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Next weekend we welcome Dutch-born, Bristol-based October to the laser basement for the next instalment of Abattoir! A punk-rocker at heart, Julian Smith has been releasing house and techno records under the alias October on his own labels like Caravan (now sadly defunct) and Tanstaafl alongside the likes of Aus Music and Skudge Records. Known for his love of analogue hardware, Julian produces, DJs, and even plays in rock bands in and around Bristol. We caught up with him ahead of Abattoir to find out more about his influences, living in Bristol and the nods to science-fiction that seem to run throughout all his work…

What drew you to Bristol (besides its vibrant music scene) – what makes it the place you want to live?
My parents moved here from the Netherlands in 1996 as my mum got a job in cardiac theatres.  I moved around so much in my youth I thought I’d make some roots somewhere so stayed in Bristol.
We recently spoke to Chicago house legend Gene Hunt who advocated for a “little dirt, a little grunge”, and warm analogue sounds, not sounding too perfect… is this the type of rawness in sound that you strive for?
Yeah I can relate to Mr Hunt’s statement. I love digital too.  My favourite synths are digi synths from the ’80s.  Ensoniq, DX7, Kawai etc, and I bizarrely prefer the Roland Alpha Juno 2 over any other Juno.  The combination of digital LA / FM synthesis and warm analogue synths is fantastic.  The cold sound of digital synthesis cuts through that analogue warmth like a hot knife in butter.  Too much analogue clouds everything.  I also feel the same about compressors and EQ’s.  A couple of vacuum tube compressors and EQ’s combined with digital is the best.  You can achieve a lot of space in your mix-downs if you use the best of all worlds.  Unbalanced cables are great too for dirt, and harmonic distortion is a must too.  Ultimately – it doesn’t matter what you use as it’s all in between the ears but my favourite records are the ones that don’t try too hard.  Not too keen on anything that’s super polished and glossy but a bit of shine here and there can’t go a miss…
You’re a big proponent of letting tracks play out. Is this down to not underestimating the crowd? Do you think crowds are more sophisticated these days with unlimited limited access to music via the internet? Or does it simply boil down to just wanting to experience the whole track?  
I have not really thought about it, but I do a lot of subtle mixing while the track is playing.  It really depends on the track – there are a lot of records I mix out of quite quickly when I’m playing a club but when I record mixes I tend to let them play out as the music deserves it.  I still mix like a junglist and do a lot of cutting…
You’re the lead singer and guitarist of a band too, First And Last Men, as befitting your strong punk-rock influences. Is the name a nod to science-fiction author Olaf Stapledon’s novel The Last And First Men or is this a coincidence?
Yes it is – I’m happy someone finally spotted it.  I’m a big fan of hard sci-fi and Olaf Stapledon is one of the 20th centuries finest thinkers.  In the book Last And First Men written in 1930, Olaf talks about genetic engineering and stem cell research.  People then clearly dismissed his ideas but now his ideas are the future.
Is Bristol one of the few places where you can be Jules the singer of First And Last Men *and* DJ October? It seems like that would be much harder to maintain somewhere like London…
I’m not sure but I believe we can be anyone we want and do anything we want if we put our minds to it.  I think that, wherever I find myself in this world, I will always start a band and take techno to the grave.
The label you run with John Osborn is called Tanstaafl which is an acronym for There Ain’t No Thing As A Free Lunch (from the novel The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress). Is this the ethos of the label or simply another sci-fi nod?
It’s the ethos of the label – if you want something to happen you have to work for it…  This world doesn’t owe me or anyone else in it, anything.  You have to make it happen yourself and just deal with whatever comes your way good or bad.  You can’t always have good times if you haven’t experienced hell…  
Which novelist, if any, would you say has had the biggest influence on your musical output, and does different art inspire your different musical endeavours?
I’m inspired by a lot of authors but Arthur C. Clarke, Kurt Vonnegut, Phillip K Dick, Isaac Asimov, Robert A. Heinlein, Alfred Bester and Olaf Stapledon inspire me no end.  However, I’m also obsessed with Roland Barthes’ A Lover’s Discourse and Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing.  In general life inspires me so I use whatever comes my way… 
You played Room 1 at Fabric last month, and now you’re playing the basement here at Dalston Superstore- which type of venue size do you personally prefer- the intimate basement or the epic grandness of somewhere like Fabric?
I love smaller more intimate clubs but playing places like Fabric, especially Room 1 which is the best DJ booth in the world and such a huge honour.  P-bar is immense as well and secretsundaze is dope too.  I guess the crowd is what makes it for me. It can be a room with 2000 people, or a room with 200, as long as the crowd react the way I want them too – then it’s all good.
What’s next for October in terms of records to be released?
I have forthcoming EP’s on Aus, Skudge and TANSTAAFL on the way, plus my debut album is near completion and will be released on Skudge.  There are some other big things in the pipeline but I’m not at liberty to talk about them just yet.  I am also changing my name from October to DJ October as I am possibly the most difficult DJ to find on the net.
If you could pick just one record that epitomises that raw, analogue aesthetic that you prize, from any genre, what would it be?
A difficult, almost impossible question to answer but I’m going to say Flying Turns by Crash Course In Science is my current raw jam.

Join October on Friday 28th February in the basement for Abattoir at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 3am.


Nancy’s, a new Friday night of disco, pop, house and party bumps at Dalston Superstore featuring our new rotating cast of familiar fabulous residents!

Yes, it’s time to bring back the residents, those trusted DJs that can deliver the goods every week and know every inch of the club and the crowd like their own underpants. So we’re shaking things up at Superstore on Friday nights with new top deck disco Nancy’s, and welcoming back our favourite DJs to play week in, week out in the top deck disco. It’s going to be family vibes all the way as trusted DJs like The Lovely Jonjo, Jeffery Hinton, Martyn Fitzgerald, Grizzle (John Sizzle and A Man To Pet), HiFi Sean, Luke Howard, Johnny Kalifornia and Mikki Most play on rotation along with different hosts every week. 

Nancy’s launches on Friday 31st January with an extra special line-up consisting of the legendary HiFi Sean, Johnny Kalifornia and Trailer Trash’s very own Mikki Most!

Start as you mean to go on we say. Coming up this month we have…

Friday 7th Feb: Grizzle crash-land into Nancy’s top deck disco.
Friday 14th Feb: The Lovely Jonjo and Kim Jakobsen To do a double-ender.
Friday 21st Feb: Dream-team Luke Howard and Jeffrey Hinton takeover (with special guest host DARKWAH!)
Friday 28th February: HiFi Sean and Martyn Fitzgerald show those queens how it’s done.

It starts every week at 9pm and is FREE before 11pm /  £5 after

Join the Nancy’s Facebook group here for regular updates and join the Facebook event for the launch party here.

Illustration by Ego Rodriguez:

Abattoir Speak To Ali Renault

Ahead of Abattoir this Friday, resident DJ RUFUS&Bambi sat down with their special guest for the laser basement Ali Renault (Heartbreak/Cestrian) to find out more about his music taste…

By RUFUS&Bambi

Tell us a bit about yourself… when and how did your relationship with music start?

I guess I’m sort of known for making slow dark disco of sorts under my Ali Renault moniker, and faster electroid pieces under my Cestrian guise. My relationship with music started when I was four years old when my parents bought me a Shakin Stevens record for my birthday.

What’s the song/album/artist you’re most obsessed with now?

There are too many to chose from, but if I had to name one now the song I’m obsessing over is Hard Corps – Je Suis Passe. It’s a masterpiece. As far as albums it would have to be New Muziks – Warp From 82. And for artist… again probably New Muzik.

Your new label Vivod is receiving very good (and deserved) reviews! What’s the story behind the name, the fascinating artworks, and choosing to go wax only?

Thanks! Vivod is the name of a small valley/village in north Wales near Chester where I’m from. I became slightly obsessed with the name after getting lost there with my girlfriend a few years ago. Without going into too much detail the images for each release are Vivodian soldiers from WW2. The choice to go wax only wasn’t really a considered one as I’m pro vinyl anyway. It was more a case of finding a more interesting way to make and package records to sell. I’ve had the idea of screen printing straight onto white labels for ages so it was just a matter of finding the right theme and means to screen print, which took quite a while before it all became viable. 

Which records never leave your DJ bag?

Mark Du Mosch – Cold Sweat EP. This is a real DJ tool for me as each track has a different style , tempo and mood but all very ‘mixable’. He’s my favourite house producer of today.

Human League – Unlimited Orchestra. Instrumental dubs of the classics produced by the excellent Martin Rushent RIP.

Koto – Visitors. I don’t always get to play it as it could be classed as fun-talo, a place some people don’t want to go but when the time is right it’s explosive. Somebody scratched my copy in the first few bars of the track a few months ago so I need a new copy now.

What’s your secret talent?

I am a talentless soul. No secret.

What can we expect from your set at Abattoir this Friday?

Not so much Italo, more a mixture of post punk, house and a few bits of synth and ebm here and there. It’ll be a mess but hopefully a cohesive one.

We really can’t wait!

