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Rodent DeCay

Photo credit: Allan Gregorio

With every Halloween at Dalston Superstore comes the cult horror smash hit Mints presents Miss Zombie Drag Queen! For the banging 2017 edition featuring Bell Towers, In Flagranti and Nadia Ksaiba, we are lucky enough to welcome East London’s very own queen of the underworld, RodentDeCay! She’s been haunting stages from The Glory to Sink the Pink, and most recently debuted new commissioned work at Birmingham’s Fierce Festival and we can’t wait to have her join us to judge the competition! We caught up with her to chat queering monstrosity, fighting real-life monsters and things that go bump in the night.

Hi Rodent DeCay! We can’t wait to have you join us for Miss Zombie Drag Queen 2017! How has your year been so far?

I finished my Masters in the back end of 2016 so most of 2017 has been trying to be a RealLifeHuman™. But it’s also been a year of a lot of experimentation and growth, creatively, largely in retaliation to the way the world seems to be closing in on itself. It’s been a very interesting year so far for the Rat Queen.

 You were recently involved in the incredible Fierce Festival in Birmingham, what was that like?

So throughout the end of 2016 and up until this week I was involved with the Fierce FWD development programme for emerging artists in and from the West Midlands. Through the programme I started exploring more sound design elements in my creative practice and presented my first solo work, HOMECOMING:  a 20-minute piece scored by my own original compositions, sound design and text that looked to weaponise the ugly emotions we brew in adolescence as isolated queers into a tour de force of destruction against the systems and structures that separated us. It’s been an amazing experience and I’m hugely grateful to the whole Fierce team for their support and for commissioning me!

We were absolutely GAGGED by your recent Aileen Wuornos lipsync at Cybil’s House! How did that idea develop?

I’ve been exploring monstrosity as a queer metaphor in a lot of my work recently and so stumbled upon Aileen’s story through that investigation. Aileen was a woman who was abused constantly throughout her life, suffering numerous toxic relationships and mental health abuses. She’s infamous as one of America’s most prolific female serial killers, murdering johns that she alleged abused her. Throughout her arrest, trial, incarceration and ultimately her execution, her life was used as a toy and bargaining chip by religious and political bodies: largely all men. I wanted to bring this “monster” back into our consciousness and use her final interview as a way to skewer abuses of power that are levelled against women, queers and those of us with mental health problems while also offering some kind of vindication.

 What is your process like when developing a show?

Usually I start with a nugget of an idea, a mental image or a piece of spoken word or audio that resonates with me. I magpie lots of bits and pieces from all over the Internet or in real life and make Frankenstein composites to try and weave new narratives. With my Sweet Dreams, Aileen act I found Aileen’s final interview with Nick Broomfield and overlayed this with an instrumental track of Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This). I thought the merging of Aileen’s narrative as an abused queer woman and the image or Annie Lennox as a powerful androgynous woman had some really powerful potential, especially with the pounding “Some of them want to use you… some of them want to abuse you” lines.

Where do you find inspiration?

At the moment, monsters, both real and fictional, but I’ve always been inspired by things that exist on the fringes of culture or society. As a queer non-binary person these modes of existence really resonate with me so I try to revel in otherness, difference and defiance. I’m really obsessed with the power of horror to shock and jar people from complacency and the ordinary, which is why my work plays with images like witches, werewolves and feral children.

rodent decay at dalston superstore

Photo Credit: Graeme Braidwood

We love your dark aesthetic.. how has it developed from when you first started out doing drag? 

It’s really bloomed over the past year now that I’m full out of education. My drag was always a little bit on the dark side, but was quite juvenile to begin with, mostly because I don’t think I initially had the confidence to celebrate a lot of the things that make me tick at the time. Coming into my own with my gender has definitely had a major impact in wanting to present something more liminal. I’ve evolved from being a MySpace emo princess, to an alabaster vamp, to a ferocious witch to now start pushing my drag in a direction that makes it more genderless and inhuman altogether.

If you could change anything about London’s LGBTQ+ scene, what would it be?

More celebration of and visibility for non-white and non-masculine bodies. The link between sexualities and bodies is inevitable in club culture but I’d like to see more room for discussions and challenges that take queerness away from the physical and the meat of us. I’d like to see a celebration of sexuality and queerness that doesn’t anchor itself to one singular kind of queer subject that is predominantly cis, white and male. I think a lot of people talk about these kinds of changes but I think our community has a very real problem with taking ideas off of Facebook and applying them in the real world.

rodent decay at dalston superstore

Photo credit: Phillip Prokopiou 

What does your queer utopia look like?

An intersectional equalisation of power, abolishing class, gender and racial barriers and fully automated luxury queer monster communism.

You were the winner of The Glory’s cult drag competition LipSync1000, and Miss STP a few years ago… what’s the next step in world domination for Rodent DeCay?

Rising like Surtsey out of the oceans to take over everyone’s minds and hearts with cold, nihilistic beauty. Seriously though, more of the same. Keeping my momentum up and putting out more unique and original content and trying to be more disruptive, political and vocal.

And now for the upcoming Halloweekend!! What are you looking for in Miss Zombie Drag Queen 2017, and what advice would you give any wannabe drag zombies readying their lewks?

 I wanna see some hilarious causes of death. A fully intact fresh from the grave zombo is all well and good, but I’m really hear for chunks missing, implements in eye sockets, zombie experiments gone wrong and radioactive super zombies. Top tip: twisting your head around 360 degrees successfully, without severing any major nerve or spinal system, is a definite winning move.

Catch Rodent DeCay at Mints Miss Zombie Drag Queen 2017 on Friday 27 October from 9pm-4am at Dalston Superstore!


Josh YouAre

Tomorrow night sees the utterly fabulous Josh YouAre join us in the top bar for Rubik. He’ll be ably aided by his partner-in-crime for the night, the delicious Miss Bryony Masters. Ahead of the party we caught up with him to gossip fashion, festivals, partying and more…

What is currently playing on your stereo/ipod?

I am totally obsessed with this mad record called Disconnect Reconnect by The Japanese Popstars… it is beyond. Played it out for the first time at East Bloc, with the smoke and the lights… it is incredible, a proper game changer.

What makes London the best city in the world?

It is relentless, with every flick of a Paks weave, something new is there to inspire you and leave you wanting more.

Which DJs, local or otherwise, inspire you?

It has to be Kris Di Angelis, he was one of the first people to really push me to be better… plus she makes me dance. Anyone who can change the energy of a club I become your biggest fan.

Describe an average day in the fabulous life of Josh YouAre?

Usually starts with some form of resurrection, either some kid has lit a candle or it’s with a text from one of my friends loling about what a bunch of hoofs we were the night before. I do love a good lunch. I’m obsessed with music so spend a lot of time trawling through blogs trying to find something new for the evening a head. Although it can totally be likened to an episode of Real Housewives…

You’re playing upstairs at Rubik with Miss Bryony Masters. What mischief will you two be causing here at Superstore?

God knows… last time we partied we ended up at a celebrity’s kids 18th, drank the earth, ended up smashed dancing to ropey hip hop in a Mayfair basement club… we bonded.

Who would play you in a movie of your life? (and what would it be called)

“And One for the Road….” and Judy Dench is an obvious choice, no?… she is very good.

What are your favourite nights out in London either as a clubber or a DJ?

I have been playing at a night called Your Mums House since it began and it has been amazing watching it grow and evolve from a Soho dress up club to a monumental unstoppable juggernaut of a night in the heart of Dalston. 

Describe the best look you’ve pulled off recently…

A Moschino denim jacket with a sunset scene printed all over, with a pair of black and white diamond printed Versace jeans finished with a Lacroix Cross… will explain my next answer…

Who is your style hero?

