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Rocky Vs Terry Farley

This Saturday two legends of house join us in the laser basement for a special Christmas edition of Body Talk in the shape of not only acid house hero Terry Farley but X-Press 2 legend Rocky! Ahead of the party, Rocky sent us this ace warm-up mix plus him and Terry sat down for a chat…

Terry interviews Rocky…

Terry: You worked for the Ministry Of Defence – ever thought of doing a WikiLeaks turnout?

Rocky: To be honest it was so long ago the kind of hardware we were knocking out would be like Dads Army stuff today. 

 …did you get to test cool James Bond style weaponry?

Sadly no. I was a progress chaser and looked after projects that made bits for armaments. 

What was your first DJ gig?

First ever would have been the Sixth Form end of term disco at my school. Our head took us to this deserted store room where they had one of those Citronic double deck suitcase things. It was covered in dust. We dragged it out and set it up. I was hooked. Band Aid was big that year.

Can you remember any records you played?

Deffo Band Aid got played. Also some of the Breakdance movie soundtrack. Aside from those, I have no idea. I think everyone brought in their own tunes. There were a couple of us who just went through the tracks and played them. We were a glorified jukebox.

Which DJ inspired you to take up this life?

In all seriousness, out of everyone, I think you and Andrew back in the day.

What’s been your ‘worst gig ever ‘ and why?

I think recently playing to a restaurant of around 20 diners was pretty poor.

And your best gig ever?

Any time that we’ve ever been to Japan has been amazing. This year, the opening of Pacha was quite special as well.

Is HOUSE a feeling or is it just Diesel’s real name ?

It’s just his name.

Rocky interviews Terry Farley

You’re playing Handsome at East Bloc early next year, a perfect fit – why did they wait so long to ask you?    

A question my Mrs has asked along with “Why have they booked you then?” and “You wont be in the club’s pictures”. I can only say it’s a honour to be playing East Bloc again and such a cool party. I will be visiting a spa before hand and sprucing myself up for the night.

Your fave party/club/one off of 2013? One only please. And what made it so special. 

I loved Farr, playing a three- the hard way- clash with Dan Beaumont and Ms Hannah Holland – I love Farr it’s exactly how I would do a ‘festival’, if I had the know-how and the spare bucks to pull it off.

What was your first DJ gig?

Myself and a mate Paul Mckee put on a night in 1981 and we both DJed (there’s a pic of me on that night that just turned  up all these years later on Facebook) – I played a Le Beat Route style set of ’70s funk and disco, some new electro and some leftfield stuff like Prince Charles and the City Beat Band’s seminal track In The Streets. 

Can you remember any records you played?

Prince Charles – In The Streets, Fatback Band – Wicky Wacky,  Roy Ayers – Running Away and Aurra – When I Come Home on Salsoul – I always played those tracks whenever I got to play in clubs or parties after that for ages. 

If you were ‘invited to the ball’, would you have done a Boys Own pod on the Eye?

Was there money involved ? If “yes” and if “a proper drink”, then maybe, (I know Andrew would have laughed down the phone at me if I had rung him up) as it’s what I do for a living. For free? Fuck that, I thought it was a naff idea (I fully appreciated Red Bull’s contribution to house music over the years) and I’ve been on the Eye twice and never liked it much anyway.

Who was the best dresser of the Slough Soul Boys?

Gary Haisman – who went on to be banned from Radio 1 for his ACCCIIIEDD record with D Mob in 1988. He was skinny and lanky and could pull off red peg trousers from SEX and mohair jumpers while I think sadly I always looked a bit like a young Del Boy.

Define HOUSE in 12 words. 


Will you ever go back on the gas? 

I have dreams (nightmares) of being back pipe fitting, and in those dreams I’m always so slow and fucking rubbish at it. So NO thats never gonna happen, and for safety’s sake thank god.

Are you still a gay black man struggling to escape a white gas fitter’s body?

People still quote that line – in fact loads have stolen it… it was honestly how I felt during the early ’90s and being so into the NY gay culture that surrounded the music we were making, the DJs who were playing it and the Sound Factory, a place I adored. My bluff, however, was called one morning just around the corner from the Sound Factory and I failed the ‘ lad fag’ ( Luke Howard’s term for us lot back then) test badly… bottled it haha.

