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Mouth to mouth

The latest edition to our rotation of Thursday night thumpers is Mouth to Mouth, the three-way brainchild of A Boy From Outer Space, Joe Roberts and Nick Powell! With a beyond-impressive combined CV which ranges from House of Trax to Field Maneuvers and our very own Uncontrollable Urge, this new Thursday night rave will have you crawling into bed way past your usual weeknight bed time! Their strong focus on early nineties house, hi-NRG disco, electro and rave and a distinctly queer ethos have got us very excited to see this baby grows. We caught up with residents Sadie, Joe and Nick to chat top tracks, party politics and, well, making out!

Hey Mouth to Mouth DJs! Can you each tell us a bit about yourselves for those who don’t know you yet?

NICK: I’m Nick, ex-resident of musically-maximalist Sunday funday get-together, Blogger’s Delight, and then of vogue, house and booty-bass monthly party House of Trax. I’ve been playing out since doing Bugged Out! and Fabric in my teens, and also love to do more experimental/ambient sets, warming up for less dancefloor-orientated gigs…

SADIE: I’m Sadie, a lover of early ’90s rave and hardcore, new beat, synth-pop,  Jimmy Somerville, being true to yourself and anything above 130bpm.

JOE: I’m Joe. You may know me as a resident of Superstore’s weekly Wednesday party Uncontrollable Urge, from my previous incarnation as an editor of a dance music magazine or as a frequenter of too many East End after parties from 2007 until…

Also one half of Field Maneuvers residents Local Group, purveyors of garage, hardcore, jungle and other things that go bass in the night – we have a monthly Strange Loops radio show on Music Box Radio.

How did the three of you come to be throwing a party together?

JOE: I met Nick through Violet, wonderful Portuguese DJ, producer, co-founder of Radio Quantica and muse of Donatella Versace, while she was still living in Dalston. We all DJed together at a pub by Victoria Park and when the night was over it transpired we’d drunk all our rider and all our wages too. Naturally, I invited Nick to play at a party off-shoot of another of my radio shows, Ecstasy Garage Disco (also on Music Box Radio), and it spiralled again, but this time in a different way.

NICK: This was at Wunderlust in Deptford, where Sadie’s beautacious ways entranced behind the bar. We got chatting and natural energy got us wanting to throw a fun and free-lovin’ gay partay in a less manufactured, less economically demanding way that many events seem to be headed.

SADIE: Since moving to South London a year ago I’d always been thinking, ‘Where are the gay parties in SE London?’ There are a plethora of queer people in SE and I’ve always wanted to put on a rave for queers in SE, then the universe brought me the perfect people to do it with. As a queer South-Londoner gagging to be free on the dance floor and dance to incredible music in my endz, within the first magical conversation I had with Nick (at EGD) we’d decided we wanted to throw a party together with Joe.

What is the concept behind Mouth To Mouth?

SADIE: Music to thrust hard to in a dark place.

NICK: Mouth To Mouth is about doing away with sexual boundaries, just as a good DJ does away with genre boundaries. The crowds are free to do as they please and whoever they please, in parallel with the DJ playing what they please. Music passes like kisses from mouth to mouth; passion reigns supreme.

JOE: Free your mind… and everyone else’s ass will follow.

Where did the name Mouth To Mouth come from?

NICK: The natural foregrounding of the sensual over the anything else. But mainly, not the Audion track.

JOE: It started with a kiss… never thought it would come to this. Whatever your identity, kissing is pretty much a universal good time. There are some also some pretty fetishistic close-ups of CPR on the web and it felt like we could breathe some new life into clubland.

SADIE: Kissing is my all time favourite hobby, second to mouthing off. 

Why did you choose Dalston Superstore for Mouth to Mouth?

JOE: Going to Trailer Trash from around 2007 to whenever it ended, the weekly party run by Matt Tucker and Dan Pope, two of the founders of Dalston Superstore, changed my life. It was at On The Rocks, now Basing House, which then was a ramshackle venue that was rammed from start to finish with nothing to do but get stuck into a heavy mix of electro, techno and early fidget house that nobody seemed to be playing anywhere else. Feeling I didn’t really fit in at (de facto) straight or most traditional gay venues, the mix of people there just made sense. It was about open-mindedness and not giving a shit about who or what anyone was. From there I met so many other people that I’m still friends with, Jim Warboy, whose Sabajaq party I’m also resident at, being one. Superstore is a continuation of that energy and attitude.

 SADIE: I’ve been having an amazing time at Superstore for years, and when I was first going could only have dreamt of playing there. Not having a particularly ‘gay’ community around me when I was younger it was difficult meeting people with similar sexual preferences, but Superstore is a haven for a variety of cultures, sexualities, genders and ideas, as well as continuously booking incredible DJs. Dreams can come true.

NICK: Dalston Superstore has definitely established itself firmly as a venue with unparalleled positive energy about it. It’s a space that people who are open-minded musically flock to.

If you could change anything about London’s LGBT+ clubbing scene, what would it be? 

SADIE: To be honest I think we’re doing pretty well, and it’s getting better in terms of music variation and parties in East London. Were working on the SE part. I do find there are less women at gay club nights. Perhaps I need to throw a lesbian warehouse rave.

NICK: The main thing that can’t easily be changed would be to lengthen the opening hours of clubs. It gets tiring having to leave a club at 3am, rather than 8 or 9, for example. Also, London is so big, it needs more clubs generally. South London in particular is full of gay boys and girls who have to travel for hours to let themselves go and be free. Also, being bitchy can be fun and part of gay culture – i.e. reading culture – but London clubs can just get so scene-y it’s a huge turn-off for many people. Many people do not go to the same club week in week out and therefore are not part of a scene, and are treated cuntily for this. Perhaps if there were more clubs to choose from the scene would be diluted and the atmosphere refreshed.

