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Clam Jam Big Bitch Single Release

The two mega-babes behind Clam Jam have certainly been busy this year, and we’re only just over half way through! In between booking festival slots at Lovebox and Secret Garden Party and club nights at XOYO and East Bloc, they’ve gone all ‘Yonce on us and sprung us with a surprise single release! We sat down to chat party plans, inspiration and …uh… Victoria Sponge!

Bica and Cathal, your Clam Jam babe-duo is such a big part of the success of your parties. How did you two come together?

B: I bought a box of cereal one day, which is strange in itself considering I am a full English breakfast kinda gal, and lo and behold he was the free gift in it. I kinda liked him so thought I would keep him.

C: Whilst trawling the internet I stumbled upon, placed a bid and won her for 2p and a ten pack of Richmond Menthol Super 10s. She seemed happy enough and I haven’t had the heart to get rid of her since then. They run a strict no exchange or return policy so we’ve been stuck together for years now.

We knew you could throw an amazing party, but had no idea you had a bloody single up your sleeves! How did this all come about?

C: Ah yes! Well… we had this tune in mind for a while, then our mate producer Alex Blanco, who had been  coming to cLAM jAM a while and loving what we played, suggested we all get in the studio……

B: …. and the rest is history.

Where did you draw inspiration for your video?

B: Cathal has been doing amazing video work forever now, for various personal and professional projects, bands, festivals and fashion designers. I love Victoria sponge…. And he loves to make me look demented!

C: There is no one simple answer for this, being that a ‘big bitch’ isn’t a comment about size I suppose.
Its about being fully saturated, excessive and comfortable in your tastes, sexual habits, body, sense of humour or unapologetic lack of it even. One man’s big bitch is another man’s cream cake.  

2015 is looking set to be a big year for Clam Jam! Can you tell us a bit about your party plans for the next few month?

C: We are keeping our Thursday nights, OBVS, at the Mothership Superstore which just gets better and more lushed-out by the minute. We are playing at this year’s Lovebox for the Little Gay Brother Vegas Room on the Friday 17 July, which we are  excited about. Then the weekend after we are set to get all at one with nature, ahem, and play at the Secret Garden Party Festival ! 

B: Also, this is super secret still but we’ll let ya onto something… cLAM jAM will be doing something bigger and better in an unusual location in August. Can’t say more than that, but watch his space.

You have an extra-special guest planned for the debut of your single. Can you tell us a bit about her ?

B: Yep! Super excited that we got a DJ set for the single launch courtesy of the fabulous Perera Elsewhere from the band Yahcoozi.

C: We’ve been following her for a while now, since she has done bits with our mate Hannah Holland, who in turn hooked us up, and we really wanted her to do the set for this night especially. 
Check her out – it’s gonna be ace! 


Join Bica, Cathal and Perera Elsewhere this Thursday 16 July for the Clam Jam Big Bitch single release party from 9pm-2:30am.

Little Gay Brother’s Festival Amazingness

Ahead of Little Gay Brother’s Lovebox extravaganza and afterparty right here at Dalston Superstore, we asked man behind the fun Clayton Wright to run through his fave queer festival acts…

By Clayton Wright

I love a festival. For me it’s where I can chuck a load of glitter over my face and go feral for a few days. Oh and I might see a band or two. This is my list of AMAZING FESTIVAL ACTS YOU SHOULD SEE BEFORE YOU DIE GIRL!

Scissors Sisters – V Festival 2004


In 2004 I was in love with Jake Sheers. I loved his hair, his face, his music and his arse in tight jeans. I stood at the back of the festival and I desperately wanted to get to the front. ‘A friend’ was peeing in a cup because the toilets were crazy busy. Before he knew what was happening my friends and I grab him by the scruff of his neck and push him forward. He peed his way all the way to the front of the stage. I was front row to stare at Jake. Unfortunately standing behind us were a lot of angry chavs now covered in piss. Soz V. 

Róisín Murphy – 2008


I saw Róisín at a little festival called Bloom. It rained and there must of been only about 1000 people there max. It’s impossible to find a clip of Róisín at that festival but she was amazing. She had a bag of clothes and hats at the side of the stage and kept rushing to the edge of the stage to change her costumers herself. I loved how incredibly low budget the show was but her performance was world class and so were her hats. 

Florence and the Machine – 2009 Bestival

I was lucky enough to hang out with Flo back stage at Camp Bestival one year. I was later told she was later found naked in a someone’s garden off site. She’s never confirmed this, but she does still owe me 20 quid.