Join Rocky and Terry Farley this Saturday 21st December for Body Talk at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 3am. 

Terry Farley’s Acid Rain Launch Party

Tomorrow night sees Terry Farley join us once more both for Society’s Farr Festival Warm Up and for the launch of his new Acid Rain compilation! And ahead of the party we’re giving away a pair of tickets to Farr Festival, which takes place just outside of London in Hertfordshire over the weekend 19-21st July, AND a copy of Terry’s new release!

“It was 25 years ago in 1988 when the Acid House sound created a musical revolution in the UK following the success of London’s Shoom and Hedonism, whilst, at the same time, Manchester was kick starting the movement in the North of England with the Hacienda’s Hot and Nude nights. Acid House continued its corrosive effect on the late 80’s party crowd with new clubs opening up almost every month throughout 1988 – R.I.P., Spectrum, Zoo, The Trip, Apocalypse Now, Legends, the State, Rage, Sunrise to name a few.

By the summer of 1988 aka ‘the second summer of love’, Acid House was something of a national sensation in the UK with the political establishment seeing the movement as a threat to law and order and the tabloid press vilifying the movement and its main symbol, the smiley face.

But what exactly was Acid House?

Internationally renowned DJ and House expert, Terry Farley has painstakingly compiled 5 CD’s which trace the movement’s beginnings and the incredible 6 years when this underground music from Chicago dominated the UK dance floors and spread throughout the world. To accompany this furious aural assault is a 32 page booklet written and curated by Miles Simpson, founder of the influential House Music blog, ‘Beyond the Stars’, interrogator of legendary DJ’s and all-round House expert. Plus, of course, pages of scans, flyers and key photos from the period from the Terry Farley archives.”

Terry Farley Presents: Acid Rain

For your chance to win a copy of the 5-CD compilation Terry Farley Presents: Acid Rain and a pair of tickets to Farr Festival just email the correct answer to by 10am Thursday 27th June with the email subject “ACID RAIN/FARR FESTIVAL COMPETITION”.

*Only the winning entrant will be contacted.

What was the summer of 1988 also known as?

a. The second summer of love

b. Another summer of rain

c. The winter of discontent

Terry joins Society’s extra special resident and all-round genuine legend Robert Owens, Thunder’s Miles Simpson, Damon Martin, Jake Manders, Josh Caffe and the Society DJs here at Dalston Superstore for Society’s Farr Festival Warm-Up tomorrow night from 9pm.

Farley & Heller

It’s Friday afternoon treat time!

The hours until you can leave work are dragging…

You’re excited for the weekend to begin…

A good dancefloor work-out is sorely needed…

Then let the legends that are Farley & Heller take care of the next two hours for you with this recording of them in the laser basement earlier this month at Paris’ Acid Ball’s 2nd Birthday.  
Presenting… Big Room Drama In Little Dalston!

Catch Farley & Heller at the Shoom 25th Anniversary on Sunday 9th December at Cable Nightclub.

Terry Farley

It was really only a matter of time before the dual juggernaut of Farley & Heller made an appearance at Paris’ Acid Ball. Individually and separately they have both been hugely influential and integral parts of the British dance music scene for many years. We caught up with one half of the duo, Terry Farley, a man who’s definitely no stranger to Dalston Superstore to ask him all about his early Boys Own raves, classic stories from the acid house heyday, Ibiza then and now, and more…

As a born Londoner, what/where is your favourite London hotspot?

I love markets – up the lane (Portobello), Roman Road in the ‘80s was, as they used to say, “ream”, Columbia Road and of course nowadays Broadway market.

What’s the best party you’ve been to so far this year?

Harvey I reckon, closely followed by some nights at East Bloc (especially our Boys Own party).

Why do you think people have been so passionate for so long about house music?

The intense link between the music and the best days (nights) of your life. The chemical reaction as well stays in the subconscious, so as soon as you (well me haha) hears a 4×4 Chicago beat a small rush starts around your toes…  likely story.