Edina Monsoon. 

What one song will be soundtracking all the festivals you’re playing at this summer?

Well I’m doing the festivals with our friends in lycra, Sink The Pink and there is always one song… the song… The Communards – Don’t Leave me This Way. Nuff said.

Join Josh YouAre in the top bar for Rubik tomorrow night, Friday 28th June at Dalston Superstore from 9pm-3am

Relive Sink The Pink NYE

We’re just about feeling human again after our new years triple bill extravaganza so we’re pretty excited to share some of the photos that have surfaced from Sink The Pink’s trans-tastic party. In addition to that, the super-hot Verity Mayes from Gutterslut sent us her pumping set from the lazer basement recorded live on the night! Definitely worth popping it on whilst you have a whizz through some of our favourite snaps courtesy of photographer Sharp Shock.

STP NYE Sharp Shock

STP NYE Sharp Shock

STP NYE Sharp Shock

STP NYE Sharp Shock

STP NYE Sharp Shock

STP NYE Sharp Shock

STP NYE Sharp Shock

STP NYE Sharp Shock

STP NYE Sharp Shock

STP NYE Sharp Shock

STP NYE Sharp Shock

STP NYE Sharp Shock

STP NYE Sharp Shock

STP NYE Sharp Shock

For the full photo album from the night visit Sharp Shock’s Facebook Fanpage.

Photo credit: Peter Fingleton

New Years Extravaganza!

It’s a New Years Triple Bill kicking off tonight here at Dalston Superstore! Leading the charge will be trans-loving party starters Sink The Pink who’ve recruited a whole troupe of wild “tranimals” to keep their party pumpin’ all night long. We caught up with some of the key Sink The Pinkers, including head honchos Glyn & Amy, to find out their fave tracks and moments of 2012 and got them to explain their New Years Eve look in this cute feature on them. They’ll be kicking things off at 9pm and going on until 5am! Tickets are available in advance for £10 or you can pay £12 on the door.

Check out all the info via the Sink The Pink Presents Tranimals Facebook event.

For those keeping the fire burning, Wet N Wild will be on hand to ensure you start 2013 as you mean to go on! Their all-dayer kicks off at 1pm and takes you all the way through until 8pm. Brighton’s Schtumm! will be in the house for a special DJ set as will Wet N Wild regulars Lee Pattison (Deepgroove), Shay Malt, Nick Gynn, Paul Dragoni, Emma Rudge and Ruth Nichols. They’ve even got a special guest surprise up their sleeve but they say they’re keeping schtumm on that one…

Check out the full details via the Wet N Wild New Years Day Party Facebook event.

Bringing up the rear for those who got their daily disco naps will be Martyn Fitzgerald’s Handsome party. Upstairs sees favourite yesteryears for the New Year, whilst the basement takes on some deep uplifting house, all courtesy of the The handsome Kris Di Angelis, the handsome Rokk, the handsome Dan Beaumont and the handsome Jamie Bull. Proccedings will be free before 7pm but £5 on the door after that.

Check out all the relevant information via the Handsome New Years Day Party Facebook event.


For New Years Eve we’ve invited trans-loving party queens Sink The Pink to take over both floors of Superstore for a whole night of what they do best: camp tunes, crazy trannies and kooky fun. Not only that, but they’re bringing their hot Tranimals show that recently delighted pretty much all of Bestivals and letting loose these wild tranimals to roam the dancefloor at Superstore.

They’ve got a mega line-up of THE BEST east-end DJs including the Gutterslut lot, Attack Attack Attack, Sugarlow Boys, DJ Squeaky, James Phillips and of course, the Sink The Pinkers themselves. We pinned down some of the key members from this group of fun for a little retrospective of 2012 ahead of their New Years Eve Extravaganza…

Lucy Fizz is a tranimal

New Year’s resolution?
Buy more weave. 

Fave Sink The Pink moment of 2012?
Spraying the whole of the upstairs bar with fizz at the last Happy Shopper at Superstore. 

Explain your NYE tranimal look?
Micromesh and glitter. 

Three words that sum you up!?
Wet and wild. 

Fave track of the year?
Die Antwoord – Baby’s On Fire (since James Phillips owns Girl Gone Wild).

Die Antwoord – Baby’s On Fire from Stamp on Vimeo.

Jacqui Potato aka Julian Smith is a tranimal

New Year’s resolution?
Become a super fit super-tran ! 

Fave Sink The Pink moment of 2012?
Bestival Tranimals performances! So amazing! Loved it.

Explain your NYE tranimal look?
Dalston super whore! 

Three words that sum you up!?
Gay midget trans.

Fave track of the year
Cheryl Cole – Call My Name

Oozing Gloop is a Tranimal

New Year’s resolution?
World Peace 

Fave Sink The Pink moment of 2012?Being the only person to arrive at the party covered in red body paint, but not being the only person to leave patchily covered in patchy red body paint… 

Explain your NYE tranimal look?
Dalston Super Sewer 

Three words that sum you up!?
The disco toad. 

Fave track of the year?
PSY – Gangnam Style 

Amy is a tranimal

New Year’s resolution?
More is more! 

Fave Sink The Pink moment of 2012?
Recreating a Justin Beiber video with Grimmy and the Sink The Pinkers at the London Fields Lido! 

Explain your NYE tranimal look?
Poundland vs Paks realness 

Three words that sum you up!?
Camp. Camp. Camp. 

Fave track of the year
Scissor Sisters – Let’s Have A Kiki (I get to be Ana Matronic yeeeah!)

Polly Ester is a tranimal

New Year’s resolution?
Give up the glitter and hang up the heels.. (for a week) 

Fave Sink The Pink moment of 2012?
Dancing with Jake Shears to ‘Lets have a Kiki’ 

Explain your NYE tranimal look?
Barbie goes to the Prom, gets stood up, necks a bottle of vodka, does too much poppers on the dancefloor of Superstore and vomits in her fanny pack. 

Three words that sum you up!?
Five. Wig. Weave!

Fave track of the year?
Unicorn Kid – Feel So Real or Girls Aloud – Something New 

Fred Sausage is a tranimal

New Year’s resolution?
To have a tranny three-way. 

Fave Sink The Pink moment of 2012?
Glyn introducing Nadia as Azealia Banks on stage at Bestival and me believing it- I didn’t know whether to curtsy or be sick on her feet. 

Explain your NYE tranimal look?
“The living embodiment of a Basement Jaxx video”- Gorilla man baby killer.

Three words that sum you up!
Beefy bush baby.

Fave track of the year?
That Azealia Banks one. 

James Phillips is a tranimal

New Year’s resolution?
Go More Wild than last year… 

Fave Sink The Pink moment of 2012?
The haunting yet apt sight that was OOzing Gloop’s cast off weaves blowing like tumble weed across the deserted Bestival Camp Site. We were there on the island days after everyone else had gone home due to the amount of coach ferry places…

Explain your NYE tranimal look?
In the immortal words of a certain pink haired ’80s icon… “Glamour, Glitter, Fashion and Fame!” Failing that i’ll make a New Years Eve mad dash down to Ridley Road Market- where I will be spoilt for choice with regards to (tr)Animal print Fashion Forward Frocks (plus I’ll be sure to find size 9 heels). Dalston was made for Tranimals…

Three words that sum you up!
Can I use the same answer twice? GIRL GONE WILD! If I can’t then “POOF POOF POOF”.

Fave track of the year?
Errr Girl Gone Wild by Madonna.

Glyn is a tranimal

New Year’s resolution?
Where to begin…………….to take over the world! 

Fave Sink The Pink moment of 2012?
Scissor Sisters party – from beginning to end! 

Explain your NYE tranimal look?
Messy, Trashy, Messier, Pop Specs! 

Three words that sum you up!?
Car Crash Couture. 

Fave track of the year?
D’Banj – Oliver Twist

Join all of these fabulous Tranimals and more at Sink The Pink Presents: Tranimals on Monday 31st December (New Years Eve!!) from 9pm to late.

Sink The Pink’s Rihanna Looks

To celebrate Rihanna headlining the BBC Radio 1 Hackney Weekend on Hackney Marshes on June 24th, the Sink The Pink crew are hosting A Night of 1000 Rhiannas.

JonBenet Blonde will be werking red 30 inch hair from the ghetto chic Only Girl/Man Down Rhi Rhi era. She choose this look because it’s her favourite Rihanna album and she just wants to whip around 30 inches of hair all night!

JonBenet Blonde's Rihanna look

Glyn, James and Amy are feeling inspired by bejeweled, colourful Rhianna as seen in this amazers look, they will be serving TRANSatlantic brightly coloured, clashing prints and fabulous bouncy RHIealness!

Glyn, Amy and James's Rhianna look

Jono and Lottie are inspired by the Hard video, serving dutty slutty unbe-Rhi-vable bar top dancing! 

Jono and Lottie's Rhianna look

Jacqui Potato will be serving GHETTO FABULOUS Rihanna realess, inspired by S&M, with a special Jacqui Potato Dalston twist.

Rhi-Rhi ain’t gonna wanna miss this!  See you down there gurl!

Sink The Pink’s Hackney Weekend after-party takes place at Dalston Superstore on Sunday 24th June from 9pm – 4:30am.

GutterSlut At Slutty Shopper

We pinned down Per QX and Nic Fisher, two of the boys behind one of our favourite east London gay party institutions, GutterSlut, to chat them up to them about how their night came to be and how they’re playing our very next bank holiday bonanza, Slutty Shopper…

What made you want to start GutterSlut?

Nic: After a couple of years living with Per and Ralf, having too many after parties at ours trashing the flat we decided it was time to move. Per had experience promoting club nights in Sweden, we’re both DJs and as Ralf is a great photographer he would be the best to then document the night. It seems like the perfect idea.

Per: We started GutterSlut as protest against the gay scene that at the time, in 2007, was quite stagnant back then. There was clubs like Trailer Trash around in east London but not much more playing cool dance music. There was no where to go out on Saturday night, so we thought let’s start a fun club that felt like a house party.

You’ve been going for a good few years now- what’s your favourite ever GutterSlut memory?

Nic: The first GutterSlut we did in Berlin was at a place called Hubertus Lounge. To go into the basement you had to enter through a cupboard door, go down a really narrow set of stairs to end up in this really dark and dusty space where the rave was going. It was kind of surreal, very Alice In Wonderland.

Per: There’s too many. I loved it when we played at Summer Rites festival and had all the trannies climbing in the dance tent scaffolding up to the roof, Miss Crystal MC stage diving from the DJ booth, and A Man To Pet crowd surfing away to the music.

You’re going to be at Lovebox Sunday with our disco sisters Trailer Trash and you’ve got DJ Hell, Tiga and a special DFA Disco version from the LCD Soundsystem guys James Murphy and Pat Mahoney playing in your tent! Who are you most looking forward to?

Nic: They are all amazing DJs but I’m really excited to see DJ Hell as he will also put on an incredible visual show.

Per: I’m Looking forward to Tiga. I’ve heard him before and he always rocks the house, but also DJ Hell and the LCD crew will be cool.

Describe the level of debauchery at an average Gutterslut on a level between 1-10.

Nic: With parties that are normally a 10, you’d have to make them 5 so you could give GutterSlut a 10.

Per: 9.5 sometimes 10

What’s your one quintessential Gutterslut tune each?

Nic: There are a few at the moment, MK ‘Burning’ (Round Table Knights Mix) but one that I tend to always play is Deetron ‘Starblazer’

Per: I’ll go for a party anthem Martin Solveig – The Night Out (A-Trak remix) 

If you could have your wildest dreams come true, who would you book to play a dream Gutterslut- alive or dead?

Nic: DJ Sneak, he’s a legend, I heard him in Berlin a couple of years ago and he was brilliant. I love the dirty disco sound he’s releasing on his label.

Per: I think A-Trak would be great.

This weekend you’re playing at Slutty Shopper- a magic team-up between Sink The Pink and Tutti Frutti. Bank holidays here at Superstore are always bananas and it’s fair to say it’s going to be a tranny bonanza. What have you got planned to either drive these ladies wild or keep them under control?

Nic and Per: We don’t think those ladies need to get any wilder, they’re quite mental already and it would be a too difficult job to try and keep them under control, but a few bottles of Jaegermeister always helps.

Define a “gutterslut” for us and tell us which of the two of you first that bill more.

Nic: A true GutterSlut lives in Dalston, goes out on Friday and comes back on Monday sometimes Tuesday escorted by an ambulance or the police with half her garments missing, she wasn’t wearing lots anyway as she loves to show her bits.

It would have to be Per in his hay days , I guess we’ve both calmed down a bit with the years.

Per: A GutterSlut is a person that don’t care about who you are, who you know or when it’s time to go home.

Both GutterSluts Nic Fisher and Per QX play Slutty Shopper this Bank Holiday Sunday here at Dalston Superstore and co-host the dance tent for TrailerTrash Vs GutterSlut at Lovebox Festival in Victoria Park on Sunday 17th June.

Top 5 Drag Looks

Sink the Pink are a unique force for good in East London… Their distinctive events combine a tongue-in-cheek sense of fun with a genuine sense of queer community. Recent parties at the Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club have included a Su Pollard tribute night and a visit from the cast of My Transexual Summer.

Su Pollard –  Starting Together

Ahead of their Happy Shopper residency at Dalston Superstore we asked STP (Glyn & Amy to their mums) about their ultimate top 5 drag looks…

STP- Dalston Superstore Drag by Jacob Love

Nana May (aka RonJonSon)
He’s not a drag queen, but one of our oldest friends who we bully into dresses.  After a few shandies he doesn’t need much persuasion and this was the first festival we ever performed at. We bought him this dress in the Bestival Oxfam, we didn’t have a lot of make up so we decided to brand the hell out of him.  This became an iconic image for our flyers for year after, DIY drag all the way!!

STP- Dalston Superstore Drag Holestar by Jacob Love

This was from a shoot we did for our massive party in July 2010, Gay Bash.  We love Holey, she’s a regular DJ of ours, she rocks a killer look time after time and no one messes with her!

STP Dalston Superstore Drag by Jacob Love

Jonny Woo (Miss Sink The Pink 2008)
It was first Miss Sink The Pink we ever did, Jonny wasn’t even meant to be a contestant but turned up drunk and was Miss Lunn Poly, the reason we loved her look was it was last minute thrown together and trashy, everything we are!  Bad make up and revealed testicals, a Sink The Pink icon!

STP Dalston Superstore Drag by Jacob Love

Ma Butcher
Shoreditch’s answer to Elaine Page. Ma came to the first Sink The Pink and we haven’t been able to get rid of her since. There’s no one that can rock an evening gown with such minimal grace and as we know, no Ma Butcher look is complete without her trusty snout and some budget accessories.

STP Dalston Superstore Drag by Jacob Love

Amy and Glyn, STP President, CEO and brand ambassadors.  
Colourful porn show? Check.  Ridiculous head dress? Check.  Luminous green mesh dress? Check. Banana in hair? Check. Ready for work? Check!

 Sink The Pink presents Happy Shopper on Saturday 11th February with residents Prince Nelly and James Philips plus special guests The Men Who Fell To Earth.

Drag look images courtesty of Jacob Love: