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Jon Pleased Wimmin

For World Aids Day this year, Jon Pleased Wimmin joins us for a special Christmas edition of his party #Pleased! Joining him is Tasty Tim, Paul Woods, Grizzle aka John Sizzle and A Man To Pet and Ma Butcher for a drag extravaganza over both floors of Superstore, with a portion of the door going to support local charity Positive East. Ahead of the party we caught up with Jon Pleased Wimmin to find out more about the party and her musical legacy…

Who is Jon Pleased Wimmin ?

I’m a spooky old DJ whose been dressing up and spinning tunes since 1991, from London to Tokyo and beyond.

What are your most treasured memories from Kinky Gerlinky and Glam?

Well, Gerlinde & Michael who ran Kinky, certainly knew how to throw a party! The mix of people, the relaxed set list and the feeling that everything could topple over at any minute is what made their parties so extraordinary. It’s at Kinky that Jenny & Danny Rampling first saw my two co-horts (Darren & Peter) and I performing as The Pleased Wimmin and invited us to come and work as ‘dancers’ for them at Glam at The Milk Bar. What made that so special and life-changing was that we were in amongst a totally mixed crowd (whereas before, most clubs, including Kinky where we would go were predominantly gay) I was never into the original ‘rave’ scene as I love dressing up too much and don’t find the thought of standing around in a field that appealing. So this was like an epiphany for me, to be able to express myself and not feel like I had to hide within a ‘gay’ ghetto was very liberating. Needless to say I have never really wanted to return to the narrow confines of ‘gay’ clubbing since.

Why did you decide to cover The Flirts for your first single?

Well, Passion is probably still in my top 10 favourite tracks ever, it’s just so bloody sleazy and amyl-tastic. We got hooked up with Norman Cook, through our good friend and neighbour Lindy Layton and he wanted to make a track with me as my DJing career was taking off and he was just getting into making house music on his Southern Fried label. It turns out that Norman was a massive fan of Passion too, so it was decided that was a good option. 

What are your favourite pop music curveballs to sneak into a set?

Memorabilia (The Non Stop Ecstatic Dancing Version) by Soft Cell and the Steve Thompson Remix of The Sun Always Shines on TV by A-Ha are up there. I also have quite a lot of edits that I make, things like Just Can’t get Enough by Depeche Mode and Love is a Stranger by Eurythmics. The kind of electronic pop that was so ahead of its time it still sounds fresh and current, really.

What’s your favourite track from the compilation album you put together Female Trouble: Divine – The Remixes?

Oh god…………… probably Shoot Your Shot, though they sound a little dated now.

What was the first house record that turned your head?

Well, being a massive pop head and coming from more of a new wave/goth background, it was things like KLF, Baby Ford, S’Express and The Beloved that really got excited. The early stuff on Creation records with Weatherall and Fluke etc were and still are a massive inspiration. I was never into the souley stuff with big divas and all that. Tracks like Finally by Cece Peniston and Free by Ultra Nate bring me out in hives.

Why the reincarnation of #Pleased and why now?

I took quite a few years off from DJing, went to university to study Popular Music and kind of naturally came back to it a few years ago. Things definitely go in cycles and while my sets are mainly made up of new music, there seems to be a hunger and reappraisal for the ‘anything could happen’ vibe of early to mid ’90s clubs. It’s all been very organic and I think it’s more to do with an attitude, not being afraid to party things up a bit, but keeping the quality up, which seems to be totally relevant again. 

As I’ve said before, I take my music very seriously, but it doesn’t mean all my music has to be very serious.

Who’s your idol?

Blimey, there a lots of people who I admire and find inspiring…

Grayson Perry, Val Denham, Gavin Friday, Marc Almond, Patrick Cowley, Kate Bush, Joan Collins, Stuart Price, Richard X and Andrew Weatherall for starters.

What does the future hold for JPW?

I’m releasing new music next year, which is really exciting and I shall be playing all over the joint. More #Pleased parties and more shenanigans with my Dare! and Church of High Kicks parties too.

What can people expect from the night?

People can expect to have a scream, with a bouncy soundtrack and an open-minded atmosphere. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure people have a fun night, meet lovely people and let their hair down to quality music.

I’m really looking forward to playing with Tasty Tim and Paul Woods again too, and seeing the inimitable Ma Butcher!