What is your favourite record that you own?

It changes by the week but today it’s…

Big London club record when kids actually danced together ‘hustle’ style. Tomorrow it will be some reggae record – I’m fickle.

There’s a great story about being inspired to take your first ever E after seeing Danny Rampling for the first time and he dancing to George Kranz Din Daa Daa. How much impact do you think that moment had on your life?

That was at the Rockley Sands weekender run by Nicky Holloway – it was on the cusp of change when the crowd split between the black music purists and the kids who had been to Ibiza and took gear. Danny was doing his Amnesia style dance and Chris Butler and Johnny Walker had sat inside the huge bass bins. Sitting inside speakers was a early Acid House thing. Pics of said Weekender can be laughed at here at

Speaking of ways you met people… how did you meet Pete Heller?

He warmed up for Danny at Shoom, played guitar over Danny’s set as well.

If you could climb in a time-machine and go back to any dance floor any era any location, where and when would be setting the dial to?

1975: a true golden age of London clubbing. Punk was starting but without a name, American black dance music was at its innovative and raw best and the standard of dancing in west end clubs was amazing. It was also a time when shop culture was important, you found out what/where and whom at places like ACME, Sex, Johnson and Johnson, Swanky Modes…

What one thing will you always love about Ibiza and what one thing do you wish had never changed?

Putting the roofs on totally fucked things, what was unique and magical turned into normality – a crazy normality but the specialness was lost.

What do I still love…? The fact I’m struggling here tells me something. 

If acid house geese and jackin’ cows sum up the Boys Own outdoor parties of the past, what might sum up Boys Own 2013?

Barbour coats and ketamine haha!  

You and Pete Heller will be playing the Shoom 25th Anniversary… will you be playing old favourites or new bangers?

Both, but that’s how we play anyway. So much new music by new producers harks back to the early ‘90s so music no longer sounds old or new just good or bad.

You’re no stranger to the Superstore basement! What do you like about playing here?

It reminds me of our clubs used to be in the ‘70s and mid ‘80s, mixture of people, intense atmosphere that is not reliant on drug consumption and I dig the way the staff at the club seem part of a community, part of the night and not a opposing enemy like at bigger venues.

You have a long-standing association with London’s gay scene. Why do you think this is?

When I was a kid THE best west end clubs were either gay or black so if you wanted to be part of that elite side of the soul scene you had to leave any preconceptions at home. I just love a good party and a great crowd, and London’s gay scene has produced so many of my faves over the decades.

What’s your favourite current house night?

I’m working most Saturdays but the ones I’ve enjoyed playing at this year was Guy Williams’ party at East Bloc, Society at DSS on a Thursday with Robert Owens.  I also love playing the basement at East Village. If I can hang out, I’m a long-term fan of the secretsundaze crew and I really love the Loft over west down Scrubs Lane.

What do you think has given your career the longevity you’ve enjoyed?

I’m rubbish at anything else. 

And finally, who’s been the most interesting or difficult person you’ve ever interviewed for your own site Faith Fanzine?

Miles got told off by Frankie Knuckles after I had hooked up a Skype interview for Faith haha. The best ones are the older DJs who have stuff to say who have lived the life so to speak: Derrick Carter, Lil Louis, Frankie (eventually)…  young European deep house DJs want to talk about plug-ins.


Rhythm Connection w/ Terry Farley by Rhythm Connection on Mixcloud


 Terry Farley plays Paris’ Acid Ball with Pete Heller as Farley & Heller on Saturday 3rd November at Dalston Superstore with Hannah Holland, Dan Beaumont and DJ Squeaky from 9pm – 3am.

Summer Rites DJs Top Tunes

With Summer Rites taking place this try Sunday we called up some of favourite DJs who, by the magic of coincidence and canny booking, are playing in our Superstore tent, to find out their top tunes from the summer that might be making an appearance….


Scissor Sisters – Let’s Have A Kiki (DJ Nita Remix)

The bass is great..super groovy. Nita Aviance put a proper vogue bitch spirit in this remix. He’s been around… he knows.

