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Bad Spencer

Next weekend sees special guest DJ Bad Spencer join us for bi-monthly queer party Les Poppeurs to play his signature eclectic party sound in the laser pit alongside Tel Aviv’s Partok and Poppeurs resident Whitney Weiss. He’ll be jetting over all the way from Athens, where he throws the spectacular Yes It Does! Sure It Does party that has hosted everyone from Dan Avery to Trevor Jackson to The Magician. Ahead of the party next Friday we caught up with him to find out more about the Greek party scene and more…

Yes It Does! Sure It Does is an Athens institution, congrats on your seven year anniversary; what’s been some of the highlights?

For the past seven years we have been throwing parties in many different venues in downtown Athens, trying to represent a part of its culture. Throughout the years we have been lucky to host parties in former jazz bars, metal clubs, summer cinemas, terraces and other interesting venues, and to invite many great DJs mainly from London. Some of them are Superstore regulars, like its governor Dan Beaumont, also Jonjo Jury, Severino etc.

What makes Athens a great city to throw parties in?

It seems that the financial crisis has changed Athens dramatically. Athenians are still trying to deal with hardships. However, amidst the ruins, it seems that Athens is becoming interesting to live in and visit. There seems to be no clear idea where the trend is going, but this is part of the excitement, I guess.

What’s the story behind your DJ name?

Well it kind of suits my body structure and my, ahem, dynamic DJ style. Also, when me and my brother where kids, my father would rent Bud Spencer & Terence Hill movies all the time. This was one of our favorite things to do together.So I guess my DJ name is also a tribute to my childhood and my father.

If you had access to a time machine and could visit any dance floor anywhere/anywhen, where would want to go dancing?

I dunno, actually. That is a tough one. I would have a tough time choosing between UK in the (very) late eighties or New York during the Paradise Garage era. Maybe I would opt for the former, because the idea of listening to new music which resembles nothing you had heard until then is one of my favourite feelings as it seldom happens to me nowadays.

You’re known as an eclectic DJ- but what’s a record people would be taken aback to discover you secretly love?

I am such a sucker for almost all smooth yacht/smooth rock records. Put some Kenny Loggins or Michael MacDonald in the mix, and I will probably love it.

Why does Greece need marriage equality?

I don’t think there are reasons why Greece is special in this matter. So my answer would be: for the same reasons every place needs marriage equality: because it’s fair and right.

You just played at Athens Pride – what’s a track you played/would play to make the boys get their tops off?

It was more of a Pre-Pride fundraiser and I was happy to have been invited by the organizer Stathis to play amongst very good DJs to contribute a small DJ set to a good cause. I remember this working nicely…

Who out of all your superlative Yes It Does! Sure It Does guests really and unexpectedly blew you away?

We have been blessed with so many amazing DJ sets by our guests over the years so it is hard to choose. If I really had to narrow it down to one, it would be Krikor from Paris, a few years back. We invited him for a two hour DJ set. He ended up playing more than three and then ended up doing another two hours, so five hours back2back with me. He played everything from Suicide to techno. They had to drag us out of the DJ booth at 7AM.

If you could change one think about Greek politics what would it be?

Out of so many things that need to change I think that the most important would be for people to start choosing their representatives more based on actual capabilities and track record rather than choosing the ones that are good at addressing crowds or talking to the TV cameras.

Join Bad Spencer on Friday 19th June for Les Poppeurs at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 3am.


This Friday we welcome Swedish queers Staffan Lindberg and Pjotr to Superstore’s laser basement. Known for their forward-thinking LGBTQ party, Polari in Stockholm, the two have brought some amazing names to their hometown, including Virigina, Sprinkles, Portable and even our very own Hannah Holland.

And now it’s our turn to bring these two dreamboat DJs to you. Ahead of the party, we quizzed them on filthy Swedish chat-up lines, what their highlights were from their Stockholm Pride party with Gutterslut and Horse Meat Disco and what their end of the night tracks are…

How did you come across the term “polari” and decide to use it as the name of your night?

Staffan: I think I saw a documentary about Quentin Crisp where he speaks it and got to know about it that way. The name is about something we can relate to and it looks good in print, and on top of that it’s a way to focus on gay history in times when there is a worldwide backlash on gay rights.

Pjotr: Yes, it just felt right for us now in the sense of showing our “gayness”. I’ve known about the language for quite a while, since I used to live in London. Taking that name was also a kind of fun thing to do; no straight people would know about it and suddenly they are totally engulfed by this gay night without having a clue. It’s a secret language after all…

What’s the dream Polari line-up venue, crowd, everything?

Staffan: The 150 year old ballroom at Berns that we’ve been using this summer has been perfect. Crowd wise I think that a mixture of LGBTQ’s, freaks and music heads is the best way to get a good party. It feels like we’ve had our dream lineups already this summer but I do wish that we’d have time to book Frankie Knuckles before he passed away.

Pjotr: The venue of course, and the bookings. We have been blessed – from a lot of hard work. But really, without the crowd, no party would exist. And that was our plan with this club, to turn it into a family affair. If you weren’t there dancing, with this great booking and this great venue – the party would suck. We wanted all of our old and new friends to be there and that they would feel included. So the dream has kind of been what has been going down this summer to be honest.

What were your highlights from Stockholm Pride?

Staffan: We did two parties during the Pride weekend that were both great. I think dancing to Pjotr and Horse Meat Disco in the Mirror room and playing techno with Boris in the basement were my highlights. And all the happy queers that came to our parties of course! 

Pjotr: Thanks for saying that! Cause, I mean, to be honest… I was the worst host ever; I didn’t even leave the Mirror room where I was playing with Severino and Luke from Horse Meat – we had so much fun!! I was dancing so hard and laughing so much in that packed room. Me and Severino found an ironing board and an iron that someone had forgotten in a corner (it’s a hotel…) and we started vougeing with it. It was the best party I have ever done. And that says a lot…

Sev Iron Voguing

Considering the caliber of guests you’ve had, who has been your favourite guest for whatever reason from this year’s summer season at Berns? Why were they so good or interesting and what was their standout track they played?

Staffan: Of course it’s hard to pick a favourite, but one who did something sounding like nothing else I’ve ever heard was DJ Sprinkles. Very deep, yet very groovy and long bits without a ”proper kick”, but everyone loved it and adapted to the music. Really inspiring.

Pjotr: Sprinkles was definitely a mutual favourite – to hear and meet. She went deeper than anyone I’ve ever heard in Stockholm. It was very intriguing… I mean we’ve had Hannah Holland, Portable, Solar, Discodromo, Virginia, and fellow Swedes Genius of Time… And the whole line up of the Pride Party with the East London drag queens… But someone that really made deep marks in my heart is definitely cosmic pop princess Zhala, who is Robyn’s first signing to her Konichiwa label. Her live set was out of this world. She can kill with that voice.

And also Crazy P was special to me. I’ve wanted to book them for a long time – Hot Toddy and Danielle Moore’s set, plus her voice!! Have you heard anything like it?? PHWOOOAR!! A lot of old disco peeps came out for that one which was great.

You’re taking us on a date in Stockholm… What are we eating? What and where are we drinking? What dancefloor will we end up on? Tell us how you would woo us in your hometown…

Staffan: Since eating out is ridiculously expensive in Stockholm we’d go to Dimsum 58 and eat delicious but affordable dumplings with duck, Sichuan chicken and portabello mushrooms. Then have beers and Jäger at Side Track with the grumpy bears, continue to Trädgården for more and finish up in the basement at Berns with dancing and Moscow mules. 

Pjotr: Well, if it was a private date you’d probably be eating in my bed. I won’t go as far as telling you what. But if we stay on the record, I’d actually probably take you to Berns – I mean, both Staffan and I have been residents there for various amounts of time, but it’s great to bring people over; you can really spoil and pamper your favourite DJ’s or guest there. Or this small place called Barbro in a part of town called Hornstull. That is my favourite at the moment – the best Asian food in Sweden. For dancing, of course we will take you to wherever I or Staffan is playing – are you kidding?! We are in this for a reason haha!

What, in your opinions, are the best queer parties and clubs around the world to play and dance at?

Staffan: One of my favorite queer clubs is Finalmente in Lisbon, which is a really small place with a great mixture of people, super commercial reggaeton-house remixes of radio hits and a drag show to die for every night at 03.00. In London Horse Meat Disco and Dalston Supstore have been favorites for a long time, and of course nothing compares to Berghain. Always fun as a visitor, and playing at Panorama Bar is really the most fun a DJ can have I think. Oh, and I played at a really cool mixed party in Brussels earlier this year called Open The Box.

Pjotr: I would have to say Honey Soundsystem in San Francisco for sure. Those boys work hard and they do it SO well. I’ve had amazing times there. Not yet played, but hopefully sometime soon. I have played in SF at Dial UP for Dr Sleep (who played at Dance Tunnel a while ago), and that was great. SF queer parties are pretty rad. And of course – dancing at Panorama and Horse Meat – again….! And WreckedNYC by Ron Like Hell and Ryan Smith – amazing party!

Can you teach us a filthy chat-up line in Svensk?

Pjotr: “Vill du följa med hem och käka skäggsmörgås?” It’s not translatable.

Staffan: Swedes get straight to the point and say: “Ska vi knulla?”

Pjotr: That is really the only line you need.

Why Berns?

Staffan: Because it’s a venue with so much history, amazing spaces to do parties and we can put loads of people on the guest list, haha.

Pjotr: I mean, we are fresh from the summer, and we have been in a big ballroom upstairs which can be attracting a really weird crowd… But when we did Polari, for some reason we just attracted the weirdest and best mix ever. It was so fucking funny; suit guys jerking off in their pants to the trannies, the freaky fashion faggots vogueing away to our weird animal visuals, music guys who are dancing non stop with a bunch of lesbians… Yeah, Polari just really worked. The soundsystem is also great. We had only compliments from our fellow colleagues.

If you had a time machine what dancefloor would you want to visit anywhere/anywhen?

Pjotr: I would love to visit The Saint in New York in the ’80s… Have you seen that?? It’s… mind blowing. If you google “The Saint nyc + flickr” there’s a whole account dedicated. The people going, the DJ’s, the performers, the light rig… Also their flyers were great. Lots of open letters from DJ’s and stuff. And they always put out the light person’s name on the flyer. Like, they were stars, which I find amazing. That place, and of course Paradise Garage. And Danceteria. I’d like to listen to Madonna there.

A flyer from The Saint

Staffan: I think I’d either want to go there to, to New York, but in the ’70s and go dancing at Paradise Garage – I mean how can you not mention it. London in the ’80s and go to the Blitz, or all the way back to Berlin during the Weimar Republic in the ’20s and experience the gay decadence at one of the hundreds of clubs that were around back then.

What are your end of the night, lights up, slowdance tracks?

Pjotr: Staffan, do you dare to let me answer this? He always gets so embarrassed. I have no shame. I’d probably play The Miracle Of Love by The Eurythmics. It’s very special to me. I’d either cry or go home to fuck. But I know it wouldn’t be the last track if I was playing with Mr. Lindberg…

Staffan: I would never waste the last minutes on a slowdance track! Here’s one of my favourites to end with…

Join Staffan and Pjotr this Friday for Polari at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 3am.