Join both Ali and RUFUS&Bambi at Abattoir this Friday 22nd November from 9pm – 3am at Dalston Superstore.


RUFUS&Bambi brings her cult night Abattoir to the laser basement this Friday and with the Gay Bingo Afterparty taking place upstairs it’s sure to be a mental night! We caught up with her ahead of the relaunch to find out more about past parties and what the future holds for Abattoir…

What is Abattoir?

Abattoir is a monthly party where you can be yourself and dance the night away to quality pumping “acidtechnodeepdisco” music.

What have your previous parties been like?

Abattoir started in 2011, in a forgotten basement of a Polish restaurant in West London and since then moved across the city taking over a variety of locations as well as warehouses and proper venues. Every single party was an event in itself and carried a theme that was reflected in the vibe of the night, music and visuals. Our crowd have experienced very unusual things… there has been some metal cut with an electric saw, real fish used for a performance (we won’t do that again, don’t worry), some voodoo ritual, a great selection of up and coming live acts together with underground and not so underground guest DJs. Previous guests include Andy Blake, A&A (Love Fever), Andrea Esu, Bicep, Giles Smith, Headman, Ivan Smagghe to name but a few.

What’s a quintessential Abattoir track?

RUFUS&Bambi: This purple 10″ never managed to leave my DJ bag: Trevino – Derelict [NakedLunch]. I have vivid memories of the crowd going crazy for it. A bit like in the video!

ADJ: My track would be Ralph Falcon – The Dig [Original]  I played it at every single Abattoir last year, a very trippy techno track.

Tell us about your guests for this party on Friday…

It’s a family affair! We are very excited to move to Dalston Superstore and we wouldn’t allow anyone else to play at the first party. We are very selfish… come down on Friday and witness myself – RUFUS&Bambi – together with Chris McCormick aka Cromby and Antony Price (ADJ behind the booth) makin’ you dance all night long. We will have a solid two hours set each and we can’t wait to show you what we do! While you wait…

What does the future hold for Abattoir?

A very limited admission party on the moon. Super early bird tickets on sale now:

Join RUFUS&Bambi and the rest of the Abattoir gang in the laser basement Friday 25th October from 10pm-4am for Abattoir: The Abandon Series.

The Queer Archive

In one week’s time a brand new night comes to Dalston Superstore: The Queer Archive. Editor and producer of the TQA Konstantinos is hosting the very first party as a fundraiser for Greek trans* artist and activist Paola Revenioti to secure funds to put on an exhibition of her work at the White Cubicle gallery. With a hot line-up featuring the likes of A Man To Pet, The Lovely Jonjo, RUFUS&Bambi and more, it’s set to be a FUN night of fundraising! We caught up with Konstantinos to find out more about his plans for The Queer Archive…

Why does London need The Queer Archive?

The Queer Archive is primarily a blog that showcases queer films and video art found on the internet. It is a selection of the best there is on offer, selected by a great list of contributors. Since it’s on the web, it can viewed by anybody anywhere and not just in London. The other side of The Queer Archive is production and curation of films and art exhibitions. Through our fundraising efforts we will be able to help filmmakers and artists to create and promote their work. There will be a whole series of The Queer Archive fundraising parties to help us fund these projects. At the moment our activities will mainly take place in London, but there are plans to go further afield in the future.  

Who are the key artists that inspire TQA?

There are so many queer artists and filmmakers around the world. There is so much to see but sometimes it’s difficult to remember and find the work online. The Queer Archive will make that easier and more accessible for viewers to watch what is out there.

What queer films- both short and feature length- should we be looking out for this winter?

I’m looking forward to Concussion by Stacie Passon.

Tell us about the first TQA fundraiser planned here at Dalston Superstore?

We are trying to raise money to put together the first UK exhibition of a great artist and activist Paola Revenioti. I know she’s got lots of fans in London so I hope they will all come and support us. The DJ list is very impressive. Holestar, The Lovely Jonjo, A Man To Pet, Hello Mozart, RUFUS&Bambi, Duchess Of Pork. They were all so happy to come and play. I am so very grateful and I’m sure it will be so much fun!

How did you put together the line-up for the party? Did you specificially reach out to queer DJs and performers who you feel align with the TQA ethos?

First of all I wanted both girls and boys to play. All of the DJs in the list play amazing music and people love them for that. And they’re all friends or people I’ve worked with in the past. It wasn’t my intention to only reach out to queer DJs, it just happens that I mostly know queer artists.

What can we expect from the night?

Great music and wild dancing!

Why is Paola Reveniotti an artist we should be supporting?

Paola has been a fighter for queer rights for decades and decades. She has created her work based on her instinct and love for life. And she has been fighting against the establishment through any means available to her. She published her anarchist queer fanzine in the ’80s, she organised the first gay pride in Athens funded by her own prostitution, she currently directs a series of great documentaries.

It is important to know our past and Paola is an important chapter in gay history. More people need to know about her, especially nowadays that history repeats itself and people make the same mistakes.

Where are the best places to find queer art in the capital?

Fringe Film Festival is one of them. We showcase the work of great queer artists, along with our program of films. The exhibition program lasts for approximately the whole month of April. The film program of the Tate Modern is very often queer oriented. Little Joe magazine hosts brilliant screenings of great queer films. In general there is queer art to be found in London in various places. But we need more, don’t we?

What was the last thing you read/saw/heard that moved you?

The Velvet Rage by Alan Downs.

Who else might we hope to see The Queer Archive highlighting in future?

I have some thoughts about the next project we will take on, but it’s very soon to tell.

Join Konstantinos for the very first fundraiser for The Queer Archive next Friday 27th September at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 4am.

Pleasure Cruiser

It’s Breed’s 2nd Birthday tomorrow night and what better birthday present than Pleasure Cruiser being back in town! He joins his former partners-in-crime Rex The Dog and RUFUS&Bambi in the Dalston Superstore laser basement for one night only before he jets it back to his new home in Tokyo! We caught up with this busy boy in between participating in this year’s Red Bull Music Academy in New York, running his record label Organic Art Movement and recording his own music…
What prompted your recent move to Tokyo? A shake-up from London nightlife?
I just wanted something different I think. I certainly got that by moving to Tokyo, it’s a world apart from London. Both are great cities though, but for now Tokyo is my home!
Tell us about you current project AMPC…
AMPC is a new project I started with another Tokyo based artist called Acidmann, we perform live together with our original productions and vocals. It’s very exciting and we’ve been getting great reactions so far.

What other projects are you working on over there?
I’m working on a sound design company with a composer, we’re producing music for advertisements, anime and film. I just started working as a model (with some very Lost In Translation moments so far) and am teaching English too. There is plenty to keep me on my toes over there, it’s an expensive city so gotta keep working hard and making a little hustle.
What are your favourite Tokyo dancefloors?
I’ve been lucky enough to play at Womb, Ageha, Vision Sound Museum and my favourite Eleven, which has unfortunately just been shut down.
How did you come to be a participant in this years RBMA in NYC?
I filled out the mammoth questionnaire, submitted some music and hoped for the best. I’d definitely recommend anyone to get involved it’s been the best musical experience of my career thus far.
What’s been the best moment from it?
Late-night red wine drinking studio sessions with Benjamin Damage and Mathew Jonson. As well as getting to DJ to a more-than-up-for-it crowd in Tamanny Hall in Brooklyn. 
As one of the original residents of Breed it’s great to see you back again! Have you missed it?
I’ve missed it a lot. Dalston Superstore has one of the best crowds and energetic dance floors I’ve ever experienced. I’ve missed getting drunk and DJing with Elena (RUFUS&Bambi) and Jake (Rex The Dog) a lot! They’ve said they will hide the vodka from me for this one, but I’m gonna find it hehe.
Are there any Japanese musical gems you’ll be treating the DSS laser basement to?
Oh yea, a bit of Yellow Magic Orchestra will go down well!

One of the members of the band, Ryuichi Sakamoto, was a lecturer at the academy in New York it was great to meet him!
If you could only ever use one piece hardware to make music for the rest of your life which one would it be?
A Roland 808 Drum Machine. 
What’s next for your record label Organic Art Movement?
We’re releasing an EP from London based artists Morgan Hood with two fantastic remixes from Ejeca and Monika Ross.

Join Pleasure Cruiser for Breed with Rex The Dog this Friday 7th June at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 3am.

RUFUS&Bambi’s Breed #10 Mix

It’s almost time for the first Breed of the year and what better midweek reminder than this warm-up mix from techno-fiend and Rex The Dog partner-in-crime RUFUS&Bambi. We’ve managed to get hold of not just the exclusive tracklisting but also one of the fab “Rexstasy” tshirts to give away too! For your chance to win entrance to the party on Friday as well as one of the fresh tees, email us at with the subject title “I’m in the throes of Rexstasy!” and tell us why you should win.

*Entrants must be received by 10am Friday 1st February. Only the winner will be contacted.


Tom Trago feat Cinnaman – Rise up

Get People – Back To Dust (Jimmy Edgar remix)

Jokers Of The Scene – A Fine Line Between Nowhere And Now Here

LINDSTRØM & Todd Terje – Lanzarote (diskJokke remix)

Marc Houle – Chuck Gaydicaca

The Other People Place – Let Me Be Me

Bot’Ox – Basement Love (Pachanga Boys Point Of View)

Unknown – Unknown

Join RUFUS&Bambi and Rex The Dog at Breed #10 this Friday 1st February from 9pm – 3am.

RUFUS&Bambi’s Acid Rain Mix

Rex The Dog cohort RUFUS&Bambi has dropped this exclusive mix on us ahead of Friday’s party. It’s an acid house/303 special so she’s pulled out all the stops with some full on acid madness…


Aiello – Sabrer (Hannulelauri warehouse remix)

Samoyed – Klondike Rush

Legowelt – Danger In The Air

Liddell Townsell – As Acid Turns

SCS – Model Specific

Larry Heard – The Sun Can’t Compare

Simian Mobile Disco – Breaking Times

DJ Sprinkles – Grand Central Part 1

Omar S & Ob Ignitt – Wayne Country Hill Cops

Join us at Breed this Friday 7th December from 9pm – 3am with Rex The Dog and RUFUS&Bambi.

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Dog Is A DJ

Breed is back this weekend with electronic superstar Rex The Dog going back 2 back with partner in crime RUFUS&Bambi for some acid madness. As per usual, they’ve got a bonanza giveaway in the form of a brand new t-shirt design. This one, Dog Is A DJ, comes in both black and white and looks fit on both boys and girls and is absolutely free, just like entry to Dalston Superstore on the night.

We’ve also managed to get our mitts on this behind-the-scenes video from Rex showing the man himself hand-screenprinting the new tees….

 And, in a show of even more generosity, he’s also sent us the latest Breed podcast featuring both himself and RUFUS&Bambi. Ideal to eliminate those midweek blues and get in the Friday mood early.

Breed #7 takes place this Friday 3rd August at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 4am with Rex The Dog and RUFUS&Bambi in the lazer pit and Grizzle performing atop the bar upstairs.

Breed #5: Chien

With the next Breed nearly upon us and coinciding with the Easter bank holiday weekend, it’s time to see the latest free t-shirts that Rex The Dog will be handing out to the first 50 lucky enough to lay claim to them. As usual each t-shirt is screen-printed by the Breed team and this time they’ve used American Apparel and given a choice of black or white!

Screenprinting Chien tshirts

Considering they look hot on both boys and girls, it’s worth following Rex on Twitter to get your paws on a voucher for a t-shirt to pick up on the day, but its worth bearing in mind it’ll be Good Friday, it’s a free event and the t-shirts are free on a first come first served basis so they go pretty quick! 

Rex The Dog's Breed tshirts

For those away for the long weekend, the Chien tshirts will be on sale on Rex The Dog’s online shop

Breed #5 will be Friday 6th April from 9pm – 4am with Rex The Dog, RUFUS&Bambi and Pleasure Cruiser.

Breed #4 In Pictures

With the last Breed over a month ago and a whole ‘nother month until the next one, we’re consoling ourselves over the wait with these ultra-cute snaps from February. Pretty girls, Robo Rexes, hot boys kissing, people having the best time ever and Breed residents Rex The Dog, RUFUS&Bambi and Pleasure Cruiser all behind the decks; what more could you want!

Breed 4 at Dalston Superstore

Breed 4 at Dalston Superstore

Breed 4 at Dalston Superstore

Breed 4 at Dalston Superstore

Breed 4 at Dalston Superstore

Breed 4 at Dalston Superstore

Breed 4 at Dalston Superstore

Breed 4 at Dalston Superstore

The next Breed will be at Dalston Superstore on Good Friday 6th April 9pm -4am. Make sure you follow Rex on Twitter to get a downloadable voucher for your chance to get one of his limited hand-made free t-shirts.

Photo credit: Eleonora Cecchini

Breed Podcast

With REX THE DOG’S night BREED nearly upon us, what better way to get in the spirit than with Breed Podcast #12 by resident RUFUS&Bambi. She’s ready to unleash her big bag of electronic pulse wave disco on you ahead of Friday’s party.

It’s completely downloadable to head over to Rex The Dog’s Soundcloud to get your copy. And just in case you haven’t already, make sure you read our interview with Rex from last week for the full lowdown for the hotly anticipated fourth edition of Breed.

BREED Podcast 12 – RUFUS&Bambi: GIMME THAT BEAT MIX by rexthedog1980 

BREED #4 will be FRIDAY 3RD FEBRUARY with residents REX THE DOG, Pleasure Cruiser and RUFUS&Bambi with John Sizzle and A Man To Pet upstairs.