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Tusk Turns Three!

This February sees an important anniversary of one of our favourite parties, Tusk! Promoters Ant C, James Baillie and Chris Camplin have been bringing over some of Europe’s most impressive underground electronic music talent to our lazer basement for three years now! With previous guests including Andrew Weatherall, Craig Richards and Doc Sleep, we can’t wait to see what they have planned for 2018. They’re kicking it all off with Ostgut Ton legend and Dalston Superstore favourite Prosumer! We caught up with the boys to chat past highlights, favourite club nights and 

You guys have been throwing your TUSK night at Superstore for three years now! That’s awesome, happy anniversary! How did the three of you meet and start promoting together? 

Ant C (AC): Thanks! Time sure has flown. It’s been a lot of fun. Thanks for having us! I’ve known the boys socially for years from out an about around London.

Chris Camplin (CC): Yeah, we would bump into each other at our favourite dance floors – in fact I think I met both James & Ant at Horse Meat Disco initially. I know James came back to my place for a post-HMD afterparty one bank holiday Monday.

James Baillie (JB): It became obvious we all had a love for music, so I took the idea to Chris and Ant about us doing our own night and TUSK developed from there…

For those that have never been to your party before – tell them what it’s about (and what they’re missing out on!)

CC: Amazing music, great DJ lineups, stellar crowd, lasers and that awesome DSS basement sound system.

AC: Yep, that pretty much sums it up. We just want people to have as much fun as we’re having. I do love me some lasers! We bring in some extra lasers for TUSK and the boys have started calling me Laser Minelli. I kinda like it!

If you had to sum up the TUSK sound in one track, what would it be?

CC: For me it would be – Tiga – Love Don’t Dance Here Anymore (C2 Remix 1)

AC: Tough question – I think it would have to be Markus Gibb – Tohl (Original mix) – Always seems to go off, plus I tend to layer it up with a vocal loop from Voodoo Ray, which fits nicely.

JB: For me it would be Shake It by Fantastic Twins.

Who have been some of your favourite guests over the years?

AC: We try to keep things fresh by working with people who have something individual to bring. Doc Sleep was awesome – she really worked us out. Ewan Pearson for his musicality. A Love From Outer Space (Andrew Weatherall and Sean Johnston) when they took over the basement all night for our Pride Special in 2016. Ketiov was great too and a world exclusive for us!

CC: Ketiov, Doc Sleep & Nail have been some of my faves.

JB: A Love From Outer Space, Craig Richards and Doc Sleep.

Has there been an overall highlight for you?

CC: Being able to book some of my favourite DJs and producers at one of my top clubs.

AC: As Chris says, being able to work with some of the people we have admired for years. Everybody has been super nice and its been interesting to hang out and chat with them about their experiences and get their advice and input.

Your special birthday guest is Prosumer – why did you choose him to ring in your fourth year?

CC: I think Prosumer has a special place in all our hearts and we’ve been discussing booking him for some time now and everything just landed into place!

AC: Yeah – absolutely. I met him at Glastonbury a few years ago and we got chatting and stayed in touch. I think he liked what we were trying to do with TUSK and seems much more open to working with people on that basis, rather than just going for the huge shows. I tried to make it happen during 2017, but we couldn’t make the dates line up – so the third birthday party seemed the perfect choice to have him with us!

What are some of your favourite club nights in London at the moment?

CC: Of course at our sisters Discosodoma and Homodrop at Superstore are up there along with the legendary Horse Meat Disco.

AC: All of the above. I’m also enjoying the residency programs that XOYO and Phonox are running – its interesting to get somebody else’s take on who to put together to make a cohesive night of music.

JB: Similar really – A Love From Outer Space, Chapter 10, Discosodoma and Horse Meat Disco.

Any DJs that you would love to work with in the future?

CC: Sure, we have a big list forming. The Honey Soundsystem guys, Midland, The Black Madonna, Octo Octa.

JB: Felix Dickinson, Black Merlin, Job Jobse, Superpitcher, Massimilliano Pagliara.

AC: The list goes on – Jennifer Cardini, Justin Robertson, Optimo, Mike Servito, Marcel Vogel, Derrick Carter – who knows? Watch this space…

Are you pulling out any special surprises for your birthday that you can let us in on?

AC: Now that would be telling…

JB: I’ve got a good few head melting tracks that are not coming out until Spring…

CC: You’ll have to wait and see!    

Catch Tusk at their Third Birthday Bash on Saturday 24 February from 9pm-5am at Dalston Superstore!

Matt Walsh

For this Good Friday late-night fun, Homodrop brings not only the legendary Ivan Smagghe to the Superstore basement, but also long-time local hero Matt Walsh! Since supporting Tiga at Shoreditch’s much-missed T-Bar in 2007, Matt has carved out a space within London’s ever-changing nightlife for himself, from the forefront of the electroclash movement, to becoming a resident at the seminal Bugged Out nights, to founding his own label Clouded Vision. Ahead of the party we posed a few questions to find out what we can expect…

If you had a time machine and could visit any dance floor from your own past, where would you go dancing and why?

I first started going out to house clubs at university, prior to that I was pretty much an indie kid, but the first few nights that I really loved were at The Bomb in Nottingham. I went every Saturday throughout my first year at university. Craig Richards and Lee Burridge used to do their Tyrant night there once a month.

What’s one Bugged Out moment you’ll treasure forever? 

Playing the last set and the last record at the last Bugged Out at The End. I was lucky enough to play there quite a few times and even now with lots of new London clubs opening, the main room can still not be beaten for sound quality and the reaction you got from being in the centre of the room.  This was my last track…

Okay predication time… seeing as you saw it all the first time round, and all things in life (especially fashion and music) tend to be cyclic… how long do you think we’ve got before a proper electroclash revival? 

I think there already has been one to some extent, with labels like Clouded Vision, Phantasy, Correspondant, Cómeme, DOBW etc doing so well. It’s just a shame that the fashion part of it hasn’t been revived. Clubbing is missing that element now and there is so much great music around, techno especially, but there is a distinct lack in people making an effort to look different when they go out.

What is one defunct night/nightclub you’d happily resurrect? 

There was so many great nights in the early Electroclash era, I had just moved to London and went out five nights a week – Trash on Mondays, White Heat on Tuesdays, Nag on Wednesdays, and Fabric, Our Disco, Sonic Mook, Flesh and Return to New York at the weekend….

The one nightclub that has a special place in my heart is T bar, for a number of reasons, as well as being my first real London gig when I moved to Shoreditch 10 years ago.

Who is someone in dance music you find really inspiring (and not just in a like-their-music kinda way) and what is it about them that makes them so inspiring to you? –

Michael Mayer – For his love and knowledge of music, ability to stay on point without really changing his style and for the best dance label of this generation.

Where did the name for your production alias and label, Clouded Vision, come from? 

It was Steve Cook, my production partner at the time, that came up with it while we were in the studio working on our early tracks.  He is making some great stuff alone now and has so many records about to come out.  This one was released last month on Tsuba…

What’s one thing that has surprised you about running your own label? 

No surprises to be honest, but I do find that most people are surprised when you tell them that you can’t make any money from doing it!

You’re no stranger to Dalston basements… why are you looking forward to playing ours? 

Playing alongside Ivan is always fun and inspiring.  He is one of the best out there and to play in a tiny basement together will mean we can push the boundaries a lot more than in a large club environment.

Finally, tell us a dance floor banger lurking in your record bag ready for Good Friday’s Homodrop party…

I cant get enough of Factory Floor’s remixes at the moment and Gabe from the band has just made a killer solo EP on Drone (Richard Fearless’s label). Both of these are killer…

Join Matt Walsh this Good Friday 3rd April for Homodrop at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 4am.