HANNAH HOLLAND: Terry Farley & Dan Beaumont – Fire

Fire simply does what it says on the tin which is sets dancefloors alight with this genius collaboration.

THE LOVELY JONJO: Disclosure – Control (Joe Goddard remix)

I’ve been playing it over the last month and every time the crowd goes crazy when the bass drops, and people always ask what remix it is which is always good.

JOHN SIZZLE: Hot Chip – Flutes

I’m loving this track. I’ve no idea what it’s all about but I’m feeling it… they’ve really heaped on the melodies and loops and use repetition to really drive a groove. Beautiful, simple lyrics….”One day you might realise that you might need to open your eyes.”

DAN BEAUMONT: Italo Johnson – Untitled (from Italo Johnson #5)

A perfect analogue pumper that always delivers… I would go as far as to say that I am dangerously obsessed with this record. It’s loud and weird and makes people lose their shit.

MIKKI MOST: Tiger & Woods – Gin Nation

A monster remix remix of the classic Imagination track Music And Lights by Tiger & Woods which has had people dancing in fields and tents all summer… perfect for getting the Summer Rites party started!

Join us at the Dalston Superstore tent at Summer Rites festival in Shoreditch Park on Sunday 2nd September from 12:30pm onwards.

Win Tickets to Farr Festival

Our friends at the Ransom Note have teamed up with our monthly acid house night Society to host one almighty stage at this month’s Farr Festival and we’ve got a pair of tickets to give away to one lucky winner. The stunning line-up includes some of our favourite people, and, of course, own very own Superstore boss Dan Beaumont!

With sets from Bicep, Miss Hannah Holland, J D Twitch from Optimo, Terry Farley and Trevor Fung playing a Balearic sunset set; you can see why we think this is one NOT to be missed!

Farr Festival takes place just outside London in Newnham, Hertfordshire in a deserted wood on the  27th and 28th July with other stages from Bristol based night Just Jack and London’s Sancho Panza. Acts over the weekend include Eats Everything, George FitzGerald, Jozif, Miguel Campbell and Waifs & Strays.

To be with a chance to win, tell us in the comments your best festival story! We’ll decide the winner by 2pm Thursday 12th July.

In the meantime, get your ears round this brand new mix from the boys at Bicep!

Bicep join J D Twitch (Optimo) Hannah Holland, Dan Beaumont, Terry Tarley and Trevor Fung on the R$N Vs Society stage at Farr Festival on Saturday 28th July. You can buy tickets for the festival over at The Ransom Note.

Legendary Children’s Guide To London House

Those H.O.U.S.E. obsessed Legendary Children are back for another Superstore takeover! Neil Edward, Prince Pac and Elles McFierce’em return with their take on Balearic, acid and bumpin’ house. After their recent inclusion on the updated version of the revered London House Tree for Faith fanzine, we thought we’d quiz them on their own thoughts on the London House Scene, where they started out and what their top picks are…. And they’ve also made us a very special mix especially for us!

London House Tree

What was the first house night you ever attended in London?

Elles: I think it was on my 16th birthday at Ministry of Sound of all places. Roger Sanchez was playing… I have no idea how I got in as looked about 10 and had the most suspect fake ID. I guess the will was strong. I’d been to a few house nights at home in Cambridge, but being a bit clueless and overwhelmed we just went to the one we’d heard of when me made the pilgrimage to London.

Pac: I didn’t really come to London until 2007, being stuck down in the arse end of the West Country, but the first proper house night was probably Disco Bloodbath in their pink basement – despite playing loads of disco it was still very HOUSE.

Neil: Growing up in Hertford we would sneak down to Liverpool Street on the train for illicit late nights out in the smoke… The End was a favourite haunt of ours. As for House specific nights, Josh Wink’s Ultimate Base in 1998ish was probably the first.

What’s your favourite current house night here?

E: Legendary Children of course! Hahaha after that Thunder is rad, also secretsundaze- they’ve still got it even after all these years. Bodyhammer is wicked too, and shout to newcomers Silk Cuts who are ones to watch.

Pac: Bodyhammer probably, or, if it can be considered house, World Unknown. I guess as it’s on the house tree it must be house, although I’m sure Andy will pick that one up with me at some point haha.

Neil: Yeah if we’re talking purely House Music it would be a toss up between Bodyhammer and Thunder. Joe, Paul and Matilda from Bodyhammer do a fantastic job and their party ethos is in the same vein as Legendary Children’s. Their music policy sums up everything I love about house, their choice of venue is always spot on and they have a knack of picking low-key guests that absolutely nail it. The Thunder family are up there because where the fuck else are you likely to see someone like Patrice Scott in a 150 capacity venue in Stoke Newington?

Nights in the capital come and go, so what now defunct night do you wish you’d had the opportunity to go to?

E: Shoom! An obvious choice but there you go.

Pac: Sabresonic or Blood Sugar I reckons, again an obvious choice, but I think this was Weatherall at his most creative and discerning point of his career.

Neil: You can’t help but say Shoom! can you? Also The Loft in Camden, blissful NY Disco and NJ Garage music policy, dedicated resident DJs and the list of previous guests is ridiculous… Loleatta Holloway, Tony Humphries, Kerri Chandler…

Who is your favourite London born and bred producer/DJ?

Elles: Terry Farley. A lovely chap who has been very supportive of us. And of course Miles Simpson who is the original Legendary Uncle and head-man at Thunder. Also I loved Norman Jay when I was growing up- DJ-wise he was one of my first teachers (not personally, just through his work) of soul and disco.

Pac: I’m not sure who’s London bred and who’s just been here for years! I’d probably choose two of my mates as I know they’re definitely London born and bred – Andy Blake and Charlie Bennett. Charlie’s mix for us from last year was fucking outstanding.

Neil: That’s a tough call… There are so many good people out at the moment. Andy Blake would have to be in there for both for his production and DJ sets, both of which never fail to stun me with their versatility. Rocky and Diesel X-Press2 have been outstanding for the last 20 years or so, likewise for Uncle Terry Farley.

And finally what track do you most associate with the London House scene from any era?

Elles: I don’t think I can pick a single track. There are too many. The house-oriented sound most evocative of London is UK garage though.  I know that’s a whole genre but it breathes this city. Does that count as answer?

Pac: I don’t think there’s one track as the London house is so broad. Different club nights have their own perspective on what house is and that’s what makes it brilliant. I guess if you had to push me for something it’d be one of Pierre’s Wildpitch mixes which I hear played most times I go out. 

Neil: X-Press2 – Muzic X-Press. If Boy’s Own was the hub of the London house scene in the late 80s/early 90s, this record would have been in the centre. It perfected London house to the point where Junior Vasquez and subsequently the rest of New York welcomed them with open arms, and you can’t ask for a finer endorsement than that.

Legendary Children takes place here at Dalston Superstore with Neil Edward, Prince Pac and Elles on Saturday 23rd June from 9pm – 4am.

They also made a special mix ahead of their Superstore appearance that you can listen to like right now

Farr Festival

This summer sees our favourite Thursday night acid house party Society team up with one of favourite websites The Ransom Note to host a stage at Hertfordshire’s Farr Festival. They’re in good company as they’re joined by Bristol based night Just Jack, long-running north London party Sancho Panza and Leeds night Flux.

The line-up boasts Miguel Campbell, Eats Everything, George FitzGerald, Waifs & Strays, Huxley and Jozif, whilst over on the Ransom Note Vs Society stage they’ll be bringing you the sounds of:

JD Twitch from Optimo
Hannah Holland
Terry Farley
our very own Dan Beaumont
Trevor Fung (who’ll be playing a special sunset set)
the Thunder DJs 
and more

Check out this amazing Balearic mix from Optimo to get you in the mood!

Farr Festival takes place 27th-28th July and tickets are only £35 direct from The Ransom Note. If you can’t wait that long for a spot of acid house, pop down to see Trevor Fung play Society’s monthly party with Robert Owens in the Superstore lazer basement on Thursday 26th April 9pm – 3am.

For more info on Farr Festival and the full line-up visit their official website: