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Planningtorock is something of an enigma. The Berlin-based artist defies categorisation – both musically and politically. She has worked as a music producer and video director with a strong emphasis on collaboration and experimentation on the boundaries of genre. It is not surprising that, with a long list of collaborators such as The Knife and Mount Sims (with whom she co-wrote an Opera for Danish performance group Hotel Pro Forma), Planningtorock’s experimentation echoes more political motivations. Ahead of her appearance at Lazertitz on Saturday 29 August, we take a look at her incredible back-catalogue of work. 

In addition to her music, Planningtorock produces experimental video work which calls attention to the absurdities of gender performance.

She lists Patriarchy Over & Out as a kind of political turning point for her music, and all releases since have been driven by an inherently feminist, genderqueer intent and charged with an eloquent anger.

Planningtorock directs a lot of the videos for her music, creating a distorted, intriguing sensory experiences that magnify the poignancy of her music. Her releases over the years have ranged from the dreamy and ephemeral to outright funky dance tracks.  

Catch Planningtorock alongside Debonair, Hannah Holland and more at Lazertitz on Saturday 29 August at Dalston Superstore.

Nico De Ceglia

This Saturday sees a special Body Talk guest take to the laser basement in the form of Italian stallion DJ extraordinaire and Radio 1 scout Nico De Ceglia. Armed with an eclectic taste and an expert touch in house music; he’s sure to set Superstore on fire with his tune selections! We just received this lovely, pumpin’ house mix from the man himself so we posed a few of our burning questions to go along with it…

You’re a DJ, journalist, A&R, radio host, promoter… the list goes on. What is your favourite work “hat” so to speak?

I’m also an actor, a scientist, an astronaut, a medium, a pimp… the list really does goes on. I love all the aspects of working in music and after all these years I can’t see one without the other. Because of the interaction with people, I guess DJ is the more fun one, nothing can beat the right crowd creating the right vibe in the right club when you play the right records. Still, I also love doing radio, writing for magazines, working on new music…

What’s been a career highlight for you so far?

Too many to mention. Working as a scout for Pete Tong’s show on Radio 1 for more than 10 years has been a great experience. My little party Codex that ran at the glorious The End until it closed was great fun. Opening for Richie Hawtin at his Mi_Nus party. DJing in unusual venues like Tate Modern and Design Museum. And every single moment I see people enjoying what I play is a highlight for me.

What does an average day work at Radio 1 entail for you?

Checking out new music, a little break enjoying a spoon of Nutella then repeat until forever.

Insider tip please! Who is going to be BIG this year?

Laura Mvula, Angel Haze, AlunaGeorge, Vessel, Artifact, Applescal.

Where is your favourite place in all of London to hear new music?

You can discover some brilliant new music almost everywhere in London so I always keep my eyes and ears open.

Tell us about Hyena Stomp…

Hyena Stomp is a studio project that me and Severino started a few years ago. It’s a parallel project that we have alongside our own stuff and other projects (Photo51 is another one I have, working with Franky Redente). When our schedules match we go and make some music. We’ve just been in studio working on a remix for Mario Basanov. We have done various remixes in the last two years… DJ Hell, The 2 Bears, Tevo Howard & Tracey Thorn, Ali Love and the two most recent ones for Classic Records but we are now starting to work on a new Hyena Stomp release.

What is the most prized record you own?

Tough question. I love all my records and have always looked after them like they are the most prized things I own. Promos of early UR, Strictly, Moodymann, Tribal, R&S, Freetown, Madhouse, Aphex Twin… are all not to be touched by dirty hands.

We hear you have an eclectic taste in music.. If you put your iPod on shuffle what are the first three songs that come up?

Smashing Pumpkins – Today

Beastie Boys – So What Cha Want

The Knife – Full Of Fire

What can we expect from your set at Body Talk?

Old, very old. New, very new. Everything in between plus lots of sweat.

What’s the best advice anyone ever gave to you about DJing?

Press start and go and do it for the love of music. The LOVE of music!

Join Nico De Ceglia for Body Talk at Dalston Superstore this Saturday 16th February from 9pm – 3am