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Clash Bash’s Top 10 Fashion Moments

Has this year’s summer time got you dried up and far too dusty? Well my babes, get that kick of moisture down at our homo-oasis this Friday as our favourite mis-matched club night returns with a wet and wild affair at Clash Bash no.5 ~ SPLISH SPLASH!
After five instalments, these jumbled up queens have gained quite the reputation for their unique lewks, and we can only imagine what they will throw at us this time! To help inspire you to dress as clash-tastically as possible, we asked the Clash Bash crew to compile their Top 10 Clash Bash Fash moments!
Read on to find out who makes the cut of this infamous list!
1. Princess Diana
Two garish, clashing houndstooths, some stripy detailing and an oversized, jaunty hat! If Princess Di was still with us, she’d definitely be on the Clash Bash guestlist.
1 princess diana
2. Walter Van Beirendonck
In their Spring/ Summer 2016 collection, Walter Van Beirendonck used fabrics that clearly were snatched from a baby’s crib! Absolute toot!
2. Walter-Van-Beirendonck_ss16_fy21
3. Oozing Gloop @oozing_gloop
A vintage lewk from the world’s premiere autistic green drag queen! Oozing Gloop displays good ol’ American patriotism refashioning party decorations into glamorous accessories. 
3 Oozing gloop
4. Mikey Woodbridge @mikey.woodbridge
Even an off-duty Mikey Woodbridge can make mis-matchy-matchy look mega-chic. Mikey proves that there is no need to actually buy anything at Vivienne Westwood. Just grab an empty bag, and make yourself a hat. We love this lewk! It’s bold, bright, and (brown) cow stunning! 
4 mikey woodbridge
5. Carlos Whisper’s #faceswapfail series @whisper_ldn
Who Carlos Whisper’s #faceswapfail series is a trippy mash-up mess of facial features! says your lips need to be on your mouth? Sometimes your eyes belong on your forward and your lips on your chin! 
5 Carlos Whisper
6. Jimi Hendrix
Sexy psychedelic vibes with foreign patterns and floral fabrics! This Clash Bash party is themed ‘Splish Splash’ and let me tell you, we are wet already from this Jimi picture. 
6 jimi hendrix
7. Fizzy Fingers @fizzyfingers
Fizzy Finger’s technicolour couture is perfect for the fashion forward alien. An extraterrestrial scuba suit perfect for wading through the milky way and lounging on Mars!
7 fizzy fingers
8. Gaff-e’s ‘Colour Me Crazy’ 
Gaff E’s kaleidoscope-esque music video for ‘Colour Me Crazy’ features some truly iconic lewks filmed in the magical home of Sue Kreitzman! The Clash Bash crew salute Gaff E & Sue, and encourage you to dance on and over the line between art collector and high-fashion hoarder.
9. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
J-pop superstar Kyary Pamyu Pamyu inspires with an off-the-charts kawaii overload. If you aren’t sure what to wear for Clash Bash, pull a Kyary and just wear everything. More is always more!
9 kyary pamyu pamyu
10. Synchronised Swimmers
As this Clash Bash ~ Splish Splash, our pool-less pool party, we had to include a horrendously fabulous synchronised swimmer lewk. Sparkly veins, sequin arteries, a bejeweled heart, AND a an exposed brain swim cap. Slay’s Anatomy!
10 synchronised swimmers
YAS queens, that’s all the inspiration you could possibly need before you take a cheeky dip this Friday!

Catch the Clash Bash crew at Clash Bash no.5 ~ Splish Splash Friday July 27 from 9pm- 3am at Dalston Superstore!

Drawing Dalston

This week sees our home translated into a series of illustrations by local artist Jane Smith. Her colourful work will be on display from 1st November all the way through to the 7th December in Dalston’s The Jungle Cafe. We caught up with Miss Smith to discuss her upcoming exhibition and why she loves the area so much…

What is your favourite Dalston landmark?

Ridley Road Market. Full of character and characters. Good cheap fruit and vegetables. Full of life – always cheers me up.

Jane Smith's Ridley Road Market illustration

Why do you love Dalston?

I have loved Dalston since I moved here in 1994. I have always felt that it had something special going for it, even before it was cool. It has life – people from every part of the world and a real feeling of home. There is the buzz of the High Street, and also plenty of pretty, leafy quiet areas and lovely houses too.

Can you tell us a bit about your working process?

Creatively, I have two distinct styles or processes. Firstly there is my sketching/drawing style, and I do an original sketch then either manipulate it in Photoshop or use watercolour. My other distinct technique is printmaking, mainly linocut.

Jane Smith's linocut work

Both of these styles are used for artistic and commercial purposes, although commercially the imagery is often adapted to suit the client or brief.

You have a pretty prestigious list of clients- what’s the most interesting commercial project you’ve worked on recently?

I have just finished a limited edition print for Ted Baker (Baker’s Dozen) as part of a series of images done by 13 different illustrators representing British pastimes.

I depicted the car boot sale at Princess May School.

Jane Smith's Car Boot for Ted Baker

What impact do you think the Olympics has had on Hackney?

I think the Olympics had a positive impact on the area. It really seemed to bring people together and brought out their non-cynical sides. I was lucky enough to get a ticket and had a day at the Olympic Park, watching the diving and doing some sketching.

Jane Smith's Olympic Stadium drawing

What do you wish the area had more of?

Trees. Mainly in the High Street, on Dalston Lane and Shacklewell Lane / Crossway.

Who are your biggest illustration inspirations?

Oh, lots – Edward Bawden, Eric Ravillious, John Piper, David Gentleman, Abram Games, David Weidman, Shepard Fairey, M.Sasek, Grayson Perry, Anni Axworthy, Olivier Kugler, Christopher Sydney Brown, Rob Ryan – many more besides.

What one thing couldn’t you do your job without?


See Jane Smith’s exhibition “Drawing Dalston” from 1st November – 7th December, with a private view this Thursday 1st November from 7-10pm at The Jungle Cafe, Dalston.