Grace Jones –  Lovebox 2010 

The woman hula hoops as she sings????? What more could you ask for? I told so many lies to get back stage that year to meet her that I’m surprised I don’t have boils on my tongue, but who cares it’s GRACE JONES!?????

Hercules & Love Affair – Lovebox 2010 

“Miss Honey, Miss Honey” This clip is just hilarious and reminds of what an incredible year for gay artists to showcase at Lovebox in 2010. This is definitely one act you should have a gay love affair with. I definitely have… but that’s another story. Andy Butler is playing with us at Bearded Kitten’s Colosillyum stage this year at Secret Garden Party.

Blondie – Secret Garden Party 2011

This festival is my spiritual home. 2012 was the first year we started the gay bar at SGP and Blondie was headlining the main stage. SGP has always been an eclectic mix of people and music. As you watch this clip you see a crowd covered in feathers, sequins and glitter. We love SGP and we love Blondie. See you at the Gay Bar. 

Diana Ross

The great thing about seeing any legendary gay icon or band is that you know in amongst at least the first 100 people near the stage is a hottie ready and willing to cop off with you whilst you both hold hands and sing along to ‘I’m Coming Out’. I need to do this before I die. If Diana does a UK festival you can find me always by the left hand speaker, boys. 


I love these guys so so much. They still rock out in sequin costumes. Without a doubt on my list of gay festival acts to see before I die. 

Dolly Parton – Glastonbury 2014 

She sings, plays guitar and even raps. What could be gayer than watching the Queen of Dollywood surrounded by hundreds of trannies dressed up in cowboy hats immolating her highness? 

 Elton – Bestival 2013

OK so Elton is gayer than Dolly, but only just. You can catch Elton and our mate Bright Light x2 on tour in the UK this summer. 

Little Gay Brother at Secret Garden Party

Catch Little Gay Brother at Lovebox this weekend, 18th and 19th July at the washing machine stage in the Bearded Kitten Mansion and at ET Phone HOMO at Secret Garden Party 24th to 28th July. 

Paul & Shay’s Top EVER DSS Moments

Ahead of their impending move to that far-flung Chinese metropolis, Hong Kong, we asked long-time Superstore regulars and promoters Shay Malt and Paul Dragoni to pick their ultimate DSS moments from the last few years. They had a rummage through their hazy memories and embarrassing photo albums and gave us a countdown of their fave ever Superstore LOLZ just in time for their goodbye party tonight…

5. GRIZZLE (Snake Charmers)


Grizzle is always our favourite. Anything with A Man Da Pet and John Sizzle is guaranteed LOLZ. Pet was a slutty snake charmer whilst Sizzle came out of a £1 laundry bag as an inflatable snake. On the bar… with poppers!


Outside The Box at Dalston Superstore

Every year! There are too many good memories to list here. Each year is more hilarious. How someone hasn’t fallen off the bar and broken their neck is beyond us.

3 PARIS’ ACID BALL (we think)

Shay: Me and Josh Caffe both wearing Nic Fisher’s stilletos and armed with water guns trying to master pussy dramatics in the basement whilst Hannah was playing. I hurt my back and could hardly walk for a week after that.


Wet N Wild on New Years Day at Dalston Superstore

The after Shed-after Dolphin-after everything-afterparty. Carnage! The cleaners hadn’t turned up to clear away the mess from New Years Eve so everyone was cleaning whilst Shay played Tina Turner and Madonna records.


Michelle Moist aka Mikki Most

Everyone was a tranny! Per QX looked like Kim from Eastenders, Mikki Most looked like a cross between Farah Fawcett and the dog from The Never Ending Story! And Josh was a young hoochy Whitney Houston.

Come and say goodbye to Shay and Paul TONIGHT Friday 30th August from 9pm – 3am at Dalston Superstore.

Photo credit: Kenny Cambpell, Shay Malt

Jodie Harsh

This Sunday we welcome Grand Dame Jodie Harsh to our legendary annual Lovebox afterparty, Outside The Box. As the beehived head behind queer clubbing phenomenon Room Service (currently taking over the world, one major city at a time), a remixer of bonafide pop divas and a really good globe-trotting DJ in her own right, we’re pleased to have this revered and veneered drag superstar in the laser basement! 

What prompted you to first apply lipstick and heels?

Drugs mainly. Just kidding. It was drinks vouchers and the fact that I could get into Heaven for free on a Wednesday. True story. 
Describe Room Service for the uninitiated?
The most fun you can have with half your clothes on. Great house music, hot boys, satisfaction guaranteed. 
What’s the most outrageous thing that’s ever happened there?
A lady never tells. It probably involved me. I have to erase my memories of it every Friday morning. 
You’ve remixed Cher. How did this come about?
I’ve been remixing for quite a few of the pop divas and got the call from Cher’s people asking me to rework Woman’s World. It was a bit of a pinch-me moment and so much fun to do. 

Who is next?
I have a big wish list of people; there’s so much good music around at the moment. I’d love to work on some music for some of the new-skool girl rappers around. 
Are you the hardest working tranny in showbiz?
You have no idea. I would love to say I wake up mid afternoon and put some slap on and roll into a club but it’s obvious it doesn’t work like that. I have a team of really great people, and we have a lot of fun, and all work like bastards. But I really enjoy what I do, I don’t think I could do anything else at this stage. Every day is different, and usually a lot of fun. My feet and back are fucked and my Dad hates me but that’s a small price to pay really. 
Who is your drag mother?
How many wigs do you own?
I go through one at a time. I try to progress through very slightly different hair styles. People say to me all the time “Why don’t you go for a new style? Why are you always blonde with a fringe and beehive?” And I say, go fuck yaself. 
What is the secret of your success?
Why are you obsessed with porn stars?
Cher. No really. Why am I obsessed with porn stars? They are obsessed with me! I just enjoy hanging out with people who are a bit unhinged and have big willies. Plus it’s an inexpensive way to get laid for me. 
What three tips would you give to someone hoping to make it as a clubland superstar/international entertainment mogul?
1. Have thick skin, people who aren’t that great at their jobs can be cunts to you. 
2. Be good at what you do, which means having ideas, and don’t lose sight of why you chose this job in the first place. 
3. Sign up for air miles. 
Who are you looking forward to seeing at Lovebox?
Lil’ Kim, which is the most genius booking ever! She is the Queen Bee. And I’ll be partying in the dance tent after my set. 
What will you be wearing?
A new wig. 
Follow Jodie Harsh on Twitter: @jodieharsh
Join Jodie at Outside The Box here at Dalston Superstore on Sunday 21st July from 10pm -4am.

Win A Pair Of VIP Lovebox Sunday Tickets

Next weekend sees our annual jaunt down to Victoria Park for Lovebox Sunday! To celebrate we’re throwing two parties over the course of the weekend AND we’ve managed to get our mitts on a pair of VIP Lovebox Sunday tickets to give away! With some of favourite people appearing at the festival, from Kim Ann Foxman to DJ Harvey to Frankie Knuckles to Derrick Carter and a whole host of DSS family and friends across all the stages throughout the day, it’s sure to be a family affair.

Catch Johnny Woo, Horse Meat Disco and former DSS guests A Love From Outer Space (Andrew Weatherall and Sean Johnston) over in the Russian Standard House Of Davai… Hannah Holland, The Lovely Jonjo, Kris Di Angelis and of course Superstore boss Dan Beaumont can all be found in the East Side Strut.

Meanwhile here at the good ship Dalston Superstore, we’re kicking off the weekend with our Lovebox Sunday Warm-Up… on a Friday! We’ll be doing our duty helping you warm up your rave muscles for Sunday’s amazingness (our doctors advise you to stretch out at Dalston Superstore where we have a taster of what’s to come on the big day). Horse Meat Disco’s Luke Howard and Guy Williams of Paradise 45 will be massaging your dancing feet in the bar and kick-ass DJ Kris Di Angelis and Macho City hero Dave Kendrick will attend to your cardiovascular needs downstairs.

And on Sunday evening, it’s time once more for our legendary Outside The Box afterparty where we welcome a very special NYC guest to play alongside our fave local hero DJs including Grizzle, Borja Peña and Mikki Most.

For your chance to win a pair of VIP Lovebox Sunday just email the correct answer to by 10am Monday 15th July with the email subject “GIVE ME A PAIR OF VIP LOVEBOX SUNDAY TICKETS!”

Which former Dalston Superstore guests will be playing at Lovebox Sunday?

a. A Love From Outer Space

b. A Love From The Laser Basement

c. A Love That You Found After One Too Many Hackney Iced Teas

*Only the winner will be contacted

For more info and Lovebox tickets visit:

Shaun Prickimage

Tomorrow night sees the next installment of Rex The Dog’s bi-monthly night Breed and they’ve roped in WALKABOUT Vs Pikilipita to provide an animation spectacular for the evening! Using a hi-tech portable system, they’ll be roaming Superstore projecting Rexes and the previous Breed t-shirt designs onto all available surfaces… including onto you lot!

To find out more about this innovative system, we caught up with Shaun Prickimage, the man behind WALKABOUT Projection and the amazing visuals seen at WetYourSelf at Fabric and various other clubnight and festivals… including the Gutterslut Vs TrailerTrash tent at Lovebox! We posed all our burning questions to him to find out how it all works and what we can expect from Friday’s party…

Can you explain the concept behind WALKABOUT Projection?

WALKABOUT Projection was setup as an extension of PRICKIMAGE and allows us to stage pop-up performances just about anywhere using a hi-rez mobile projection system. Projections can roam free outdoors or indoors with no need for cables or screens.

The technology allows performers to project animated images using portable projector systems as they walk among the public at a broad range of events. The performers manipulate the projected images live, encouraging audience interaction using media players, game controllers and Kinect sensor from Xbox.


And do you have plans to expand this?

We are excited about technology such as Pico projectors and the Raspberry Pi that will give us even more opportunities to play with portability. This tech is so light and so powerful that it can almost be sewn into the costumes of performers, which will allow intimate and exciting encounters with crowds.

We are currently on the lookout for performers for winter events, so people can get involved if they like what they see.

What’s been the biggest or most exciting WALKABOUT project so far?

WALKABOUT Projection was featured in Don’t Think, the 2012 film of a live performance by Chemical Brothers. The technology was used in a very clever way to take the visuals off stage and around festival.

WALKABOUT Projection feat. in Don’t Think Chemical Brothers’ live performance film from PRICKIMAGE on Vimeo.

What’s your favourite venue in London to work in and why? Do you prefer to perform in more confined areas or large cavernous clubs?

The beauty of WALKABOUT Projection means that it doesn’t matter what sort of space we have. We bring the projections to the people no matter how many are involved. What’s important is that there is enough room for interactivity. Small Pico projectors are used for smaller spaces while a larger, more powerful setup works great outdoors or large venues.

What inspires your animation style?

Projections by their nature need to bold and bright on dark surfaces. With WALKABOUT, it’s important that we use very colourful and bright projections to make sure that it works well indoors or outdoors.

Who are your most frequent collaborators?

VJ Hash will be performing additional WALKABOUT Projection at BREED 8, but we’ve done a lot of great work with Pikilipita  and Nicola Saponaro (SapoLab), not forgetting of course Martin Wollerstam. Rafael Filomeno is in his final year studying interactive graphic design and he has been working closely with us.

PRICKIMAGE / WYS! @ SPACE, Ibiza – Rough CUT teaser from PRICKIMAGE on Vimeo.

We hear PRICKIMAGE is doing the visuals for Shoom’s 25th Anniversary Party- you must have something extra special up your sleeve for such a prestigious rave!

Danny Rampling is eager to combine the best of past, present and future both in terms of music and visuals. We are grabbing the chance to take advantage of the high ceiling, which allows for a large projection screen. We’re also dying to reference the rich back catalogue of imagery from the Shoom rave era. We’ll be taking advantage of the best of current technology, but do expect plenty of smiley faces!

What London club nights, besides the ones you work at(!) do you like to go to?

Tough one. I’m always chasing that experience I had when I first walked into Trailer Trash

Can you talk us through the process that goes into performing WALKABOUT Projection live?

We have to get the more practical things such as lighting and surface sorted out and then we use a controller to bring the personality and character to the projections, treating them as puppets rather than flat animations. So, we might choose a game controller to add interactivity and fun, breathing life into the characters.

What is your preferred type of music to work alongside with?

There is no truth to the scurrilous rumours that I really love Norwegian folk trumpet….

Why do you think the Walkabout Projection will work well at Breed?

Rex is alive and chomping at the bit to get taken for a walk. He likes to explore and meet new pussies.

The crowd will be fun and up for innovative interaction with our furry friend. Rex’s owner has designed loads of amazing t-shirts and we will be bringing these designs to life on the ravers. We want the crowd to capture Rex’s adventures as they happen with photo and video so anyone who shares great footage or pics on the Facebook page will be in with a chance of bagging one of these exclusive t-shirts.

WALKABOUT Vs Pilikipita will be projecting onto walls, surfaces and even you this Friday 5th October at Breed #8 from 9pm – 4am.

Illustration credit: Martin Wollerstam

Alùn Davies

Art director Alùn Davies brings his unique, other-worldly vision to Dalston Superstore in our latest art exhibition DALSTON SÙPERNOVÆ. Having previously contributed to Another, British, Russian, U.S and Italian VogueGQ, and worked with musicians La Roux, Lady Gaga and Peaches; it’s fair to say his work is highly sought after. Davies’ multimedia style, hyper-colour set designs, outré vision and hands-on craftsmanship approach to art direction transforms Superstore into a new world of colourful, futuristic landscapes expressed in a multi-media environment of mural paintings, luminous neon sculpture, 3D props, film, photography and sculpted portraits.

With DALSTON SÙPERNOVÆ set to go throughout August, we caught up with Alùn to ask about his current work, exciting projects and inspirations…

Can you talk us through the various inspirations behind your new exhibition Dalston Supernovae?

When Saskia Wickins (the DSS curator) asked me if I would do a show I initially thought of all the projects I do for fashion and music photo shoots and video’s and I wanted to bring those fantasy worlds to DSS, once on a shoot that Saskia worked on with stylist Kim Howells I made an apocalyptic pink sand beach and under the warm photographic lights the models were transported to another world I wanted to bring this otherworldly aspect to DSS. A lot of my work is made from Object Trouvé and sustainable, so bringing lots of different elements together to make something new. It’s a futuristic vision which Most probably comes from watching too much science fiction as a child, I’ve always loved these queer other landscapes you see in films and then fashion and music embrace the fantasy elements too .

Alun Davies headpiece

Why do you think it works so well with the Superstore environment?

I think people go to clubs for new experiences, a break away from the norm of reality, I wanted to create an installation that was all encompassing for the space a total 3D world, not just a hanging picture. I wanted people to get a feeling when they were in the space, which helped on the private view by also having live artists performing characters by wearing costumes I had made that also feature in the photographs displayed.

You work in multi-media, but what is your preferred material or style to work with?

Well the reason I work in multi-media is that I can be inspired by so many things, I love colour in all varieties and use it in many ways. However directing is my favourite style of working, that way you can have a team of skilled individuals that all help to create the vision that I can see.

There’s obviously a strong relationship between fashion and music, but how do you personally link the two in your work?

Well I’m passionate about both, and for me music and pop culture, watching MTV in the ’90s is what made me start to look at fashion and costumes. All of the musicians I work with have a strong visual drive and so require clothes that can help them transform; high fashion allows them to do this. In the same way that music helps to set the mood for a fashion photo shoot it can really change the energies when you have the right balance it can be incredible.

Who are you favourite designers to work with?

Piers Atkinson (milliner) has a brilliant vision and our styles work so well together he’s an illustrator and also trained in props before becoming a designer so he has a brilliant understanding of the fantasy that can be created with sets and art direction.

Piers Atkinson's work

Aqua by Aqua are also very driven to create a visually strong world their look books will have a theme and recently we created a David Lynch atmospheric set, I’ve also done window displays for them which again embraces sets and props and generally has a very entertaining theme or narrative.

You’ve also worked with Vogue Fabrics in the past- what’s so special about that venue for you?

Vogue, in the same way as Superstore, embraces art and creativity Vogue feels intimate and experiential. It is not only a club but also studio and home to Lyall Hakaraia and so it feels very much like being part of an extended queer family. It is another part of Dalston’s queer elite with out the elitism! 

Can you tell us a bit about the work you did with them at Glastonbury Festival?

Lyall Hakaraia asked if I would co-design a Vogue Fabrics venue at Glastonbury with set designer Anna Bruder, we were to be part of the huge NYC Downlow made by the fabulous set design team Block9. It was a hidden venue and so you either found your way in because you knew someone or stumbled there by mistake. The theme was Benidorm vs Bedlam and so we split the space up one side designed by myself was a hot pink neon suntan explosion of colour the other by Anna was cold stark white tampon wall covered land of darkness. Each side had intimate performance spaces and we were the first venue to ever have sex performers Danni Daniels friend and performer was dominating in his space and Ashley Ryder (power bottom) was entertaining in his. We were the freak show of Glastonbury…. It was amazing!

You’ve worked with musicians such as Peaches and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs- who’s been the most inspirational to work with?

Well T.E.E.D. is a new collaborator but extremely experimental for a boy which is great, he embraces head pieces very well so I’m a huge fan of Orlando. Peaches however, I’ve worked on a whole stage opera as production designer and so I’ve had a lot more contact and she took me over to Berlin to design the show I was there for two months and in that time we put on a stage show that was out of this world. It got repeated again last May and there will be documentation in a film format soon. Peaches is another musician that embraces fashion, costume props to transform her and I love a transformation! 

You’re from Neath, Port Talbot- do your Welsh roots have any influence on your work?

The landscapes in Wales are incredible and that is something of a recurring theme in my work, also the Welsh love pop culture and clubs were a big part of growing up as a teenager, I met friends, lovers, muses all in these places as a teenager and a lot of them are part of my life still. 

Are there any Welsh artists or musicians you like to work with?

Perhaps if you cross bred Shirley Basey with Bonnie Tyler (from the 80’s) we would get some some laser beamed crystal encrusted operatic robot (somewhat Grace Jones esque) that would be fabulous!

What’s the craziest project you’ve worked on recently?

At Lovebox we build a VIPenis area as part of the Downlow and Vogue Fabrics, that was a black caravan with black glitter curtains all over and a giant penis riding on top. The inside was gutted out and redecorated with illustrated Penis wallpaper by Victoria Sin. That was pretty crazy!

And finally what other projects do you have coming up over the next few months?

August is the lull before the storm of fashion week so lots of planning and preparation for September. We will shoot Piers Atkinson’s look book end of August and there are more shoots with photographer Thomas Cooksey.

For more information on Alùn Davies visit

Andrew Weatherall Mix

We were lucky enough to host a visit from Andrew Weatherall recently when he played our basement ahead of his appearance at Lovebox in the notorious NYC Downlow. In an uncharacteristic display of forward thinking we actually managed to record Mr. Weatherall’s amazing set – and you can listen to it right here… 

For more information on the Lovebox festival go here  

There’s a fantastic interview with Andrew courtesy of the brilliant Faith fanzine here

Have a great weekend!

Maxxi Soundsystem

We are rather excited to announce the seriously talented producer, DJ, party-thrower extraordinaire and all-round good egg Maxxi Soundsystem as our special guest for our Lovebox after party on Sunday. He very kindly took some time out this week to answer our burning questions.

Hi Sam, how are you this fine rainy day?

Very well thanks Miss Superstore.

Lots of people seem to think you’re quite new to the scene but we know you’ve been producing for some time now. Can you tell us a bit about how you got started with DJing and making music?

Well my father is a composer and musician so it was always a big part of my life. Our house was always full of odd bands of drummers, massive bass amps and various pianos and I was taken along to lots of festivals as a kid. But to be honest, apart from playing the trumpet after school, I didn’t really take it to too seriously for a while. Back then I couldn’t get into most of my dad’s avant-garde jazz records but he had a few funk/soul/pop records (Curtis Mayfield, The Meters, Talking Heads I remember) and that sparked it off for me. So from that, collecting music and being a DJ was the initial drive – after moving to Brighton I got into putting on parties – I didn’t really get seriously into production until about 2006 but I knew I wanted to get good before I released anything. My first productions that actually got released were when I started working and touring with Cagedbaby around 2007. After that I quit my day job and went into the studio as much as I could.

What piece of equipment could you not do your job without?

My Nord Lead synth. It’s on everything.

We hear you’re doing a side project with Disco Bloodbath’s Ben Pistor… how did that come about?

Yes, we’ve done a couple of tracks together. I knew Ben from going to Disco Bloodbath and having him play at one of our parties in Brighton. He mentioned he wanted to do some music with me, possibly at one of the DB parties, I can’t remember. Anyway he ended up coming down to Brighton to my studio and we put them together. They don’t sound anything like my Maxxi stuff – much more raw/menacing. Ben likes scary noises.

You’ve released on some of the UK’s respected underground labels from Hot Waves to Futureboogie to Wolf Music. Which label feels most like home?

 I’m still kind of looking for a home in a way. Initially I wanted to work with lots of different labels and there is still stuff to be released on new ones for me, but I think settling down and working with a label longer term is something I’d like to do but not sure where that will be yet. 

You’re playing at our Lovebox after-party! What’s your favourite Lovebox memory?

I remember the one last year when I played out the back of a van – that was fun. I love London crowds they really get the music I play plus it was a bit wet too but no one cared… more of the same this year I’ll wager. 

Who are you most looking forward to seeing at the actual festival?

I’ve still never seen Grace Jones so I need to check that out. Interested to see Chaka Khan too – sometimes the old school legends disappoint but got a feeling she will deliver. The NYC Downlow is always good so no doubt I will end up in there!

We see that you’re playing fellow Sunday artist Tim Sweeney’s New York radio show Beats In Space in August… that must be a huge honour!

Holy shit yes! I listened to his show religiously until I spent all my time in the studio. And I always still check out the playlists if I don’t have time to listen. It’s where you go to find new music and his selection and guests are always great. I’ll need to be on form on that day or I’ll never forgive myself…

What other festivals can we expect to see your face at this year?

I’m at Garden Festival in Croatia in July then Secret Garden Party and Eastern Electrics in UK. I’m also due to be in the Americas Aug/Sept so it cuts out a few of the European festivals for me.

Your remix of Parallel Dance Ensemble’s Shopping Cart has been massive this year with lots of DJs proclaiming it as their secret weapon. What other remixes or re-edits might be coming our way from you?

Well actually I’ve got something in that style that’s due to come out on Wolf Music soon and my remix of Saint Saviour just got released, so now I’m mainly concentrating on original stuff.

And finally, this is not the first time you’ve graced our lazer basement. What do you like about playing here at Dalston Superstore?

It’s got an atmosphere that is quite rare – it genuinely has an edge to it (which sometimes reminds me of Berlin) but the main reason is the crowd – you can feel free to play what you want to play which is all you can ever ask for as a DJ.

 Maxxi Soundsystem plays at Outside The Box this Sunday after Lovebox.


Squeaky’s Lovebox Disco Mix

Lovebox is so very nearly upon us and you’d think we couldn’t possibly be more excited for it! Well, that was until we got our hands on Squeaky’s Disco Tent Warm-up Mix. With tracks from Anita Ward and Chemise, this will certainly get you pulling on your dancing shoes (or wellies!)…. Whatever the weather we’ll be there in full force dancing at the front of stage, knocking back shots in the covered refuge of the Disco Tent or getting our rave on with our GutterSlut and Trailertrash sisters in the dance tent.



We’ll be at Lovebox this Sunday 17th June. For the full line-up, info and tickets visit

Lovebox Disco Tent with Alex Noble and Anna Bruder

Two of our favourite artists (familiar to anyone who’s passed through our doors over the last few years) Alex Noble and Anna Bruder, have designed the interior and exterior of our secret disco tent at this year’s Lovebox Festival. Their art has so oft adorned our walls that it seemed only fitting that they join us for our sojourn to Victoria Park. In between their busy schedule preparing everything for the imminent festival, they managed to give us five minutes of their time to explain their plans and designs for the tent…

Explain for us what your involvement in our Superstore Secret Disco Tent is…

Anna Bruder: I am designing the interior of the Dalston Superstore and Bearded Kitten tent. All hand drawn in my typical Aline style. Thick black marker pen outlines are set against a white backdrop, illustrating a clever and humorous representation of domesticity and everyday life. 

Anna Bruder's designs for Lovebox

Alex: Anna and I were collectively asked to design an environment for the Superstore at Lovebox, although we’ve worked together on the same space many times, we thought it could be interesting to split the space and create two different designs to make it an even more dynamic experience. I’ve designed an installation entrance for the tent – also it’s a beacon so you know where it is in the festival.

How did you decide who’d do the interior and exterior or did just seem natural?

Anna: It seemed quite natural. Alex’s style and colours suit the outside much more, and mine is much more suited to interior settings. I also transformed the inside of Dalston Superstore last October, so it felt right for me to transform the inside of the tent keeping familiar symbols from Dalston Superstore that people recognise.

What were the inspirations and influences behind your designs?

Anna: Children and Young People. Keith Haring and Jean Michel Basquiat. And life in Dalston.

Alex: My influences came from ancient art works, temples and places of worship; we toyed with doing a Church Of Disco at one point. But I wanted the design to feel broader and more inclusive culturally. So we’ve got a heady mix of Egyptian, Aztec and Navaho in the mix.

What is it about the Lovebox environment that you think suits your work?

Anna: Fun. Laughter. Buzziness of all the people.

Alex: Anna and I both embrace working to a large scale which is perfect for a festival setting. It’s also really great to give people added stimulation on the day, an exciting back drop to the music and positive experience.

Describe for us what your day at Lovebox Sunday will entail…

Anna: First thing is swapping over the interior design of the tent from Bearded Kitten to Dalston Superstore. Making the space a little bit jazzier for all the colourful people of Sunday! Then hanging out with lots of nice people. Laughing. Dancing. And generally enjoying myself!

Anna Bruder's designs for Lovebox

Alex: Hopefully the sun will be shining and we can relax after all the hard work – catch up with people, take in the festival, dance and of course lots of back stage shenanigans.

See Anna and Alex’s work at Dalston Superstore’s Disco Tent at Lovebox Festival in Victoria Park on Sunday 17th June. You can catch The Lovely Jonjo, Dan Beaumont, Rokk, DJ Squeaky, A Man To Pet and John Sizzle in the tent. For further info and tickets visit:

The NYC Downlow At Lovebox

With Lovebox galloping ever closer, we thought it high time to catch up with the people behind the area housing our friends Horse Meat Disco at the festival, the NYC Downlow. Gideon Berger and Steve Gallagher, with their joint background in art direction and set building, are also the brains behind Glastonbury’s hedonistic after-hours playground, Block9. This year their efforts are solely focused on Victoria Park as Pilton lays low for 2012, meaning we can expect bigger and better and more flamboyant goings on with Glasgow’s notorious Optimo, Tim Sweeney of celebrated New York radio show Beats In Space and the legendary Andrew Weatherall joining the HMD boys in everyone’s favourite decaying New York tenement block transported to Hackney…

You both run Block9 at Glastonbury Festival, how did it come about and what was the motivation behind it?

Gideon: Block9 is the name of the set design partnership founded by Steve and me in 2007. We specialize in radical set and environment design. We’re based in East London and we design and produce artworks, installations and live events as well as television, film and stage sets. Before inheriting our own field at Glastonbury we had been doing a lot of festival work around the globe both as Block9 and solo in Japan (Fuji Rock), US (Burning Man) and Europe.

Steve: We created The NYC Downlow for Glastonbury 2007 as an answer to a gaping hole in the British festival scene. It’s a film-set replica of a ruined NYC tenement where the murky homo fantasies of The Downlow crew fuse to resurrect New York’s golden age. The exposed first floor apartment is an outdoor music and performance stage, playing host to the UK’s finest alternative cabaret stars. Having purchased a false moustache from the ‘Porn Kiosk’ (with proceeds going to charity) you make your way down a seedy back alley into a vintage New York gay club.

NYC Downlow At Glastonbury

Did you both think it would become such a talking point and that you’d create this super-popular gay club in the middle of a field in the West Country?

Gideon and Steve: When the NYC Downlow first started it was kinda cobbled together… there were over 50 of us who were there in the mud. We had an inkling that it would really kick off, though we weren’t expecting that on the opening night we would have an instant queue of 300 people waiting to get in! In retrospect looking at the star-studded list of Downlow crew, performers and DJ’s present that first year, it is hardly surprising that it was so popular. Jonny Woo, Jon Sizzle, 9bob Rob, Jim Stanton, Le Gateaux Chocolat, Placid, Luke Howard, James Hillard, Suppository Spelling, Dr Noki, Severino, Foolish Felix… an amazing line up.

How did you guys become involved with Lovebox and what is it about the Sunday that makes it so special?

Gideon and Steve: Jim and James from Horse Meat had done a disco venue at Lovebox in 2006, which was the year before we built the NYC Downlow for Glastonbury. We all had a fucking ball that first year and the boys were keen to bring NYC Downlow to Lovebox as the spiritual home of Horse Meat Disco. They hooked us up with Tim, Jules and Rob from Lovebox and the rest is history. In answer to the “What makes Sunday so special?” question…. well it’s the fact that Sunday is all about the HOMO. And the NYC Downlow is built entirely around the HOMO… from the music, to the set and lighting design…come check it out and you will see.

NYC Downlow At Lovebox

Tell us a bit about what people can expect from NYC Downlow this year and what kind of effort goes in to building the area…

Gideon: The NYC Downlow takes a huge amount of effort to put together really. Shipping containers, cranes, telehandlers, scaffolders, thousands of self-adhesive moustaches, a New York taxicabs, trannies, booze, flashy lights, vintage gay porn, you know…that kinda thing! Stir it all together in Victoria Park, add the finest vintage disco and house and a little sunshine and hey presto – you’ve got yourself The NYC Downlow.

Steve: The Downlow this year features HORSE MEAT DISCO, ANDREW WEATHERALL, OPTIMO, TIM SWEENEY and some killer drag. This year we also have some seriously hot go-go boys too…watch out!

NYC Downlow Lovebox

Was the born out of a love of DJIng or just a natural progression from the festival work?

Gideon: came about really because of two things. The first was that the NYC Downlow became so successful that people really wanted access to our DJ’s and music throughout the year. Through the NYC Dowlow festival venue we had built a network of underground homo DJ’s from all around the globe who were super keen to get involved. Our regular contributors include some giants like Horse Meat Disco, Greg Wilson, Danielli Baldelli, Hannah Holland, Digs and Whoosh, Joshua Iz and a huge amount of other DJ’s specializing in funk, soul, disco vintage house and reggae! I was regularly making mix tapes and CD’s for friends and I kinda thought that maybe hosting them online somewhere might be a good idea too. The success of Block9’s NYC Downlow plus my relatively large output of mixes kinda just added up to the radio. We had no idea it would become a HUGE thing. Thousands of people around the world listen to us every month. It’s the sound of the homo-funk-soul underground!

Steve: We help fund the radio by selling NYC Downlow merchandise from our online shop

NYC Downlow Vest

The NYC Downlow will be at Lovebox Festival in Victoria Park on Sunday 17th June with Horse Meat Disco, Andrew Weatherall, Tim Sweeney and Optimo. For tickets and further info visit: 

Photo credits: Darrell Berry // NYC Downlow