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Patsy’s Sex Tape! An Interview and Sensual Compilation by Protopapa and Whitney Weiss


For our love-soaked February edition of PATSY, we’re welcoming back international dreamboats Protopapa and Whitney Weiss. To build your anticipation, we’ve asked them to make you a sensual mixtape and talk to us about music for romantic occasions. Read on to get yourself in the mood. 

Hi Protopapa! Hi Whitney! How are you both doing?

Protopapa: Hey CIAO! I’m feeling great, answering you from my second home, NYC.

Whitney Weiss: I’m good, I’m in Paris getting ready to DJ with Kiddy Smile later tonight!

Okay so I’m gonna ask you about some songs so we can build a sensual PATSY Valentine’s Day mixtape together. What’s the song you want played for the first dance at your wedding, if you’re into subverting traditional marriage? 

P: Marcel Vogel – Body to Body (rework of Shades of Love – Keep in Touch) to set the right sensual mood. Even my 70 year old auntie could feel the sex vibes.

WW: Without taking into consideration the musical tastes of the person I’d be marrying, Sade’s The Sweetest Taboo or The Boss by Diana Ross.

Hey Protopapa, what is a song that you put on in Italy that consistently makes people on the dance floor hook up with each other? 

Matia Bazar’s Ti Sento. They sing and dance and make out to it, it’s like an orgy of mouths and tongues.

Whitney, you’re really into the song Horny. Can you tell us a little bit about how it makes you feel and what version you prefer? 

It makes me feel joyful and unashamed. On special occasions, I like to take people by surprise with the extended mix, which has like 2 and a half minutes of the popping bubbles noise before you figure out what’s going on.

Patsy thinks that nothing is sexier than Prince. What is your favorite Prince song?

P: C O N T R O V E R S Y !

WW: In terms of pure sexiness, Darling Nikki or International Lover.

What’s the last song you played on repeat when you had a crush on someone? 

P: Elbee Bad – Just Don’t Stop <3

WW: Radio Dept’s Pulling Our Weight.

If you were both making a mixtape for a romantic interest, what is one song you would definitely include? 

P: Kiss You All Over (Whitney Weiss ’til the night edit). I lost three teeth saying this.

WW: Ahahahaha grazie amore. There’s an edit of Abel’s I Gotta Woman that I’d need to include 😉

If a romantic interest were going to serenade you with a song, what song could they choose that would make you have a moment and cry?

P: Oliver Koletzki – Hypnotized. But it should be a ukulele version.

WW: I’m going to say Modigliani (Lost In Your Eyes) by Book of Love just because answering with another Prince song seems like A LOT of Prince.

What song makes you feel sexiest when you play it out while DJing?

P: Moscoman – Rerotica

WW: Prince – Erotic City

Protopapa, you’re closing one of your Eurocrash parties in Milan and want to play something tender that will make everyone hug and feel connected. What song do you choose? 

P: Lucio Battisi – Ancora Tu.

Whitney, what is the most romantic song we can expect you to play at the next PATSY?

WW: L’Amour – Let’s Make Love Tonight.

Here’s the extra-special Valentine’s Day Mixtape Protopapa and Whitney Weiss made for us:

Catch Whitney Weiss and Protopapa at Patsy on Friday 16 February from 9pm-4am at Dalston Superstore


By Les Poppeurs

Bouncing straight out of Paris’ burgeoning ballroom scene, the utterly fabulous Betty joins us for a French Christmas Special at the very next Les Poppeurs! She’s quickly taking over the city of light and becoming a name to know around nightclubs, ballrooms and even on the radio. We caught up with her ahead of the party to find out more…

Oh hello Betty! Please introduce yourself to the glorious readers and dancers of Dalston Superstore. 

Hello! I’m Betty and I am a DJ from Paris. I throw a party called Bonus Stage in both Paris and in London, I do a bimonthly radio show on Rinse France, I’m a resident of the DJ streaming show Overdrive Infinity and I’m also part of the House of Mizrahi and I regularly DJ at their vogue balls.


You mention that you throw a party in London called Bonus Stage. What is it about London’s music and nightlife scene that you find so compelling, and what do you find are the big differences between going out in Paris and going out in London? 