***Please note this is no relation to the wonderful LGBT literary salon of the same name

Hifi Sean In NYC

By Hifi Sean

Many Glaswegians like myself have a big thing for NYC. I grew up, along with many of my friends, influenced by the sound of the bands that came from there like The Velvet Underground, The Ramones, Blondie, Suicide, and Talking Heads. So during the early ‘90s I basically spent most of my time in USA after the success we had with The Soup Dragons over there.


That success includes the top 20 hit single Divine Thing, which yes, for the record was influenced by John Waters and his movies, in fact we even spoke to John back then about shooting a video for the follow up Pleasure, which we were all excited about, but Serial Mom had just been released and really took off, so sadly he had to put it on the back burner and time was against us. That is still my biggest regret that it slipped away. So instead off we went to a ‘50s trashy hotel called Madonna Inn just north of San Francisco, in good ole Russ Meyer fashion.

Most of this period was spent with me living on and off in New York, East Village to be exact. It was crazy and hedonistic times, I saw and experienced things that have influenced me and still cherish many of the memories and the people I met there and then.

Limelight, Disco 2000, Sound Factory, Club USA, The Roxy, Save The Robots, Jacqui 60’s, they were all clubs I frequented. I wasn’t even gay then, but let’s just say the groundwork had been laid out in front of me for my coming out in 2001!


I loved the freedom and the outrageous fun attitude, in fact first time I ever went to Sound Factory I was ushered into a room and offered some punch from the infamous punch bowl laced with E! The next 6-8 hours was a musical journey via Junior Vasquez, which introduced me to something that opened up my mind to new exciting avenues of sound and beats… which still to this day is imbedded in my psyche.

I was in The Roxy when the DJ (I can’t remember who) played the first ever play of Vogue by Madonna, and people stood in awe as he announced it over the system and they cheered as it played. That’s something I have never heard or seen in a club ever again.


Also happening at the same time was the whole ‘Club Kids’ phenomena. It was interesting to watch it grow as we had just left a rave-tastic UK 89/90 and here we were in NYC 90/91 and watching the same chaos and freedom happening there but primarily focused on the gay scene, which took that vibe deep to heart. I actually met Michael Alig and supposedly I met Angel too (as he was host for many of his parties). I hung around a lot of drag queens too as my closest friend at the time Lavinia Co-Op used to take me to clubs; many a time I found myself pushing a huge balloon dress into and out of NYC cabs as we headed out into nightlife. Lavinia is on the cover of the last Soups album dressed as a poodle walked by a Wall St gentleman banker…. as you do. 

Soup Dragons - Hydrophonic


Everywhere in NYC you saw the influence of club land coming out onto the streets through fashion and attitude which to be honest NYC has always been about. When we made the video for Divine Thing with director Nick Egan, who I got on-board as I loved his video for Buffalo Gals by Malcolm McLaren (another homage to NYC) and we went round the city’s clubland and got some of the club kids and party people to appear in a kind of homage to downtown NYC. We shot it in a disused warehouse in the Meat Packing district overnight, watching trans* hookers on corners pick up truckers delivering the meat to the stores that morning.

It’s funny, as I write this out now, I think to myself, wow how gay was I for a straight boy?! I just loved it all, the chaos, the hedonism; put it this way I wasn’t singing “I’m free to do what I want” on every bloody radio in the USA for nothing… 

Don’t be afraid of your freedom… indeed.

Little did we know how that video was about to explode, MTV went crazy for it and it was the most played video of that year on that channel and ended up being nominated for a MTV Video Award. 

Crazy thing is, I was told afterwards how ground-breaking it was, as people like Connie Girl were the first drag artists to be given daytime rotation on T.V in the USA which, back in early 90’s, was nowhere near as open minded as it is now. Funny that it was shot like Nick shot Buffalo Gals, totally about the streets, the nightlife, guerilla style and all just edited together afterwards, nothing pre-fashioned or contrived, just honest to good love of life at that period, and to me it captures a perfect moment of what NYC was all about then. 


So what has this got to do with Up Yours you’re asking?

Well myself and Severino have a big mutual love for NYC, we’ve both DJ’ed there a lot over the years and our last two singles London and Devil were released on the great underground house label Get Up Recordings that’s ran by DJs Christy Love and W. Jeremy Pelser from House of Stank, who’ve ran many a great party in the big apple. 

Not to mention, our video for London is a homage to everything cool about London/NYC. Yes the city has changed and cleaned up a lot over the years. Yes a lot of the big parties closed down due to the crystal meth epidemic within the gay scene and people just staying home at sex parties rather than heading out to cruise and have a dance.

But in the last four to five years lots of great thing are happening again and a whole new underground of great artists, DJs and parties are bubbling away and NYC has got that great buzz again that everyone thought it had lost… but we knew it would get back again.

Join Hifi Sean and Severino for Up Yours this Saturday 31st May at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 3am.

Chris Camplin Calendar

By Clayton Wright

Little Gay Brother are back at Dalston Superstore with their annual Slumber Party, and it’s also resident DJ and all round hottie Chris Camplin’s birthday. As well as being a superstar DJ, Chris is also the superstar of every gay man’s tumblr page. To celebrate the bearded man mountain himself, his pals that played at LGB throughout 2013 have picked their favourite Camplin photos. We thought they might make a nice calendar… What’s your favourite month?

January – Mr. Wright and Master Haze (Man Sushi)

Chris Camplin - January - Man Sushi

Dear Daddy Issues,
Here is a photo we like to call “Birthday Boy in Birthday Suit” haha.
Happy Birthday from your Little Gay Brothers, you’re growing up so fast and so is your beard.
P.S. please don’t go outside dressed in just rice and fish, you will freeze in January.
Love & Soy Sauce
Man Sushi x

February –

Chris Camplin - February - Frankco

Happy Birthday Chris! I have said it a million times already, but I am so glad to have met you. You are one the coolest people I have met for a while. I am so grateful for your generosity, your love, your music and vibes. I hope life continues to treat you well brother man. BIG LOVE!

March – Maze & Masters (Verity Mayes and Bryony Masters)

Chris Camplin - March - Maze & Masters

Of course you treat every day like a Lambrini and Pall Mall fuelled birthday binge, but here’s a special lesbian pussy stroke for the big one, big boy.
-Verity & Bryony. 

April – Severino – Horse Meat Disco

Chris Camplin - April - Severino

A man in a crispy white shirt and suit is always hot!
Buon compleanno gorgeous Chris.
Love Severino xxx

May – Wes db

Chris Camplin - May - Wes db

The Christopher Camplin living sex doll from the channel 4 documentary with fully penetrable vagina and installed rectum. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Xx
Love Wes

June – David Oh and Neil Prince – Songs of Praise

Chris Camplin - June - Neil & David

Fucking poser, have a smashing birthday xx
David Oh and Neil Prince x

July – Mikki Most – Dalston Superstore

Chris Camplin - July - Mikki

(Photo from Little Gay Brother’s Secret Garden Party Venue, Powders)

Day three at Secret Garden Party was when the fun really began! Happy Birthday Mr Camplin – Disco Legend! xx

August – Bright Light, Bright Light

Chris Camplin - August - Bright Light Bright Light

You don’t often see pictures of Chris smiling! So when you see a picture that cracks the serious look, it’s a nice reminder that he’s quite funny, and while he spends a lot of time modelling and being composed, the other part of his life as a DJ isn’t necessarily as serious and well behaved.
Happy birthday sir. Give some good birthday face x
-Bright Light Bright Light 

September – Martyn Fitzgerald – Bender

Chris Camplin - September - Martyn Fitzgerald

I don’t know the context of this photo, or who the other bloke is, but there’s just something really wrong about it.  The one on the right has a whiff of an early ’80s BBC children’s TV presenter about him, and this is the photo to get him the sack…  Are they in a bath? The plant, the contented smiles, the neckerchiefs, the bubble bath on knee… it’s like a still from a weird Channel 4 program that got loads of complaints from Surrey. Chris, explain.
Happy, happy birthday!  I can’t remember your age, but I’m always surprised at how young you are  x

October – Guy Williams

Chris Camplin - October - Guy Williams

Oi what you lookin’ at!?
Look forward to playing for your 50th xx

November – Meat Boys -Fannar Sveinn Gudmundsson and Adrian Lourie

Chris Camplin - November - Meat Boys

Til hammo med ammo elsku Chris. Minn heydur ad kynnast ter og spila vid hlid ter. Gangi ter allt sem best! An Icelandic message from Fannar. Much love xx. 

This is probably one of the first pictures of you I’d seen and to me it sums up exactly why your the epitome of a pinup. Happy Birthday Handsome Christopher. Loadsa Love Adrian ( xx

-Meat Boys

December – Terry Vietheer

Chris Camplin - December - Terry Vietheer

Happy birthday big man! Funny to think we met at a casting a couple of years ago and now playing music together around the world. Let the good times roll!

Plus cos it’s his birthday we found some that didn’t make the calendar but definitely need to be hung on someones wall…

Chris Camplin

Chris Camplin

Chris Camplin

Chris Camplin

Chris Camplin 

Help Chris celebrate his birthday at Little Gay Brother Presents: The Slumber Party on Saturday 18th January at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 4am.

Any Chris Camplin addicts like us can follow his club night and events on
Facebook at,
Tumblr at 
and sign up to news letters at

Happy Birthday Handsome.

Up Yours!

Up Yours, the cheekily named side project from Horse Meat Disco’s Severino and HiFi Sean makes it way from the record to the club as they launch it as a brand new night at Dalston Superstore this weekend! They’ll go head to head in the newly refurbished basement, showcasing their combined passion for all things H.O.U.S.E. whilst upstairs special guests Feral is Kinky and The Lovely Jonjo (Hot Boy Dancing Spot) will be ramping up the party vibes!

Ahead of Saturday’s Superstore soiree, we asked HiFi Sean and Sev to interview each other! 


Sev: When did you start DJing after your indie band experience?

Sean: I’ve kinda always dabbled in DJing even throughout The Soup Dragons; The High Fidelity days with little slots here and there but it was Record Playerz, a club I ran with Alan Miller (DJ Hush Puppy) back in 2000 for 6-7 year,s that I really got lost in beats and mixing skills.

Are you missing been in a band?

Sometimes I do, but I think that man inside and the creativity within will never leave me, and DJing fulfils that, but as you know we make records as Up Yours and I make my own too and that completely satisfies the artistic need within myself. 

Why “Up Yours?”

Because its a loaded phrase!

Are you making music apart from the Up Yours project?

Oh yeah, I’m doing a series of Hifi Sean ‘featuring’ another artist which will all start being released in 2013. So far I have recorded in Chicago with Celeda, and NYC with Fred Schneider from The B-52s, and I’ve got more planned too.

Plus I have ALWAYS promised that second Omnichord album by The High Fidelity 

Only 13 years between them but hey… been busy !

Are you looking forward to our Dalston Superstore gig?

Love that venue, so much natural and eclectic energy. Proper underground clubbing. Up Yours is gonna make that basement SWEAT.


Sean: How long have you DJ’d for and how long have you lived in London?

Sev: I started DJing in my local disco club in Italy when I was 16 years old but I guess I wanted to be a DJ when I was 7…And I moved to London in 1997.

If you were to live anywhere else where would it be ?

OMG soo many places… NYC for the energy and similarity with London… Lisbon and Rome are both beautiful…Venice is my fave but maybe when I’ll be 60 ahahah! Paris too, and IBIZA as well. 

What for you makes the perfect house record ?

For me, it’s mainly the groove. It has to be something very sexy, and of course melody as well.

Dalston Superstore we both love , what makes it different from the other venues you /we play ?

Sexy basement with a fun DJ booth and great crowd. It’s super easy and very well mixed.

I’m in NYC at moment and it’s the weekend… Where should I go tonight ?

OMG my second home for nightlife. Definitely Vandam on Sunday. 11-11 on Friday. And Output in Brooklyn for the sound system and the experience of a big club.

New single The Devil EP is out now.

Join Severino and HiFi Sean at Up Yours this Saturday 2nd November at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 3am.


Danse Club Records bros Brodanse join us this Friday night for our two-floor Rome Vs Egypt Extravanganza that is Severizzle (that’s Grizzle + Severino). Real-life brothers Scott and Austen not only DJ and produce under the name Brodanse but also helm the good ship Danse Club, home to remixed from artists like Oliver $ and Lula Circus. We caught up with Brodanse before they join Sev in the “orgy laser basement” for a whole night of jackin’ house…

Why do you only ever wear navy?

Austen: Because we are ginger! It looks the best! Have you ever seen a ginger person in yellow? Hope not.

How did you meet and befriend Severino?

Austen: I actually met Severino when I used to live in Milan, he was DJing there one night and a mutual friend who ran the record shop Serendeepity introduced us, but we all really hit it off when we moved down to London last year!

What is your definition of “real house music”?

Scott: This is our definition so in no way is it THE word . . . it’s not trendy or hyped, it’s just good old grooves from the heart that make you move your feet!

When and why did you set up the Danse Club label?

Austen: The label was set up in in 2012 with the first release coming out in December. It was set up in a rather organic way to be honest, we posted an old track on Facebook and our friend Oliver Dollar liked it, we thought ‘hey what if he remixed it’, we got hold of the original and did a deal with the licensor and Olli and everything worked out nicely, so naturally we thought let’s just roll with this and run a label!

Who’s the hidden gem on the label- who should we be listening to more of?

Austen: Personally I think it has to be Matthew K, he is the cousin of Oliver Dollar, and we first got onto him when he sent us his mix of Cherie Lee’s Love Me Or Leave Me totally out of the blue , that track is a can opener!!! And there is more to come!!

Scott: For me it has to be Mario Aureo, we have him doing a remix on a forthcoming Markus Homm EP! In fact Markus Homm, he is also one to check out!
Austen: No no, John Jastszebski! That guy is going places!! His remix of I Got Something Here is next level.
Scott: Agreed. Job done.

What’s the signature of Danse Club Records?

Scott: Essentially it is solid music for the dance floors and night clubs! But ‘the sound’ which people seem to like just comes down to our personal taste…

Who are your personal Real House Heroes?

Austen: Got to be Radio Slave, we have been following him for so long.

Scott: He is just consistently good. 

What can we expect from a Brodanse set at Dalston Superstore?

Austen: A few forthcoming Danse Club releases which we have not played out yet. A massive new one we have just signed, and of course our collab with Groove Armada!

Scott: Some serious grooving!

What fuels your studio sessions?

Scott: The vision. Our vision of DJing that music to thousands of people around the world. Nothing gets us going more.

What’s the furthest you’ve ever gone to track down a record?

Austen: I spent a s**t load on Discogs buying some proper hard to find ones, a) cos I love them and b) because we are trying to license them to the label.

Scott: I went to Berlin, and accidentally found a record I have been searching for for a very long time!

Join Brodanse this Friday 13th September for Severizzle at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 3am.

The Carry Nation at Paris’ Acid Ball

Tomorrow night we are pleased to welcome our good friends The Carry Nation to the Dalston Superstore laser basement for Paris’ Acid Ball!!! Comprised of Nita Aviance and Will Automagic, these New York wunderchildren are in the process of finishing up their current European mini-tour that took in Batty Bass, Horse Meat Disco, Glastonbury and more! And there’s just time for one last hurrah/Glastonbury Love-in Reunion with Hannah Holland, Dan Beaumont, DJ Squeaky and Cathal. We caught up with one half of The Carry Nation, Miss Nita Aviance herself to find out how their magical team-up came to be, their hot NYC tips and so much more…

What lead to you guys naming yourselves after Carrie Nation?

Nita: One day we were working in the studio and took a break, Russ Meyer’s Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls happened to be on the TV, and y’know, for a couple of us who happen to “carry on” all the time, it seemed really appropriate haha.

How did you both meet?

We’ve known each other for years actually. We’ve been DJing a lot of similar parties, known a lot of the same people, worked at each other’s parties a lot- have each other guest DJ. But the production team started when Will had all these great out-takes from his Escandalo project with Viva Ruiz and Desi Santiago and he said to me “I’m gonna give these to all of our friends!” and I said “Oh no you’re not! Let’s make a track! This is a record.” And that’s where This Bitch Is Alive came from. We really just clicked quite well in the studio, it was so easy, and it came out so well, so, it was on!

Describe The Carry Nation’s perfect summer NYC night out?

Ohhh, the perfect night out? I don’t know… it would probably have to be one of our parties! We’ve been doing a lot of loft and warehouse stuff right now, mostly at The Spectrum. But I think my favourite one we did recently was just us for nine hours, track for track. It was kind of a big night in Brooklyn, there was a lot of different parties… we go late! But yeah, it was really just nice and easy and effortless to play together for that long. And you really get to explore so many musical places that way. That’s really what we like to do. I’m from the school of LONG long sets. That’s how we were raised. Raised on the dance floor.

You’ve just played the Batty Bass warehouse, Horse Meat Disco at the Eagle, Block 9 at Glastonbury, then back to London to play here at Dalston Superstore. What kind of venue style suits The Carry Nation best?

I think the thing about The Carry Nation that works really anywhere is the fact that Will and I have had so many years playing records in a lot of different places in New York, as New York has changed over time- from big clubs to small bars to now, Brooklyn warehouse stuff. We’ve had the sound evolve and we’ve evolved with the sound. It’s always basically house music with a strong influence from everything that’s going on around the world. So I think it allows us to go anywhere and play in any kinda space…. Also, y’know, trying to bring all the music with you that you might possibly need can be a bit of an exciting chore haha… god love USB sticks now!

Which queer DJs across the world have influenced your style the most?

Coming and playing here in London has been really wonderful. Especially all the different people that we end up playing with. Because it really is a variety. From Junior Vasquez from when we were first coming up, to Severino right now- one of the most positive, joyous, energetic DJs that I know. But y’know, travelling all the way over to Australia even, you really get a sense now that it’s a global underground culture. And we really are all pushing the same thing. I always say it’s just about a beat, if it gets you on the dance floor, if it gets your asses shaking, then that’s all that’s necessary! It’s the same everywhere.

You recently released on Batty Bass Records. Why did you decide to release on a UK label?

I don’t even remember how we discovered Batty Bass but it came up somewhere and we really liked the stuff they were putting out. When I enquired from friends in London about Batty Bass and about Hannah Holland, they immediately said “Yep. That’s where you need to go. This is the kinda girl doing the exact same thing as you’re doing in New York right now.” And we wanted something to help expand the sound out of New York. It can be really insular there and, like anywhere, you can just put out stuff for you and yours. But we wanted to make it more global. It was our first choice and when she signed the record I couldn’t have been happier.

You mentioned working with Viva Ruiz for This Bitch Is Alive… what other vocalists, past or present, are on your wish list?

Oh my god, well, we’re actually working on a new record right now with Tigga Calore that we’re very excited about, and we just remixed N’Dea Davenport’s incredible voice on the upcoming Automagic release. And we’re producing Escandalo’s next record too. It’s so exciting to have people come to us and be interested in working with us. For us, it’s never really so much about working with a full vocal as it is cut ups and stuff so it’s exciting to be getting into that. There’s so many really great rappers coming out of New York City right now and that’s where the sound is…

Like who?

Le1f, House Of Ladosha, Zebra Katz, Cakes Da Killa… they’re all our friends and they perform at our parties in New York, so it’s really a great house-hip hop mix, which is really the roots of all this anyways.

Who are the best New York hidden gems we should be listening out for?

Other than us?! Goodness… well, House Of Ladosha really is incredible. Juliana Huxtable really is just a muse to the whole scene right now and has just started DJing. We found out she was gonna play one night so we went to see her and really had our minds blown. The track selection, from someone so young, it was amazing how far back she could reach, not to mention she’s just like a beautiful alien and we love her.

Juliana Huxtable 

Fatherhood is really an amazing group, made up of Physical Therapy and Michael Magnan. They’re our brothers in arms over there. They did a remix of the track, Warriors, that we did with The Cucarachas. Their stuff is brilliant and they play HARD. They get you to the dance floor.

How long did it take to wash all the glitter off from your amazing photoshoot you did with Leo Herrera?

Hahaha, oh god, probably not as long as it took to touch us up afterwards! The thing that’s wonderful about working with somebody like Leo is that he’s so fast and he has a vision. And we really only needed to give him a few words… it’s wonderful working with your friends that way. The crew that we have in New York is so close, we all cross over with each other… it really benefits the process. You get to move quick and you get exactly what you’re looking for, even if it’s not what you know you’re looking for yet! But yeah. Glitter. Glitter was everywhere. And we didn’t even use all the glitter! We ended up saving it for our next party which I didn’t have to clean up haha! 

 The Carry Nation by Leo Herrera

Tell us about your amazing artwork…

It’s all done by Troy Clark, who’s an amazing visual artist from New York. I’ve been working with him for a very long time on my personal stuff and it was the right move going with him for The Carry Nation. It was another one of those things where we just toss out a few key words and we just let him go with it. He knows us well and comes to all of our parties, knows exactly where we’re going musically. So he’s able to drive the artistic and visual vision. Which is fantastic because we can take what he does on the posters and incorporate it back into the parties… in terms of design in the space. 

The Carry Nation poster by Troy Clark 

One song that is currently soundtracking your summer…

That is a tough one… I’m gonna have to say it’s the new track we made with The Cucarachas, we literally just can not stop playing it, even for ourselves at home. Not to brag and boast, but, it’s just the song we’ve all been having in our heads for a long time. It came out so quickly and so easily; it’s wonderful working with Tom Stephan and Borja Peña. It just clicks. And after playing it out so much here in the UK- apparently it works! We’re very excited to get that out to everybody’s ears.

Join The Carry Nation here at Dalston Superstore for Paris’ Acid Ball on Saturday 6th July from 9pm – 3am.

Five Minutes With Dave Kendrick

Dave Kendrick returns to Superstore this Saturday with a Macho City dream team in tow, consisting of himself, Severino and Charlie Porter. The three of them takeover the top bar for our second Classic Records party, whilst the laser basement plays host to Classic boss Luke Solomon, Chris Duckenfield and Dan Beaumont!

We spoke to Dave ahead of tomorrow’s party to find out all the latest updates in Macho…

What is currently on repeat on your stereo?

I’ve dug out Daft Punk’s – Homework again for obvs reasons. It’s still as berserk as ever.

I’m also listening to a radio recording of the Paradise Garage 2nd Birthday Party with Larry Levan in the mix.

Tell us the Man Of Macho for 2013!

Ron Swanson from Parks & Recreation! He’s the ultimate Man of Macho. He loves Meat! And Hunting! He’s Hot!

Ron Swanson Man Of Macho 2013 

What are your favourite defunct nights of London- what would you resurrect given the chance?

Garage at Heaven, Queer Nation at the Gardening Club and The Cock!

Best DJ set you’ve seen or heard recently?

Tama Sumo at Dance Tunnel was by far was the most inspiring set I’ve heard in ages. She was like an artist, playing B side vinyl jams, weird drum tracks, Chicago and Detroit oddities. The place went crazy.

Who is your ultimate Macho City icon?

Giorgio Moroder by a mile.

Giorgio Moroder Macho City Icon

Why should everyone support same sex marriage?

Because they’re fabulous. Gay weddings should be enforced by law, for everyone.

With Dalston having been bathed in sunshine this week- what is your go-to summer music to play out?

House Music!

Join Dave for the Macho City top bar takeover at Classic X Superstore #2 this Saturday 27th April from 9pm – 4am

Win A Classic Goody Bag!

Next weekend sees one of our favourite record labels, Classic Music Company, return to Superstore for another amazing team-up! Classic boss Luke Solomon is joined in the laser basement by Chris Duckenfield and Dan Beaumont, whilst upstairs it’s a Macho City takeover with Severino, Dave Kendrick and Charlie Porter all taking to the decks.

Ahead of the party, the lovely people at Classic have sent us one of the amazing and super limited edition hand-printed Dalston Superstore X Classic tote bags FILLED WITH CLASSIC TREATS to give away to a lucky winner!

You too can look as good as Honey Dijon and Classic co-boss Derrick Carter showing off your Classic tote around town…

Honey Dijon and Derrick Carter

All you have to do to be with a chance to win is email the correct answer to by 10am Tuesday 23rd April with the subject “I NEED A DALSTON SUPERSTORE X CLASSIC BAG!”

Only the winner will be contacted.

Who runs Classic Music Company with Luke Solomon. Is it…

a. Beyoncé Knowles-Carter

b. Aaron Carter

c. Derrick Carter

Join Luke, Chris, Severino and more at Dalston Superstore on Saturday 27th April for Classic X Superstore #2 from 9pm – 3am. 

Image courtesy of Honey Dijon’s Instagram.

Superstore Recommends: The Carry Nation

Batty Bass boss Hannah Holland has just sent us the latest offering from the label from New York’s The Carry Nation. With remix offerings from herself, Luke Howard & Severino and Al B, we just know it’s going to get a lot of love within these four walls. Have a listen and check out the official word from Hannah below…

The Batty Bass New York Series showcases some of the legendary talent that serves the city’s underground house scene, ‘This Bitch Is Alive’, as The Carry Nation’s debut tune announced. These artists and tracks are to be heard in secret loft spaces, where voguers carry on and on til sunrise and beyond. 

Who lives in a House Like This? New York’s finest… DJ Nita & Will Automagic. They are nothing other than legendary expert DJs and dancefloor magicians , their potent combination as The Carry Nation has literally created dancefloor gold dust. Debuting the incredible ‘This Bitch Is Alive ft. Viva Ruiz’, they carry on to their 2nd release with Batty Bass, ‘House Like This’. Bouncy basslines, congas and a groove that penetrates the dancer to make them werk the floor and ignite the party. ‘Oh it was wonderful, Build your house of the future, House like this’ announces the vocal, giving us The Carry Nation’s own slice of future New York house.

Label boss Hannah Holland’s House Like This remix serves up touches of acid thunder, a pokey baseline and magnetic snare rolls, building the house with an element of UK old skool for a late night deep affair. 

London legends, Luke Howard & Severino (half of Horse Meat Disco) have expertly taken This Bitch is Alive into a techy hypnotic bitch of an alive remix. Late night strings, rims, claps and snares march the dancefloor deep into the night. 

Al B’s New York flavour for ‘This Bitch Is Alive’ takes us back to the era of Sound Factory with a full on tribal werk out. Al B made this mix back last year and the response on the dancefloor has been nuts , particularly from NYC’s runway ballroom scene kids. It would only be right to spread the love to all the floors! 

For more Batty Bass releases visit: 

bust yo nut

Handsome men Toby Grimditch and Martyn Fitzgerald bring a brand new night to Superstore next weekend, bust yo nut! With Italian stallions Severino and Nico De Ceglia downstairs and hip hip aficionados Mistamaker and JC Wood from Hard Cock Life in the top bar, it’s a night that promises to pack a punch! We caught up with the brains behind it all to find out what prompted them to start a new night and where they plan it take it…

What’s the ethos behind bust yo nut?

Toby: A credible hip hop night for gay people and their friends. Cutting edge music for cutting edge people.

Martyn: Quality house downstairs with some of our favourite DJs, starting with Severino and Nico de Ceglia. We both love old hip hop from the ’80s before it got all gangsta and rubbish, so basically we wanted to hear that music or hip hop being made today that draws on that more positive, upbeat angle that was lost. Throw in the R&B and you’ve got a good party!

How does it differ from other nights you run, such as Handsome?

Toby: BYN is a concept derived from the roots of hip hop and street music. The music is very much based around the US street culture. But like Handsome it is a celebration of music and sexuality.

Martyn: Musically it’s totally different and we’ve got the bonus of having two rooms at DS. This is the first time we’ve done R&B/hip hop, and the house downstairs will be more current than a lot of what we play at Handsome which is about US house from the ’80s onwards. 

Why did you decide to have this party here at Superstore?

Toby: The club is at the for forefront of clubbing with a conceptual fresh look at a gay night out.

Martyn: Well, we both come here a lot and know (Superstore boss) Dan Beaumont well so it just kind of happened. One of those, “We’ve got an idea for a night”, scribbled on the back of a fag packet kind of developments.

Dalston or Vauxhall?

Martyn: Far too controversial! Let’s just say it’s different strokes.

Toby: Both… The whole idea of what we want to do is about bringing people TOGETHER.

What current club nights inspire you (in any way)?

Martyn: Well, I probably shouldn’t admit this but I’ve still not been to the bloody Berghain, but from reports that is totally up my strasse! My favourite club is Cavo in Mykonos… in the summer they have amazing guests and it overlooks the sea, but I guess with a setting like that you can’t go wrong! In London Horse Meat Disco is a staple. I love the music, the venue, and they’re good boys too. 

Tell us one track YOU hope to hear in the top bar?

Toby: I am a ’90s fanatic, so I love a bit of Guy, Mantronix or TLC.

Martyn: Magic’s Wand by Whodini.

And another track for the lazer basement?

Toby: Seve will serve up all I could ever want… Amazing DJ!

Martyn: Hood Funk by Kevin Over. Heard it the other day and got a right shimmy on!  

What might we expect from future bust yo nut’s?

Toby: Great parties, good times, a bit of the bop!

Martyn: It’s all about the music! So we’ll be baying for quality guests upstairs and down. Having JC Wood who runs HCL and Mistamaker is great as they know the music inside out. I’m a bit of a layman with hip hop but it would be good to give DJs who like the music policy upstairs a chance to play. There are other hip hop/R&B nights on in east London which is great, but apart from them I think that genre of music has been associated with moodiness and naff attitude which is a shame as I don’t think it started in that place, and there’s where we’d like to take it back to. 

If you could go back in time to any dance floor ANYWHERE, where would we be going?

Martyn: The Pines parties on Fire Island in the Seventies. I bet they were bonkers fun. And I know it’s a bit cliched now but Studio 54 must have been a massive hoot.  

Toby: Sign O Times was an amazing party, bringing together a completely eclectic mix of people. So many clubs I would go back to… The late ’80s & early ’90s were a paradise for a clubber!

Explain in three words why everyone should be at bust yo nut next week?

Martyn: The answer’s in the title!   

Toby: BUST(ing) YO NUTS!

Join Martyn and Toby for bust yo nut at Dalston Superstore next Saturday 9th February from 9pm – 4am. 

Luke Solomon

Luke Solomon is one of the true heroes of house music. From the legendary midweeker Space that he ran through the ’90s with the late (and much missed) Kenny Hawkes, to the hugely influential Classic Music Company he started with Chicago’s Derrick Carter, Luke has always championed the underground, the leftfield and anything that makes you move. Now that Classic are bringing the party to Superstore, Luke kindly answered some of Dan Beaumont’s questions…

You have been prolific in the studio lately… What drives your creativity?

Mostly sadness, pain and sorrow, oh and anger and frustration… I find it quite hard to be creative when I am happy. I usually use the happy periods to finish the music I made when I was unhappy. Well you did ask…..

The Digital Kid… An analogue experiment… Whose side are you on in the format wars? 

I am generally at war with myself in the format wars. My mind constantly contradicts itself. I buy digital music continuously. I also buy physical music continuously. What I have begun to realise is that they are almost like two completely different worlds running in tangent to each other.

It’s kind of interesting because at Classic we do one thing, i.e. we release vinyl, run vinyl exclusives, and then do digital.

But at Defected, we will release digital, then if the record does well, we will release vinyl post release….

So I like both… I just hate the downside of the internet… i.e. piracy and idiotic people.

And I dislike the fact that it’s so hard to sell vinyl and break even on it….

But the world needs a balance of both.

Why does HOUSE need Classic now more than ever?

I think house needs a a community again, especially in the UK. I think that the whole scene became fragmented by egos and people just looking out for themselves. I guess money and a rubbish economy naturally does that to people. Both Derrick and myself feel that that selflessness needs to be injected back in order to grow a world of great music within our scene that is not just centred around a DJ using a label as a vehicle in order to rule the world and be the next biggest thing ever.

What do you argue with Derrick Carter about?

We don’t really argue. Especially not about music. We have had our moments, but those are generally because we are both being big old grumps. Nothing more.

What are you looking forward to in 2013?

Paint testing parties. And the rise of the welly sock. 

What record do you wish you had signed?

Knights Of The Hunted – X The Beat.  But it got lost on my hard drive after Parrot sent it to me and Toddla and Raf picked it up. We got to release the vinyl though as compensation.

What tune has spent the longest time in your record box?

I always take something by Spencer Kincey. He’s my musical good luck charm.

Join Luke Solomon, Dan Beaumont, Rob Mello and Severino for Classic X Superstore on Saturday 26th January from 9pm – 3am.