JOE: People of all nations, genders and sexualities dancing together, rather than in niche parties. When that happens, it’s the best. At the same time, I totally understand the need to be around people you identify with.

We love your artwork! Who is the visionary behind it?

SADIE: It’s me! I really like the abstract, surrealism and geometry. I love combining odd colours and forms, especially those that express free love. I’m always saying you have to listen to the universe and let it out from the unconscious, and thats hopefully what my drawings do. I think we should definitely talk about sex and sexuality more in order for us to all feel more comfortable with ourselves, our desires and our sex lives. It’s not a secret or anything to be shy about. All our bodies and genitalia are beautiful and I want us to all feel that from my drawings. You’ll definitely be seeing more of my work soon!

If you had to sum up Mouth to Mouth in one track, what would it be?

JOE: Divine – Native Love (Step By Step)

SADIE: Company B – Fascinated (Club mix)

NICK: Vicious Pink – Cccan’t You See


What records aren’t leaving your bag at the moment?

NICK : 1. Housemaster Baldwin feat. Paris Grey – Don’t Lead Me (Medusa Mix) 2. Seydinah – A La Folie 3. Gay Marvine – Heaven

JOE: 1. A.Avenue – Golden Queen (I-Robots Reconstruction) 2. Bwana – Generation Nostalgia 3. Import 1 – Set It Off (Party Rock)

SADIE-  1. Shawn Christopher – People of all Nations (House Mix) 2. Transform – Transformation   3. Yazoo – Goodbye 70’s

Do you have any exciting plans on the go that you can let us in on? 

NICK: I’ll be supporting Tropic of Cancer and Demdike Stare at the Jazz Cafe at the end of May.

JOE: I’m playing at Sabajaq at the end of this month with Kim Ann Foxman and Catz ‘N Dogz which I’m really hyped about! We’ve also just started a monthly two-hour show on Radio Quantica, complete with weird, time-stretched affirmations and non sequiturs amongst dreamy downtempo, electro, house and rave. 

Catch Sadie, Joe and Nick at Mouth to Mouth this Thursday 6 April from 9pm-2:30am at Dalston Superstore!


Lauren Flax

Dalston Superstore’s Polari-inspired Club Vada is thrilled to announce Brooklyn-based DJ, songwriter and jetsetting record producer Lauren Flax will be joining the bill for their next party! Her wild, chuggy house sets have been setting dancefloors alight from New York to London and beyond for years, with a vast range of musical inspirations colouring her own productions. Having collaborated with the likes of Sia and Romy XX as well as making her own music under the CREEP moniker with fellow electronic musician Lauren Dillard, we can’t wait to hear watch she unleashes in the lazerpit! We caught up to chat collaborations, influences and plans for this year.

Hi Lauren! We can’t wait to have you play at Club Vada! How has the first week of the new year been for you?

Actually quite amazing. Obviously last year was rough for many parts of the world and it took some time for me to be able to get back on my feet. It’s so important to be able to keep my vibration high but also to stay angry and to not normalize things. We have a long fight ahead of us the next 4 years but I feel ready stand up and fight with a clear mind.

Can you tell us a bit about your band CREEP with your production partner Lauren Dillard?

Dillard and I started CREEP in 2009 I think? We put out or debut record in 2013 and got to tour Europe leading up to that. It was a great experience with a major learning curve for us, but it was all very exciting. Right now I’m focused on solo releases and DJing. We’ll write another record at some point, when the time feels right.

How did you two come to be working together?

We were best friends from the start. I think we both just got bored and wanted to see what we could come up with. I think we learned pretty quickly that we were on to something.

You’ve collaborated with some incredible names over the years from Kim Ann Foxman and Romy XX to Sia – who have been some of your favourite people to remix or work with?

Thats a tough one to answer! Sia was the easiest in that she came to my loft at the time and recorded all the vocals to You’ve Changed in literally 20 minutes. She also wrote the lyrics on the car ride over. She’s made of magic.

What was your favourite release of 2016?

This didn’t come out in 2016 but its my favourite discovery of an African band named Super Mama Djombo. Nissan Na Mbera is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard.

How do you think your upbringing in Detroit has influenced your sound?

Detroit taught me that technique and precision were major factors to being a great DJ. Plus, being surrounded by the people that created techno didn’t hurt either haha. We were all just young and obsessed kids back then, but it was special and a lot of us were able to make a career out of it.

You’ve toured really extensively across your career, what is the weirdest / best place you’ve ever played?

Honestly, I think the weirdest show we did was a daytime show at Shoreditch House. Some of the people were eating dinner and confused, but also we had 50 of our closest friends there all in black. We definitely descended on that place in full force.

How does the LGBT+ party scene in London compare to that of New York?

Honestly I don’t know any places that aren’t LGBT+ anymore and its great! I think both cities offer a great mixed crowd. Even if parties are advertised as queer nights, you’ll still get a mix. Plus everybody knows the gays throw the best parties!

Can you let us in on any plans in the pipeline for 2017?

More dance records to come. And lots of touring Europe. I’ll be based back in Berlin for the summer and am looking forward to festival season.

In five words or less, what are you planning to unleash on Club Vada?


Catch Lauren Flax at Club Vada this Saturday 21 January from 9pm-3am at Dalston Superstore!

DJ Of The Week: Aérea Negrot

By Cliff Joannou

Republished with kind permission from QX Magazine

Tell our readers who don’t know you: where are you from, where have you been and where are you going?

I’m originally Venezuelan but have been living in Berlin for around ten years…  I always loved travelling and did it calmly for a few years but once you start touring, you tend to forget where you are, what day it is. So I’m glad there are lovely people out there who become your memory of a city. I’m going wherever there is music playing… Hopefully Brazil, Japan or South Africa?

