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Pleasure Cruiser

It’s Breed’s 2nd Birthday tomorrow night and what better birthday present than Pleasure Cruiser being back in town! He joins his former partners-in-crime Rex The Dog and RUFUS&Bambi in the Dalston Superstore laser basement for one night only before he jets it back to his new home in Tokyo! We caught up with this busy boy in between participating in this year’s Red Bull Music Academy in New York, running his record label Organic Art Movement and recording his own music…
What prompted your recent move to Tokyo? A shake-up from London nightlife?
I just wanted something different I think. I certainly got that by moving to Tokyo, it’s a world apart from London. Both are great cities though, but for now Tokyo is my home!
Tell us about you current project AMPC…
AMPC is a new project I started with another Tokyo based artist called Acidmann, we perform live together with our original productions and vocals. It’s very exciting and we’ve been getting great reactions so far.

What other projects are you working on over there?
I’m working on a sound design company with a composer, we’re producing music for advertisements, anime and film. I just started working as a model (with some very Lost In Translation moments so far) and am teaching English too. There is plenty to keep me on my toes over there, it’s an expensive city so gotta keep working hard and making a little hustle.
What are your favourite Tokyo dancefloors?
I’ve been lucky enough to play at Womb, Ageha, Vision Sound Museum and my favourite Eleven, which has unfortunately just been shut down.
How did you come to be a participant in this years RBMA in NYC?
I filled out the mammoth questionnaire, submitted some music and hoped for the best. I’d definitely recommend anyone to get involved it’s been the best musical experience of my career thus far.
What’s been the best moment from it?
Late-night red wine drinking studio sessions with Benjamin Damage and Mathew Jonson. As well as getting to DJ to a more-than-up-for-it crowd in Tamanny Hall in Brooklyn. 
As one of the original residents of Breed it’s great to see you back again! Have you missed it?
I’ve missed it a lot. Dalston Superstore has one of the best crowds and energetic dance floors I’ve ever experienced. I’ve missed getting drunk and DJing with Elena (RUFUS&Bambi) and Jake (Rex The Dog) a lot! They’ve said they will hide the vodka from me for this one, but I’m gonna find it hehe.
Are there any Japanese musical gems you’ll be treating the DSS laser basement to?
Oh yea, a bit of Yellow Magic Orchestra will go down well!

One of the members of the band, Ryuichi Sakamoto, was a lecturer at the academy in New York it was great to meet him!
If you could only ever use one piece hardware to make music for the rest of your life which one would it be?
A Roland 808 Drum Machine. 
What’s next for your record label Organic Art Movement?
We’re releasing an EP from London based artists Morgan Hood with two fantastic remixes from Ejeca and Monika Ross.

Join Pleasure Cruiser for Breed with Rex The Dog this Friday 7th June at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 3am.

Breed #5: Chien

With the next Breed nearly upon us and coinciding with the Easter bank holiday weekend, it’s time to see the latest free t-shirts that Rex The Dog will be handing out to the first 50 lucky enough to lay claim to them. As usual each t-shirt is screen-printed by the Breed team and this time they’ve used American Apparel and given a choice of black or white!

Screenprinting Chien tshirts

Considering they look hot on both boys and girls, it’s worth following Rex on Twitter to get your paws on a voucher for a t-shirt to pick up on the day, but its worth bearing in mind it’ll be Good Friday, it’s a free event and the t-shirts are free on a first come first served basis so they go pretty quick! 

Rex The Dog's Breed tshirts

For those away for the long weekend, the Chien tshirts will be on sale on Rex The Dog’s online shop

Breed #5 will be Friday 6th April from 9pm – 4am with Rex The Dog, RUFUS&Bambi and Pleasure Cruiser.

Breed #4 In Pictures

With the last Breed over a month ago and a whole ‘nother month until the next one, we’re consoling ourselves over the wait with these ultra-cute snaps from February. Pretty girls, Robo Rexes, hot boys kissing, people having the best time ever and Breed residents Rex The Dog, RUFUS&Bambi and Pleasure Cruiser all behind the decks; what more could you want!

Breed 4 at Dalston Superstore

Breed 4 at Dalston Superstore

Breed 4 at Dalston Superstore

Breed 4 at Dalston Superstore

Breed 4 at Dalston Superstore

Breed 4 at Dalston Superstore

Breed 4 at Dalston Superstore

Breed 4 at Dalston Superstore

The next Breed will be at Dalston Superstore on Good Friday 6th April 9pm -4am. Make sure you follow Rex on Twitter to get a downloadable voucher for your chance to get one of his limited hand-made free t-shirts.

Photo credit: Eleonora Cecchini

Rex The Dog

REX THE DOG’S ridiculously popular night BREED returns for its fourth outing as he’s joined downstairs by residents RUFUS&BAMBI and Pleasure Cruiser creating a sea of super-electronic music to bite your ass; whilst upstairs sees the musical stylings of John Sizzle and A Man To Pet who’ll be entertaining you with pop, disco and guerrilla bar-top cabaret.

With the last event becoming one-in-one-out by midnight, we caught up with Rex to find out just what makes BREED so exciting…

Why did you start BREED?

Well I’d been keen for a while to do a party where I could take control of everything; the sound, the look, the whole night.  I make a lot of things like models and animation and screen prints, and I wanted to bring it all together with the music that I like and make a kind of special Rex party. Like a little event each time.

Describe the music in the laser pit at BREED

We have a policy that the music is 100% electronic, so that means no ’70s disco, no ABBA!  Essentially just music made with synthesizers. The atmosphere in the basement seems to be pretty full on and energetic, so it seems to work so far! I  personally like a very sequencery, electronic sound, and there’s a lot of great music in that vein, but we also delve into Chicago and italo and little bit of early synth pop. We draw on any thing that fits together well, that is kind of charged with energy and has synthesizers in it…

Tell us about the residents

Well the BREED crew is me, Nic and Elena. Nic plays under the name Pleasure Cruiser and Elena plays as RUFUS&Bambi (a totally confusing name because she’s just one person). We organise the night as a team, and then when we get behind the decks it’s extra fun because we’ve all worked quite hard to get each party ready. We go out a lot together in between BREED, and we eat a lot of noodles and talk about ideas for T shirts and artwork and mixtapes.

And you give away the T shirts at Breed, what’s the idea behind that?

Well that’s part of the idea: to make each party an event in its own right. So each party has one image that we use on the posters and T shirts and for prints on the walls. It’s part of the whole ‘craft’ thing too, so the T shirts are hand printed and limited to just 40 or 50 to give away on the night.  At first they were going to be sold alongside the night, but then we got into trouble with the second BREED T shirt; it was an homage to the BOY London clothing label, but someone from BOY got in touch and said they would take legal action if we tried to sell them. That was the point where we realised it could be good just to give shirts away free anyway…

Breed at Dalston Superstore T-shirts

And the Robo Rexes?

Yes, they’re DIY too!  We made ten of them, nine with LED eyes and one with actual laser eyes. The laser one guards the DJ booth downstairs, and the others we hang from the roof in the upstairs bar, just to keep an eye on everything. Unfortunately some have gone missing. Nic found out that one of them went home with someone quite well known. I’ve been negotiating over Facebook to get him back, but it’s not looking good.

Robo Rexes Breed at Dalston Superstore

Who would be your ultimate fantasy special guest?

Actually we’re not into the idea of guests downstairs at the moment. We feel we know what we want to do, and we prefer to do it ourselves for now, with our own little crowd. We could be more open to guests in the future, but for now we’re power freaks.

What else is REX THE DOG up to?

I’m actually in the studio making some new tracks, in between hunting for that missing Robo Rex…

Rex in the Studio Breed at Dalston Superstore

Rex’s January BREED top five in no order: 

Punks Jump Up – Get Down (Fare Soldi Remix) [Kitsuné Music]

Gesaffelstein – Aufstand [Turbo Recordings] 

Hannah Holland – Transsexual Bass [Batty Bass]

N/Y House’N Authority – APT. 2A [Nu Groove Records]

Azari & III – Reckless With Your Love (Tiga Remix) [Island Records]

BREED #4 will be Friday 3rd February with residents REX THE DOG, Pleasure Cruiser and RUFUS&Bambi with John Sizzle and A Man To Pet upstairs.