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Cooper Saver

Joining us on the London leg of his European mini-tour is LA-based DJ, producer and partystarter Cooper Saver. He is the mastermind behind the Far Away party series in LA, whose list of past guests basically reads as a lineup to the festival of our dreams! He recently served up a far-reaching and uplifting selection on Dan Beaumont and Nadia Ksaiba’s Rhythm Connection show on NTS, and if that is anything to go by we are in for a real eclectic treat when he graces the lazerpit for new party Wave Pool!

Hi Cooper! We can’t wait to have you join us for Wave Pool! How has your 2017 been so far?

Yo! Thanks for having me, I’m super excited! My 2017 has been really intense in the best way possible. Things have been non stop but I’m stoked.

You are the mastermind behind the Far Away brand of warehouse parties, mixtape series and radio shows on DubLab. How did that project come to be?

The radio show came first. I did one party just as a way to celebrate the launch of the radio show – I didn’t intend on doing parties regularly. But of course one thing to lead to another and Far Away transformed into a monthly event!

Who have been some of your favourite guests at your Far Away parties?

We love to keep it in the family – pretty much everyone who plays is someone we’re already friends with or have some sort of mutual connection with, so with that being said pretty much everyone’s a favourite. Some frequent and standout guests include Avalon Emerson, Floating Points, Project Pablo, Courtesy, Young Marco, Tim Sweeney, Mark Seven, the Mood Hut crew… I could go on forever haha. We recently did a couple shows with Ben UFO & Daphni – those were really special and they’re the nicest people – so they’re high on the list too. Also shout out to my friend Nadia Ksaiba who played an incredible set for us earlier this year, I can’t wait to play with her again at Dalston Superstore!

You are taking us on a date in LA – where are we going to eat, drink and dance?

We’ll start things off downtown at the Ace Hotel where some friends are likely to be playing records on the roof. Food and drinks included. And then after that we’ll cruise further downtown for some late night dancing at one of the many secret locations to catch the best vibes LA has to offer until sunrise.

What is one thing that London could learn from LA’s party scene? And have we got anything going on that you feel is missing in LA?

There’s always a “grass is greener” aspect of traveling so it’s hard for me to criticize a place that is still always exciting to me. On the flip side, LA has a serious lack of decent clubs, which is why we do tons of DIY events at random spaces – and it seems London has plenty of cool venues that people actually enjoy going to – so LA could definitely learn from London in that regard.

What is the weirdest/best gig you have ever played?

Weird and best tend to go hand in hand so it’s hard to recall something in particular – but a few weeks ago I was invited to DJ before The Avalanches at their show in LA. Usually DJing at concert venues before bands is a very mellow situation – you’re typically off to the side in the corner playing at a low volume and nobody even knows you’re there. Little did I know I was gonna be playing on stage at full volume to a sold out room (about 1,200 people) on a Wednesday night. It was VERY unexpected and a lot of fun!

What is one track that you wish you produced?

This is a super tough question but I think I’ll have to go with something that’s kept me inspired for a very long time. Metro Area‘s self titled LP is perfection and every track is a classic – whenever I’m making music I often find myself thinking of those tracks, just because it’s important to remember that less is more in many cases. Simplicity is bliss! You don’t always need a million things happening in a track to make it beautiful, effective, and rich with feeling. These Metro Area tracks are the ultimate example of that – so I’ll just say that entire album is my answer.

Favourite release of the year so far?

I can’t get enough of Theme From Q by Objekt, it’s definitely a peaktime go-to track and will be in rotation all year!

Have you got any exciting projects in the pipeline that you can let us in on?

We’re about to start releasing some recordings from the party on cassette as part of the mixtape series – out soon will be Pender Street Steppers b2b Beautiful Swimmers. Really excited to get that out. Also finally going to have my EP finished this year…more on that soon!

And finally, in five words or less, what are you planning to bring to the Superstore basement at Wave Pool?

Uplifting positivity!

Catch Cooper Saver at Wave Pool this Friday 5 May from 9pm-3am at Dalston Superstore!

Five Minutes with Lauer

Cult Athenian party series LaGaSta have already welcomed some phenomenal guests this year, from Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor to Gabe Gurnsey, and the latest artist to join their ranks is one half of Frankfurt-based outfit Tuff City Kids, Lauer. Their debut album Adoldesscent has already been making serious waves since October release, and we can’t wait to hear some of the throbbing house tracks on our newly installed Funktion One Soundsystem! We stole five minutes with Lauer to chat dream collaborations, inspiration tracks and plans for 2017!

If you had to trace your DJ career back to one track that started it all, what would it be?

Hard to break it down to one record… But maybe Arj Snoek – I Can People Know

What is the weirdest/best place you’ve ever played?

Recently.. I’d say Folsom Street Fair and Afterparty in San Francisco… Magic! 

If you could pick any other artist, alive or dead, to collaborate with, who would it be?

Falco would be cool

If you had a time machine and could go dancing anywhere/when, where would you go?

I’d travel to London – Dalston Superstore on 2nd of December 2016! 

Track to rescue a waning dance floor?

Trisomie 21 – Last Song 

Favourite track of the year?

Yet to be found… Frequency Illusions from Beautiful Swimmers is on the hot list though…

Can you let us in on any plans you have in the pipeline?

New music here and there.. remixes too. I was thinking about recording a new Lauer LP next year… More stuff coming with Fabrizio Mammarella and Tuff City Kids and Tim Sweeney and Talamanca System as well. 

Why do you keep away from all social media? When lately it’s sometimes the easiest way to promote/advertise music

There’s no policy behind this really… I was on Myspace and when that drowned it was so sad to watch that i was still mourning when everybody went on Facebook .. I might get a profile soon !

Also I’m a guy who records music and plays records.. there are other people who promote things – called promoters and label managers ..

In a restaurant the guy who cuts the onions doesn’t wait the tables 😉

On the Tuff City Kids album you have collaborations with Annie, Kelley Polar, Jasnau and Joe Goddard. How do these collaborations come about? While writing a track do you think of someone you would like to sing it? 

Not really… We kinda had all of them on our list of people we wanted to work with, and we sent them some music and they made a pick. 

Which is the last song you remember yourself singing or whistling lately?

I remember because by coincidence Gerd (Janson) was talking about the track the same day a bit later: Sandra – Maria Magdalena – the Michel Cretu production.

What’s the ideal soundtrack of a night ride with your car/on a car

The radio or silence… enough tech house all day! 😉

Catch Lauer at LaGaSta on Friday 2 December from 9pm-3am at Dalston Superstore!



Glasgow based house producer and DJ Ooft! aka Ali Herron hits up London town next weekend to join us in Dalston for Ubermax. In addition to making his own deep house, Ali also runs the small UK label Foto Recording that’s previously released acts such as Cole Medina and former Ubermax guest Medlar. 

Known in part for his work with fellow Glaswegian, The Revenge, Ooft! has been steadily gaining more of our attention, and even recently appeared on one of our favourite NY radio shows, Beats In Space. We caught up with the man himself to find out what we can expect from his laser basement set, his feelings on his hometown and more…

What’s in your record bag for Ubermax?

I always pack a mixture of house, disco, soul, and some slower stuff so that I’m prepared for most situations. At the moment I’m particularly feeling tracks from Deetron, Lauer, Daniel Solar, Nick Nikolov and more. There are loads of great tracks kicking around at the moment.

Why did you decide to set up your own label, Foto Recordings and what’s the label’s defining feature?

The main reason I set the label up was simply as a vehicle for releasing my own music. As time has passed I’ve ended up putting out music from other people but mainly close friends of mine. As such there is no defining feature… unless you count ropey artwork!

Foto Recordings artwork

What are your favourite UK labels (other than your own!)?

UK wise here are a few super-consistent favourites: Wolf, Delusions of Grandeur, Use of Weapons, Firecracker, House of Disco, Seven Music, Extended Play, and Disco Deviance. Pretty much every release always has at least one track I really like and end up playing loads.

Anything exciting due on Foto for 2013?

Absolutely nothing! My main aim was to get four releases out over 2012, which should hopefully happen when the next OOFT! EP comes out at the beginning of December. After that I haven’t made any plans for the next phase. We’ll see which way the wind blows!

You were recently on renowned NYC radio show Beats In Space- how did that go and are you happy with the show you did?

It was great fun, really easy too considering it’s a long time since I’ve done any live radio. Tim Sweeney is a consummate host. I thought I was only on for an hour before we started but it was 90 minutes so I managed to get plenty of my favourite tracks played and am pretty happy with the results.

[Listen here]

Who are your all time house heroes?

I could reel off the usual suspects like Lil Louis, Romanthony, The Nightwriters etc but my biggest influence has definitely been two DJs from Glasgow – Harri & Domenic. They have played together every Saturday night at the Sub Club since 1994 and have been my inspiration and education in all things house. I think most artists from Glasgow would be hard pushed to say anything different. 

Describe your relationship with The Revenge…

We’re really good mates with a shared love of music. He was my main production mentor and helped me to learn the basics of music production as I was a DJ with no clue how to do anything! We worked together as OOFT! initially a few years ago before he got too busy with his other projects, but luckily by that point I’d kinda learned enough to continue working on my own We’ve recently started DJing together a lot more again after a long time time flying solo with our monthly Instruments Of Rapture parties back in Glasgow (with Craig Smith from 6th Borough project too).

Where do you go out in your home of Glasgow? What venues and nights are really doing it for you at the moment?

I’ve said this in other interviews before but we’re really spoiled for nightlife in Glasgow considering its small population. There are five or six solid underground nightclubs, of which the Sub Club is my favourite (because it’s the best!). You can basically take your pick most weekends as there will be three or four decent nights on every Friday and Saturday.

Why do you think Glasgow has got such a good dance music scene?

It’s a hard one to pin down but I think the city has traditionally had the weekend socialising scene for many generations where young people would go out to drink and dance the night away and forget about their jobs looming on a Monday morning. This tradition allied to disco, house and techno (and all the newer offshoots) makes for a very potent combination. When it goes off in Glasgow, you know all about it!

What made you want to start making music?

It started off the back of DJing really. I had some favourite older records which I found very hard to mix as they didn’t fit in with the rest of my music. So I started experimenting with basic cut and paste editing of a song so I could get it into my set. Fast forward eight years or so and it has all just grown organically from there! 

And what one song brings you instant nostalgia for your childhood?

Any track off Tina Turners greatest hits, Chris Rea’s New Light Through Old Windows or Survivor’s Eye of The Tiger off a compilation called American Heartbeat. These were the main cassette tapes in my folk’s car stereos! Heady days.

Ooft! joins us for Ubermax on Friday 23rd November from 9pm – 3am with Sigmund K and Eugene & Mortimer. 

The NYC Downlow At Lovebox

With Lovebox galloping ever closer, we thought it high time to catch up with the people behind the area housing our friends Horse Meat Disco at the festival, the NYC Downlow. Gideon Berger and Steve Gallagher, with their joint background in art direction and set building, are also the brains behind Glastonbury’s hedonistic after-hours playground, Block9. This year their efforts are solely focused on Victoria Park as Pilton lays low for 2012, meaning we can expect bigger and better and more flamboyant goings on with Glasgow’s notorious Optimo, Tim Sweeney of celebrated New York radio show Beats In Space and the legendary Andrew Weatherall joining the HMD boys in everyone’s favourite decaying New York tenement block transported to Hackney…

You both run Block9 at Glastonbury Festival, how did it come about and what was the motivation behind it?

Gideon: Block9 is the name of the set design partnership founded by Steve and me in 2007. We specialize in radical set and environment design. We’re based in East London and we design and produce artworks, installations and live events as well as television, film and stage sets. Before inheriting our own field at Glastonbury we had been doing a lot of festival work around the globe both as Block9 and solo in Japan (Fuji Rock), US (Burning Man) and Europe.

Steve: We created The NYC Downlow for Glastonbury 2007 as an answer to a gaping hole in the British festival scene. It’s a film-set replica of a ruined NYC tenement where the murky homo fantasies of The Downlow crew fuse to resurrect New York’s golden age. The exposed first floor apartment is an outdoor music and performance stage, playing host to the UK’s finest alternative cabaret stars. Having purchased a false moustache from the ‘Porn Kiosk’ (with proceeds going to charity) you make your way down a seedy back alley into a vintage New York gay club.

NYC Downlow At Glastonbury

Did you both think it would become such a talking point and that you’d create this super-popular gay club in the middle of a field in the West Country?

Gideon and Steve: When the NYC Downlow first started it was kinda cobbled together… there were over 50 of us who were there in the mud. We had an inkling that it would really kick off, though we weren’t expecting that on the opening night we would have an instant queue of 300 people waiting to get in! In retrospect looking at the star-studded list of Downlow crew, performers and DJ’s present that first year, it is hardly surprising that it was so popular. Jonny Woo, Jon Sizzle, 9bob Rob, Jim Stanton, Le Gateaux Chocolat, Placid, Luke Howard, James Hillard, Suppository Spelling, Dr Noki, Severino, Foolish Felix… an amazing line up.

How did you guys become involved with Lovebox and what is it about the Sunday that makes it so special?

Gideon and Steve: Jim and James from Horse Meat had done a disco venue at Lovebox in 2006, which was the year before we built the NYC Downlow for Glastonbury. We all had a fucking ball that first year and the boys were keen to bring NYC Downlow to Lovebox as the spiritual home of Horse Meat Disco. They hooked us up with Tim, Jules and Rob from Lovebox and the rest is history. In answer to the “What makes Sunday so special?” question…. well it’s the fact that Sunday is all about the HOMO. And the NYC Downlow is built entirely around the HOMO… from the music, to the set and lighting design…come check it out and you will see.

NYC Downlow At Lovebox

Tell us a bit about what people can expect from NYC Downlow this year and what kind of effort goes in to building the area…

Gideon: The NYC Downlow takes a huge amount of effort to put together really. Shipping containers, cranes, telehandlers, scaffolders, thousands of self-adhesive moustaches, a New York taxicabs, trannies, booze, flashy lights, vintage gay porn, you know…that kinda thing! Stir it all together in Victoria Park, add the finest vintage disco and house and a little sunshine and hey presto – you’ve got yourself The NYC Downlow.

Steve: The Downlow this year features HORSE MEAT DISCO, ANDREW WEATHERALL, OPTIMO, TIM SWEENEY and some killer drag. This year we also have some seriously hot go-go boys too…watch out!

NYC Downlow Lovebox

Was the born out of a love of DJIng or just a natural progression from the festival work?

Gideon: came about really because of two things. The first was that the NYC Downlow became so successful that people really wanted access to our DJ’s and music throughout the year. Through the NYC Dowlow festival venue we had built a network of underground homo DJ’s from all around the globe who were super keen to get involved. Our regular contributors include some giants like Horse Meat Disco, Greg Wilson, Danielli Baldelli, Hannah Holland, Digs and Whoosh, Joshua Iz and a huge amount of other DJ’s specializing in funk, soul, disco vintage house and reggae! I was regularly making mix tapes and CD’s for friends and I kinda thought that maybe hosting them online somewhere might be a good idea too. The success of Block9’s NYC Downlow plus my relatively large output of mixes kinda just added up to the radio. We had no idea it would become a HUGE thing. Thousands of people around the world listen to us every month. It’s the sound of the homo-funk-soul underground!

Steve: We help fund the radio by selling NYC Downlow merchandise from our online shop

NYC Downlow Vest

The NYC Downlow will be at Lovebox Festival in Victoria Park on Sunday 17th June with Horse Meat Disco, Andrew Weatherall, Tim Sweeney and Optimo. For tickets and further info visit: 

Photo credits: Darrell Berry // NYC Downlow