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This Friday we welcome Kaos mainstay and the man behind Pan Muzik… Othon! He brings his brand new party Papa Loko to the Superstore basement for a night of “high-frequency techno, transcendental deep house and emotionally explosive electronica”. Ahead of the party we caught up with him to find out just what we can expect on the night…

Describe Pan Muzik in one sentence?

Music that does not fit in a box and defies the limitations of genre.

Who or what is Papa Loko?

Papa Loko was the first Houngan or priest in the Vodoun (known here as Voodoo) tradition. He is the Loa or spirit of plants and trees and he is a powerful healer. Though most people will think of Papa Loko as “Crazy Daddy”, it is actually a bit more subversive and esoteric than that! But I also like the fact that there is a sense of humor attached to it. I want the party to be fun and not take itself too seriously, even though the music will be stellar and the crowd hot!

What do you want people to experience and take away from your night?

I want people to dance their guts out and let their consciousness transcend much beyond our confined everyday reality. I would like people to have serious fun and get healed at the same time; to induce hormonal delirium and hyperspatial Oneness!

Marc Almond regularly features on your albums- how did you come to work with him?

It is thanks to Myspace, believe it or not. It was the period after he had his terrible accident where he almost lost his life, and he had more free time than usual. As I was a huge fan, I decided to write to him and he actually read my message and listened to my music. Great timing I guess! He commented back saying that he loved what he heard and that he wanted to hear more… and then I took a deep breath and asked him if he would sing a few tracks for my first album. To my surprise he said that he would love to. Since then we stayed connected and I will be soon releasing Cobra Coral EP which will be featuring him together with Boss Axis and other great artists.

What influence does your Greek roots have on the music you make?

I love the moodiness and melancholy of some older Greek songs and some of it is present in my tracks though it is so twisted and personalised that is almost hard to tell where it comes from!

What does Kaos mean to you?

A lot! Kaos is part of my big London family. I have been there since Day One and I hope I will be there, whenever I can, for years to come. Kaos has been a great source of joy and inspiration to my life and the life of others and Lee Adams, who runs it, is like my brother. The cool thing is that though Papa Loko will share some similarities with Kaos, its identity will be very distinct and musically will have a slightly different focus.

If you had a time machine and could visit any dance floor anywhere where would you want to go dancing?

I miss the old Trade at Turnmills and Fist at Imperial Gardens! Though this is not the kind of music I would play nowadays, it was amazing for the time and the horniness in both parties was beyond!! I find big London gay clubs at the moment a bit pointless or even worst, a bit sad… I am happy to stay East for sure!

Who is joining you in the Superstore basement and why are they amazing?

I have two DJs with me at the Superstore; Dahc Dermur VIII is a bold and highly imaginative DJ who has been playing at the coolest parties in the UK and major fashion events, like Rick Owens’ famous packed party at Selfridges last summer. He is also a walking work of art – he just looks stunning! – and a New York fashion icon too. Dahc is very dear to me and has been involved with Papa Loko from a very early stage, so his vibrations are totally in-tune with the concept of the party.

Damin Hansford is a South African DJ who has played at Boiler Room as well as other great parties and who has relocated to London recently. When I heard his slightly softer but emotionally dense seamless sets, I knew immediately that he would be the perfect DJ to set the mood of the party right and create the perfect space for magic to happen.

Tell us about the artist who designed your poster…

The Papa Loko drawing is actually taken from a painting by the American artist Matt Sesow whose quite obsessive work I deeply admire. The actual design in the poster is by Domingo Rosas Aguilar who resides in Mexico and has designed my website and my latest album Pineal.

What ethos do you make your music to?

If I can make people feel more, think more, do more and create more I am happy!

Join Othon for Papa Loko this Friday 10th April at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 3am.

