad remix, but this one’s especially great!

Cassius –  The Sound Of Violence (Aeroplane Remix)

This has been a favourite of mine for a while, but especially so at the moment after having a near out of body experience in a cab across Berlin after leaving Berghain to check out of my apartment. Too much.

Closer – Nine Inch Nails

Anyone who’s been to a few Hot Boys knows this is a favourite end track of Jonjo’s and mine. It’s great to play a night where you feel you can play anything, which is what Hot Boy’s about, and this has been a favourite track of mine since I was a teenager. What ever you do don’t make me cut the track short…

Hello Mozart! plays in the basement this Saturday 25th February at Hot Boy Jerkin’ Spot alongside The Lovely Jonjo and Little Boots, whilst Jeffrey Hinton and JERK residents Zoe and Keziah play upstairs from 10pm – 4am.

Josh Caffe

For this month’s edition of Jerk, the girls have pulled out all the stops for the romantic season and are hosting a very special Love Jerk. They’ve promised “smutty slow jams, dutty beats and garage licks” for the most erotic night of girl-heat the basement has ever seen! As they’ve got guest Josh Caffe (Batty Bass) werkin’ some smooth sounds for them, we caught up with him to ask him what his top sexy Jerk jams are… 

Ralph Tresvant – Sensitive

Aaliyah – Hot Like Fire

T-Boz – Touch Myself

Patra – Worker Man

Josh Caffe plays alongside residents Zoe and Keziah at Love Jerk! this Thursday 9th February from 9am – 3am.