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Superstore & Voodoo Ray’s at Glastonbury

We are honoured to back at Glastonbury this year! The Superstore crew take over the Downlow Radio room on Saturday night – expect festival pumpers from Hannah Holland, Josh Caffe, The Lovely Jonjo and Mikki Most.
Also in the Downlow over the weekend you can catch Berghain residents Tama Sumo, ND_baumecker, a Frankie Knuckles tribute from David Morales, Luke Solomon, Danny Krivit, Seth Troxler, Jovonn, James Hillard, Luke Howard, Grizzle and loads more.
Luke Howard at Glastonbury
In case you were wondering the NYC Downlow is the wold’s only travelling gay disco and we think it’s probably the best place in the entire world.
If that wasn’t enough, our pizza sisters at Voodoo Ray’s are bringing down their brand new trailer and setting up shop in the Block9 field (right next to The Downlow). ALL your pizza needs will be fulfilled, in fact over the weekend the chefs will be making pizzas until 7am to refuel you and keep your hangover at bay. 
VDR at Field Day
Dalston Superstore at the NYC Downlow
Hannah Holland, The Lovely Jonjo, Josh Caffe, Mikki Most
Saturday night in the Downlow Radio room, Block9
Josh Caffe and The Lovely Jonjo at Glasto
Voodoo Ray’s at Block 9
–       Wednesday 19:00-03:30
–       Thursday 15:00-04:00
–       Friday 15:00-07:00
–       Saturday 15:00-07:00
–       Sunday 15:00-07:00
–       Monday 10:00-16:00
VDR trailer at night
Join us this weekend in the Block9 Field at Glastonbury Festival, Pilton, Somerset.


Nancy’s, a new Friday night of disco, pop, house and party bumps at Dalston Superstore featuring our new rotating cast of familiar fabulous residents!

Yes, it’s time to bring back the residents, those trusted DJs that can deliver the goods every week and know every inch of the club and the crowd like their own underpants. So we’re shaking things up at Superstore on Friday nights with new top deck disco Nancy’s, and welcoming back our favourite DJs to play week in, week out in the top deck disco. It’s going to be family vibes all the way as trusted DJs like The Lovely Jonjo, Jeffery Hinton, Martyn Fitzgerald, Grizzle (John Sizzle and A Man To Pet), HiFi Sean, Luke Howard, Johnny Kalifornia and Mikki Most play on rotation along with different hosts every week. 

Nancy’s launches on Friday 31st January with an extra special line-up consisting of the legendary HiFi Sean, Johnny Kalifornia and Trailer Trash’s very own Mikki Most!

Start as you mean to go on we say. Coming up this month we have…

Friday 7th Feb: Grizzle crash-land into Nancy’s top deck disco.
Friday 14th Feb: The Lovely Jonjo and Kim Jakobsen To do a double-ender.
Friday 21st Feb: Dream-team Luke Howard and Jeffrey Hinton takeover (with special guest host DARKWAH!)
Friday 28th February: HiFi Sean and Martyn Fitzgerald show those queens how it’s done.

It starts every week at 9pm and is FREE before 11pm /  £5 after

Join the Nancy’s Facebook group here for regular updates and join the Facebook event for the launch party here.

Illustration by Ego Rodriguez:

Chris Camplin Calendar

By Clayton Wright

Little Gay Brother are back at Dalston Superstore with their annual Slumber Party, and it’s also resident DJ and all round hottie Chris Camplin’s birthday. As well as being a superstar DJ, Chris is also the superstar of every gay man’s tumblr page. To celebrate the bearded man mountain himself, his pals that played at LGB throughout 2013 have picked their favourite Camplin photos. We thought they might make a nice calendar… What’s your favourite month?

January – Mr. Wright and Master Haze (Man Sushi)

Chris Camplin - January - Man Sushi

Dear Daddy Issues,
Here is a photo we like to call “Birthday Boy in Birthday Suit” haha.
Happy Birthday from your Little Gay Brothers, you’re growing up so fast and so is your beard.
P.S. please don’t go outside dressed in just rice and fish, you will freeze in January.
Love & Soy Sauce
Man Sushi x

February –

Chris Camplin - February - Frankco

Happy Birthday Chris! I have said it a million times already, but I am so glad to have met you. You are one the coolest people I have met for a while. I am so grateful for your generosity, your love, your music and vibes. I hope life continues to treat you well brother man. BIG LOVE!

March – Maze & Masters (Verity Mayes and Bryony Masters)

Chris Camplin - March - Maze & Masters

Of course you treat every day like a Lambrini and Pall Mall fuelled birthday binge, but here’s a special lesbian pussy stroke for the big one, big boy.
-Verity & Bryony. 

April – Severino – Horse Meat Disco

Chris Camplin - April - Severino

A man in a crispy white shirt and suit is always hot!
Buon compleanno gorgeous Chris.
Love Severino xxx

May – Wes db

Chris Camplin - May - Wes db

The Christopher Camplin living sex doll from the channel 4 documentary with fully penetrable vagina and installed rectum. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Xx
Love Wes

June – David Oh and Neil Prince – Songs of Praise

Chris Camplin - June - Neil & David

Fucking poser, have a smashing birthday xx
David Oh and Neil Prince x

July – Mikki Most – Dalston Superstore

Chris Camplin - July - Mikki

(Photo from Little Gay Brother’s Secret Garden Party Venue, Powders)

Day three at Secret Garden Party was when the fun really began! Happy Birthday Mr Camplin – Disco Legend! xx

August – Bright Light, Bright Light

Chris Camplin - August - Bright Light Bright Light

You don’t often see pictures of Chris smiling! So when you see a picture that cracks the serious look, it’s a nice reminder that he’s quite funny, and while he spends a lot of time modelling and being composed, the other part of his life as a DJ isn’t necessarily as serious and well behaved.
Happy birthday sir. Give some good birthday face x
-Bright Light Bright Light 

September – Martyn Fitzgerald – Bender

Chris Camplin - September - Martyn Fitzgerald

I don’t know the context of this photo, or who the other bloke is, but there’s just something really wrong about it.  The one on the right has a whiff of an early ’80s BBC children’s TV presenter about him, and this is the photo to get him the sack…  Are they in a bath? The plant, the contented smiles, the neckerchiefs, the bubble bath on knee… it’s like a still from a weird Channel 4 program that got loads of complaints from Surrey. Chris, explain.
Happy, happy birthday!  I can’t remember your age, but I’m always surprised at how young you are  x

October – Guy Williams

Chris Camplin - October - Guy Williams

Oi what you lookin’ at!?
Look forward to playing for your 50th xx

November – Meat Boys -Fannar Sveinn Gudmundsson and Adrian Lourie

Chris Camplin - November - Meat Boys

Til hammo med ammo elsku Chris. Minn heydur ad kynnast ter og spila vid hlid ter. Gangi ter allt sem best! An Icelandic message from Fannar. Much love xx. 

This is probably one of the first pictures of you I’d seen and to me it sums up exactly why your the epitome of a pinup. Happy Birthday Handsome Christopher. Loadsa Love Adrian ( xx

-Meat Boys

December – Terry Vietheer

Chris Camplin - December - Terry Vietheer

Happy birthday big man! Funny to think we met at a casting a couple of years ago and now playing music together around the world. Let the good times roll!

Plus cos it’s his birthday we found some that didn’t make the calendar but definitely need to be hung on someones wall…

Chris Camplin

Chris Camplin

Chris Camplin

Chris Camplin

Chris Camplin 

Help Chris celebrate his birthday at Little Gay Brother Presents: The Slumber Party on Saturday 18th January at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 4am.

Any Chris Camplin addicts like us can follow his club night and events on
Facebook at,
Tumblr at 
and sign up to news letters at

Happy Birthday Handsome.

Paul & Shay’s Top EVER DSS Moments

Ahead of their impending move to that far-flung Chinese metropolis, Hong Kong, we asked long-time Superstore regulars and promoters Shay Malt and Paul Dragoni to pick their ultimate DSS moments from the last few years. They had a rummage through their hazy memories and embarrassing photo albums and gave us a countdown of their fave ever Superstore LOLZ just in time for their goodbye party tonight…

5. GRIZZLE (Snake Charmers)


Grizzle is always our favourite. Anything with A Man Da Pet and John Sizzle is guaranteed LOLZ. Pet was a slutty snake charmer whilst Sizzle came out of a £1 laundry bag as an inflatable snake. On the bar… with poppers!


Outside The Box at Dalston Superstore

Every year! There are too many good memories to list here. Each year is more hilarious. How someone hasn’t fallen off the bar and broken their neck is beyond us.

3 PARIS’ ACID BALL (we think)

Shay: Me and Josh Caffe both wearing Nic Fisher’s stilletos and armed with water guns trying to master pussy dramatics in the basement whilst Hannah was playing. I hurt my back and could hardly walk for a week after that.


Wet N Wild on New Years Day at Dalston Superstore

The after Shed-after Dolphin-after everything-afterparty. Carnage! The cleaners hadn’t turned up to clear away the mess from New Years Eve so everyone was cleaning whilst Shay played Tina Turner and Madonna records.


Michelle Moist aka Mikki Most

Everyone was a tranny! Per QX looked like Kim from Eastenders, Mikki Most looked like a cross between Farah Fawcett and the dog from The Never Ending Story! And Josh was a young hoochy Whitney Houston.

Come and say goodbye to Shay and Paul TONIGHT Friday 30th August from 9pm – 3am at Dalston Superstore.

Photo credit: Kenny Cambpell, Shay Malt

Win A Pair Of VIP Lovebox Sunday Tickets

Next weekend sees our annual jaunt down to Victoria Park for Lovebox Sunday! To celebrate we’re throwing two parties over the course of the weekend AND we’ve managed to get our mitts on a pair of VIP Lovebox Sunday tickets to give away! With some of favourite people appearing at the festival, from Kim Ann Foxman to DJ Harvey to Frankie Knuckles to Derrick Carter and a whole host of DSS family and friends across all the stages throughout the day, it’s sure to be a family affair.

Catch Johnny Woo, Horse Meat Disco and former DSS guests A Love From Outer Space (Andrew Weatherall and Sean Johnston) over in the Russian Standard House Of Davai… Hannah Holland, The Lovely Jonjo, Kris Di Angelis and of course Superstore boss Dan Beaumont can all be found in the East Side Strut.

Meanwhile here at the good ship Dalston Superstore, we’re kicking off the weekend with our Lovebox Sunday Warm-Up… on a Friday! We’ll be doing our duty helping you warm up your rave muscles for Sunday’s amazingness (our doctors advise you to stretch out at Dalston Superstore where we have a taster of what’s to come on the big day). Horse Meat Disco’s Luke Howard and Guy Williams of Paradise 45 will be massaging your dancing feet in the bar and kick-ass DJ Kris Di Angelis and Macho City hero Dave Kendrick will attend to your cardiovascular needs downstairs.

And on Sunday evening, it’s time once more for our legendary Outside The Box afterparty where we welcome a very special NYC guest to play alongside our fave local hero DJs including Grizzle, Borja Peña and Mikki Most.

For your chance to win a pair of VIP Lovebox Sunday just email the correct answer to by 10am Monday 15th July with the email subject “GIVE ME A PAIR OF VIP LOVEBOX SUNDAY TICKETS!”

Which former Dalston Superstore guests will be playing at Lovebox Sunday?

a. A Love From Outer Space

b. A Love From The Laser Basement

c. A Love That You Found After One Too Many Hackney Iced Teas

*Only the winner will be contacted

For more info and Lovebox tickets visit:


Our friends at Little Gay Brother are not only busy preparing for their next party here on the 20th July, but also for their own special area at super-fun festival, Secret Garden Party! With Superstore boss Mikki Most joining them, we decided to get the lowdown on ‘Powders: The Laundrette That Never Sleeps’ from the horse’s unicorn’s mouth…
This year SECRET GARDEN PARTY celebrates Superstition and in a new venue for 2013 there is the perfect antidote to your superstitious minds. You can air your dirty laundry, touch wood and get lucky. 

Bearded Kitten’s LITTLE GAY BROTHER, who hosted the COMING OUT BAR in 2012 and are residents at Dalston Superstore, return to SGP with a venue based on the cult gay movie, My Beautiful Launderette. 

Little Gay Brother presents ‘Powders, The Laundrette That Never Sleeps’. It will be the place to get your sparkle, come out to your mates, be wet and wild, dance on washing machines and strip down to your tight whities. Come and get a right good scrub down by the studs and suds of the gay bar.
Ready to get you lathered up is your host Dave The Unicorn from the Colo-silly-um and his fag hag Dot Rotten who invite you to join the Glitter Army; but beware these under sexed laundrette ladies will have your pants off and counting your skins marks before you can say “Service Wash”. Expect day time exuberance and late night chaos in their Unicorn Disco with men offering you a free ‘Hand Wash’ while Kylie is probably stuck ‘Spinning Around’ inside a tumble dryer. 

Get ready for a RINSE OUT because they are bringing with them amazing DJs from the gay scene including Bright Light Bright Light (Another Night), David Oh (Songs of Praise), Frankco (Glamorous), Georgie Rogers (XFM), Laurent C (Discotec), Mikki Most (Trailer Trash) and Little Gay Brother resident DJs Chris Camplin and Terry Vietheer. 

If you can’t contain your excitement and you need to rip all your clothes off sooner and run away to their dirty disco party you can join them all for a ‘Pre-soak Party’ as they explore Secret Garden Party’s theme Superstition at DSS.

And if that doesn’t get you ultra-hyped for the festival, this brand new warm-up mix courtesy of Little Gay Brother resident Terry Vietheer should do the trick!

For more info on Little Gay Brother’s parties at Dalston Superstore visit:
Buy tickets to Secret Garden Party:

Leo Zero

Tonight sees local legend and actual house hero Leo Zero join us for Banjee Boy Realness. With White Leather Viper Club taking over the top bar for a special weekend slot and their special guest being none other than our very own Mikki Most; it’s definitely a night not to be missed!

As one of the original heads behind seminal London clubnights Soulsonic and Faith, having been part of pop acts Chicane and Dab Hands, and even a talented graphic designer in his own right; Leo continues to make music, DJ and remix current-day popstars such as Lana Del Rey and Florence And The Machine. Needless to say, it would be hard to measure his influence and imprint on London’s house music scene today. 

Ahead of tonight’s party we caught up with Leo Zero himself to find out more about his prestigious past, his current work and any other acid house gossip we could dig up…

What’s your favourite remix you’ve ever done?

The ones that work best are when you love the track to bits in the first place…When I first heard Jack Penate’s Tonight’s Today I was smitten after about five seconds. So I got onto XL and hassled them like crazy for the parts – there was so much to work with I ended up doing a 10 minute version. Paul Epworth produced the track and it’s always amazing getting the chance to remix his productions. You can get that remix for free here…

Where’s the weirdest place you’ve ever DJed?

Ha ha, easy. A concrete tunnel under a dual carriageway in High Wycombe which was turned into an illegal acid house rave for the evening (this was 1988 and people were dancing in petrol stations). There was some very strong acid doing the rounds and a sadistic DJ was turning off the lights and playing train noises down the tunnel… everyone shat themselves. I think I was too wobbly to DJ myself actually.

You’re a house hero to many- who are your original house heroes?

Remixer-wise Francois K – the undisputed top boy. His work during the ’80s alone trumps everyone else hands down and he’s got another 20 years worth of killers on top of that! DJ-wise Tenaglia for all those amazing Miami sessions and legendary visits to London. Production-wise Farley & Heller for their trademark ‘bounce’. Radio-wise Jazzy M for his Jacking Zone show which was essential house listening from as early as 1986.

Which of your many defunct projects or aliases do you miss the most?

One that needs resurrecting was (the stupidly named) Onion Display which was me and Phil Mison – I also had Maurice Fulton in the studio jamming with drumsticks on a plasterer’s trowel once. I’m on a mission to salvage some of these projects from the old DAT tapes and get them out there…. so nothing is ever defunct.

What’s your most treasured memory from the Faith years?

They are ALL totally treasured memories from Faith – magic times. London felt like one big happy family at those parties.

What imprint do you believe it’s left on London’s dance music scene?

Secretsundaze, Mulletover, and Dalston Superstore are all run by Faith babies – we are just a proud part of a bigger London legacy that stretches back to Boy’s Own, and earlier – see the famous Kenny Hawkes house family tree T-shirt for details.

London House Tree 1987-2008

Is there anyone you wish you’d ever booked as a promoter or DJ’ed alongside, that you never got the opportunity to?

I’d love to have seen Ron Hardy spin – from talking to people who were at the Musik Box like Robert Owens, you get a feeling for the special kind of voodoo that was going on in that room – I’ve seen Sneak tearing places to pieces or Derrick Carter totally ‘in the zone’ but I know Hardy would have been a different bag altogether.

Remixes aside, is there anything else you’re currently working on?

I’m busy working with Terry Farley, X-press 2, and Josh Caffe and doing lots of songs with amazing singers like Shaun J Wright (Hercules & Love Affair) Robert Owens, Victoria Wilson James ( Soul II Soul / Murk).

What motto do you live your life by?

“Life is beautiful and never forget it.”

Join Leo Zero in the basement for Banjee Boy Realness tonight Friday 5th April from 9pm – 3am.


The very next B(e)ast is a Berlin Vs London affair with the top bar seeing Borja joined by our very own Mikki Most for a hazy recreation of their b2b set at that den of iniquity that is Trailer Trash’s New Years Day party. Meanwhile downstairs Tom Peters is joined by fellow Berlin resident Stereon for a recreation of party vibes direct from the city where anything goes!

Viennese Stereon has been DJing both in his hometown since 1991 and now in his current chosen city of Berlin playing in places such as Cookies, Berghain, Tresor and more. We caught up with him to find out what’s in store for the lazer basement, how he got into DJing and what dancefloors around the world have his heart…

What’s the biggest difference in playing in your previous home of Vienna to your current home of Berlin?

Well, there are so many differences that it’s hard to describe. I had some great years DJing in Vienna, but Berlin just has so much more nightlife, and in general a much better informed and international crowd than probably any other city in the world. People come to Berlin to party and not just to go out a bit.

Where is your favourite dancefloor outside of Berlin?

I will always remember the club-room of the (not so legendary anymore) U4 in Vienna. I was resident there for eight years on the weekly Heaven gay night. I had a lot of crazy and very pumping nights djing there. And then there’s the now forgotten P1 Vienna. The first big club I went to when I was 14 years old and where I had a great time djing 10 years later as resident of a very successful weekly party called Liquid, in late ‘99 until around 2002.

What DJ inspired you to follow in their footsteps?

That’s hard to say as I’ve played a lot of different styles over the years and each branch of the electronic music tree has its own heroes. Christopher Just from Vienna was definitely always one of my main heroes before I started DJing myself. But I never really wanted to get into anybody’s footsteps. I think there are too many djs trying to get into someone else’s footsteps. I always tried to go my own way and I try to stay true to my vision of nightlife and party music without covering too much of the current trends and hypes.

What do you get up to when you’re not playing records?

I just enjoy my very relaxed Berlin Friedrichshain life. I’ve never regretted moving to this city and I still can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather live. It has the perfect mix of low cost and urban adventure to enjoy life in a way that other cities can’t really offer at the moment.

What’s the craziest party you’ve ever played at?

There has been some of course, but probably the Lady Gaga after show party at Berghain’s Laboratory was one of the craziest.

How do you detox after a heavy weekend of DJing and partying?

I normally feel quite fine after weekends. But there is nothing better for your body than a good herbal tea with a good amount of ginger, some fresh orange juice and honey.

What’s the most important aspect of the night for you- your tune selection, the crowd, the club, the atmosphere? Obviously all plays a big part but what do you find personally affects you the most?

For me it is the tune selection. As a DJ I always try to make the people feel good with themselves and sexy. I want them to dance and have some fun for their effort of coming to the club. And I think with the right tracks at the right moment, all other aspects can be influenced and tuned to the desired atmosphere.

What projects are you currently working on?

At the moment I am working on a remix for a friend’s band project. aMinus is a very friendly bloke from France who’s stranded in Berlin as well. I actually should have delivered already but I still don’t know if it’s finished or not. The single will be called Don’t Mind Me Now and will be released within the next two months or so.

Describe what your set will be like at B(e)ast in 3 words…

Sexy! Pumping! Vogue!

Join Stereon for B(e)ast with Tom Peters, Borja Peña and Mikki Most on Saturday 2nd February from 9pm – 3am.


This Saturday, Tel Aviv’s finest party descends on Dalston Superstore for a special one-off team up with our very own Borja Peña and his night B(e)ast! Notorious and famed in equal parts amongst those in the know, the word of PAG has spread and hype for the party is at almost at boiling point! After watching some of their hilariously shocking and beautifully made promo videos, we decided it was high time to pin down PAG creators Roy Raz and Avi Partok for a chat about their parties, videos, inspirations and why there’s nowhere else you ought to be partying on Saturday night…

What three essential elements make up a PAG video?

Roy: Nudity, low budget, affordable scripts and plenty of emotion.

Avi: Since they are all attempts of capture what’s going on in Roy Raz’s sick, imaginative and genius mind, I would say the three essentials are sex and/or body secretions, intimacy, and fabulousness. Not necessarily in that order.

CLEAN UP from Roy Raz on Vimeo.

What is currently inspiring you?

Roy: I just did a video for Dita Von Teese and Monarchy and since then I’ve been infatuated with old eras: 1920s, 1940s art etc.

Avi: The Israeli duo Red Axes. They make fantastic music, and are on their way to world stardom. And from a different angle, the new South Park episode where the US football leagues are shifting to play with a balloon instead of a ball and wearing bras and paper hats while drinking cum. That is poetry.

What was the last film you saw/record you bought/book you read?

Roy: I just saw Fireworks by Takeshi Kitano, I bought (again) KLF’s The White Room after I lost the cassette(!!!) and the cd bought ages ago, and read Darker Than The Deepest Sea- The Search For Nick Drake by Trevor Dann . 

Avi: I’ll take the record question! This new beautiful future classic…

All the videos have super hot men- can you outline a bit about your casting couch process?

Roy: Most of the cast in the PAG videos are people who work or play at PAG, if it’s the guy at the door or behind the bar, or a regular club goer… but we do a lot of street/Facebook casting as well… the old lady from The Lady Is Dead is a woman we found on the streets of Tel Aviv.

A lot of effort clearly goes into the sets and costumes- what was the hardest to pull together?

Roy: It’s all quite hard to pull off. Because we have extremely tight budgets, each shoot feels like a mini war. We sometimes don’t have the money for any art crew, so we do it ourselves, even sewing the clothes when we need to… thank god most of the vids have plenty of nudity, so no need for over night sewing haha!

Sum up in one sentence what PAG brings to the party…

Roy: Hmm, not sure. You need to show up at the Superstore next Saturday to get the full answer I guess.

What’s been your most successful or fun party so far this year?

Avi: Hosting Raff from The 2 Bears was one of the greatest we had this year; the dude is a crazy DJ. And of course when Sevi comes to play it’s always super fun.

What has been the most outrageous PAG moment NOT captured on film?

Roy: Oohh… too many to count. But most of these moments include body fluids. Yep, high school humor, you gotta love it!

Avi: Wow there have been many. From lube wrestling to a naked man with a bunny head in a coffin in the middle of the dancefloor, and to cash confetti. Really lots of crazy memories. For me personally, a certain 12 hour set at our last party at Barzilay Club was quite outrageous and full of sweet memories as well.

Why did you decide to team up with B(e)ast to play at Dalston Superstore?

Roy: We love the B(e)ast boys, due to our mutual taste in music mainly… but our similar taste in men did the trick eventually.

Avi: That’s easy. We both have an uncureable crash for Dalston Superstore’s Mikki Most. And we will not come down until he’ll will be the father of our 1000 children. We must say though that now that we met Borja he gives Mikki quite a run for his money!

How does PAG intend to takeover the world?

Avi: With those 1000 children as an army of course.

Roy: Conquer the world!!?? First, let me finish this day successfully. But I guess that it’s time to take the clubbing/parties to another level. Combined with cinema, fashion and art, and to mix it with a heavily intoxicated dance floor would be the next step.

And finally what are three quintessential PAG party starting tracks?

Avi: I would go for these three anthems to give a pick into PAG’s music throughout the years…

PAG Vs B(e)ast takes place this Saturday 6th October at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 4am with Avihay Partok, Tom Peters, Simon Rigg and Borja Peña.

Superstore Picks

We’re having a disco swap-shop day here at Superstore, and in the spirit of generosity we decided to extend it to all of you too! We called this weekend’s DJs to ask them what they’re playing, polled the staff and of course, demanded choice picks from the bosses too! Feel free to share your current top tunes in the comments in true swap-shop style…


DJ Rokk is really feeling this track from The Rhythm Odyssey. With its funk and soul sounds we would not be surprised if it gets an airing at Saturday’s edition of Body Talk with Digs (DiY) and Alejandro Asencio.

The Rhythm OdysseyRight On Up For Love 


Back To Back resident DJ Kezokichi will definitely be playing his choice from Click Box at tonight’s party with Bowski (Wax:On) and IDC as he *really* likes it.

Click BoxSomething’s Wrong (Madato’s Wrong Way remix)


Nic Fisher from Gutterslut heard his pick whilst at Panorama Bar last weekend when his “tranny loving, punky-chic” party was in town to play at the CTM Festival.

Róisín MurphySimulation – Mano Le Tough Remix


One half of our monthly girl-heat night JERK! Zoe tells us this has been her “Track Of The Week” for the last five weeks! 

Patrick L & DJ NibcCall Me (Mercury remix)


Superstore boss Mikki Most is looking forward to scaring ravers with this monster from KiNK at next month’s TrailerTrash Halloween party with Ivan Smagghe and Andrew Weatherall.



And the final word from Dan Beaumont is: “This is pure Chicago ghetto sleaze amazingness… a mucky disco bumper for the early hours. Will definitely be dropping this at the Nixwax party tonight in Brixton.”

Chris E PantsPass It Around

Summer Rites DJs Top Tunes

With Summer Rites taking place this try Sunday we called up some of favourite DJs who, by the magic of coincidence and canny booking, are playing in our Superstore tent, to find out their top tunes from the summer that might be making an appearance….


Scissor Sisters – Let’s Have A Kiki (DJ Nita Remix)

The bass is great..super groovy. Nita Aviance put a proper vogue bitch spirit in this remix. He’s been around… he knows.

HANNAH HOLLAND: Terry Farley & Dan Beaumont – Fire

Fire simply does what it says on the tin which is sets dancefloors alight with this genius collaboration.

THE LOVELY JONJO: Disclosure – Control (Joe Goddard remix)

I’ve been playing it over the last month and every time the crowd goes crazy when the bass drops, and people always ask what remix it is which is always good.

JOHN SIZZLE: Hot Chip – Flutes

I’m loving this track. I’ve no idea what it’s all about but I’m feeling it… they’ve really heaped on the melodies and loops and use repetition to really drive a groove. Beautiful, simple lyrics….”One day you might realise that you might need to open your eyes.”

DAN BEAUMONT: Italo Johnson – Untitled (from Italo Johnson #5)

A perfect analogue pumper that always delivers… I would go as far as to say that I am dangerously obsessed with this record. It’s loud and weird and makes people lose their shit.

MIKKI MOST: Tiger & Woods – Gin Nation

A monster remix remix of the classic Imagination track Music And Lights by Tiger & Woods which has had people dancing in fields and tents all summer… perfect for getting the Summer Rites party started!

Join us at the Dalston Superstore tent at Summer Rites festival in Shoreditch Park on Sunday 2nd September from 12:30pm onwards.

Ivan Smagghe

Tomorrow night sees intransigent French DJ and producer Ivan Smagghe subverting the masses in the lazer basement for Techno In My Fridge. Originally famed for co-founding Parisian electronic act Black Strobe in the late ‘90s, he’s since gone on to help shape the listening tastes of countless electronic music fans via his day-job as A&R at the Kill The DJ record label, superlative DJ sets both solo and with occasional partner-in-crime Andrew Weatherall, and creating music as a duo with Tim Paris as It’s A Fine Line.

As a world-renowned DJ who, according to his Facebook, aims “to prove that electronic music can be so much more than a one dimensional soundtrack for a night on the lash”, he’s one not to be missed. With this in mind, we winged over some geeky and cerebral questions to pose to Monsieur Smagghe…

Hi Ivan, what are you up to right now?

I’m on the Eurostar to Paris to play with (Andrew) Weatherall and Optimo; then a three day marathon: Portland, Los Angeles, San Francisco. 

Or did you mean in general maybe? Working on our It’s A Fine Line EP, remixing Footprintz for Visionquest, and finally maybe about to launch the ‘Discipline in Disorder’  book collection.

Our readers do seem to enjoy a bit of a geek-out so can you talk us through your studio set-up please?

Errrr… No, not really. Too long, tedious and secrets of the trade… I could point out to the rare things we really love like our Publison DHM89, our Fairchild reverbatron blah blah… Show off.

What was the last book you read?

I am reading ‘Traveller of the Century’ by Andres Neuman at the moment, amongst other things… I always have a couple on the go. Just finished ‘Europe Central’ by William T. Vollmann. Brilliant as ever.

What are your thoughts on and involvement in Gay Pride in Paris?

Well, Kill the DJ has a float this year representing the lesbian underground scene under the ‘gouine comme un camion’ moniker (roughly translates to ‘fit trucker butch’). Sadly I will be in the States but not in spirit.

Who are your favourite French bands past and present?

Too many to exhaust: Alain Kan, Christophe, Bernard Sazner, Michel Colombier, a million new wave tape or 45 rpm only obscurities. 

Serge Gainsbourg of course, Areski and Brigitte Fontaine have a special place in my heart, so have the too forgotten Programme. And a huge string of One-hit wonders…

What qualities do you most admire in your occasional partner in crime (and Superstore fave) Andrew Weatherall?

His ability to grow a beard rapidly and his knowledge of London/English social literature.

What is in your record bag for Techno In My Fridge?

Dunno yet as I try not to plan in advance.

What is in your fridge?

Cat food. Alvarino wine if am lucky. A definite lack of French cheese.

You founded Black Strobe in ’97 with the rather amazing musical description of “frozen Balearic gay biker house”. What’s the best genre or description you’ve heard recently?

‘Goth step’ was mildly amusing, but I never read musical press so…

What motto do you live your life by?

One motto can’t be nearly enough.

Ivan Smagghe plays Techno In My Fridge at Dalston Superstore on Friday 6th July with Natalie Coleman (Mooch) and residents Mikki Most and Alexander Parade.

Check out this brand new mix from Alexander Parade for a taste of Techno In My Fridge…