Pecker Top Ten Dance Tracks (kind of)

Ahead of Pecker this Friday, the four residents, Dirtbox duo Gibson and The Duchess Of Pork plus Grizzle beauties John Sizzle and A Man To Pet share their favourite dance tracks…

A Man To Pet
Kylie Minogue – I Should Be So Lucky

“With Kylie I couldn’t understand a word back then, I was only 4.

So I was singing it in a Greek way that was meaning leave the pistol Laki, Laki as a boy’s name.

So Laki was a man with a pistol that he had to leave it.

I wanted to be beautiful like Kylie but I end up looking like A Man To Pet”

John Sizzle
Malcolm McLaren – Deep In Vogue

“And you thought Madonna was Queen Plagiarist! Step forward the genius that was McLaren. The vid for this track is j’maze and showcases the vogue we all aspired to way back in 1989. Check out the Orbit and Mark Moore remix… stunning, girl!”

The Beloved – Sweet Harmony

“I find it hard to believe it’s 22 years old and it still as powerful and current now. The production is really simple production kinda like Hot Chip today. Always felt this track was really unifying with people.”

Tiga – Burning Down

“This track will always remind ME of the hotness that was The Cock at The Ghetto. And I can’t remember that much of what was going on there. But it was always rammed with hot guys. I think.”

A Man To Pet
Kim Wilde – You Came

“I came out to my cousin to this song don’t know why

I think was the white with that Kim wearing on that video with the red scarf something makes me come to this idea

also I wanted to fuck Kim


John Sizzle
101 – Rock To The Beat 

“Aciiiiiiid! We’re here in 1988 and sweating our nads off in THE summer of love. Pills were £20 each…. and were proper strong. This track used to smash it at legendary rave nights like Troll which was in the Soundshaft, adjoined to Heaven. You could go between the clubs and get totally trolled. Nice one matey.”

Utah Saints – Something Good

“This track has so much energy, love the synths. Reminds me of my raving days and of course Kate Bush vocals make it a perfect collab.”

The Duchess of Pork
Company B – Fascinated

“It’s an old Dirtbox favourite that used to get played every single time. Really good with a sniff of amyl.”

A Man To Pet
Michael Jackson – In The Closet

“I came out to my school with keep it in the closet

my teachers expand me to the next level it was absolutly traumatic

last but not list was leaving the school for prostitution with this song.”

“Then I was officially out

but never to my dad and mum.”

Fax Yourself feat Carrie Ann – Strut Your Techno Stuff

“This track is the seminal new beat track and really defines some of the early music I played when we first started Dirtbox.”

The Duchess of Pork
Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit

“This one’s not really a dance track but I’ll always remember 16 year old me going crazy to this at the local alternative bar and then having to cycle home in the freezing cold in a t-shirt because a tramp from the station next door had pissed on my tie-dye jumper and suede jacket in the corner.”

John Sizzle
Dionne – Come Get My Lovin’

“I’m not leaving the 2nd Summer Of Love! This groove from Dionne was everywhere and perfect for a big pile of chillin’ queens having a love-in on the banquettes of clubs from Ibiza to New York to Canvey Island. Proper gorgey surging house beats baby.”

Join the Pecker boys this Friday 4th April at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 3am with special guest Colby B. 

JoJo De Freq’s Electroclash Bangers

Easter Saturday brings a double whammy from Miss JoJo De Freq at SOS, who plays not one but TWO sets! She’ll be in the top bar playing retroclash specials AND down in the laser basement for future sounds! She’ll be joined upstairs by Scottee, K-Y-M (Kim Jakobsen) and IICARUS, and by SOS residents Jim Warboy, Joe Robots and Anton Douglas downstairs.

With JoJo’s prominent electroclash past as resident and co-founder of the legendary London clubnight Nag Nag Nag, and as a former resident of Bugged Out, we got her to dust off some of her favourite records from that era and share her electroclash bangers!

What track in your opinion really kick-started electroclash?