Photo credit: Darren Black

Pecker’s Last Spurts

“And now the end is near a so it’s time to draw the curtain” crooned ol’ glassy eyes Frankie S back in the day and it’s with tears in our own peepers that we bid a fond farewell to PECKER for a bit. We’ve had a blast at Superstore over the past year… we’ve fondled, caressed and shook the dance floors. We’ve boozed, bopped and surfed on and off the bar upstairs. Those Dirtbox boys Pork and Gibson have caressed and teased the limbs of all and sundry with their housey tunage whilst A Man To Pet and I have literally murdered many a superstars biggest hits with our enthusiastic lip-sunk performances. So it’s with a teary eye we bid you adieu and leave you with a collection of other FINAL SPURTS from pop-culture over the years.


John Sizzle x


The last Trade at Turnmills before the nightclub shut down, this place is now legendary. I even got myself a piece of the dance floor, literally, as a souvenir.

Trade at Turnmills

The last words of James French convicted murderer, sentence to the electric chair.

“Hey fellas how about this for a headline for tomorrow’s papers? French Fries” haha.


Death of Tribalism in fashion… ever since the ’50s there has been a youth movement with their own distinct style rockers, mods, hippies, punks, new romantics, ravers.

Tribalism in fashion

Death of Rik Mayall, 1958-2014, Death of post punk comic genius. Famed for his manic characters in The Young Ones, Drop Dead Fred and Bottom.


The 17 deaths of Kathryn Janeway, the fiercest Star Trek captain ever. So fierce she came back from the dead 17 times to make it back home to the alpha quadrant.

Myrtle Snow’s last words before being burned at the stake in American Horror Story.

AHS Myrtle


The last applause of Nana Mouskouri

Basically looking the same as she started never change

The Sound of Music’s “So Long Farewell” inspired me to be the performer you see today. I love nuns, I love children, I love their clothes. If only I was 20 years younger…I’d make a fabulous Maria.


Aah Marilyn…. She copped it soon after being sacked from the last film she worked on – Something’s Got To Give. She certainly went out with a bang. Rumour has it the CIA helped her along. Either way I don’t think she was ready… Apparently she was looking her best on her final and uncompleted movie.

Remember Dynasty, that bonkers 80s soap with our Joanie C and co? Did you ever see the even more ridiculous spin-off, The Colby’s? It was shite…. BUT when it ended it threw away reality and had good daughter Fallon meet with some sexy aliens and get whisked off in a deluxe UF fucking O. Now that’s how you make a FINAL exit!

Fallon's Alien Abduction

Join John Sizzle, A Man To Pet, Gibson, the Duchess Of Pork and special guest Nic Fisher at Pecker: The Final Spurt this Friday 1st August from 9pm – 3am at Dalston Superstore.

Blu Peter

After their last smash party with Miss Lina Bradford, Pecker is back! And they’ve coaxed ’90s legend Blu Peter(!!!) out east for an old-school laser basemet DJ set! He’ll be joined by Dirtbox duo the Duchess Of Pork and Gibson whilst upstairs John Sizzle and A Man To Pet aka Grizzle bring their unique blend of cabaret, insults and banging music to the top deck disco. Ahead of the party the residents posed a few questions to their special guest and of course all the sensible questions come from Gibson whereas the more… questionable… questions stem from Grizzle…

Gibson: You had some pretty legendary residencies in club history at both Heaven and Turnmills. What are your memories of those days?    

Blu Peter: I think my memories are pretty cool. Imagine going to DJ at your favourite club. Unbelievable. And then to make a contribution to people’s memories is such an honour. When I first started at FF (the really cool Sunday nighter) the DJ booth was not enclosed and completely open and sitting overlooking the legendary dance floor. John Newman the owner used to come and do the lights for my set. He really loved the music and the light show was spectacular. 

Playing Heaven’s main floor was like flying a massive jet. Another place with amazing light shows. It was so good talking to so many different people about the thing you had in common… the music. It’s this that drives you. I took my job seriously and my idea was and still is, to engage the whole and not the few, to take people on the journey and get to a safe and soft landing. 

Sizzle: I lost a stillie at Trade in ’93… can I have it back now please?

No. Thought I’d got away with that. Funny how the past catches up!!

Gibson: One of the first times I remember seeing you DJ was right in front of 50,000 people at a rave, what does that energy feel like?

It feels otherworldly. But you know what, smaller and more intimate places suits me best. I like to see people’s faces and expressions. Get a connection with individuals and make it personal. 