I am fascinated by a large spectrum of electronic music and there’s an important part of it that finds its roots in the UK, and a lot of DJs and producers I look up to are from here. It feels like there’s often a lot of exciting stuff happening in London. I love the energy there; when I’m in a club in London I feel at home. I came two years ago to play Just Jam and I met a lot of people I feel such a strong connection with. So yeah, I throw my Bonus Stage  party at the Miranda Bar in the basement of the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch. It’s every once in a while and it’s been really fun so far.

Not to give away your whole set or anything, but what’s something that eager dancers can expect from you at Les Poppeurs? 

I’m really looking forward to playing Les Poppeurs on the 19th and to party at Dalston Superstore for the first time. I can’t really tell what I’m gonna play yet, but my mixes can give you a taste of what I do though… 

Both yourself and Kiddy Smile (who will be joining you at Les Poppeurs on the 19th) have been major elements in the voguing and ballroom scenes in Paris. What inspired you to get involved in that particular scene? 

It was actually Kiddy and Mother Stephie Mizrahi that came up to me at a party and asked me to be the DJ for their House. Stephie had seen me play earlier, heard ballroom amongst many other things and thought it could be nice to have me integrated into the family. She insisted on the family aspect of this commitment; it made me realise how supportive the members of a house are towards each other.


You’re taking us for a fabulous and quintessentially Parisian night out. Where would we drink? Would we eat? Where would we go dancing? Would there be after-hours? 

If it was a Friday night I’d take you to the Overdrive Infinity shoot to have a beer with a bunch of my friends while enjoying the show, then we’d go to Le Cherche-Midi which probably is the best Italian restaurant in Paris, after that we’d go to La Java which is where I throw Bonus Stage. It’s a very old and charming club, super French and a bit nasty, drinks are cheap and we can go till morning.

If you could sum up the current sound of the French underground in one track, what track would it be and why? 

Fortunately I don’t think it’s possible to sum up the current sound of the French underground in just one track but I can share this track called Karidja from my friend Doline, who is also one of my favourite French producers at the moment.

You are very adept at leaping from genre to genre in your DJ sets. How did your taste develop so eclectically? What’s the most recent thing you’ve heard that you’ve really fallen in love with? 

Thank you. I know it’s all too easy when you’re a DJ to stick to a particular genre or sound so you can be easily identifiable, but I like a large range of music and most of the time it makes sense to me to build bridges between my influences. I get easily bored so I want my sets to be rich and surprising. One thing I’m really into is what Loom is doing at the moment; his next EP on Gobstopper is big.


Since it’s practically next year already, what can the world expect from Betty in 2016? More parties, more DJing, perhaps original music…? 

I’ve been working with some of the dancers from my House on a show that showcases the different categories of dance represented in the ballroom culture. We performed for the first time at the Badaboum in Paris recently and we’re gonna try to develop this further in the next few months. I also wanna make Bonus Stage grow and bring the party to new cities. Hopefully you’ll be able to hear my own music in 2016 too.

And finally, if you had a time machine and could go dancing anwhere/anywhen, where would you want to go?

I’d go back to June 26th 1988 to attend Michael Jackson’s concert at Parc des Princes. Bad Tour is my favourite!



Join Betty for Les Poppeurs on Saturday 19th December at Dalston Superstore from 9pm to 3am.


Whitney Weiss

This Thursday Paris-based international DJ Whitney Weiss joins us for a r’n’b infused jam at weekly girl-night Clam Jam! Ahead of the party, residents Bica and Cathal quizzed Whitney on Parisian lesbians, songs involving prolific use of the word “pussy” and Prince…

By Bica and Cathal

Hiya Whitney! Welcome to cLAM jAM……what naughty words on the street have you heard about it?

Oh hey! I’ve heard wonderful things about Clam Jam, that it gets packed and crazy and there are apparently a lot of cuties and interesting fashion choices involving denim? I hope that’s all true. I’m very excited.

As an international lady loving bird, give us some inside info on Buenos Aires and Parisian lesbians?

Buenos Aires is great because it seems like there’s not so much nesting, plus there are tons of mixed parties where  you can’t tell who sleeps with who until you try to sleep with them, which I think is cool. The art mullet is very much alive and well there, for better or worse.

Since it’s not that big, Paris is already a city where it can feel like everyone knows (or has slept with) everyone in a particular subculture. This is especially true with Parisian lesbians. If you want to engage with a French lesbian—which you can totally choose to do—try asking her about the best place to get gluten-free bread in Saint-Ouen/Canal St. Martin/Montreuil, her electronic music project/accessories line/adorable puppy, or how amazing it was to be a lesbian in Paris during the Le Pulp era, which you (and I) tragically missed out on.

On the “official richter scale chart of lesbianism” 0 being closeted Barbara next door – 10 being being Ellen Degeneres baking muffins with Portia De Rossi whilst listening to Tracy Chapman on the radio, what position would you say you were?

I’m more of an Angelina Jolie circa Hackers vintage 1990s overly-optimistic college sophomore sexuality/gender is fluid kind of girl, to be totally honest!

You played with some big acts/DJs, but I kinda wanna know about the most recent one, Zebra Katz. How did that go?

It was absolutely wonderful and also somehow super-French. We both played at this lovely party called ONO at Faust, which is a new club under the Pont Alexandre III bridge in what used to be like a customs space for maritime imports. So just picture a huge bougie cave of a room packed with people who work in fashion and lesbians in heels with expensive haircuts and professional voguers and stylish foreigners of indeterminate sexual orientation and a handful of enthusiastic barely legal French teenagers, all frolicking together. I got to play thanks to my dear friend Kiddy Smile, who DJed an incredible set the same night. Vjuan Allure, who is an amazing ballroom DJ from the US, also turned people out. And of course Zebra Katz was fantastic.

I know you gonna bring it at cLAM jAM! Tell our girls what kinda music choices have you got cooked for them?

So much Janet, a reasonable amount of ballroom, a little bit of freestyle, some Robbie Tronco songs that prominently feature the word “pussy” and mid-90s treasures you forgot you knew the words to but will remember when on the dance floor. Oh and Prince. There will be Prince.

First time I met you was at legendary CHERYL. Mental night in the best possible way. How did you get involved with that?

Oh my god I have such fond memories of that night! It was one of the highlights of my summer for sure and the London debut of Father Figures, my party/DJ and production project with DJ Traviesa. I had heard about CHERYL through a friend in New York and actually wanted to bring them to Buenos Aires a few years ago. We went out for Polish food and totally got along, but bringing them to Argentina fell through in a colossal way thanks to South American logistics. Instead of hating me, we stayed friends and they had me play CHERYLWEEN V, CHERYL: Alien, and Jennifer Aniston’s fake funeral, which was a personal highlight of my clubbing life. I joined them on their tour two summers ago in Europe, which actually eventually led to me moving here—thanks, CHERYL! I absolutely adore them and they consistently throw the best parties. We had a wonderfully debaucherous time together at Glasslands in August, too; just thinking about it makes me grin. I just can’t say enough good things about them.

You are also involved in the Vogue Balls in Paris. Tell me more……?

Yes! I am Whitney Míu Míu, the DJ for the kiki house Míu Míu. The absolutely wonderful Kiddy Smile invited me to play the Grace Jones Ball last fall, and it kind of grew from there. There was a Janet Jackson Ball last summer, which was great as well. I’m definitely not an expert on the Paris vogue scene at all, but it seems like it’s really growing and expanding. Teki Latex, who is an amazing French DJ, is also quite involved now. I’d say the vogueing community is one of the most creative and legitimately fun facts of Paris nightlife, since people aren’t afraid to dance and actually appear to be enjoying themselves when at parties.

P……p……ppp PRINCE gonna just come out with it. What’s going on between you two? Is it love or lust or both?

Oh my god, it is something that I’ll never comprehend, just like his gender identity/sexual orientation. I’ve been deeply in lust with Prince since puberty and felt funny feelings for him starting with when I was a precocious youngster and saw the cover of Purple Rain in my parent’s record collection. I’ve been listening to him since I was 9 or 10, long before I understood what he was talking about (which explains a lot, really). I love and respect him and am a little bit afraid of him at the same time. I have started relationships with people where their level of enthusiasm for Prince was a determining factor, no joke. Also, according to Wendy and Lisa, he counts as a lesbian. Do with that information what you will.

Join Whitney this Thursday 4th December for Clam Jam at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 2.30am.

Visit Whitney Weiss’ website:

Kiddy Smile

Saturday night sees the return of Bender, the night that does what it says on the tin as the best bender for benders in all of Dalston. This extra special edition sees not only the return of Trade legend Malcolm Duffy but also features a Live PA from French rapper/producer/DJ Kiddy Smile! Ahead of the party we caught up with Kiddy to find out more about this rising superstar! 

You have a great sense of style and put together some pretty fabulous outfits! What’s your current fave outfit and what are you planning to wear to Bender?

I have been a KTZ whore for a VERY long time, so I guess since it’s a London based clothing line, I will have to drop by the store to get something fabulous to wear to Bender! I really like how Kokon To Zai captures the urban vibe and mixes it with edgy patterns and prints.

Who are your style icons and fashion inspirations?

I have an obsession with Walter Van Beirendonck, he’s my hero: the man manages to capture a the rough sensibility of men and yet make it very powerful using colors and shapes.

Walter Van Beirendonck

When it comes to my inspiration, style-wise it is more of mix between urban and chic, with a sexy twist and a retro sense.

You recently played in Berlin alongside the likes of Mike Q, Vjuan Allure etc. Would you say musically they’re your contemporaries? If not, then who?

To be honest, I was subbing in for Le1f I think, and I was pretty shocked and honoured to be headlining with them! I don’t think I belong to the Ballroom scene because my music is really more classic house, but we share a common culture for sure and my background as a dancer makes me relate to them even more.

I feel like what I do is influenced by Mr Fingers, Inner City , Technotronic and Adonis, so I feel like that would make my contemporaries people like Kim Ann Foxman and Azari & III. 

What’s the scene in Paris like? You previously recommended us Les Souffleurs and Raidd bar…

Except for two parties in Paris, the scene is really boring, sorry to say!! I Like Flash Cocotte a lot ’cause they are the only ones to bring out DJs from different kinds of music; it’s young, fresh and full of energy.

In your opinion, what room is there these days for queer people of colour in dance music? 

I don’t think music has colour, but if I look around I would say there is a lot of room for us right now. People like Azealia Banks and Azari & III have opened a wider window for the breakthrough artists like me.

But let’s thanks people like Hercules & Love Affair for reclaiming dance music for queer people, mixing gender and racial limits.

Paris aside, are there any cities that you think of as a spiritual home of sorts?

I really feel that Los Angeles is really comfy to live in! I lived there for three months for a summer session at UCLA, and I fell in love with the city, the laziness of it. The sun makes me happy, but also very productive. I go back at least once every year, I know I will end up there soon.

What’s one record that was an early influence on your vocal style?

Jungle Brothers and TH Crew had a real take on how I sound . I loved so much how Jungle Brothers got their vocals together rapping, but on the edge of singing but not really. As for TH Crew, I fell in love with the churchy vocals they had on I Can’t Do It Alone. That is at that moment that I knew I will work my vocals to tend on gospel influences.

If you had a time machine and could go back to any dance floor anywhen/anywhere, where would we be setting the dials back to?

I would go back to the mid ’70s as I’m a big disco music fan!! Being able to be a man and wear wigs all the time, sequinned garments, to see Sylvester sing live and have unprotected sex (Everybody!!! Unprotected sex is wrong, use condoms!!)

Can you tell us about your amazing video for Worthy Of Your Love? Who directed it, who styled it, where did the inspiration for it come from…?

Worthy Of Your Love is a song I released last year on Because Music. It is about someone I loved really strongly, but the feeling wasn’t mutual, and I felt it was because something was wrong with me and maybe I wasn’t good enough. The music video was directed by Romain Cieutat, who has worked with Ed Banger and So Me, and he came up with the whole concept for the music video: a tribute to the nineties with a VHS twist, and I did All Of The Styling. 

And finally, what does 2014 have in store for Kiddy Smile?

I’m working on a track for Zimmer and going to release another EP very soon, so, more tour dates. If you see my name around, come on and say hi.

Join Kiddy Smile at Bender on Saturday 23rd November at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 3am.

Photo credit: Everbokeh

Gay Bars!

By Niall Connolly

Oh, the good ole gay bar! Love them or hate them, gay bars have been an integral part of LGBTQ social life since the beginning of time. Not always just a space for cruising and dancing, the gay bar/gay club has also been a vital tool for queers to define themselves and the kind of people we wish to be, the kinds of people we wish to interact with (for better and for worse) and, ultimately, the kind of lives we wish to lead, away from harassment and hetero-normative judgement. 

Gay bars have also acted as a reflection of society’s acceptance, or lack of acceptance, of LGBTQ people, and our own increasing visibility in mainstream society. From New York’s Stonewall Inn (site of the Stonewall riots in 1969, the event which kicked the modern gay rights movement into existence) to Manchester’s Manito (the first bar in the city’s gay village to feature see through glass in the windows, ending the traditional stigma and shame of being seen in a gay bar) to London’s Admiral Duncan pub (which was horrifically nail bombed in 1999 to huge public outrage), it seems as though all of gay life could be traced through our pub and club spaces, and our interaction with, and within, them. 

Although not always positive – very picky door policies have led to claims of exclusion and division among queer communities – gay bars and clubs are hugely important to this culture. As it was recently the anniversary of the Stonewall riots, we thought it was high time we celebrated the humble gay bar, so we’ve asked five of our favourite queer dance acts and DJs from around Europe to name their favourite gay bars for us. This isn’t a definitive guide however, consider it some insider tips for homos, don’t-knows, anything-goes and friends/allies to brighten up your next continental jaunt. 


Daniel Wang

Founder of Balihu Records and internationally renowned disco DJ, Danny Wang may be an American citizen with close ties to SF and NY,  but he moved to Berlin some years ago, and I couldn’t think of a better guide to gay bars the German capital has to offer. Here are his top three:   

FICKEN 3000 
Ficken 3000 is the ultimate trash/darkroom neighbourhood bar, which is situated near Hermannplatz. Events-wise, Tuesdays hosts DJ Alternegro, while Sundays is reserved for the sleazy Pork party. It could just as well be in Florida: it’s covered in mylar, there’s a ton of kitsch on the walls, a real go-go dance pole and a full bed in the basement. And, of course, some funny people too.

Lab.Oratory is technically also Europe’s biggest sex club, but on Fridays, with its 2-for-1 special, it’s primarily a bar. Albeit a bar with endless cross-continental cruising, and real-life porno happening every minute in every corner! 

This one is a bit off the beaten path, but it’s worth getting to if you can find it, because it’s really cute and also quite sleazy!  It has a sailor theme, so going there is almost like a mini-detour to Hamburg. And the darkrooms can be quite relaxing… 

SILVIA PRADA (Barcelona)

Silvia Prada

Although primarily known as a visual artist, and a very good one at that, Silvia Prada is also DJ now based in New York. Known for her Who’s The Boss parties in Barcelona and for spinning at illustrious NY clubs like Le Bain and Monster, she also runs the Wonderland Projects agency. Ahead of her set at Dalston Superstore for B(e)ast this Saturday we asked her to tell us the best places for gay social life in her former home of Barcelona: 

One of my favourite bars is La Penultima. It is a very cute, small place in the Raval neighbourhood. It really is a unique and special place where you find all kind of crowds, made up of boys AND girls (though mostly boys!). While there is no real dancefloor, it is an intimate and fun space, with music being played by local DJs and their friends. The cutest boys in town are at La Penultima! 

There WERE a lot of significant and legendary gay bars in Barcelona, but unfortunately, they have all disappeared already. My favourite was one called Satanasa. If you wanted something you could call “underground”, that was the place. It was really buzzing in the ’80s and ’90s, all the bartenders were drag queens. Ah, that was a splendorous era for the drags! 