Miss Kittin & The Hacker – Frank Sinatra 

To me this was the song that kick-started electroclash. Originally released in 1998 on their Champaign EP, it stood out from anything else around at the time. It was dark and ’80s sounding but with a deadpan storyteller that brought in a new feminine dimension to techno. I actually first heard it that year on a Danny Tenaglia mix and had to hunt it down instantly.

What tracks do you absolutely KNOW will get everyone excited about electroclash all over again?

Peaches – Fuck the Pain Away

Off her album The Teaches of Peaches released in 2000. The lo-fi, sexed-up beats were old sounds done in a new ways, by a totally new kind of irrepressible and controversial artist. When I played it the crowd’s reaction was always explosive.


Adult – Hand to Phone 

Released in 2000 out of Detroit, this husband and wife electro-duo who went on to write a string of very underground hits and found the Ersatz Audio. They innovated and influenced the sound and style of the time massively. Cold, clinical, sexy, stylish artwork combined with – slightly gothic – mechanical motor city sounds and a story to be told in the most commanding fashion. There was definitely a dominatrix theme going on and it was ever so exciting.

What track makes you instantly transported back to Nag Nag Nag whenever you hear it?

Vitalic – Poney Part 1

Off the Pony EP released on International DJ Gigolos (the most prolific and influential label of the genre) in 2001, had me discovering a hedonistic-club-conquering new sound. Again, it was analogue but it introduced a driving almost rock sound that was the predecessor to all that noisy indie-dance (i.e. Justice, Boys Noize), though this was this was moodier, more melancholic, as well as anthemic and aggressive. It’s a classic and it destroyed the floor every time.

What track sums up the fun of electroclash for you?

Green Velvet – La La Land

Off his album Whatever released in 2001. This song perfectly represents the hedonism of the day and the punk-rock, techno-funk influences that prevailed. Again, a monotone narration over a driving electroclash anthem. Just try not to sing along.

What was your favourite track to end a set with?

Felix Da Housecat – Silver Screen Shower Screen (Jacques Lu Cont remix)

There was quite the creative team involved in this production; the inside story is that the lyrics were written by Tommie Sunshine and main vocals were performed by Miss Kittin. This remix by Stuart Price, under his ’80s influenced pop guise Jacques Lu Cont, was a mega anthem. He totally transformed it with his classy vintage production style. I used to love ending my sets with this as it trailed off with some gorgeous emotive synth strings worthy of holding-your-lighters-up to (not that we did that).

What’s your favourite electroclash remix?

Felix Da Housecat – What Dose it Feel Like? (Royksopp Return to the Sun remix)

This is one of my favorite remixes of the time, released in 2002 at the height of the mayhem and I think introduced a cleaner and housier sounds that was to follow all the clash and trash. This still sounds fresh today.

What track sums up electroclash here in London?

Fischerspooner – Emerge (Dave Clark remix)

In London especially, because of their infamous live shows, this was such an overly hyped band at the time. I’ve not added the original because I think it’s more electro-pop than clash. I did however, really love playing the Dave Clarke remix in my sets because it had a tougher edge and a more DJ friendly format. I know there will be a few people unable to stop themselves dancing like machines to this again.

What track is still dear to your heart?

Tiga and Zyntherious – Sunglasses at Night 

I had to include this. This was released in 2001 and was a genuine underground electro-clash hit. It reached #25 in the UK charts. I was very proud to have another fellow Canadian flying the electro flag, even the original song was by ’80s Canadian pop singer Corey Hart. Not sure if I want to play it again though!

And finally what track can you not wait to play out at Superstore?

Headman – It Rough (Chicken Lips remix)

This was out in 2003, so after the big super-club-crash in 2001,the UK dance industry was beginning pick-up again, and the sounds were evolving into something altogether more groove based and a little bit acid. I loved this sound and I think it went down best in the UK. It was much better received here. I can’t wait to play it at DSS!

Join JoJo De Freq next Saturday 30th March for SOS at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 4:30am.

GutterSlut At Slutty Shopper

We pinned down Per QX and Nic Fisher, two of the boys behind one of our favourite east London gay party institutions, GutterSlut, to chat them up to them about how their night came to be and how they’re playing our very next bank holiday bonanza, Slutty Shopper…

What made you want to start GutterSlut?

Nic: After a couple of years living with Per and Ralf, having too many after parties at ours trashing the flat we decided it was time to move. Per had experience promoting club nights in Sweden, we’re both DJs and as Ralf is a great photographer he would be the best to then document the night. It seems like the perfect idea.

Per: We started GutterSlut as protest against the gay scene that at the time, in 2007, was quite stagnant back then. There was clubs like Trailer Trash around in east London but not much more playing cool dance music. There was no where to go out on Saturday night, so we thought let’s start a fun club that felt like a house party.

You’ve been going for a good few years now- what’s your favourite ever GutterSlut memory?

Nic: The first GutterSlut we did in Berlin was at a place called Hubertus Lounge. To go into the basement you had to enter through a cupboard door, go down a really narrow set of stairs to end up in this really dark and dusty space where the rave was going. It was kind of surreal, very Alice In Wonderland.

Per: There’s too many. I loved it when we played at Summer Rites festival and had all the trannies climbing in the dance tent scaffolding up to the roof, Miss Crystal MC stage diving from the DJ booth, and A Man To Pet crowd surfing away to the music.

You’re going to be at Lovebox Sunday with our disco sisters Trailer Trash and you’ve got DJ Hell, Tiga and a special DFA Disco version from the LCD Soundsystem guys James Murphy and Pat Mahoney playing in your tent! Who are you most looking forward to?

Nic: They are all amazing DJs but I’m really excited to see DJ Hell as he will also put on an incredible visual show.

Per: I’m Looking forward to Tiga. I’ve heard him before and he always rocks the house, but also DJ Hell and the LCD crew will be cool.

Describe the level of debauchery at an average Gutterslut on a level between 1-10.

Nic: With parties that are normally a 10, you’d have to make them 5 so you could give GutterSlut a 10.

Per: 9.5 sometimes 10

What’s your one quintessential Gutterslut tune each?

Nic: There are a few at the moment, MK ‘Burning’ (Round Table Knights Mix) but one that I tend to always play is Deetron ‘Starblazer’

Per: I’ll go for a party anthem Martin Solveig – The Night Out (A-Trak remix) 

If you could have your wildest dreams come true, who would you book to play a dream Gutterslut- alive or dead?

Nic: DJ Sneak, he’s a legend, I heard him in Berlin a couple of years ago and he was brilliant. I love the dirty disco sound he’s releasing on his label.

Per: I think A-Trak would be great.

This weekend you’re playing at Slutty Shopper- a magic team-up between Sink The Pink and Tutti Frutti. Bank holidays here at Superstore are always bananas and it’s fair to say it’s going to be a tranny bonanza. What have you got planned to either drive these ladies wild or keep them under control?

Nic and Per: We don’t think those ladies need to get any wilder, they’re quite mental already and it would be a too difficult job to try and keep them under control, but a few bottles of Jaegermeister always helps.

Define a “gutterslut” for us and tell us which of the two of you first that bill more.

Nic: A true GutterSlut lives in Dalston, goes out on Friday and comes back on Monday sometimes Tuesday escorted by an ambulance or the police with half her garments missing, she wasn’t wearing lots anyway as she loves to show her bits.

It would have to be Per in his hay days , I guess we’ve both calmed down a bit with the years.

Per: A GutterSlut is a person that don’t care about who you are, who you know or when it’s time to go home.

Both GutterSluts Nic Fisher and Per QX play Slutty Shopper this Bank Holiday Sunday here at Dalston Superstore and co-host the dance tent for TrailerTrash Vs GutterSlut at Lovebox Festival in Victoria Park on Sunday 17th June.