A Man To Pet: What is your favourite bird is it a BluTit or a Pea Cock? 

A BluTit definitely!

Gibson: You were one of the first DJs to start using the Pioneer CDJ’s to mix with instead of Technics turntables. Would you say technology has revolutionised the way we mix now and did it start with that first CDJ?

CDs did open the door to change but at the end of the day, a CD is just a small record! What has made a real difference is the software solutions, which allow a DJ to be more creative in so many ways. It really is great. However, I will be mixing vinyl and CDs myself. Not sure if I’ll bring the laptop this time. Vinyl sounds great. You still can’t beat the sound of a needle on a record. 

Gibson: How does all the new computer software/hardware options today compare to the old turntable days?

It’s just different. You can either use a program to do what you would do on decks or… you can get full on creative and make a whole new soundscape in a completely unique way. 

Gibson: Digital or Vinyl?

Vinyl for sound and MP3 for doing something new. CDs for emergency! 

Pet:  There is a rumour that Hannah Holland is the lovechild of you and Mrs Wood. Is this true? 

Come on! Really? Of course she is! Beauty brains and twice in rehab… it’s a no brainer!!  Seriously though, she’s not, sadly. I can see how you thought that… I could adopt her though?

Gibson: You are also famed for pioneering the Nu-NRG sound in the ’90s, how has your music taste evolved and what/who are you interested in today?

It has evolved. Even the music of Melt back in 97/8 was different to FF, which preceded it. The music I played in 2001 was again different. Always changing to where I am now. But at Pecker it will be an old school vibe and I’m loving what I’ve selected so far!

Sizzle: Pet and I have incredibly unique singing voices… fancy producing an album of ballads for us?

(This I’d like to hear) Yeah, sure. 

Gibson: You were signed to the amazing REACT records and remixed countless artists, what project has been your favourite and why? 

The Reactivate series was great and contributing to that was such an honour. Elevator was a project that ended too soon. It should’ve kept going but there were some negative influences at the time. It would’ve been massive otherwise. Pictures In Your Mind was good. I may revisit that this year…

Sizzle: You want to buy some pills? They’re pucker mate…

I’ve heard that one before!!

Join Blu Peter at Pecker next Friday 7th March at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 3am.

Malcolm Duffy’s On A Bender

Next weekend sees Trade legend Malcolm Duffy grace the Dalston Superstore laser basement for bi-monthly night Bender! He’ll be joined by Cathal, whilst upstairs resident C*nt Mix Wont Mix and NYC Downlow’s Gideon DJ, and there’s even a special live PA from hot French DJ/producer/rapper Kiddy Smile. PLUS hostess with the mostess Glyn Famous of Sink The Pink fame.

Ahead of the party we caught up with Mr Duffy himself to find out more about the heady days of Trade, and his recent return to DJing…

What’s the biggest bender you’ve ever been on?

The whole of the nineties.

Describe an average night at Trade for you in three words…

Hedonistic, camp and rough.

Who out of the other Trade DJs always had you dancing and to what?

They all did at different times, (except Steve Thomas) especially Daz Saund in the early days, he would play one off American house tracks that used to blow me away.

How does the scene in London compare now?

I think it is a lot more controlled now; we used to go from club to club every night of the week, which only so many people knew about. It was a lot more underground and less commercial, there weren’t a lot of people making any money out of it, it was more out of a love for music and fashion etc.

And how does it feel DJing again? Are you building similar sets, digging out old records or are you totally immersing yourself in mew music?

A mixture of both. You can’t top the old ones, but they should only come out on special occasions. Musically I am the same, just less tribal. There seems to be some nice tracks coming out again which is quite refreshing for me, as it’s been a while out of the DJing loop.

Is there anyone new exciting you especially music-wise at the moment?

There is an artist I like called David Glass that I am feeling at the moment (not literally).

What’s your fave ever Trade memory?

My memories of Trade are of meeting so many wonderful and varied characters, the sheer full on madness of it all, including power cuts where people didn’t notice and continued to dance to Wayne Sleep dancing his tits off on the podium. There used to be a man who came in every week and stood chatting to the fruit machine all night, I think he was in love… the list goes on and on.

If you could go back in time to any dance floor anywhen/anywhere, where would we be setting the time machine to go to?

The Pink Panther in Soho, that was the most amazing club ever. It used to get raided every night and we would get thrown out by the police, so we used to walk round the block and go back in. It was the smallest and roughest dive ever, but it was phenomenal.

And where or what was your own personal earliest dancefloors?

The first clubs in London I went to were called Bolts and the Pink Panther.

Tell us ONE record that is guaranteed to send the whole dancefloor on a massive bender?

I Am Somebody…. Technasia.

 Join Malcom Duffy at Bender on Saturday 23rd November from 9pm – 3am at Dalston Superstore.

Fictional Gay Bars!

By Niall Connolly

Gay bars and clubs are, of course, very important for the LGBTQ community, but the depictions of gay bars (ie, spaces where homosexuals can gather and interact as we “really are”, without having to conform to the norms of straight society) can be just as powerful as the real life spaces that gays inhabit. Because, let’s face it, an awful lot of people out there have absolutely no desire to ever visit a gay bar in the flesh, and the closest they will ever come to a gay bar is seeing one depicted on the big or small screens.

With that in mind (and acknowledging that the bars and clubs depicted on this list are shamefully not that diverse, what with the cultural/media myth that every gay bar is basically a male leather biker bar) here’s a short list of our favourite fictional gay bars from film and TV. Please feel free to leave your own suggestions of any we may have missed at the bottom…

The Imperial, The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert 

Featured in the opening scenes of one of THE all-time great drag movies, The Imperial looks more than a little rowdy, but also like a lot of goddam fun. As long as you don’t lip sync to Abba. Interestingly, the location where these scenes were filmed has become so legendary that it has now been renamed “Priscilla’s” and hosts regular drag shows.  

The Tool Box, Wayne’s World 2

A great little nod to The Village People and gay culture in general, this scene from Wayne’s World 2 is one of those rare comedy moments where gay bars and patrons are in on, rather than the butt of, the joke. In a way it also foreshadows Mike Myers’ gig as the ULTIMATE gay landlord, Steve Rubell of Studio 54, and also hints at the top-notch job Myers would do with the role. 

Blue Oyster Bar, Police Academy

The, ahem, Daddy of them all. Say the words “gay bar” to most people and this is what most of them will answer with. Actually not as offensive as it could have been, Blue Oyster Bar is perhaps now most notable for its excellent choice in music.

Trade, Sex And The City

Ok two confessions to make here: I am going through a bit of a SATC obsession right now, rewatching the entire show and realising now, at a bit of distance, just how fantasized the “New York” represented in the show is. And secondly: Trade is actually a real gay bar, not a fictionalised locale. But hey, all of SATC seems so utterly unreal now that it might as well be. 

Un-named gay bar, The Sopranos

Anyone who has watched the final series of the Sopranos can not help but be swept up in the brilliant “Vito is GAY?!” storyline, as it swerves from loving self-acceptance to the bitterest of tragedies. And it all started at this unknown gay bar which, seeing as it is full of overweight mafioso in leather S&M gear, is basically my dream come true. Also probably a good place to pay homage to the late, great James Gandolfini, the ultimate “bear” icon. R.I.P.!

BONUS PICK! The Mineshaft, Cruising

The Mineshaft, from William Friedkin’s 1980 murder mystery Cruising, is perhaps the best realisation of the gay bar as a space laden with fear and apprehension for straight society – from the predatory sexuality and exhibitionist sex acts to the gaudy lights and wild drug consumption. Although itself a problematic (if enjoyable) movie, time has been kinder to Cruising than perhaps was expected. Maybe it’s a retro fascination with “vintage” sleaze, or maybe it’s the longing for sexually liberated, pre-AIDS time, but it is interesting to note how the depiction of life at the Mineshaft has gone from one of curious revulsion to something laden with kitsch giggles. 

Read more by Niall at his blog:


With the launch night of Bender almost upon us, we decided it was high time to catch up with special guest Fidel. Having played around the world, in China, Russia and beyond, and not just the usual Ibiza/London haunts; he’s also scored residencies in legendary clubs such as Turnmills and Fabric, and played alongside house music luminaries such as Derrick Carter, DJ Sneak, Junior Vasquez. Before he joins Space veteran Smokin Jo in the laser basement at Bender, we posed a few of our burning questions to Fidel…
The club scene in London has changed a lot since you first started going out- if you could bring one thing or aspect of it back from the early ’90s what would it be?
Oh my. Have I been around that long? Ha! 
Trade at Turnmills was my sanctuary. Back then it was pretty amazing and I spent most of my clubbing days there. That’s how I really got into DJing; listening to Malcolm Duffy, Daz Saund, Trevor Rockliffe, Smokin Jo and Steve Thomas. The way they properly mixed underground house and techno records was mind blowing and flawless. That was an exciting time for the scene and for me. I don’t think I would be DJing if I hadn’t stepped foot in there and been inspired by such great talents. 
You used to be in a production duo called 2 Slags… what is the worst thing you’ve ever done to earn the epithet “SLAG”?
Giving head in drag. Ha! 
What’s the most mental place you’ve ever DJ’ed?
That would probably would have to be Hong Kong. The whole city rocks and they know how to throw a good party. I lived out there for a while and got up to all sorts of trouble. I remember one night playing at a massive airport to thousands of people just going completely nuts to pumping house. That was quite magical. 
What’s the best bit of (untrue) gossip you’ve ever heard about yourself?
That I’m a big woman. 
One record that sums up going on a bender…
DJ Sneak- You Can’t Hide From Your Bud
One record that sums up being a bender…
Ultra Naté – Free

Worst fashion faux pas you’ve seen this week?
Men in Crocs- they all must be stopped at all costs.
Besides yourself, who is your hot tip for the summer?
Juilan Murariu: my Romanian child. I taught him how to mix on vinyl and he loves it. I think he’s gonna make his Big Mama proud. 
Describe your mix in 3 words…
Jackin’ Gangster House.
Join Fidel at Bender on Saturday 27th July at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 3am.

Borja Vs Jonjo

By Borja Peña

I have been following Hot Boy Dancing Spot’s The Lovely Jonjo since he used to play at Trash on Mondays at the sadly now gone club The End. I remember it like it was yesterday, his sets were always so unexpected, from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs to Kraftwerk; you couldn’t help but turn your head to the booth and wonder who was this DJ with blonde curls…. 

Well, almost ten years later I have finally booked him to play at B(e)ast and I couldn’t be more excited, but before the party on Saturday 1st of June, let’s find out more about Mr. Jonjo while we enjoy some sangrias in sunny Barcelona just in time for Primavera Sound…

Hey Jonjo, Primavera always has the reputation to book these bands that are largely unknown to the general public and then a year later everybody is talking about them… who are you looking forward to seeing the most at this festival, who do you think is the underdog?

Two bands that have really dividing people at the mo are The Knife and Savages, I have seen both but can’t wait to see them again. Saw Veronica Falls last night, proper British band; the drummer is amazing. Other bands I’m looking forward to, apart from Blur and Phoenix (swooon), are Tame Impala and Death Grips.

Amazing I really hope you make them part of your set!

I remember hearing you playing with Erol Alkan at Trash in the now disappeared The End. What are the clubs you miss the most in London and why?

God there are so many clubs that are no longer around that formed my teenage ears. Smashing at The Eve Club, Turnmills for Heavenly Social and of course Trade, Bagleys, and I used to love The Leisure Lounge when Popstars was there.

Your club Hot Boy Dancing Spot is now an institution, but if we talk about actual hot boys… who is your ultimate hottie?

Movie stars or pop stars don’t really do it for me. Lots of cute boys walking around here in Barcelona but the boy I’m seeing really is the hottest in my eyes hehe.

I’ve seen you play at some crazy nights… and days… but what is the weirdest thing that has happened to you while playing?

God so many weird things, a man got a bit gropey in Tel Aviv, a little bit forward. Apart from that just odd requests, Geri Haliwell asking for “black music” springs to mind, silly cow, Prince was playing.

You play so many styles but if you had to do a back to back and you could choose any DJ who would that be and what would be the track would you start your set with?

Apart from you Borja you mean hahaha! I’m a huge fan of KiNK and would love to be on same bill as him let alone back2back. I would probs open with anything by Daniel Maloso, all of his releases drive me crazy.

It was so great working in the studio with you and Tom Stephan and I love playing the track we made together! Are you working on other tracks at the moment?

I know right! So much fun working with you and Tom, our track The Birds goes mental on dancefloor. I just finished a edit for Moonlight Matters as well.

And totally random I know but… If you were a B(e)ast… which one would you be and why?

I know it’s a little Miss World but I would have to say a dolphin. Sunny sunny and smiley.

Join Borja and Jonjo in the basement at B(e)ast on Saturday 1st June from 9pm – 3am at Dalston Superstore.

Smokin Jo

After praying good and hard, the girls of East London have had their earthly desires granted and a heavenly force has delivered unto them a hot Easter Sunday party! Going by the somewhat sacriligious name of Sister Pantychrist, this glorious worship of dance music carries on right through the night until 4:30am, and features a fallen angel in the shape of legendary DJ and former Trade resident Smokin Jo, and five (count’em, five) ex nuns called Borja Peña, Cathal, Bisoux, Rebecca Sawyer and DJ Squeaky. 

Ahead of Sunday’s extravaganza we managed to prise Smokin’ Jo away from her divinely duties to find out more about her favourite tracks, what it takes to be a female DJ and what inspired her to pick up her headphones in the ’90s…

What parties and what DJs inspired you to start DJing yourself?

I used to go to all the big raves and underground illegal warehouse parties in the late ’80s: places like Clink St, Sunrise, The Dungeons were all amazing; DJ’s like Colin Favor, Tony Humpries, Evil Eddie Richards, Kid Batchelor really inspired me; the deep house and techno sounds I fell in love with.

When did you make your first ever mix tape?

God… ummm probably around September 1990. I got some decks and used to practise every day, I made tapes and played them in a shop I used to work in. 

What does Trade mean to you?

Trade means so much to me, It was the club that launched my career, not to mention it was utter mayhem every week. It was a dream gig, to be able to play that music to that crowd is something I will NEVER forget. It was a truly special time, the energy and the feeling that everyone was one. Every track I played and every mix I did was greeted with cheers and applause. Magical.

As a longtime London resident and someone who regularly plays here and abroad, what’s your take on the current view in the music press that London’s club scene (both on the smaller night scale and bigger warehouse events) is in dire straits?

I think the press always needs something to complain about. We are very spoilt in London to have such a diverse music scene, and while some clubs maybe are getting a bit stale and lazy, there are lots of underground, illegal or newer parties and venues that are popping up which are amazing. Dance Tunnel, Half Baked, Shelter, The Loft Studios are all amazing. If you want a good night out you need to go and and find it not expect it to come to you.

You’re our fallen angel at Sister Pantychrist… what’s the most angelic or heavenly act you’ve ever committed?

One time in Ibiza my boyfriend and I found a girl who had fallen into the port in Ibiza town, she had lost her friends, had no money and no idea what she was doing, totally off her nut. We took her back to our place and looked after for a few days, gave her food, let her stay and showed her a good time in Ibiza! 

Tell us one track you plan to play that’ll deliver salvation to the crowd…

Pleasurekraft  – American Hustle

What’s the funniest inaccuracy you’ve ever read about yourself?

That I was married to Skin from Skunk Anansie.

You’ve said in the past you found it easier to stand out when you were first starting out as there were only about 4 female DJs in the UK… now that there are a considerable amount more, what does a girl have to do to get noticed?

I guess it is the DJs that treat themselves like a brand that make it now. You have to have an agent, a manager, PR, your own record label, a club night, lots of tracks out. Maybe even your own merchandise. This is not something that I think makes a good DJ but it seems these days you have to have a team behind you to really stand out and make it.

You’ve recently been releasing on Hannah Holland’s Native City label- how did that come about?

I have know Hannah for years, she is a good mate, when she said she was starting a label I jumped at the chance, keep it in the family and all that!

What are your three favourite tracks for dancing to? And not necessarily ones that you’d play out…

The Emotions – Best of My Love

Blackstreet – No Diggity

Soft Cell – Tainted Love

Join Smokin Jo at Sister Pantychrist on Easter Sunday 31st March at Dalston Superstore from 7pm – 4:30am


Italian stallion Pagano joins us for his Dalston Superstore debut this Saturday for Little Gay Brother Presents… Flex! He’ll be down in the sweaty laser basement getting pulses racing with some true dancefloor cardio werk-outs with LGB resident Chris Camplin. Upstairs Doll (Skint Records) will be playing an exclusive DJ set alongside Laurent C (Discotec) and LGB’s very own Terry Vietheer.

Before the weekend Pagano made us this exclusive hot hot techhouse mix to get us pumped for the party and answered our burning questions about being an international DJ, wearing spandex and what he loves about London…

You seem to be jet setting all over the place at the moment- where’s the best place you’ve played recently?

The atmosphere in Brazil is unrivalled because the events are massive and clubbing is a fairly recent thing over there, so the crowd is really up for it. But as an artist my favourite gigs are still in European capitals: Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Rome and London. Here club culture is established and punters are musically educated, so I can be more creative with my sets and I can get away with more sophisticated and obscure stuff. This makes the whole DJing experience much more rewarding for me. 

What’s your favourite international gay party to play at?

Probably La Demence in Brussels. It takes place at Fuse which is Belgium’s biggest and most famous techno club and it attracts a very varied crowd of all ages, races and styles: from club kids to bears, leather men to fashionistas. Just like it used to be before the scene started to fragment into a million niches. Everyone comes to La Demence to party and checks their attitude at the door, it is the ultimate gay rave.

If you could time travel back to any dancefloor anywhere, where would we be going?

Obviously Trade at Turnmills. I have been a resident at the club since 2006, but that has nothing to do with it. For me it was the best clubbing experience from a punter point of view. No better place to really let your hair down with like minded people and listen to a variety of cutting-edge sounds, nothing has ever come even close to it yet. 

Tell us a surprising secret about yourself…

I grew up a rock kid. Robert Smith was my God! I was into Violent Femmes, The Pixies, The Clash, Sex Pistols even The Cult. Then I discovered Depeche Mode and Sigue Sigue Sputnik and my life changed…

If you were entering one of your own productions into Eurovision, which one would you enter and what would you wear for the televised performance?

I would probably ask Rammstein to record an anti-christ style heavy metal meets techno collaboration tune to make everyone who watches it cry for forgiveness. This will obviously involve lots of dark make-ups, fake blood and Texas-Chain-Massacre style scary masks. Seriously: I hate that Eurovision shit! It’s so naff that I don’t even find it funny… 

What do you miss about living in your home country of Italy?

The food and the sun. But that’s about it. I love the UK.

And what do you love about London?

London is the real capital of the world. Forget about NYC. London is where every culture and race really meet. No doubt about it. Combining this with London’s own cultural movements throughout the years from the sixties to today, it creates a melting pot that enriches me and feeds me every day. 

What’s an average day like in Pagano’s life?

If I am not traveling, I am either reviewing new music for my DJ sets or I am locked in the studio producing. The more I work the merrier. 

Will you be wearing work-out spandex for your set at LGB Presents… Flex!?

Unfortunately I am afraid they don’t come in my size. Spandex is a privilege, not a right: big guuurls like me should avoid at any cost! Having said that: my outfit will be more eighties than Joan Collins in Dynasty! Wait and see…

What one track will you play to ensure the dancefloor gets their disco stretches?

I have some industrial-chic bootlegs I can’t wait to debut in East London. Think ‘Lady Miss Kier’ warehouse style! Enough said…

Join Pagano at Little Gay Brother Presents… Flex! this Saturday 16th March from 9pm – 4am at Dalston Superstore.