Tell us a secret………

Ma Butcher made her fortune selling her firstborn to Hollywood to star in Babe.

Three Pleased classics?


1. Paloma Faith – Can’t Rely on You (MK remix)

2. Sain II – It’s Alright

3. Jon Pleased Wimmin – Don’t be Scared (Of Yourself)

A current favourite track?

Romanthony – Trust (Freeform Five Rmx)

Join Jon Pleased Wimmin for #Pleased at Dalston Superstore on Friday 5th December from 9pm – 3am.

The Cock

The Cock is one of those clubs that changed everything. Bravely coming to the rescue of the queer underground and helping to spawn something they called electroclash; The Cock (along with other discos like Nag Nag Nag, 21st Century Bodyrockers and Trash) shook up our perceptions of what we should be dancing to in the small hours with a heady mix of ‘80s synth noise, punk-funk out of New York City and new alien-sounding electronic music coming from Europe. Bringing a much needed rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic back to clubland, The Cock paved the way for much of what we now take for granted on East End dancefloors. For one night only she’s stepping out of cryogenic suspension down the road at XOYO so we spoke to founder Jim Stanton (now Horse Meat Disco megastar) about all things Cock!

The Cock by Kenny Campbell

What prompted you to start The Cock?

Wayne Shires*!!! I met him at Crash when I was working for Sleazenation and Jockey Slut magazines and he asked me to jump on board with Crash as it was expanding. We released compilation CDs and got lots of top guests at the club, Tenaglia, Yoko Ono, Derrick May etc etc! TOP CLUB! Our friend (now sadly departed) Simon Hobart** asked if we could fill the Friday night at the (also now gone) Ghetto club at Falconberg Court***. The rest was history – we robbed the name and all the references from our favourite New York dive bars and clubs. It was an upfront boys-y kind of raucous Friday night out. Musically we were both synth-loving kids, and I was working at Sleazenation at the time… those sorts of things were all the rage in 2002! 

* Cock co-promoter, former founder of Crash, now owner of East Bloc

** The creator of seminal queer indie club Popstarz

*** Also home to the legendary Nag Nag Nag

How did you choose your original residents?

Easy. We picked Princess Julia and Tasty Tim because it was what they had been looking for – a way out of all the bland tech house going on at the time. They were playing for Wayne at Crash as well as other gay clubs around London at the time but The Cock offered them a chance to really indulge their real passions born from the days of the eighties at clubs like Taboo and Kinky Gerlinky. 

The Cock by Kenny Campbell

What were your favourite live performances?

Too many to mention YR MUM YR DAD, Scissor Sisters, Hot Chip… So many!

The Cock by Kenny Campbell

Which London parties do you think are following in the footsteps of The Cock?

It was definitely a DIY aesthetic we had going on and it was very carefree. I think it really gave birth to TrailerTrash.

What are your craziest memories from The Cock?

I can’t remember anything at all! Bjork hiding in the coats in the cloakroom? I do remember it was very celeb-y but not in a wanky way – nobody gave a damn, it was just somewhere people went to throw down after a long week. Very special. 


Seeleenluft – Manilla (Ewan Pearson mix) 

Freeform Five – Perspex Sex (Ewan’s H-N-RG Mix) 

Le Tigre – Deceptacon (DFA Mix) 

 LCD Soundsystem – Losing My Edge 

Felix Da Housecat – Madame Hollywood (Tiga RMX) 

The Cock’s 10 Year Anniversary Party takes place this Saturday 21st July at XOYO with Mark Moore, Princess Julia, DJ Rokk and Jim Stanton.

Photo credit: Kenny Campbell. For more of Kenny’s work visit

James Pople Delirium Mix

We might still be nursing a birthday hangover from the weekend but with another bank holiday weekend almost upon us, it’s time to start readying ourselves for more madness. 

The very next Delirium is only days away and if we weren’t already excited about the prospect of the legendary and lovely Tasty Tim playing upstairs in the bar, this mix sent to us by Delirium resident James Pople is getting us in the party mood on this grey Tuesday morning!

Catch James play Delirium at Dalston Superstore with Kris Di Angelis, Jaime Ritchie, Tasty Tim and Munroe Bergdorf this Saturday 5th May from 9pm – 3am.