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Down under the sea (or rather, above The Haggerston pub), Tony Hornecker of The Pale Blue Door has teamed up with that irrepresible sea witch A Man To Pet to present a bonkers dining and cabaret experience complete with authentic Greek cuisine cooked by A Man To Pet’s very own mother Mama Pet! Seeing as they’ve extended the run of GenderPacific and opened up more dinner opportunities we caught up with Tony and Pet to find out more…

Where is Gender Pacific and how long will it be running for?

Tony: GenderPacific could be anywhere, any sea from the Red to the North to our dearest Caspian!
Our main port is located above a pub randomly, The Haggerston, once all are onboard we head off to the depths in our wonderful traveling machine!

A Man To Pet: Is start the trip from Kingsland road above Hagerstown pub!!! Weird ha but yes is happenning you can experience under water life in the heart of Dalston!!! Trips will go on till 12 of July. You better get your tickets now, limited seats left.

What’s the signature dish?

Tyrosalata… spicy creamy feta cheese melt with herbs.

Is it true that A Man To Pet’s mum is doing all the cooking?

AMTP: Oh yes is Very True we wanted to have a real home made Greek food and put all the family in business. Also mama Hornecker she made hats for the gender pacific that everyone can wear!!!       

What other dishes does Mama Pet have up her sleeve for us to try?

AMTP: Mama Pet’s dishes change daily and gaily, with Maria her right hand and Tony her left, she deftly conjures her kleftiko. Lachanodolmades, soutsoukakia, moussaka, keftedakia, and more… yum yum with genderless, slenderless decadence galore! Her dessert galaktoboureko is the best!!!

How does one get a seat at the Captain’s Table?

Tony: We have email address or find us on Facebook and msg us there!

What are you getting us drunk on? We heard talk of champagne cocktails…?

AMTP: With the arrival Straight after our magic cocktail  base with champagne of course we take you to a different dimension you have to come and experience to understand what I mean.

If you were a deep sea creature, which would you be and why?

AMTP: I would be Miss Jelly fish Octopussy or Mr Crab actual creatures that you can see at Gender Pacific sub marine.

What can we expect from a night out at Gender Pacific?

Bored by sitting watching our country, our world, our beloved Dalston overtaken by bankers and wankers from far and wide, saddened by constant newspaper headlines dripping the same fear mongering words to our sweet open ears, Ms Pet and Tony decided to take things into their own hands, developing an oasis deep beneath the seas, where sexuality is irrelevant, immigrants are people not numbers and politicians great blunders. The journey to this land is a chance to collectively reflect, to be dazzled by simple pleasures of bygone eras, where theatre is god and friends are our air. Tony’s ship is hand built but sturdy and A Man To Pet’s show, handmade but blurry, Mama Pet flown in, sturdy and blurry, with teary eyes of joy has she watches her son, gender specific as male transform into a sea creature, not gay for sure but to her eyes as beautiful as any lady, so pure…

Happy faces dive each Thursday To Sunday, the subterranean SubMarine delights with under sea sights, imagine the Titanic’s delectable dining room, in a pocket of air still singing, still dancing as she sank to her doom..

Visit GenderPacific above The Haggerston Pub in Dalston before July 12th.

Find Tony Hornecker’s website here >>

The Pale Blue Door

Easing you through a post-bank-holiday hangover *and* giving you something to look forward to at the end of your four day week, our friends at The Pale Blue Door are giving away a meal for two at their fabulous Haggerston-based restaurant-cum-cabaret experience!

To be with a chance of winning, simply email us at by 10am Thursday 9th May 2013 with the subject “GIVE ME A FREE MEAL FOR TWO AT THE PALE BLUE DOOR”.

*The winner’s name will be passed on to the people at The Pale Blue Door so you can organise with them which date you would like to attend.

We’ll let them tell you exactly why you need to enter this competition to join them for dinner…

Three years ago whimsical set designer Tony Hornecker opened his house to the public as an art installation dining experience. Since then it has been emptied, packed up and carted around the world popping up in Berlin, Glastonbury, Santiago, Valparaiso and Buenos Aires.

Now returned to its birthplace of London the ever-illusive restaurant is back for you all to enjoy!

Through The Pale Blue Door you are welcomed into a speakeasy restaurant by trans hosts and drag performers…

Take a seat at your table, be it in the candle lit bedroom with a balcony view of the restaurant from above or under a tree of hanging roses and mechanical disco balls where you will be greeted by waiting staff, wine in hand. 

The wonderful and surreal continues, table cloths of old shirts and blankets, wine out of tea cups and mid meal lip synching and trans hosting entertainment that normally ending in an impromptu disco!

Alongside original hostess extraordinaire A Man To Pet throughout the month of May will be Jonny Woo, Jonbenet Blonde and John Sizzle! 

May’s Menu at The Pale Blue Door! Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday throughout May 2013. 

Sweet Potato and Mango Ceviche


Ricotta and Mint Stuffed Breast of Lamb

OR Ricotta Mint and Olive Stuffed Courgette

With Roasted Vegetable Quinoa


Forest Berry Mess


Complimentary ½  bottle of wine per person

THE PALE BLUE DOOR from Sharna Osborne on Vimeo.

Some dates sold out already!

For bookings and enquiries please contact: or tel 07894805424 

For further info and available dates visit: 

Teaser trailer and image by Sharna Osborne. Full film to come soon.