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Tusk Turns Three!

This February sees an important anniversary of one of our favourite parties, Tusk! Promoters Ant C, James Baillie and Chris Camplin have been bringing over some of Europe’s most impressive underground electronic music talent to our lazer basement for three years now! With previous guests including Andrew Weatherall, Craig Richards and Doc Sleep, we can’t wait to see what they have planned for 2018. They’re kicking it all off with Ostgut Ton legend and Dalston Superstore favourite Prosumer! We caught up with the boys to chat past highlights, favourite club nights and 

You guys have been throwing your TUSK night at Superstore for three years now! That’s awesome, happy anniversary! How did the three of you meet and start promoting together? 

Ant C (AC): Thanks! Time sure has flown. It’s been a lot of fun. Thanks for having us! I’ve known the boys socially for years from out an about around London.

Chris Camplin (CC): Yeah, we would bump into each other at our favourite dance floors – in fact I think I met both James & Ant at Horse Meat Disco initially. I know James came back to my place for a post-HMD afterparty one bank holiday Monday.

James Baillie (JB): It became obvious we all had a love for music, so I took the idea to Chris and Ant about us doing our own night and TUSK developed from there…

For those that have never been to your party before – tell them what it’s about (and what they’re missing out on!)

CC: Amazing music, great DJ lineups, stellar crowd, lasers and that awesome DSS basement sound system.

AC: Yep, that pretty much sums it up. We just want people to have as much fun as we’re having. I do love me some lasers! We bring in some extra lasers for TUSK and the boys have started calling me Laser Minelli. I kinda like it!

If you had to sum up the TUSK sound in one track, what would it be?

CC: For me it would be – Tiga – Love Don’t Dance Here Anymore (C2 Remix 1)

AC: Tough question – I think it would have to be Markus Gibb – Tohl (Original mix) – Always seems to go off, plus I tend to layer it up with a vocal loop from Voodoo Ray, which fits nicely.

JB: For me it would be Shake It by Fantastic Twins.

Who have been some of your favourite guests over the years?

AC: We try to keep things fresh by working with people who have something individual to bring. Doc Sleep was awesome – she really worked us out. Ewan Pearson for his musicality. A Love From Outer Space (Andrew Weatherall and Sean Johnston) when they took over the basement all night for our Pride Special in 2016. Ketiov was great too and a world exclusive for us!

CC: Ketiov, Doc Sleep & Nail have been some of my faves.

JB: A Love From Outer Space, Craig Richards and Doc Sleep.

Has there been an overall highlight for you?

CC: Being able to book some of my favourite DJs and producers at one of my top clubs.

AC: As Chris says, being able to work with some of the people we have admired for years. Everybody has been super nice and its been interesting to hang out and chat with them about their experiences and get their advice and input.

Your special birthday guest is Prosumer – why did you choose him to ring in your fourth year?

CC: I think Prosumer has a special place in all our hearts and we’ve been discussing booking him for some time now and everything just landed into place!

AC: Yeah – absolutely. I met him at Glastonbury a few years ago and we got chatting and stayed in touch. I think he liked what we were trying to do with TUSK and seems much more open to working with people on that basis, rather than just going for the huge shows. I tried to make it happen during 2017, but we couldn’t make the dates line up – so the third birthday party seemed the perfect choice to have him with us!

What are some of your favourite club nights in London at the moment?

CC: Of course at our sisters Discosodoma and Homodrop at Superstore are up there along with the legendary Horse Meat Disco.

AC: All of the above. I’m also enjoying the residency programs that XOYO and Phonox are running – its interesting to get somebody else’s take on who to put together to make a cohesive night of music.

JB: Similar really – A Love From Outer Space, Chapter 10, Discosodoma and Horse Meat Disco.

Any DJs that you would love to work with in the future?

CC: Sure, we have a big list forming. The Honey Soundsystem guys, Midland, The Black Madonna, Octo Octa.

JB: Felix Dickinson, Black Merlin, Job Jobse, Superpitcher, Massimilliano Pagliara.

AC: The list goes on – Jennifer Cardini, Justin Robertson, Optimo, Mike Servito, Marcel Vogel, Derrick Carter – who knows? Watch this space…

Are you pulling out any special surprises for your birthday that you can let us in on?

AC: Now that would be telling…

JB: I’ve got a good few head melting tracks that are not coming out until Spring…

CC: You’ll have to wait and see!    

Catch Tusk at their Third Birthday Bash on Saturday 24 February from 9pm-5am at Dalston Superstore!


By Florian Dovillez

Homodrop are thrilled to be welcoming Parisian DJ, producer and general super-babe Chloé (Bpitch Control, Kill the DJ) for the next instalment of their loved-up homodisco. Between releasing killer LPs, playing at her Rex Club residency in Paris, and DJ spots all over the world, we caught up to chat precious records, plans for 2016 and what to expect at Homodrop!

Hi Chloe, we can’t wait to have you back at Superstore! First of all, who is currently your favourite English producer?

At the moment I’m into Jamie XX. I really respect him as a producer – he has the talent to make a good mixture of multiple genders. I really like the production on The XX too.

What is the most precious record in your vinyl collection? of them all ?

I am very attached to all my vinyl collections – music that goes from classical music to 60’s/70’s jazz, 80’s punk rock bands, 90’s electronic, 2000 electroclash-whatever, 2005 minimal etc etc… difficult to just pick only one of those ! 

You recently played B2B with your friend Miss Kittin. What was the best moment of the night?

At one time Kittin played And I Miss You by Everything But The Girl, an edit/remix by Todd Terry. So I thought “Okay, then I can play Show Me Love by Robin S” – this old school hit from the 90’s. I have to say everyone was so happy to party, t0 just have fun – especially as it was just eight days after the Paris attacks. We really needed to be all together, and continue to do our job normally, even it was a bit difficult as we all think about the people that died there.

Homodrop is so glad to have you for the last edition of 2015! Tell us which track you really want to play during the night ?

I’d like to play one of the tracks from Markus Gibb’s new EP, out on Lumière Noire, a collection I’ve created on Kill the DJ. And I have tracks also to be coming on Lumière Noire from Moderna & Theus Mago to play for sure!

Can we expect a new album from Chloe soon ? 

Yes, I am working on it!! Hope to finish SOOOOON!!! 

Catch Chloé at Homodrop on Saturday 5 December from 9pm-5am at Dalston Superstore. 

Markus Gibb

After their last roadblock party with the don Matias Aguayo, Miltos B and Wandson Maxx are back for another round of Papercut! This time they welcome up-and-coming French DJ and producer Markus Gibb (Clouded Vision) to the laser pit for an extended bank holiday weekend blowout. Ahead of the party we posed a few questions to Markus to find out more about his extensive record output and what his dancefloor fillers are…

Who is Markus Gibb?

I’m a 25 year old DJ and music producer, originally from Poitiers in western France but I’ve been living in Lyon for a short time now. I spent a few years in the south of France to study sound design. Alongside Steve Ekman and Noar Wald, I run the record label Rock To The Beat Records, the first label I was signed on. I’ve also put together two other musical projects, first one is Iko & Gibb with Maxime Iko and the second is D8T with Mondowski.

What track do you play to get the dance floor going?

There’s a few tracks I play frequently to wake up the dancefloor… anyhow there’s one track I particularly like, the title is Girls, Girls, Girls by Click Click & DJ Glen. A real bomb! And I adore the video with its ’80s breakdance clip references.

You seem to be always releasing new records… what and when is the next one?

It’s true that at the moment I have a lot of releases coming out and I’m very pleased about that. The list is abondant. Soon I’ll be releasing two EPs. The first one on La Royale and Los Mekanikos’ label Disque Discos. The second will be on Kill The DJ, the second release from the collection “Lumiere Noire” curated by Chloe.

I’m very impatient for everything to come out.

I also have some remixes for Rodion, Duncan Gray, Cannibal Ink that are out soon. With Iko & Gibb, our second and third releases are due out on Tici Taci.

How and when did you get into DJing and producing?

I was trained classically as a child, playing flute and singing in a choir!!

Then I started playing electric guitar like most teenagers in small bands. I studied science at college with an option in music and when I was 18 I developed an interest for electronic music so I dived into production and DJing. My sound engineering studies have brought a lot of inspiration to my productions. 

If you had a time machine and could visit any dance floor anywhere and any when, where would you want to go dancing?

I can imagine myself in a dressed up ball in the “Gallerie Des Glaces” in the Palace Of Versailles in the 18th century with some techno in the background.

What is your favourite venue to play in France and why?

I haven’t played so much clubs so far but my best memories are at I-boat in Bordeaux alongside Mondowski, Morgan Hammer, Ewan Pearson and Buffi. An excellent club!

If you were curating a club night on a limited budget what underrated DJs would you book for an amazing night without breaking the bank?

Someone not well known; I’d say Lordakat live, our new signing on Rock To The Beat. I think he’s going to be amazing, this guy is very talented.

What record do you wish you’d written?

Alien Alien – Sambaca!! 

Join Markus Gibb this Saturday 2nd May for Papercut at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 4.30am.