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Patsy’s Sex Tape! An Interview and Sensual Compilation by Protopapa and Whitney Weiss


For our love-soaked February edition of PATSY, we’re welcoming back international dreamboats Protopapa and Whitney Weiss. To build your anticipation, we’ve asked them to make you a sensual mixtape and talk to us about music for romantic occasions. Read on to get yourself in the mood. 

Hi Protopapa! Hi Whitney! How are you both doing?

Protopapa: Hey CIAO! I’m feeling great, answering you from my second home, NYC.

Whitney Weiss: I’m good, I’m in Paris getting ready to DJ with Kiddy Smile later tonight!

Okay so I’m gonna ask you about some songs so we can build a sensual PATSY Valentine’s Day mixtape together. What’s the song you want played for the first dance at your wedding, if you’re into subverting traditional marriage? 

P: Marcel Vogel – Body to Body (rework of Shades of Love – Keep in Touch) to set the right sensual mood. Even my 70 year old auntie could feel the sex vibes.

WW: Without taking into consideration the musical tastes of the person I’d be marrying, Sade’s The Sweetest Taboo or The Boss by Diana Ross.

Hey Protopapa, what is a song that you put on in Italy that consistently makes people on the dance floor hook up with each other? 

Matia Bazar’s Ti Sento. They sing and dance and make out to it, it’s like an orgy of mouths and tongues.

Whitney, you’re really into the song Horny. Can you tell us a little bit about how it makes you feel and what version you prefer? 

It makes me feel joyful and unashamed. On special occasions, I like to take people by surprise with the extended mix, which has like 2 and a half minutes of the popping bubbles noise before you figure out what’s going on.

Patsy thinks that nothing is sexier than Prince. What is your favorite Prince song?

P: C O N T R O V E R S Y !

WW: In terms of pure sexiness, Darling Nikki or International Lover.

What’s the last song you played on repeat when you had a crush on someone? 

P: Elbee Bad – Just Don’t Stop <3

WW: Radio Dept’s Pulling Our Weight.

If you were both making a mixtape for a romantic interest, what is one song you would definitely include? 

P: Kiss You All Over (Whitney Weiss ’til the night edit). I lost three teeth saying this.

WW: Ahahahaha grazie amore. There’s an edit of Abel’s I Gotta Woman that I’d need to include 😉

If a romantic interest were going to serenade you with a song, what song could they choose that would make you have a moment and cry?

P: Oliver Koletzki – Hypnotized. But it should be a ukulele version.

WW: I’m going to say Modigliani (Lost In Your Eyes) by Book of Love just because answering with another Prince song seems like A LOT of Prince.

What song makes you feel sexiest when you play it out while DJing?

P: Moscoman – Rerotica

WW: Prince – Erotic City

Protopapa, you’re closing one of your Eurocrash parties in Milan and want to play something tender that will make everyone hug and feel connected. What song do you choose? 

P: Lucio Battisi – Ancora Tu.

Whitney, what is the most romantic song we can expect you to play at the next PATSY?

WW: L’Amour – Let’s Make Love Tonight.

Here’s the extra-special Valentine’s Day Mixtape Protopapa and Whitney Weiss made for us:

Catch Whitney Weiss and Protopapa at Patsy on Friday 16 February from 9pm-4am at Dalston Superstore


By Whitney Weiss

For October’s edition of PATSY, Superstore welcomes SocksLove, a Scorpio from Milan who is one-half of the pan-European collective Eurocrash (alongside total babe and PATSY favorite Protopapa.) A ferociously talented DJ and actual sweetheart—one of his side projects is called Baby DJ Lab, a workshop for small children to try mixing with vinyl—SocksLove has played all around Italy and Germany, but this is his first time ever in London! To celebrate, we asked him a bunch of questions about himself and music. Read on for his clever answers <3 

Ciao Gab! You’re a Scorpio. It’s about to be Scorpio season (PATSY‘s into astrology). So, what’s a song that immediately makes you think of sex?

Oh I can be pretty horny, but just from time to time. But I’d say Aphex Twin – Windowlicker.

You and Protopapa have a collective together called Eurocrash, which throws parties and has radio shows and promotes DJs and does a lot in Italian nightlife all over the country. What is a song that brought you two together/that you enjoy playing when you DJ with him/that sums up the feeling of Eurocrash?

Hah! He made me discover the song Bipolar Duality (Sare Havlicek feat. MC Winksy) when we were both turning 30 and pretty much blue. Also, we DJed together in Puglia last year and found ourselves ferociously yelling at once with Soulwax’s NY Excuse.

What’s the song that made you realise that you wanted to DJ? Where did you hear it (at home, at a particular party, on the radio, etc)?

Radio has played a main role in this: The Wiseguys – Ooh La La!

Part of why your DJ sets are so fun is because you are such a passionate and emotional DJ. What is the one song that always makes you cry?

I love to perspire, yes. Any kind of liquid stuff. Lou Reed – Perfect Day. Oh, it brings lots of pain to the surface.

Whether it’s playing here in London for the first time or in Bologna or at a New Year’s Party in Salento, what is one song that never leaves your USB/record bag?

You got me. Pretty harsh to tell, but Box Codax – Rat Boy (Mock & Toof Remix) takes the energy from my toes to my hair’s loose ends.

Eurocrash is getting into production stuff, does this mean you will be producing? Until we get to hear your stuff, what is one song you wish you’d written (and why do you wish you’d written it?)

I wish I was produced by a proud productive prodigious pride bride, and my dreams are into In Flagranti‘s entire work. Or Alkan‘s. It’s rock, and it’s for clubbing, either at a festival or with your earphones.

You are making your London debut at Superstore and closing out the laser basement. What is one of your favourite end-of-the-night songs? (You don’t have to give away what yours will be at Superstore <3)

I can be very ignorant, but I’ll skip Shaggy this time. I’d rather say Exodus – Together Forever.

You’re really involved in the Italian queer underground. What is one record that’s come out of your scene lately that you wish more people knew about?

It’s certainly Palazzo – Sabotaggio, the song Eurocrash produced the videoclip and the remixes. Ch-ch-ch-check it out.

If you could travel back in time to any dance floor during any era anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? And what is a song you would hope to hear there?

I’m terrifically into early rave, can’t help it. It takes me back to a place and time I’ve nearly been into, but not actually. It’s the electric feeling of love I’ve hardly touched, and that I can translate this with Digital Boy – Direct To Rave.

PATSY is all about queer joy, coming together, and a lack of pretension (which kind of sounds pretentious when you say it out loud, but is actually quite sincere). Is there a song that you think sums up that vibe?

Perfume Genius – Queen. 

Catch SocksLove at Patsy on Friday 20 October from 9pm-4am at Dalston Superstore!


Markus Chaak

by Whitney Weiss

Markus Chaak is a huge part of a more diverse and sincerely underground queer scene in Paris, which sometimes gets overshadowed by other shinier more circuity mainstream lesbian parties. Whether it’s a residency at radical queer bar La Mutinerie or headlining the super-fun Fukthename parties (put on by an eponymous feminist collective), Markus consistently turns it with afrobeat and house music. Ahead of her UK debut at cult queer smash hit Patsy, we talked about formative gay clubbing at Le Pulp, where to go out in Paris, and Soul Train.

Markus! We’re super excited to have you at PATSY. Is this your first time playing in London? What have you heard about PATSY?

Hey! I’ve been to London for Pride, just to chill, but yes, this is the first time I’ll come as a DJ! I’ve heard Patsy is the famous queer party, it happens in London and Paris right now and it’s not so often that a queer party is exported, so I am very proud to take part in it. 

You’re based in Paris, where you’re involved with a party called Fukthename. Tell us the story behind the party (the name, the crowd, the mission, etc.)

Fukthename is a feminist collective created in 2011 that organises mixed parties and events that prioritise female artists in music, dance, and all other artistic forms. We like to align with associations and projects that share a common vision to help them collect funds/give them visibility. We want to try to open spaces to a minority that’s often underrepresented or silenced. Now we’re working with the Playnight collective to organise La PrudePride party, which will be the party to go to before the Pride march in Paris. We also have other surprises in store for 2017/2018!

What was your first gay/queer clubbing experience like?

My first lesbian parties were Le Privilege, a club that was under Le Palace, then also Le Pulp, which was around the corner! We danced to house and techno until the sun came up. It was awesome because at that point we weren’t fully out and about as lesbians all of the time. We also used to lie to our friends and parents and go out discreetly to Les Scandaleuses bar to be able to start our nights and have fun. Now, I get to go out to my own parties! 

Where and how did you get your start DJing?

I started DJing in 2011 for the collective FolEffet, who organised militant actions and events. At the beginning, just for fun, we DJed back to back together without any kind of preparation! Then I started DJing solo as Markus, and played places like Acte3 and Le Troisième Lieu. Now, I’m a regular at La Mutinerie Bar, Playnight, and DRH.

How would you describe the queer scene in Paris? Any particular spots/parties you recommend for an unforgettable evening?

Clubbing exclusively for women is not so great. There aren’t a lot of bars or spaces or regular parties, so finding good places is difficult. Now it’s time to remake this scene (editor’s note: we very much agree!) More and more mixed places and parties are opening, which fortunately offer new alternatives for LGBT nightlife. 

What are three records that never leave your record bag (or USB stick, or Traktor playlist?)

There’s always a song by Boddhi Satva, like Sweet Brown Sugar, Ethyene – Sound of Freenidad, and Fatnotronic – Botoque.

You’re headlining in the laser basement – what sort of a set can dancers expect?

I’m expecting a very diverse crowd that’s ready to have fun and also has eclectic taste, so it’s going to be an interesting (and fun) challenge! I’ll wait to be there and feel the energy to figure out what to play. Get ready to shake your ass!

What’s the last book you read and the last movie you watched?

The last film was A Fantastic Woman and I’m currently reading Battling Siki.

If you had a time machine and could visit any dance floor past, present, or future, where would you be going?

I’d go back to the 1970s and 1980s and head immediately for Soul Train! Then I’d go disco, funk, and hip-hop clubbing in New York, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Chicago.

What is the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever witnessed from the DJ booth?

One time I was DJing on a boat and finishing my set. The next DJ was ready, everything connected and plugged in. He put his headphones on, smiled, put his hands up, started dancing and screaming joyfully except…he didn’t have a sound in the room (only in his headphones) because he’d forgotten to put the volume on for his track. It was very funny, this moment of euphoria in solitude!

Catch Markus Chaak at Patsy on Friday 18 August from 9pm-3am at Dalston Superstore!


JD Samson

By Whitney Weiss

It doesn’t get more iconic than JD Samson, whose long history of superb queer art and music-making includes being in Le Tigre, touring the world with her band MEN, and everything else from writing songs for pop stars to documenting the death of lesbian bars in the US for VICE. Ahead of JD’s Superstore debut at a very special Easter weekend edition of Patsy, we chatted about gay clubbing, balancing art and activism post-Brexit, and her incredible party PAT, which you should go it if you’re ever in New York.

Hey JD! We’re very, very excited to have you at PATSY. What do you think of London nightlife; how does it compare to New York? 

I think every party is different. I hate making generalisations about countries and geographic locations because what I think makes the difference are promoters. I think they are more powerful than we usually admit to create a vibe and energy and curate the right DJs for their scene. I’m so excited to play PATSY because I have heard such amazing things about it!  

You DJ, make art, curate DJs for places, make music, annnnnd throw a fabulous monthly party, PAT. What inspired you to start it?   

Honestly, I had so much success with Scissor Sunday, and was invited to help the club bring in a new clientele. I really enjoy helping to make spaces more queer and give them a new life, so this opportunity was really great for me. PAT stemmed from a really specific idea to be inclusive of all people. The party is free and has developed into such an incredible place where anyone can be anything and be safe to be that while dancing and hugging and sweating and smiling. I love it and that’s why I do it. 

What are three records that never leave your record bag (or USB stick, or Traktor playlist?) 

  1. Catch the Light- (Man without a clue remix)- Soul Divide
  2. Can’t Get enough- (Vocal Club Mix)- Soulsearcher
  3. You Can’t Hide From Yourself- (Muthafunkaz Vocal Mix) – Marc Evans


You’re a musician first and also a DJ. Is the energy behind performing your own music live markedly different from mixing other people’s songs live for a dancefloor? Why or why not? 

Yes. OMG. When you have a set with a band, you play that, and that’s that. It is fixed. You don’t really have an opportunity to look deep in your repertoire and pull up something else. With DJing you could say, ‘oh shit. they hate this’ and switch it up completely. That’s a big part of it for me. The fluidity. But I will say that it is also a lot scarier because it is just me. I am alone. I have to do it myself. No one else to blame for a mistake or a bad set. LOL 

Who are some bands and DJs you’re really into lately? 

I like my friends’ art a lot. Eli Escobar is pretty much my fave right now. I love Justin Strauss. Carry Nation are killing it. DJ Rimarkable goes there for me. Bands… hmmm I listen to NPR talk radio, and Keith Jarrett. I’m kind of in a zone these days. 

As it’s your Superstore debut, what can dancers expect from your set? 

Happy disco/house. I’m just a feeler of feelings and soulful vocals are just in my heart right now.  

What was your first gay/queer clubbing experience like? Where’d you go, what’d you think, what sort of music was playing, etc? 

Gosh my first experience was some after-hours club in NYC that I don’t remember the name of and everyone was doing K and we were listening to house music. Then I went to Squeezebox and met John Waters and he gave me his address (before cell phones). I sent him a postcard. 

If you could go back in time to any dance floor in the world, where would you like to spend an evening and why? 

Denver Colorado. DJ Sprinkles. Best DJ in the world.  

Do you have any words of encouragement or advice for people who might be feeling overwhelmed or having a tough time finding a balance between nightlife and protesting in the wake of things like Trump’s election and Brexit? 

Self Care. Take breaks. Enjoy your life. History is long. We have been here before. We can make it. Keep your goals in sight. Protest when you can. Work for your cause and become leaders that can make policy changes. Work for the government. 

What’s the last book you read and the last movie you watched? 

The last book was Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach. Last movie… omg I never watch movies. I only watch documentaries. Hmmm. I think I watched the Netflix series Abstract. Does that count? I’m a terrible part of our culture. I am very old school and recently went off social media. So I know nothing but what I hear from mouths. 

What’s next for you (records or remixes coming out, spring or summer tour dates, etc)? 

Remix for Josh Caffe and Hannah Holland coming out soon. Remix for ROMANCE coming out soon. Sharer songs will emerge whenever we decide. DJing all over in the summer. Can’t wait to keep on trucking.

Catch JD Samson at Patsy on Friday 14 April from 9pm-3am at Dalston Superstore!


Mikey Lamar

By Patsy

It’s a family affair at the next PATSY, since two of the guest DJs came up together during a particularly fruitful moment for New York clubbing and debauchery! Naturally, we thought it  would be cute if they interviewed each other. ICKY (the artist birthed as Jared Abbott) has previously regaled Superstore with tales of glitz and glamor. He talks to his friend Mikey Lamar, Avenue D producer and owner of a particularly fantastic moustache, about drum machines, impressing Americans, and the iconic Ms. Sophia Lamar. Be sure to catch Mikey’s all-vinyl DJ debut upstairs and Icky’s sickening assemblage of sonic sass in the laser basement!

ICKY: Hi Mikey ?  Did you have any idea that “Do I Look Like Slut?” would become an enduring classic when you made it? Tell us how it all started…

 No, it literally just happened.  Avenue D were already on the rise at that time and if you ever saw those early shows, they really did try to look as absolutely slutty as possible – I swear.  Things moved and things hung out and they didn’t care because it was art. After one show, these girls in the audience started yelling “SLUTS!” at them, which was funny because they were the only ones in the room who didn’t get the joke. 

We were actually laughing at them and I turned to Debbie and said, “We should write a song called ‘Do I look Like a Slut?’” and she held me to it.  We did it later that same week. It probably took all of 20 minutes to write the lyrics. Each verse is two parts, the talking and the rapping. I wrote all the talking parts which set up the situations, and then they wrote the rapping parts as responses. They performed it only once with the original demo beat I programmed and it lit the room on fire. Larry Tee was there that night, and within about a week, he had a new super-charged version, which is the version that became famous. 

You stopped working on music after that and have never really DJed. Why is that?

I had owned a drum machine as a toy since the early nineties. Nothing fancy—just a Yamaha RY series I think—but it could do drums and basslines, which was fun. Anyway, I had programmed lots of beats and rhythms over the years, but until I started working with Debbie and Daphne (Avenue D) I had never played them for anyone or used them for anything. I’m not sure why I stopped after that either, but I do still own several old machines and I still play around with them. Who knows…..I’m sure you’ll hear from me again.  As for DJing, I guess it’s never really occurred to me. I feel like my taste is hopelessly stuck in the past. I have to thank Whitney for the opportunity, but let’s see how it goes.

What made you move from NYC to London? What do you like about your new home? 

Well the short answer is job opportunities. I actually moved to London via Milan, so clearly I’ve been chasing the fashion train. But London is where I wanted to end up for sure. I like the crazy cultural mix, I love all the eccentric personalities, and love the fact that people here get so damn drunk and it’s still socially acceptable.

When you want to impress your friends from home when they come visit, where do you take them?

Oh I just bring them over to the house. I’ve got skylights! You have to be super rich in NYC to have a skylight. Otherwise, just grab a few beers and sit on the edge of the canal. Because again, this just doesn’t happen in NYC.  

What’s the last film you saw and the last book you read?   

Last film was Children of Men because my boyfriend hadn’t seen it yet and I find it eerie at the moment. I think I might grow up to be Julienne Moore in that if things keep going the way they currently are. I did try to watch that Bianca Del Rio movie, but I couldn’t get through 10 minutes of it.  As for books, I’m just finishing Blitzed: Drugs in Nazi Germany by Norman Ohler.  It just came out in the UK, I had it on pre-order. It’s as exciting as it sounds.   

You’re quite the sharp-dressed man.  Which musicians/DJs have the best look? Worst?

Oh that’s the worst question you could ask. I told you, I’m hopelessly stuck in the past! But for me, no one ever had a better look than Devo. I mean, they looked exactly the way they sounded and that takes talent. Worst? Don’t get me started.  


Tell us about your mother, Sophia.

I take my name Lamar from Ms. Sophia Lamar.  Sophia is—how can we say this—a transgendered American of Cuban decent living and working in New York City. Sophia is known as a nightlife celebrity, former Club Kid, model, muse and actress. For more on this, refer to Google; she doesn’t have a Wikipedia page because she’s been banned. 

True story, she found me in a bar in Austin, Texas twenty years ago. Fast forward a couple of years and I was reborn Mikey Lamar in NYC. I was her dedicated sidekick and fellow provocateur. She likes tequila, abortion, politics, and surgery in that order. She likes her men nerdy with scraggly hair and big glasses. She despises basic homosexuals, but in all fairness, she despises people in general. For her there is no middle, there is no medium, there is no safe space, and if you cant deal with that, there is no you.

What can the children expect from your set at Dalston on the 17th?

Well luckily I’m not DJing alone. I’ll be playing with Jeff Yohe, who’s been my friend for ages.  Actually—small world—he was my roommate in New York when I did “Slut” so he and I have similar tastes. How we both ended up in East London is just magic. Anyway, we’re gonna try an all vinyl set and we’re approaching it like just a couple of old friends having cocktails and playing records for each other, which is what we do on weekends anyway.  Hopefully everyone else will think it’s as fun as we do.

Catch Mikey Lamar at Patsy this Friday 17 February from 9pm-3am at Dalston Superstore!


Sara Zinger

We are ready to give 2016 the grand send-off it deserves with the special debut of spangly queer Parisian discotheque Patsy! Having jetsetted to Paris, New York and Buenos Aires, it is high time she crash lands in London for her long-awaited Dalston Superstore debut. For the very special premiere we have recruited French uber babe and dark disco expert Sara Zinger. She has spent the year playing across the dancefloors of Europe, and we can’t wait to see what she unleashes on the lazer basement! We caught up to chat dream collaborations, favourite parties and plans for Patsy.

Hey Sara! We’re super excited to have you play at Dalston Superstore! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

All right so I’m 30 years old, I live in Marseille in the south of France, and I’ve been DJing for six or seven years now and producing for two. I actually spent several months in London few years ago! I’m in love with this city, always a pleasure to come play here.

If you had to trace your DJ career back to one track that started it all, what would it be?

The track that made me wanna start DJing is Booka Shade – Oh Superman


I was in this big club in Belgium called H20 and the DJ was like a king for me, I used to spend all my weekends in this club and couldn’t help staring at the DJ all night long. A track that would define my DJ sets from the beginning is Sometimes by Chloe. I’m never sick of playing it.

You recently released an EP in collaboration with Alda. How did that partnership come about and what was your production process like?

I met Alda like two years ago and it’s been a musical crush since the beginning. I was playing at a club in Marseille and when I walked out of the DJ booth he came to me to talk about my set. He was from another city, so added me on Facebook the day after and started sending me his productions to have my opinion on them. I asked him for a remix of one of my tracks (which is not released yet by the way, hopefully it will be early 2017). The idea of making music together came easily, so I jumped on a train and spent two days at his place, where we finished the track My Mind.

Can you tell us a bit about your party Backroom in Marseille?

One Sunday night, a bartender I know told me a bar contacted her and asked her to find a concept for Tuesday nights once a month. I said okay and that was it. I had to quickly find a name, decide on an atmosphere (dark and no rules, like, come dressed however you want, feel at ease, feel free to do whatever you want, get crazy). The lights were barely on and I was playing electro rock tracks. The first one was a success, it was totally full. I stopped when summertime arrived in Marseille because we just wanna be outdoor when summertime is here.

Who would be your dream musical collaboration (alive or dead?)

Chloe definitely remains an example for me, so yep, it would be her.

You’ve spent the past few months playing around Europe. What is the weirdest/best place you’ve ever played?

Zurich last month was amazing. Lexy Club was such a wonderful place with good energy and after my set, the boss took me to two other clubs and introduced me to lots of people. They really know how to party out there, so I had a blast.

You’re taking us on a date in Marseille. Where are we going to eat, drink, and dance?

Okay so there’s this place by the Vieux Port called Cours Estienne d’Orves with lots of bars and restaurants. It’s like where everybody meets after work, so we’ll just chill and go from one bar to another then eat at Le Bistrot de l’Horloge because the staff is very friendly and the food is above the average for a nice price. After the shot they offer you once you’ve paid the bill, we would walk directly to La Dame Noir VII, which is a new bar that opened just next to the club La Dame Noir Dancing. It’s a warm classy spot with sexy downtempo music where local and international DJs come to play. And even if it’s a bar, you’ve got a proper dancefloor. That’s my second home, I often play there. Down tempo , red light, shooters all night long.

If you had a time machine and could go dancing anywhere/anywhen, where would you go?

The Parisian institution that was Le Pulp. Ivan Smagghe and Chloe made their names in that club, they were the residents. The Kill the DJ label comes from there as well. Unfortunately, it had to close in 2007.

What are your plans for 2017? Any big shows or record releases?

2017 will be big for me, I think. There’s some cool projects, like a collaboration with Nico Ameviscious for an album and live shows. A good gig in Berlin. Several tracks from other producers will be out with my voice on them, I’ll be involved with parties for La Dame Noir, and at least two EPs are gonna be released.

What are you planning to unleash on the laser basement at Patsy?

You’ll have to come and see!

Catch Sara Zinger on at the debut of Patsy on Saturday 3 December from 9pm-3am at Dalston Superstore!



By Rachael Williams

It’s time for another spangly edition of Les Poppeurs and not only are we donating a portion of the door and DJ fees to the fab Albert Kennedy Trust who support homeless LGBT teens in your city, but we’ve plumped for a b2b2b extravaganza happening in the basement! Prepare yourself for the unholy trinity of Jonjo Jury…. Terry Vietheer…. And Les Poppeurs resident Whitney Weiss! What’s better than cramming the three of them in a DJ booth all night long? Why, getting them to spill the tea on each first of course!

Jonjo: tell us a secret about Whitney…

She knows about the magical powers of eggs and she has a strange effect on the ladies but has many husbands…..

Whitney: tell us about the first time you met Terry…

The first time I met Terry, I thought he was the sweetest guy with the nicest smile (I know that sounds like a Sweet Valley High book or something, but seriously). Shortly thereafter, he played a wonderful version of a Tina Turner song that I love, fully cementing the excellent first impression he had already made.

Terry: what track do you really hope Jonjo plays?

Abba – Gimme Gimme Gimme

Jonjo: what’s your fave time you’ve ever played on the same lineup as Terry?

It has to be the first time he got me over to play Club Sandwich with him and of course it ended up being a hot mess after both playing a brilliant set.

Whitney: what track everytime you hear it instantly transports you to a Jonjo-memory?

There are lots! Chemise’s – She Can’t Love You reminds me of champagne-soaked hugs at the end of his fabulous set at PATSY, a party I throw in Paris sometimes, so when I hear it now, it takes me right back to that glorious December night with him and Hannah Holland. I think we also had a moment to it at a Savage once, but that is a bit hazy as you know how Savage gets…

Terry- how would you describe Whitney’s music taste?


Jonjo: This is your second time playing at Les Poppeurs, and maybe your five millionth time playing at Dalston Superstore… what are you gonna bring to shake things up a little?

I haven’t played a basement pumper set for a while so I’m really looking forward to trying some new bangers out, and I’m sure our Jury-Weiss-Vietheer human centipede show will really get everyone gagging….

Terry: This is also your second time playing at Les Poppeurs! But last time you were being Whitney for the night. What are you gonna bring to actually be Terry this time?

Playing Whitney was like being a social butterfly and I didn’t get to dance much. This time I will be on the dancefloor from open till close.

Whitney: Why are you excited about this b2b2b extravaganza with Jonjo and Terry? Can you articulate what’s amazing about it?

I mean have you seen these two? Everyone would like to be in the middle of a b2b2b with such total hunks. Aside from the joy of being next to Jonjo and Terry all night long, our musical sensibilities are complementary, so it’s going to be a lot of fun (and also sass, and also house, and also disco). We’ve had a wonderful time at Club Sandwich at the YOYO together during our separate sets this past year and both Jonjo and Terry have been guests at Les Poppeurs before, so combining forces for a night of b2b2b seems like the natural progression.

What is your ultimate last track of the night and who do you think/hope out of the three of you will get to play it?

Jonjo: I’m such a sucker for Over and Over by Sylvester for family vibes hugs and kisses at the end of the night, this is ten min of pure joy happy clappy lurrrrve.

Whitney: As long as one of us plays Erotic City and we get to have a moment to it at some point during the evening, I’ll be happy. ?

Terry: I think DJ Koze’s extended disco remix of Låpsley – Operator would sound great to finish the night. I’ve played a lot of closing tracks so I will let either Jonjo or Whitney make this happen.

What dates/project do you wanna plug?

Jonjo: I’m playing a day party at Manchester Pride called Come As Yu Are, Festival No 6 and on 28th September I’m playing the Savage takeover of Pikes Hotel in Ibiza. Also playing Good Room in NYC for the Carry Nation boys… Can. Not. Wait.

Whitney: I’m excited to play in Marseille for La Dame Noir this August, looking forward to Les Poppeurs at Homoelectric for Manchester Pride, and delighted for fall dates in London, New York, Milan, and Paris, as well as the next PATSY.

Terry: I’m off to Berlin next weekend to play for my good friend Gloria Viagra’s wedding party, which will be a lot of fun!


Join Terry, Jonjo and Whitney for their b2b2b basement extravaganza this Saturday 6th August for Les Poppeurs!