You’ve worked on some new material with Billie Ray Martin. Tell us more…

The upcoming EP is called Off the Rails, will be released on October 19th. We started recording it a couple of years ago, after she worked on the track with Waterson. We ended up calling each other, cancelling appointments like the busy (lazy) bizz women that we are! And now the EP is almost out, with great mixes by Ray Grant, Napoleon and moi!

If you were to be trapped in a lift with five people from the world of music (musicians/artists/performers or DJs) who would they be?

Assuming that it will never happen, with Shirley Bassey, Sainkho Namtchylak, Stevie Wonder, Tina and Michael.

Aérea Negrot’s DJ Chart…

Kim Ann Foxman – Let Me Be The One (Catz N Dogz Remix)     

Right amount of dirt, funk and the sweetest voice on earth.

Billie Ray Martin /Aérea Negrot – Off The Rails (Aérea Negrot Dub Mix)

Listen here

Be the judge!

Claude VonStroke – CaliFuture (Dub Mix)

Acid tech, groovy enough to shake the dust off the shelves.

Pittsburgh Track Authority – Treated 


Kiki /Joyce Muniz – Warriors

Dark and sexy. It brings them all back to the dancefloor!       

To find out the rest of Aérea’s chart, make sure you pick up a copy of QX Magazine!

Join her and Borja Peña this Saturday 4th October for B(e)ast at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 4am.


This article originally appeared in QX Magazine.

By Cliff Joannou

Who are Stereogamous?

We are a collective of queer musicians, optimists, producers, artists and DJs based in Sydney & Berlin. We make gay house music and even gayer parites. Currently, we are incredibly fortunate enough to collaborating and touring with Shaun J Wright from Chicago. A stunning vocalist, marvellous lyricist, phenomenal DJ, fabulous dancer and a tremendous person. Together we’re on a mission of encouraging happiness and loving freely via dancing and house music. We’re here to recruit you. 

You describe your music as “music for making out” under the genres of “bottom 40”, “horizontal dance music” “bath house”. What reaction are you looking for on the dance floor? 

Smiles, hugs, picking up and deep dancing. Dancefloors are queer sacred spaces, where we can bring people together to resonate happiness. The sounds we play are about invoking a radical departure from the noise and isolation in the wider world and foster intimacy and self expression. We strongly encourage people dance with each other and bring their shapes game. Everybody knows expressive dancers are best horizontal lovers. (No facing the front or no texting on the floor here pretty please.)

Describe new track ‘Sweat’ to us in five words. 

Hotness, manthem, steamroom, incandescence, moist.

stereogamous & Shaun J Wright “SWEAT” from stereogamous on Vimeo.


1. Let Me Be The One (New York Dub) – Kim Ann Foxman 
Kim Ann Foxman always brings the heat. This is the sound for the deep end. 

2. The Spell (Phil Kieran Remix) – Phil Kieran
Epileptic electronics that massage the synapses. It’s all crazy patterns that fuck with your head. It’s really math without being meth.

3. The Oracle (Alinka & Shaun Dub Remix) – The Cucarachas & The Carry Nation 
The Cucarachas and The Carry Nation are our cousins and Tribal label mates from London and NYC. They are the Mr Right Nows of House Music, today. 

4. We’re Not Alone – Steffi & Dexter
Steffi is resident at Berlin’s Panorama Bar. This is music for a sweaty sunrise. 

5. Kiwis, Apples & Limes – Robot Needs Oil (Discodromo Spiritual Remix)
Discodromo are the handsome Italian duo keeping it premium deep, musical and sensual. 

6. Sirens – Didier de la Boutique
Misleading opening that starts off feeling a bit deep, polite, cocktail house but through its hypnotic, keta twist, it takes it all very sidewise.
7. Get Busy (Original Mix) – Maximono
The tightest, deepest pumper of a baseline that drives you deeper without the noise. No tricks, no fuss, just a confident swagger.

8. Food Of Love (DJ Sprinkles Grub Dub) – Hard Ton
The disco glamour bear gets a profound rework by icon DJ Sprinkles. 

9. Treptow (Original Mix) – Doc Daneeka
Super jacking madness. A piano stab driven minimatish house track that defies you not to not Twirl. 

10. Sweat (Aérea Negrot Remix) Stereogamous feat Shaun J Wright 
Not only a vanity listing, this remix from the incredible Aérea Negrot brings the Latin chemical feels. 

 Join Stereogamous this Saturday 16th August for Voguey Bear at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 3am.

Aérea Negrot

This Saturday sees a special team up from Borja Peña and Bpitch Control solo artist and former Hercules Love Affair member Aérea Negrot for B(e)ast. We quizzed Aérea ahead of the party to ask her collaborating with her Berlin neighbour Billie Ray Martin, singing in various languages and recording for Ellen Allien’s label…

Dalston Superstore: Tell us about the inspiration behind your stage name?
Aérea Negrot: Aérea was a name given to me by friends when I started performing, as I used to be fascinated by airplanes and airports since my childhood. Needless to say that started my obsession of dating flight attendants… Nowadays I hate airports, flight regulations and liquid limitations.
Negrot, however is a mixture of two famous Latina singers: Toña La Negra and Olga Guillot, both known for their melodramatic touch… Aérea Negrot since 1996.

What is your favourite language to sing in? Which do you feel you are most expressive in?

I feel quite comfortable singing in English, but I sing also in Spanish, Portuguese and German, I have a connection with these languages since I have been moving around for a while and have a funky mixture in my DNA! 
At the moment I’m recording a song in Hebrew for a film called Marzipan Flowers by Adam Kalderon. I enjoy being challenged by sounds and languages.
Your vocal style seems a composite of styles and genres, perhaps anything you find interesting? How would YOU describe it?
I find it also hard to describe… it’s freestyling with a operatic touch! I’m inspired by many musical styles: classical to jazz to pop; salsas to sambas… all with a electronic beat.
What did your classical training entail?
My classical training was short lived as my entrance to Classical School was denied. That was traumatic, but it only encouraged me to continue my path… that teacher told me that by age 24 I was too old to start at Conservatorium, that around that age I should’ve  already been singing the same repertoires that my vocal range would allow me to… SAD, but she was right. However, today  I’m Aérea Negrot.
What are your personal favourite solo tracks from your former Hercules & Love Affair band mates?
After touring with Hercules and Love Affair for four years, I developed a special relationship to songs, because I had to sing some of them live. My favourite was of course Blind, originally sung by Antony Hegarty. Falling, which I used to sing in duo with Shaun J. Wright, You Belong by Nomi Ruiz and It’s Alright by Kim Ann Foxman.

You’ve remixed previous DSS guest Billie Ray Martin’s band The Opiates, recorded a duet with her and you’ve even interviewed each other… why do you gel so well together?
Oh Billie and I have been involved in projects since we met a few years ago. After all, we are neighbours and friends. It started with a remix that I made for her called Dinah And The Beautiful Blue. It was magic putting her voice in an airport environment…. still melancholic and sexy.
We’ve also recorded a duet together… coming out real sooon!!! 
What makes Bpitch Control your label home?
Bpitch Control has been my home label since 2010, home to my baby album Arabxilla… it been just an honour to have these dreams released by them, and also a great opportunity to collaborate with other label artists like Kiki, Dance Disorder, Skinnerbox and System of Survival. All thanks to Ellen Allien who invited me to take part with the release of my first ever EP All I Wanna Do.
If you had a time machine and could go back to any dancefloor anywhere/anywhen, where would we be visiting?
Definitely Studio 54…. with a touch of Ancient Egypt, I guess the time is now.
B(e)ast and Aérea Negrot Present… Eda Lind is this Saturday 7th June at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 4am.

Win A Pair Of VIP Lovebox Sunday Tickets

Next weekend sees our annual jaunt down to Victoria Park for Lovebox Sunday! To celebrate we’re throwing two parties over the course of the weekend AND we’ve managed to get our mitts on a pair of VIP Lovebox Sunday tickets to give away! With some of favourite people appearing at the festival, from Kim Ann Foxman to DJ Harvey to Frankie Knuckles to Derrick Carter and a whole host of DSS family and friends across all the stages throughout the day, it’s sure to be a family affair.

Catch Johnny Woo, Horse Meat Disco and former DSS guests A Love From Outer Space (Andrew Weatherall and Sean Johnston) over in the Russian Standard House Of Davai… Hannah Holland, The Lovely Jonjo, Kris Di Angelis and of course Superstore boss Dan Beaumont can all be found in the East Side Strut.

Meanwhile here at the good ship Dalston Superstore, we’re kicking off the weekend with our Lovebox Sunday Warm-Up… on a Friday! We’ll be doing our duty helping you warm up your rave muscles for Sunday’s amazingness (our doctors advise you to stretch out at Dalston Superstore where we have a taster of what’s to come on the big day). Horse Meat Disco’s Luke Howard and Guy Williams of Paradise 45 will be massaging your dancing feet in the bar and kick-ass DJ Kris Di Angelis and Macho City hero Dave Kendrick will attend to your cardiovascular needs downstairs.

And on Sunday evening, it’s time once more for our legendary Outside The Box afterparty where we welcome a very special NYC guest to play alongside our fave local hero DJs including Grizzle, Borja Peña and Mikki Most.

For your chance to win a pair of VIP Lovebox Sunday just email the correct answer to by 10am Monday 15th July with the email subject “GIVE ME A PAIR OF VIP LOVEBOX SUNDAY TICKETS!”

Which former Dalston Superstore guests will be playing at Lovebox Sunday?

a. A Love From Outer Space

b. A Love From The Laser Basement

c. A Love That You Found After One Too Many Hackney Iced Teas

*Only the winner will be contacted

For more info and Lovebox tickets visit:

Neville Watson

DJ and producer, former label and record store owner, occasional KiNK cohort and purveyor of deep, raw and jacking house, the illustrious Neville Watson joins us for the upcoming Big Thursday which will kick off the long bank holiday weekend in style. He’ll be deep down in the laser basement for Disco Bloodbath’s 6th Birthday with Bloodbath residents Ben Pistor and Damon Martin, whilst upstairs Shay Malt and Nick G takeover the top bar for raucous party times. 
Ahead of what is sure to be a totally mental party, we caught up with Neville to find out more about his rave past, what Myspace means to him, creative muses and more…
If you could go back to any dancefloor you’ve ever danced on, where would you want to be dancing?
Checkpoint Charlie at the After Dark club in Reading, 1994-2004. I walked in to that club as a punter and would eventually become a resident but in all that time the energy on that dancefloor never let up. A Jamaican social club down a dark alley with a thumping sound system and 300 baying lunatics. Magic.
It’s pretty well-documented that you met your frequent co-collaborator KiNK via the now mostly irrelevant Myspace. What do you think exists now in terms of social media to connect artists in the way you guys did and is it as important nowadays?
It is just as important, and it’s a blessing and a curse. A blessing because you can reach out to pretty much anyone instantly, a curse because it makes it that much more difficult to let things build slowly and get more of a lasting foothold. To be honest I quite miss MySpace; it felt a bit more anarchic and a little less micro managed. I’m fairly active on Facebook but I’ll be glad when something else comes along. Soundcloud is also massively important to what I do and is a real godsend. 
You’ve had Kim Ann Foxman guest on a track of yours and KiNK- are there any other vocalists currently on your wishlist to work with?

There isn’t really anyone particularly famous that I have a burning desire to work with but I’m always on the lookout for someone with a unique voice and interesting take on lyrics, and it’s much harder than it seems. One of the best vocals I’ve heard on a house track in the last few years is Lakuti’s on Portable’s Deeper Love.  There is someone I’m about to approach but I’m keeping it under wraps for the moment.

What can we see of your own music in the next few months?

The single One Four Green gets a re-release on Teng Records with new mixes from Deep Space Orchestra, Perseus Trax and Johnny Aux. A remix for your very own Dan Beaumont forthcoming on Disco Bloodbath. My main focus right now is the release of my album, Songs To Elevate Pure Hearts which comes out on Crème Organization in May.

What one piece of hardware, maybe not necessarily your favourite, could you not make music without?
If we’re talking absolute necessity, then as a machine I guess it would be my Mac. Sorry, I know that’s not very sexy but it’s the truth. I love my machines but if they all broke down tomorrow (I don’t really want to think about that) then I could still make shitty, faux “deep” house in the box. 
You were for a long time, the muse of your brother, the photographer Gavin Watson… who would you say was your own creative muse?

My wife, Stephanie. Without doubt. 

What is your favourite photo from the book you did with your brother, Raving ’89?

Ooh, that’s a tough one. There are so many good ones in there. It would either be the guy with “Go!” printed on his t-shirt, he looks like he’s been fired out of a canon and splatted into a patio door. Which pretty much sums up how it felt back then. 

Gavin Watson image from Raving '89

Or the one on page 108-109, it’s like some weird renaissance tryptych. Everyone in it looks completely disconnected from the other, and the weird ghostly floating head floating above that guy’s shoulder just pips it for me. We were surprised when doing the book how much of a dark vibe the pictures had, in our heads the memories of that time are really positive and uplifting but some of the pictures are almost Dante-esque.

Gavin Watson image from Raving '89

What’s your best moment or hijink from that era that you can remember and that wasn’t captured on camera?
My favourite moment will always be the local football team moment, there is a picture from it in the book but not of the best part. For those who don’t have the book, my friend’s were in the local pub team and they went straight from a party to the game; all high as kites. Basically they were in no fit state to be upright, let alone play football. The rest of us pulled up in the car beside the pitch, got out and started dancing to the stereo, summoned one of our friend’s in the team from the pitch to come over and make a jazz cigarette. Which he gladly did, abandoning the game. But my enduring memory is of my friend, Stuart, in goal doing the acid house goalie dance (feet spread out hands out in front) and watching the ball just go sailing past his head in to the back of the net. Much to the distress of his team mates who’d all had a good night’s sleep, and the utter bemusement of the other team. 
What were the first and last records released on your now sadly defunct record label Mighty Atom and what do they mean to you?

Good grief, you know about that label? I didn’t think anyone was taking any notice! The first one was Mono Tracks – Gabes Groove and the last one was Lovejuice – Acid Love. What do they mean to me? I’m not sure. Obviously they represent a particular time in my life but I’m not a particularly sentimental person, so once I put something to bed I’m pretty much done with it. That said we did put out some great records on there and I still play a few of them out on occasion. 

Taking into account the fact Mighty Atom was also a record store, what are your current fave record stores having previously had your own?

In the real world Phonica in the West End, Hardwax in Berlin and Alan’s Records in…. actually I’m not telling you where that is, you’ll have to find out yourself. Online, Juno for the customer and speed of light service. 

What one track prompted your first ever rave epiphany?
Reese & Santonio – Bounce Your Body To The Box
Join Neville for Disco Bloodbath’s 6th Birthday on Thursday 28th March here at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 4:30am

Silvia Prada

This Thursday sees the illustrious Miss Silvia Prada in the laser basement with Borja Peña for her DSS takeover! Born in Spain, now living and working in New York; Silvia has long been putting on nights both in Barcelona (Who’s The Boss) and in her adopted home of NYC, including at places like Le Bain and Bassment at Monster. Needless to say, we are delighted to welcome her to Dalston Superstore! Ahead of the party we caught up with her to speak about her art and more…

Before you became a celebrated illustrator, you delved into the world of photography- what attracted you to the medium?

Photography is just another media practice for me to represent my discourse as an artist. I guess at that time I needed to say something specific with that energy and represent some ideas about my creative process… Later I decided to move to the drawing practice as part of  a natural evolution, but the message never changed, only the medium.

 Can we see some of your dog portraits? Also, why dogs?

I’m pretty sensitive with things and images that make people happy and optimistic. My drawings are a celebration of beauty and life and my dog portraits were somehow the same, always smiling at the camera and saying “everything is ok”.

Silvia Prada's dog portrait

What was the last thing you saw/heard/read that truly captured your attention?

Last thing I heard that totally caught my attention was the speculations about William Shakespeare and that he was actually a  woman, which I totally believe as that has so much sense to me.

Have you noticed much discernible change in your creative output depending on what city you are living in?

Definitely. And it’s not about living in certain cities, it’s about moving… about movement and about change….

What was the thought behind the illustrations you did for Kim Ann Foxman’s video for Creature?

I wanted to create a certain environment and a sexual fantasy between geometries and human beauty.

Why did you decide to team up with the wonderful Borja Peña for your Dalston Superstore takeover?

Borja is one of the most talented and beautiful creatures I’ve ever met. He is a super hero and a reference in London. I would always team up with him… any excuse is good!

Can you talk us through your creative process for your illustration work a little?

The process is so simple and honest… I’m totally in contact with myself and with my personal taste and I constantly research and study our contemporary culture. Anything that I enjoy, any image, experience or any input that is attractive for me, becomes a real work on paper.

Even when some people consider me as an illustrator, I am not really an illustrator, as I don’t usually do work to join a text or illustrate a text or an article… I do my own books and projects and I have my own themes and iconography; I create my own world with my subjects. So I consider myself an artist that also does commercial work.

What living and contemporary artists influence you?

This sounds strange but none. Even though I have an extensive knowledge about contemporary art and I enjoy it, I don’t feel influenced by art itself. I’m  more influenced by music, advertising, fashion, communication or cinema…..
But I have to say Andy Warhol and some artists like Keith Harring, Basquiat and all that generation are so important to me, but not really their legacy. I’m more interested in their lives.

Your most recent exhibition was called The New Modern Hair. What was your favourite or the most interesting hairstyle you depicted in this body of work?

My favourite is the cover hairstyle called “Alexander”. I love this clean, confident and bright beauty, almost Mediterranean.

What one track will you play to make the laser basement go wild on Thursday?

Hmm… this is a good question!!! Mory Kanté’s Yeke Yeke? Hahaha! Kidding. I don’t know yet, I never know what I’m gonna play ’til I get the vibe of the room… and hope to get the laser going wild most of the time!! 

Join Silvia for Silvia Prada DSS Takeover this Thursday 7th March from 9pm – 2:30am.

Kris Di Angelis: Dear Diary…

London’s hardest working DJ Kris Di Angelis shares a page from his diary from last weekend with us ahead of Tramp on Saturday night…

How am I supposed to write up this weekend just gone? Most of the good stuff is unprintable, surely the sign of a good one though eh? I managed to create a weekend diary of five DJ gigs over 32 hours in London via Brighton, plus my club night WAR was talking place at the Summer Rites Festival without me able to be there. This was always going to be a heavy one, so in a sense I knew the gloves were off before it began….

Man who carried Kris's bag

I started my Saturday night by playing a private party in Kettners for a doctor celebrating his 60th birthday. I wouldn’t normally write about a private party except for the fact that this was quite possibly the campest entrance of any 60 year old professional I’ve ever seen. Carried in on a stretcher by half the cast of Priscilla, when his head popped out to lip-sync it was clear ‘He’ was more of a ‘She’ tonight. Turns out the next 15 minutes were choreographed, rehearsed and performed to a Gloria Estefan dance megamix from the very early ‘90s (how now!), even with a bit of classic ‘Quick-Change’ action thrown in. Speechless I was!

On the midnight train to Brighton I got my head together, popped open a bottle of bubbles, mixed it with Red Bull, and got told to “For God’s sake, relax!”. I always get a bit edgy when I play somewhere new. I get unavoidably pensive. Which wasn’t massively helped by the state of post-Pride Brighton. As far as I could see Brighton had lost its shoes, was covered in bruises/sick, and I was in the hands of stewards completely unable to speak English, never mind direct me to the club I was playing in. I asked a landlord in a pub for directions to the Honey Club and got told by a disgruntled bar fly that “I know where the station is… where you can fuck off on a train back to where you came from cunt”. He looked like someone who sort of used to be good looking, so I just kind of smiled, said “Good luck with that” and paid for his pint. Having first discovered there are both Oceana and Hed Kandi clubs in Brighton too (very Brighton Uncovered, as in, I actually saw a girl lick the pavement) I eventually located Wildfruit. And look, it has half of London there! Greeted at the door by Jonny Woo and Chrissy Darling, and hanging inside with Sam DMS, Munroe Bergdorf and Johnny M made it all feel instantly familiar. Wildfruit appears to be the big after party for Pride there so it’s heaving and sweaty (I love this) and everything you’d expect from a big gay super club. VERY different from playing in East London, but that’s the point. I managed to play much cooler records there than I thought I’d get away with too, always a pleasant surprise!

Munroe Bergdorf in Brighton

The next day I decided at the last minute that it might be better to get to London on time for Summer Rites, so I skipped playing Audio and got myself back to Shoreditch as the trains were looking seriously delayed. During the journey I started receiving messages from people in the park as word was starting to spread about my WAR gogo boys. “Bitch, have you really booked dwarf gogo boys?” “There’s a disabled dwarf in the park, please tell me you didn’t….” Well I didn’t go as far as that, but I DID manage to find two handsome dwarves to serve as soldier gogo’s for the WAR slot in the East Bloc tent. THEY WERE AMAZING! I’ve never wanted to get to a park so fast as when I got sent pictures of them half naked throwing themselves around our stage! To top that off I had a whole load of my mates playing together on the stage for the entire set, including Bryony Masters, James Pople, Adam Turner, Joshyou Are and Ariel. No bad can come from a group of DJs having a hilarious time playing together, so it’s safe to say WAR delivered everything I wanted it to. I sped over to finish up the Room Service tent, caught a bit of Boy George’s set (HE SANG VIDEO GAMES!!!), got carried around on somebody’s shoulders, dealt with a million ex’s (why are festivals always like that?) and hurried home to get ready for the Room Service Vs WAR after party.

Gogo dancers at WAR 

This is when my laptop died.

As you may know, I am a laptop DJ. However, having just recently received my entire CD collection out of storage, I decided now was the time to give this archaic medium a run for its money. I packed a case full of music and made my way nervously over to Bar Music Hall. Kim Ann Foxman was playing an absolutely blinding set, I really don’t know if it gets much cooler than her. She’s got excellent taste, so when some gay tapped me on the shoulder and said “Can I ask her to play some proper dance music like Rihanna?” I replied, “If you even think about it, I will kill you”. He then seemingly ignored me and was already prodding her for attention. By the time she turned round though the gravity of what I’d said sunk in, he smiled at her and said “I think you’re amazing”, winked at me and danced his way to the bar. Smoooooth! I then began to play my first ever set on CD, and was struck by how easy it is. A bloody kid could do it! It’s so dumbfoundingly easy to mix on CD’s that I really don’t know where some DJs get their arrogance from. The years I’ve spent getting grief from moronic dinosaurs about being on a laptop! If anything I just found it a bit limiting, but put it this way, I’m SO playing on CDs this Saturday at Tramp! Once the party was FINALLY over I made my way home to have a giggle with the Harsh and a few others. As is always the way when you get that many gays working together, there was a lot of hardcore gossip generated on the day that we had to process. Seemed like everyone went back to Amanda Le Pore’s hotel suite for an after party, but my bed was definitely more attractive than even the world’s No. 1 transsexual.

Jodie Harsh at Summer Rites

All in all it was great, Brighton was great, Summer Rites was great, the after party was great, and having my bag carried for some of the journey was awesome. The only question I have, is that if Severino really was playing absolutely everywhere, how the bloody hell did I miss him?!

Kris Di Angelis plays at his night Tramp this Saturday 8th September with super secret special legendary guests from 9pm – 3am here at Dalston Superstore.

Kim Ann Foxman

It goes without saying that we love Kim Ann Foxman. As a DJ. As the singer for Hercules & Love Affair. As one of our fashion icons. As a genuinely nice person. Which all adds up to us being more than excited to have her headline our tent at the upcoming Summer Rites festival next Sunday in Shoreditch Park. 

The lovely lady was gracious enough to spare some time to speak to us about her style crushes, house heroes, love of English sweets and have the obligatory vinyl rant…

Who do you consider to be your contemporaries?

The people I really like are Bicep, Maya Jane Coles, Snuff Crew, Steffi,  Runaway, Azari & III, Legowelt, KiNK, Omar S and Legowelt but there are so many new people I like…

Why is right now a great time for house music? Who are your personal house heroes?

There’s so much good newer house tracks coming out these days. It’s really cool. It makes me happy and there is a nice audience for it. It’s definitely a good time for house music right now. My personal Heroes are MK, Murk, Kevin Saunderson, Deee-Lite, Masters at Work and Bam Bam.

How did your amazing collaboration with KiNK and Neville Watson come about?

They just asked me really and sent me a track, and I asked if they wanted a song song or more of a party track. And they said more tracky party vibe. So that’s how it happened.

What’s the most mind-blowing concert you’ve ever been to in your entire life?

For me it was Kraftwerk when I was about 20 years old. I waited outside forever to get their autograph, and I still have that concert ticket stub. It’s the only people I ever waited for an autograph for. I guess it just meant a lot to me. Unfortunately I never saw MJ, as he would have blown my mind more than anything in the world.

Why is vinyl still so important to DJs?

Because vinyl is classic and the feeling is something can never be replaced. Also, there are so many gems that you can’t find online- still. They make sets magical to me. I also love the artwork, vinyl is so personal… the labels, the cover sleeve. You don’t connect with downloading songs the way you connect with vinyl. Vinyl is precious. And you want to take care of it. Of course vinyl DJs learned to mix by ear rather than looking at the BPM and matching it or just pressing a sync button. It’s a skill not everyone can do, you really had to work and practice at it. So it’s a passion. 

You were named one of the most stylish women in NY right now… How would YOU describe your look? Who is your current style crush?

I don’t know, I think I got lucky with that one but I’m thankful for the compliment.

My style is kinda FULL FORCE meets Lisa Bonet- I guess they would be my style crushes too at the moment.

Very casual x200.

‘90s Wrestler bodybuilding pants are a frequented comfort zone.

Over sized anything, sports bra galore.

Cross color maniac!

Soul and r’n’b concert shirts from the late ‘80s are becoming a collection…

My  hair is a staple thanks to my  most amazing hair stylist best friend Holli Smith.

We hear you love Percy Pigs sweets (which frankly is a given)… what other English produce do you stock up while you’re here?

My favorites really are Percy Pigs & Pals! Last time I was in the UK I bought seven bags, and I love Branston Pickle. I also love those parsnip chips or “crisps” as you call them that I see in Marks & Spencers. Yum! I could eat those for days. I always buy those.

How did your time living in San Francisco influence your work as both a DJ and a singer?

I learned a lot from going to raves and following DJs and collecting rave tapes. The whole experience taught me about what sounds I like, and feelings or vibes I like to be evoked in a track. I also collected some nice records during that time, so of course, that was great too.

If you were taking us on a date in New York where would we go?

I would take you to have some really nice Japanese food, then we’d walk to the High Line park where we would eat a popsicle have a walk and look at the amazing view.

Can you tell us three jams in your bag for the Dalston Superstore at Summer Rites tent?

Snuff Crew feat. Tyree Cooper- Work It Out

Bicep- Getcha Boi

Jodeci – Freek N You MK Dub

Jodeci – Freek ‘n You (MK Dub) by morthens

What musical goodies can we expect from you in the near future?

I am working on some nice things. I have a solo release that I wrote and produced myself coming out soon. Its’ called Return it / Hypnotic Dance. I also have a track with Snuff Crew coming out sometime in the future. I’m working on some projects… solo stuff and also collaborations. I’m going to meet up with Richard X while I’m in London, so I’m excited for that. And I’ve been working with Tobias Freund over in Berlin, and we have a very nice collaboration going on. So, there is plenty to come along with some surprises.

Kim Ann Foxman plays the Dalston Superstore tent at Summer Rites on Sunday 2nd September in Shoreditch Park from 12:30pm onwards.

Summer Rites

We’ve very pleased to be joining our friends Gutterslut, East Bloc, Vogue Fabrics and more at this year’s Summer Rites festival! Taking place in Shoreditch park on Sunday 2nd September, the main stage features the talents and delights of Jonny Woo’s Gay Bingo, Bright Light Bright Light, Feral Is Kinky, Mutya and…. BOY GEORGE! 

Rest assured that even though we’ll be nursing our hangovers from Paris’ Acid Ball here at Superstore the night before, we’ll be out in full force hosting a kick-ass, pumpin’ tent with some of our favourite DJs playing all day, including the incredible KIM ANN FOXMAN!!

Joining her will be Grizzle (John Sizzle and A Man To Pet) DJ Squeaky, Rokk, Mikki Most, Dan Beaumont, The Lovely Jonjo Hannah Holland and Severino.

Summer Rites logo

Tickets are £25 from the Summer Rites website or come into Superstore and pick up one of our discounted tickets at £15 each from behind the bar!

For more information be a fan of Summer Rites on Facebook.

Dick And Fanny

Mixed gay dance party Dick And Fanny comes to Superstore this Sunday to see in the Queen’s Jubilee in style with special guests from Berlin, The Pet Shop Bears. We pinned down the promoters behind the celebrated night, Alex Karotsch and Sandra Le, to find out what makes their night so special and how they come up with inspiration for their fabulous posters…

Tell us about the genesis of Dick And Fanny?

Alex: I started running Kimono Krush with a few friends back in October 2008 at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern and Sandra was kind of begging me to do something east. When I finally did it was Dirtbox, which is very man-heavy. So we decided to do something together that’s a more mixed affair. Sandra and her friend Simon had always talked about how they can never really go out together because it’s either girl nights or boy nights. So we decided to organise something that might appeal to both sexes. Sandra really wanted to book Kim Ann Foxman, so asked her, booked a venue and went ahead with it. We were really shitting ourselves that nobody would turn up but it was a huge success.

Sandra: The genesis really came from wanting to dance with (gay) friends of whatever gender to great dance music. Simon and I had been thinking that if we couldn’t find such a party maybe we should start one but then nothing came out of this. In the meantime I was nagging Alex about starting such a night in east London. I only got involved in it seriously because I really wanted Kim Ann to come and play in London. One day I contacted her not really thinking that it’d work but not only she was super lovely but she was also totally up for it. This is how it started and the rest is history…

How did you come up with your amazing DJ names?

Alex: I came up with my name years before I actually started DJing. It came from a jokey conversation I had with a friend about her wanting to make a porn version of Gosford Park and call it Gosford Pork. I was going to ‘make’ the sequel and call it The Duchess of Pork. And when I was deciding on a DJ name a couple of years later I thought it’d be funny.

?Sandra: Well I don’t have a DJ name but Dick And Fanny was coined by a friend of Alex’s. The idea was to have a name that would appeal to both sexes and be funny. Dick and Fanny are old-fashioned names but also, well, you know…

Describe the musical policy at D And F…

Alex: Our musical policy was very much informed by our first few guests. Since we had Kim Ann Foxman as our main guest for the first DAF and we really love classic house and techno we built the music policy around that and added some Italo and hi-nrg for fun which usually gets played earlier in the night.

What’s one quintessential D And F track?

Kim Ann Foxman – Creature (MR.INTL)

Why is it so rare to find gay clubs that attract equal numbers of guys and girls?


Alex: I think there can be a bit of animosity between lesbians and gays so they don’t always mix when going out; a lot of nights are also geared towards a specific audience, either guys or girls. But in east London there’s a bit more crossover and there are a lot of friendships between gay and lesbians.

Sandra: Not sure why because we are definitely not the only ones wanting mix places. If I had to guess I’d say that maybe people who are starting gay nights here are generally younger and what you’re after when you’re in your twenties is different from what you’re after when you are older. But that’s just a thought. I don’t necessarily think that there is animosity between gays and lesbians (I don’t see it in my circle of friends for sure) but I think guys are not always super comfortable trying to pull when girls are around and girls don’t necessarily go out as much. But these are just sweeping generalisations and I’m very happy that so far we have managed to keep the night really mixed. Essentially we try to make ourselves happy and share that happiness with our friends and anyone else who has similar tastes as we do. 

Who is a true Dick And Fanny icon?

Sandra: Madonna…!

Alex: I’d second that.

We love your posters- how do you find the inspiration for them and which is your favourite?

Alex: We love a bit of a pop culture reference so a lot of the inspiration for our posters comes from film, music and TV but we also throw in the odd random image like the aerobic one last year (inspired by ‘80s workout videos and Jane Fonda) and the swimwear one the year before (inspired partly by Tom Selleck in Magnum, P.I.).

My favourite is the Pretty Woman poster, I saw it about five times in the cinema when it came out and the poster was too good an image to not recreate as a DAF poster. I also love the Jeff Koons and Top Gun ones.

Dick And Fanny Pretty Woman poster

Sandra: I think my favourite is the Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love one. For what it is but also for the actual photograph, its colours and composition.

Dick And Fanny Kurt And Courtney Poster

Alex: A special shout out also needs to go to our collaborators at this point: Khalid El-Awad and Christa Holka for shooting the images and Lazy Susan for being incredible on all the images.

You’ve been going almost three years- in that time who’s been your favourite all-round guest, your best dressed guest and your most surprising guest (for whatever reason)?

Sandra: We can’t single anyone out really. All the talent we book, we book because we love their work. We have also been super lucky because everyone has been so nice and we have made really good friends along the way too such as Kim Anh from LA.

The best dressed guest was Feral! And our most surprising guest was Maya Jane Coles, we were lucky enough to book her before she became a superstar. We love Maya and we hope to have her return to our decks very soon!

Join Alex and Sandra for Dick And Fanny Presents the pEt sHOp bEARs – Jubilee Sunday Special this Sunday 3rd June from 9pm – 4am.