Kiddy Smile

Upcoming legend on the Parisian dance and electronica scene, Kiddy Smile makes the kind of sensual house music that fans of Azari & III, Disclosure and Hard Ton will cream their jeans for. Recently responsible for the excellent, old-school-but-fresh single/video Worthy Of Your Love, I tracked Mr Smile down to find out what bars were worthy of his love…

Les Souffleurs is owned by a transgender man who always welcomes you with a lovely smile! It’s a bit small and hard to find but it’s worth the pain of getting there. Drinks are cheap, and there are a lot of freaks hanging out there, along with a lot of English-speaking people. As well as all that, the basement hosts the raciest party in Paris!

If you are feeling horny and up for drinking, this is the spot. But you better like twinks and gym queens, otherwise you can just sip your drink listening to disco or pop music, while watching hot dancers performing a “shower dance”.

BONUS: CHE SHEN… cos gays gotta eat!
This place does the best Asian food in Paris for me! Do not be afraid if they are a little harsh, because the food is amazing and cheap. If you come to Paris you CANNOT leave without having their pork dumplings!

HARD TON (Rome / Florence / Bologna) 

Hard Ton

And speaking of… The bastard love child of Leigh Bowery and Sylvester (midwifed by Marshall Jefferson), Hard Ton is quite simply fabulous, and one of my favourite acts right now. Although hailing from different parts of Italy, Hard Ton (the band) were able to share with us their favourite queer spots from three of Italy’s major cities; Rome, Florence and Bologna: 

CRISCO (Florence) 
Small, dirty, smokey and always packed, Crisco is located in the very centre of Florence. The Saturday night parties are pure fun, and especially during Pitti Uomo, they can turn into total chaos. And if you need a break and some fresh air, you can always take a walk through Florence by night.

LA ROBOTERIE (Rome / Florence / Bologna) 
After originally starting as a queer techno party in Rome, La Roboterie has spread all over Italy. The crowd is mixed, cool people without an attitude, and they often have international guests playing jacking house and techno.

CASSERO (Bologna)  
Located in a XVIII bricks building that looks like an old castle, Cassero is the headquarter of the main Italian LGBTQ association. Their monthly bear party is huge, and their art festival, Gender Bender, which takes place at the end of October, is always full of interesting events.

FERAL is KINKY (London)


I Am Feral AKA MC Kinky AKA Caron Geary to her mum, is just little bit of a legend, and an un-heralded national treasure whose prolific output spans all the way back to the late ’80s acid house-era, with classics like Everything begins With An E. Ahead of her live PA here at Dalston Superstore next weekend for Bust Yo Nut, we couldn’t think of a better person to give us the low down on the best gay spots in ole London town: 

George and Dragon 
The George and Drag is at the start of Hackney Road, and has been running for years. It was one of the first places in the area that provided a more alternative vibe. It’s got a warm atmosphere, and the gorgeous landlord and performance artist Richardette let me have a party after the 1st year of my degree. I ended up dancing on the small tables with a large broom, that I think caught alight. I blamed it all on the special cut price cocktails Richardette knocked up for us… The pub gets ridiculously packed, people pour out onto the street outside and different DJs play retro and alternative sounds most nights of the week. It’s unpretentious and friendly with lots of regulars, some of whom have almost morphed into the stools in the corner, but that’s part of the charm. Depending on what the night is, you can sit down and chat or dance all night. You’ll find a mixture of art and fashion and east London types. The interior is old British pub with a twist and the walls are covered in kitsch paintings camp objects and they also have art exhibitions in the toilet. There’s a particularly good vibe in the summer and it’s a good place to start the night or stay until closing time and move on to whatever else might be happening close by.

Vogue Fabrics 
Run by the enigmatic Maori princess AKA Chief Witch and Mayoress of Dalston: Lyall. This bar/club performance space started life as a “Death Trap Disco” with parties rockin’ through ’til at least the next morning on most occasions. This subterranean lair still retains the feeling of a den of inequity and is now fully legal and even has a smoking area. The cute bar serves beers, spirits at reasonable prices and never shies away staging performances from more art based, less commercial and way more exciting radical performers, without losing the full on party vibe. The crowd varies depending on what nights are on, ranging from boys to girls to mixed to fashion to trans* and everything in-between. I’ve spent many a hot sweaty night below stairs and last month saw a fab show from Christeene here.

CHRISTEENE “Big Shot” from PJ Raval on Vimeo.

To read more from Niall visit his blog: