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Mouth to mouth

The latest edition to our rotation of Thursday night thumpers is Mouth to Mouth, the three-way brainchild of A Boy From Outer Space, Joe Roberts and Nick Powell! With a beyond-impressive combined CV which ranges from House of Trax to Field Maneuvers and our very own Uncontrollable Urge, this new Thursday night rave will have you crawling into bed way past your usual weeknight bed time! Their strong focus on early nineties house, hi-NRG disco, electro and rave and a distinctly queer ethos have got us very excited to see this baby grows. We caught up with residents Sadie, Joe and Nick to chat top tracks, party politics and, well, making out!

Hey Mouth to Mouth DJs! Can you each tell us a bit about yourselves for those who don’t know you yet?

NICK: I’m Nick, ex-resident of musically-maximalist Sunday funday get-together, Blogger’s Delight, and then of vogue, house and booty-bass monthly party House of Trax. I’ve been playing out since doing Bugged Out! and Fabric in my teens, and also love to do more experimental/ambient sets, warming up for less dancefloor-orientated gigs…

SADIE: I’m Sadie, a lover of early ’90s rave and hardcore, new beat, synth-pop,  Jimmy Somerville, being true to yourself and anything above 130bpm.

JOE: I’m Joe. You may know me as a resident of Superstore’s weekly Wednesday party Uncontrollable Urge, from my previous incarnation as an editor of a dance music magazine or as a frequenter of too many East End after parties from 2007 until…

Also one half of Field Maneuvers residents Local Group, purveyors of garage, hardcore, jungle and other things that go bass in the night – we have a monthly Strange Loops radio show on Music Box Radio.

How did the three of you come to be throwing a party together?

JOE: I met Nick through Violet, wonderful Portuguese DJ, producer, co-founder of Radio Quantica and muse of Donatella Versace, while she was still living in Dalston. We all DJed together at a pub by Victoria Park and when the night was over it transpired we’d drunk all our rider and all our wages too. Naturally, I invited Nick to play at a party off-shoot of another of my radio shows, Ecstasy Garage Disco (also on Music Box Radio), and it spiralled again, but this time in a different way.

NICK: This was at Wunderlust in Deptford, where Sadie’s beautacious ways entranced behind the bar. We got chatting and natural energy got us wanting to throw a fun and free-lovin’ gay partay in a less manufactured, less economically demanding way that many events seem to be headed.

SADIE: Since moving to South London a year ago I’d always been thinking, ‘Where are the gay parties in SE London?’ There are a plethora of queer people in SE and I’ve always wanted to put on a rave for queers in SE, then the universe brought me the perfect people to do it with. As a queer South-Londoner gagging to be free on the dance floor and dance to incredible music in my endz, within the first magical conversation I had with Nick (at EGD) we’d decided we wanted to throw a party together with Joe.

What is the concept behind Mouth To Mouth?

SADIE: Music to thrust hard to in a dark place.

NICK: Mouth To Mouth is about doing away with sexual boundaries, just as a good DJ does away with genre boundaries. The crowds are free to do as they please and whoever they please, in parallel with the DJ playing what they please. Music passes like kisses from mouth to mouth; passion reigns supreme.

JOE: Free your mind… and everyone else’s ass will follow.

Where did the name Mouth To Mouth come from?

NICK: The natural foregrounding of the sensual over the anything else. But mainly, not the Audion track.

JOE: It started with a kiss… never thought it would come to this. Whatever your identity, kissing is pretty much a universal good time. There are some also some pretty fetishistic close-ups of CPR on the web and it felt like we could breathe some new life into clubland.

SADIE: Kissing is my all time favourite hobby, second to mouthing off. 

Why did you choose Dalston Superstore for Mouth to Mouth?

JOE: Going to Trailer Trash from around 2007 to whenever it ended, the weekly party run by Matt Tucker and Dan Pope, two of the founders of Dalston Superstore, changed my life. It was at On The Rocks, now Basing House, which then was a ramshackle venue that was rammed from start to finish with nothing to do but get stuck into a heavy mix of electro, techno and early fidget house that nobody seemed to be playing anywhere else. Feeling I didn’t really fit in at (de facto) straight or most traditional gay venues, the mix of people there just made sense. It was about open-mindedness and not giving a shit about who or what anyone was. From there I met so many other people that I’m still friends with, Jim Warboy, whose Sabajaq party I’m also resident at, being one. Superstore is a continuation of that energy and attitude.

 SADIE: I’ve been having an amazing time at Superstore for years, and when I was first going could only have dreamt of playing there. Not having a particularly ‘gay’ community around me when I was younger it was difficult meeting people with similar sexual preferences, but Superstore is a haven for a variety of cultures, sexualities, genders and ideas, as well as continuously booking incredible DJs. Dreams can come true.

NICK: Dalston Superstore has definitely established itself firmly as a venue with unparalleled positive energy about it. It’s a space that people who are open-minded musically flock to.

If you could change anything about London’s LGBT+ clubbing scene, what would it be? 

SADIE: To be honest I think we’re doing pretty well, and it’s getting better in terms of music variation and parties in East London. Were working on the SE part. I do find there are less women at gay club nights. Perhaps I need to throw a lesbian warehouse rave.

NICK: The main thing that can’t easily be changed would be to lengthen the opening hours of clubs. It gets tiring having to leave a club at 3am, rather than 8 or 9, for example. Also, London is so big, it needs more clubs generally. South London in particular is full of gay boys and girls who have to travel for hours to let themselves go and be free. Also, being bitchy can be fun and part of gay culture – i.e. reading culture – but London clubs can just get so scene-y it’s a huge turn-off for many people. Many people do not go to the same club week in week out and therefore are not part of a scene, and are treated cuntily for this. Perhaps if there were more clubs to choose from the scene would be diluted and the atmosphere refreshed.

JOE: People of all nations, genders and sexualities dancing together, rather than in niche parties. When that happens, it’s the best. At the same time, I totally understand the need to be around people you identify with.

We love your artwork! Who is the visionary behind it?

SADIE: It’s me! I really like the abstract, surrealism and geometry. I love combining odd colours and forms, especially those that express free love. I’m always saying you have to listen to the universe and let it out from the unconscious, and thats hopefully what my drawings do. I think we should definitely talk about sex and sexuality more in order for us to all feel more comfortable with ourselves, our desires and our sex lives. It’s not a secret or anything to be shy about. All our bodies and genitalia are beautiful and I want us to all feel that from my drawings. You’ll definitely be seeing more of my work soon!

If you had to sum up Mouth to Mouth in one track, what would it be?

JOE: Divine – Native Love (Step By Step)

SADIE: Company B – Fascinated (Club mix)

NICK: Vicious Pink – Cccan’t You See


What records aren’t leaving your bag at the moment?

NICK : 1. Housemaster Baldwin feat. Paris Grey – Don’t Lead Me (Medusa Mix) 2. Seydinah – A La Folie 3. Gay Marvine – Heaven

JOE: 1. A.Avenue – Golden Queen (I-Robots Reconstruction) 2. Bwana – Generation Nostalgia 3. Import 1 – Set It Off (Party Rock)

SADIE-  1. Shawn Christopher – People of all Nations (House Mix) 2. Transform – Transformation   3. Yazoo – Goodbye 70’s

Do you have any exciting plans on the go that you can let us in on? 

NICK: I’ll be supporting Tropic of Cancer and Demdike Stare at the Jazz Cafe at the end of May.

JOE: I’m playing at Sabajaq at the end of this month with Kim Ann Foxman and Catz ‘N Dogz which I’m really hyped about! We’ve also just started a monthly two-hour show on Radio Quantica, complete with weird, time-stretched affirmations and non sequiturs amongst dreamy downtempo, electro, house and rave. 

Catch Sadie, Joe and Nick at Mouth to Mouth this Thursday 6 April from 9pm-2:30am at Dalston Superstore!


Happy 5th Birthday DSS

By Cliff Joannou / reprinted from QX Magazine with kind permission

Dalston Superstore put queer East on the map five years ago. With an incredible array of club nights, combining explosive DJs with the most mentalist drag queens and trannies, you don’t get more bang for your buck than a weekend at the ‘Superstore. Owners Mikki Most and Dan Beaumont plied Cliff Joannou with plenty of prosecco and told him just how they pull it all together every week…

CLIFF: Why is Dalston Superstore the dog’s bollocks?

DAN: Come down to our birthday next Sunday and we’ll show you…

You’re on. How has Dalston itself evolved over the past five years, and what impact has the ‘Superstore had on the area…

DAN: When we started out people thought we were crazy trying to open a gay bar in Dalston! 

MIKKI: Yes, we were pretty much the first bar in the area, and certainly the first gay bar, so I think people thought we were mental. We’ve opened up a lot of doors in the area for people though, and it’s been amazing to be part of helping make Dalston more diverse. It’s been stressful at times but the booze helps!

How have you set it apart from other gay venues?

DAN: Music, booze, food and fun! You never know what to expect at the ‘Superstore. You could find Grizzle reenacting the Human Centipede on the bar – don’t ask! – and then pop downstairs for dance courtesy of some hot young DJ we’ve found in New York or Berlin.

MIKKI: Yes, we’ve always tried to push things a bit here and not just do the obvious stuff. We both ran clubs before [TrailerTrash and Disco Bloodbath] and putting on great DJs is fundamental. We’re open day and night, and I like the idea you can come for a decent cocktail and some food early evening and still be here at 4am in the morning dancing… There’s not too many places offering that in London.

For such an intimate club spot, you’ve had some very cool DJs jump at the chance to play there…

DAN: The best thing about programming your own discotheque is that you get to bring all your favourite DJs over to play. Highlights for us have been an amazing set from Prosumer in the early days, Erol Alkan dropping a disco set, the legendary David Morales playing for four hours, and multiple visits from people like Optimo, Horse Meat Disco, Chloé and Spencer Parker. Plus, our amazing residents – it wouldn’t be the same without Hannah Holland, Borja Peña, the Little Gay Brother guys, Lovely Jonjo, Dave Kendrick, Jos Gibson and the Duchess of Pork et al.

MIKKI: Absolutely, we recently had the guys over from Members Club in Berlin for B(e)ast and the music was really amazing and fresh for London. It’s great to have the freedom to bring over international talent and introduce it to our scene over here.

And it’s the place to put a wig on it…

MIKKI: It’s part of what we are and to be honest all the best nights I can remember at ‘Superstore have involved wigs and heels flying around all over the place. So many of our regulars turn up in flats and leave in heels, it’s what gives the place its sparkle.

DAN: [Laughs] Yes, our bar very often gets mistaken for a stage by our bewigged regulars doesn’t it? We wouldn’t be the venue we are without the support of people like Jonny Woo, A Man To Pet, John Sizzle, Jacqui Potato and Glyn Famous. In fact we are still in awe of their talents… not to mention their ability to stage dive in heels on a Friday night without sustaining any injuries.

Dalston Superstore (117 Kingsland High St, E8 2PB) celebrates its 5th birthday over the May Bank Holiday weekend with the main party on Sunday 4th May.


The very next B(e)ast is a Berlin Vs London affair with the top bar seeing Borja joined by our very own Mikki Most for a hazy recreation of their b2b set at that den of iniquity that is Trailer Trash’s New Years Day party. Meanwhile downstairs Tom Peters is joined by fellow Berlin resident Stereon for a recreation of party vibes direct from the city where anything goes!

Viennese Stereon has been DJing both in his hometown since 1991 and now in his current chosen city of Berlin playing in places such as Cookies, Berghain, Tresor and more. We caught up with him to find out what’s in store for the lazer basement, how he got into DJing and what dancefloors around the world have his heart…

What’s the biggest difference in playing in your previous home of Vienna to your current home of Berlin?

Well, there are so many differences that it’s hard to describe. I had some great years DJing in Vienna, but Berlin just has so much more nightlife, and in general a much better informed and international crowd than probably any other city in the world. People come to Berlin to party and not just to go out a bit.

Where is your favourite dancefloor outside of Berlin?

I will always remember the club-room of the (not so legendary anymore) U4 in Vienna. I was resident there for eight years on the weekly Heaven gay night. I had a lot of crazy and very pumping nights djing there. And then there’s the now forgotten P1 Vienna. The first big club I went to when I was 14 years old and where I had a great time djing 10 years later as resident of a very successful weekly party called Liquid, in late ‘99 until around 2002.

What DJ inspired you to follow in their footsteps?

That’s hard to say as I’ve played a lot of different styles over the years and each branch of the electronic music tree has its own heroes. Christopher Just from Vienna was definitely always one of my main heroes before I started DJing myself. But I never really wanted to get into anybody’s footsteps. I think there are too many djs trying to get into someone else’s footsteps. I always tried to go my own way and I try to stay true to my vision of nightlife and party music without covering too much of the current trends and hypes.

What do you get up to when you’re not playing records?

I just enjoy my very relaxed Berlin Friedrichshain life. I’ve never regretted moving to this city and I still can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather live. It has the perfect mix of low cost and urban adventure to enjoy life in a way that other cities can’t really offer at the moment.

What’s the craziest party you’ve ever played at?

There has been some of course, but probably the Lady Gaga after show party at Berghain’s Laboratory was one of the craziest.

How do you detox after a heavy weekend of DJing and partying?

I normally feel quite fine after weekends. But there is nothing better for your body than a good herbal tea with a good amount of ginger, some fresh orange juice and honey.

What’s the most important aspect of the night for you- your tune selection, the crowd, the club, the atmosphere? Obviously all plays a big part but what do you find personally affects you the most?

For me it is the tune selection. As a DJ I always try to make the people feel good with themselves and sexy. I want them to dance and have some fun for their effort of coming to the club. And I think with the right tracks at the right moment, all other aspects can be influenced and tuned to the desired atmosphere.

What projects are you currently working on?

At the moment I am working on a remix for a friend’s band project. aMinus is a very friendly bloke from France who’s stranded in Berlin as well. I actually should have delivered already but I still don’t know if it’s finished or not. The single will be called Don’t Mind Me Now and will be released within the next two months or so.

Describe what your set will be like at B(e)ast in 3 words…

Sexy! Pumping! Vogue!

Join Stereon for B(e)ast with Tom Peters, Borja Peña and Mikki Most on Saturday 2nd February from 9pm – 3am.

Ivan Smagghe At Trailer Trash

As the inimitable Ivan Smagghe is set to play the Halloween party hosted by our disco sisters Trailer Trash and the good ship Bugged Out, we managed to get a moment with the man himself to discuss what Halloween means to him, the roots of his long-standing relationship with Andrew Weatherall and what really scares him.

To really get into the spirit of things, check out this live recording of Ivan playing at our San Francisco friends Honey Soundsystem…

Londoners really get into All Hallows Eve- what’s the best Halloween party you’ve played in terms of effort gone into by promoters and by the crowd themselves?

I must admit I’m not a very big Halloween fan. I think it’s a corporate American thing that’s been imported here. It’s not an English tradition. Or European. It’s a bit of a cashing-in job I think. That said, if you want to have a costume party it doesn’t have to be Halloween. Like Horse Meat Disco. But that’s just their general style of living. It’s not a costume, that’s just the way they are. I think that’s the way to be.

Yeah, Halloween, I don’t mind it, but I wouldn’t put too much into it. If you want to dress up you can dress up any time really.

Do you find the mood different at Halloween events, in terms of reading the crowd and selecting records?

No. Playing records certainly not. If it’s going to be Halloween, it’s always fun if people make more of an effort but it gets into a cycle… there’s Halloween, then there’s Christmas… that whole invasion of things you “have to do”. Do it if you want to do it. I’m French so we do Mardi Gras which is in March/April. 20 years ago Halloween didn’t exist and people were still partying.

You’re playing at Bugged Out/Trailer Trash with Andrew Weatherall- a DJ/producer you’ve often associated with. How did you come to meet?

I was a fan, as were quite a lot of people of my age, but we met quite late actually. We met when I moved to London so about 10 years ago probably. It was quite randomly at a party that I was playing. We’ve got the same booker so that’s how we started playing together and we kinda play similar music. There’s not many people I play joint with… maybe only five or six and he’s one of them. It was a random meeting. Pretty simple. Even though I was a fan I didn’t feel intimidated, he might be intimidating to some people but he’s a gentleman.

You’ve said you have other DJs who you play out with quite a lot, but is Weatherall one you have a particularly close relationship with as you’re so often associated with each other?

It comes from the music I suppose. He’s a bit older than me but we were both listening to other types of music when acid house first happened. And we’ve got our differences, he’s a massive reggae fan and I’m not but it all comes from the fact we’re open minded and not only focussed on electronic music. That makes it work. With other DJs I play with the link is definitely more related to electronic music. We have links outside of music, books for instance. We talk a lot about other things. It’s not only about the music… And probably being moody sometimes. That’s been said about him beforehand and that’s what’s said about me.

What scares you the most?

What scares me the most? Myself. Probably.

And what should more people be scared of?

Not me! That’s a definite no. They shouldn’t be scared of me.

They should be scared of greed.

You recently contributed a remix for and played the Paris launch party for Astro lab’s compilation Treasure Hunting- have you got any more records coming out on the label?

Errr not that I know of. Maybe in the future but not at the moment. I’ve known Laurent (Pastor) for years but I’ve got a lot on at moment.

Anything else you’ve been working on lately- anything for Kill The DJ?

I’ve just finished a remix for Visionquest, Seth Troxler’s label. That should come out very soon. I’ve got a mix coming on Eskimo. But the main thing is really the It’s A Fine Line album on Kill The DJ. Hopefully it should be out before next summer.

Lots of people record under aliases, and Halloween is a time when people get to dress up and pretend to be other than they are. Do you ever wish this was a route you’d followed?

Pretending I’m someone that I’m not? Absolutely not. God, that is so not me. It’s the same thing isn’t it, if you want to do that why would you need Halloween for that? If you want to be someone else just be that person. And that’s it. It’s so complicated just being yourself, if you then had to be someone else… Jesus Christ. No. No. 

Ivan Smagghe joins Andrew Weatherall, Waze & Odyssey and Hannah Holland at the Bugged Out + Trailer Trash Halloween House Of Horrors tomorrow night (Saturday 27th October) from 10pm – 6am at Netil House in Hackney. Advanced tickets are now sold out but there are 50 held back for the door- first come first served! 

10 Superstore Memories

With our third birthday almost upon us we’ve been reminiscing about our favourite times. Here are 10 Superstore memories that will never leave us!

Hot Boy Dancing Spot Construction Party

We had no idea what we were letting ourselves in for when we opened our doors for the very first time for a ‘secret’ construction party with the help of The Lovely Jonjo. Totally bonkers.


John Sizzle and A Man To Pet are the epitome of showbiz. Their bar-top interpretations of classic movies are legendary. Our favourite? Difficult to choose between The Birds and Human Centipede… Their mini epics are always utterly incredible.


Every time JD Twitch & JG Wilkes come down on the Megabus we have to have the handyman on standby the next day to repair the damage! Our basement has never seen such punishment.

Lovebox Sunday Afters

Firmly locked in the calendar as the must-do aftershow… Peaches dancing on the bar, Robyn on the decks and more synthetic hair than you could possibly imagine in one place. 

Body Talk Launch

Rokk launched our flagship Body Talk night with a massive Grace Jones tribute and covered the venue with blinking ‘80s TVs – Since then it’s gone from strength to strength with some serious DJ guests like Trevor Jackson, Digs & Woosh, Mickey Moonlight and others dropping beats for one of London’s best crowds.

Robert Owens’ Residency

We couldn’t quite believe it when the legendary vocalist and DJ Robert Owens asked to play here once a month. His residency along with the Society collective pairs him with house music veterans like Terry Farley, Trevor Fung and Rocky. The Christmas party was something else… “Happy Christmaaaaaasaaaaaas Dalston Superstooooooooooore!”


Always a pleasure when Mr Panzetta drops in for a spin! He rocks our basement like no one else and definitely scoops the prize for most enthusiastic DJ-dancer!!

Beautiful Freaks Opening

Gutterslut’s Ralf O launched his awesome photography exhibition with the help of artist Tony Hornecker …. A surreal happening involving a temporary shanty town in our basement, a hidden tranny in the toilet and Jonny Woo trapped in a box. 

Trailer Trash Christmas party

Who’s idea was it to install a snow machine in the upstairs bar??!! Somewhere between Santa’s grotto and a budget foam party – a night that we (and dry cleaners within a 5 mile radius) will remember for quite some time

A DJ or two… 

Andy Blake, Prosumer, The Two Bears, Erol Alkan, DJ Nature, Thomas Bullock, Hard Ton, The Magician, Danny Wang, Joakim, Kim Ann Foxman, Mickey Moonlight, Discodromo, Abe Duque, Tom Trago, Tiago, Boris, Mylo, Villa, Disco Bloodbath, Horse Meat Disco, Hannah Holland, Boy George, Smokin’ Jo, Honey Dijon, Nathan Gregory Wilkins, Hunee, Mark Seven, Trevor Jackson, Alex Smoke, Chloe, Neville Watson, Frank Tope, Maxxi Soundsystem, Toby Tobias, Andrew Weatherall, Blake Baxter, Deepgroove, Azari & III, Daniel Avery, Bicep, Jay Shepheard, Danny Rampling, Little Boots, Zombie Nation, Drop The Lime and loads more…. 

Let us know YOUR favourite Superstore memory in the comments section and the best will win a bottle of prosecco to drink here at your favourite disco pleasure palace.

Dalston Superstore 3rd Birthday Party is this Saturday 26th April with some of our favourite DJs ever playing including Severino, Tom Stephan Kris Di Angelis, Mikki Most, Rokk, Dan Beaumont, Squeaky, John Sizzle, A Man To Pet, Josh Caffe, Borja Peña, Mark-Ashley Dupé, JERK! and Will Viper.

Photo credit of Beautiful Freaks Opening: Darrell Berry


The TrailerTrash team are super-excited to have Kill The DJ’s Chloé play their tranny-extravaganza and have wanted her on their bill for some time now. We were lucky enough to catch up with the French underground electronic star and quiz her on the dance scene in Paris, her recent projects and playing the Easter long weekend…

How did you get into DJing?

I started DJing when I was 17, actually when I discovered electronic music. I started buying records; at that time you couldn’t find this music on any other format than vinyl. I was studying law and university gives you a lot of time so I was playing more and more and then I started to produce. I released my first EP in 2001 on Karat records. Since then I’ve DJed everywhere, released a lot of EPs and remixes on different labels, released two albums, and will release a new track on my first label Karat in the next two months.

What’s the dance music scene in Paris like at the moment?

In the last two years there have been much more parties going on, inside clubs as usual, like Rex Club and Showcase, but more and more outside clubs which is kind of new for Paris.

You’re playing at the TrailerTrash Easter Sunday Special- do Parisians go all out for long weekends like Londoners do?

A lot of Parisians goes out on long weekends, but a lot also leave Paris to go to the countryside. In the summertime on long weekend Paris is a bit empty.

You DJ all over the world- what’s the most remote or strangest place you’ve ever played?

I’ve played few times in India, and it’s an amazing place to play that you’d never think about.

Your last album came out in 2010- do you have plans to do another?

 My first album The Waiting Room was released in 2007, the second one One In Other in 2010. These days I’m not focusing on a new album, as I’m working on remixes and EPs, and also I’m producing an artist called The Big Crunch Theory, working on her second album.

Can you tell us a bit more about your live show and subsequent book Chasser Croiser?

I released a book and CD in September 2011, it was a very specific project organised by the French radio show L’Atelier de Création Radiophonique (ACR). The show asks artists from any origins to arrange and create an artistic piece. Radio is a laboratory of sound experimentation. I was totally free to choose a specific theme and to work on it the way I wanted. The result was a 40-minute piece that I performed live at the Centre Pompidou in Paris and is released on the CD.

The book consists of my photos taken during trips, tours and DJ sets, notes, projects, albums, collaborations, and excerpts from notebooks.

Which surrealist artists have been the biggest influences on your music?

Aragon, Duchamp, Elsa Triolet, Joyce Mansour, Maiakovski. Surrealists left us with an important freedom to dream, create poetry and love, and it’s in this way it’s a big influence.

Who would you share your dream line-up with?

Maybe my mum, as she use to be a Disc Jockey when she was young!

What is the one record you just can’t stop playing?

I like Metronomy’s latest album a lot!

Chloé plays TRANNYTRASH this Easter Sunday 8th April with Hannah Holland (TrailerTrash), Michelle Moist (TrailerTrash), Alexandra Parade (TrailerTrash), Nicola Fisher (Gutterslut), Josheline Caffe (Batty Bass) and Dame Squeaky (Paris’ Acid Ball) all spinning their wigs in-between spinning records from 8pm – 4am. 


Tranny Trash

Easter Sunday is tranny takeover day here at Dalston Superstore! Superstore boss and TrailerTrash head-honcho dons a wig and lippy to transform into his alter-ego Michelle Moist for another edition of the ever-popular TrannyTrash. We caught up with her to see what crazy goings on will take place and why it’ll be worth hiding your glitter-covered face with a feather boa from your family come Easter Monday lunch…

How did Trailer Trash morph into the spectacular Tranny Trash?

It’s always something that we have loved doing as part of TrailerTrash, ever since we did the first one back when TrailerTrash was weekly at On The Rocks all those years ago. We did it just as a bit of fun but everyone loved it and the party was totally amazing so it’s become a regular thing… it’s about everyone getting their Tranny look on and werking it!

What kind of look will your tranny alter-ego Michelle Moist be going for and how do you plan to outdo your fellow trannies?

I think Michelle is going slutty this time, phonebooth chic is the look!  We have Tranny Trash fave’s the amazing Jonny Woo, Ma Butcher and GRIZZLE! (John Sizzle and A Man To Pet) taking charge and that’s pretty tuff competition for anyone. It’s about glitter and tits, tits, TITS though and that means some more bin bags for Michelle coz she can’t afford the proper job yet!

What fabulous antics can we expect from  the Johnny Woo, John Sizzle, A Man To Pet, Ma Butcher combination?

There will be plenty of Tranny aerobics without a doubt! All of the above are renowned for gettin’ a party started and the bartop at Dalston Superstore is perfect for some Tranny catwalk vogue action! I have heard rumours of a flying tranny trapeze performance from GRIZZLE! which sounds amazing but all will be revealed on the night. Be very afraid!!!!!

Did you have to bribe your superstar headliner Chloé with records and heels to get her over from Paris?

Haha, well a nice new pair of heels can easily be sent over but I think they might be a little bit too big for her I’m afraid! Chloé has been one of our favourite DJ’s for ages and we’ve always wanted to have her play at one of our TrailerTrash parties. Her sets are always amazing, both deep and driving, and they really lock people into the dancefloor. She doesn’t really play in the UK very much so we’re super excited to have her over for this special Tranny Trash party. She will be playing down in the lazer basement along with Hannah Holland and it’s gonna get pretty sweaty down there!

And finally, how trashy can a tranny be?

Pretty damn trashy…. come along on Sunday and you’ll find out. It’s gonna be a bikini waxin’ disco dazzler!

TrannyTrash takes place this Easter Sunday 8th April with Chloé (Bpitch Control/Kill The DJ), Hannah Holland (TrailerTrash), Michelle Moist (TrailerTrash), Alexandra Parade (TrailerTrash), Nicola Fisher (Gutterslut), Josheline Caffe (Batty Bass) and Dame Squeaky (Paris’ Acid Ball) all spinning their wigs in-between spinning records from 8pm – 4am. 

Photo Credit: Kenny Campbell 

Hannah Holland Vs Smokin Jo

It’s time for another Paris’ Acid Ball, and after the success of the fabulous Miss Honey Dijon, they’ve recruited the legendary Smokin’ Jo to their cause. She’s been taking dancefloors deeper since landing her first gig in the early ’90s at the infamous afterhours party Trade, and has been on a global house journey ever since. Jo is a formidable selector as anyone who saw her turn it out at last year’s Trailer Trash extravaganza can attest.

We’re so excited for her to lay it down in the basement that we asked Acid Ball resident Hannah Holland to quiz her on all things H.O.U.S.E. and we even asked both lovely ladies to participate in a little virtual back to back session from the comfort of their own laptop screens using YouTube and SoundCloud…

HANNAH: When was the first time you heard house music and that acid sound?!

JO: It was in 1986 or ‘87, I used to go to a club called Enter The Dragon in Kensington, it was the most popular/coolest night in London at the time, when west London was really happening and the sound was rare groove. One night about an hour before the end a new DJ came on and started playing house music, it was a like a revelation, it was so amazing to hear some new different music, a lot of people didn’t like it or get it and left but I stayed and danced my tits off! I LOVED IT!

You’ve played literally every corner of the globe, what’s the most drama you’ve seen on a dancefloor / maddest place you’ve played?!

I must say the early days of playing in Ibiza were pretty nuts, it is still crazy now but back in 1992 Ibiza was full of the most outrageous characters and there were many more gay people/ trannies/drag queens there. Playing in the open air on the Space terrace was just the most bizarre and exciting experience ever. And also Manumussion at its peak was pretty full on, watching a girl fist her female partner whilst hanging in some netting over my head while I was DJing was rather memorable!

Gay club culture has always influenced straight clubland, and ballroom bitch tracks are all over the place again, what’s your relationship to the gay scene and why do you think it has such an influence?

I started my career on the gay scene, playing every week at Trade, the first legal after-hours in the whole of the UK. Back then the gay scene was leading the way musically. The atmosphere in gay/mixed clubs is much more OTT and out there, I love the vibe and the appreciation you get from the crowd. People don’t realise how many of the big DJ’s and producers are gay and the music they make sets the tone for the whole scene.

Last time you played for Paris’ Acid Ball was one of the best sets we’ve heard there, where were you pulling those tracks from!?!

Well if you have been DJing for 21 years you are gonna build up a rather large collection. I picked some oldies and favourites out to bust that night. I actually sold around 2000 of my old records a few years ago; it is truly one of my biggest regrets in life.

You’ve been releasing some killer tunes on Area Remote, Dirt Crew, Monique Speciale, what’s your inspiration in the studio?

My inspiration usually comes from older tracks, I like to try to have a bit of old skool flava in my tunes.



Smokin’ Jo’s first choice…

K-HAND – I Can’t Take You Leaving Me

Hannah Holland’s first choice…

Boddika & Joy Orbison – Swims 

Jo’s second choice…

Lil’ Mo’ Ying Yang.Reach.Yin Yang Dub

Hannah’s second choice…

Robert Owens – Bring Down The Walls

Jo’s final choice…

Banji Boys – Love Thang

Hannah’s final choice…

MikeQ – Feels Like (ft. Kevin JZ Prodigy)

Smokin’ Jo’s latest EP, Listen Up, is available exclusively from Beatport and you can catch her play at Paris’ Acid Ball alongside Hannah Holland, Dan Beaumont and DJ Squeaky this Saturday 10th March from 9pm – 3am in the lazer basement.

Lovebox Sunday

We’re super pleased to be collaborating with the amazing Lovebox festival this year taking over the second stage and transforming it in our very own fabulous Dalston Superstore Live arena! Headlining we have the amazing Azari & IIIPatrick Wolf and The Rapture! We’ll also be bringing you the delectable sounds of Tyson, Ronika, The Golden Filter and our own very special dance tent with super special guests still to be announced.

What with Sunday being the Out And Out Fierce day, the main stage sees a spectacular lineup consisting of Holly Johnson of Frankie Goes To Hollywood, the legendary Chic with Nile Rodgers, Swedish witch-pop duo Niki And The Dove and drag superstar Jonny Woo. 

Elsewhere in Victoria Park our naughty disco sisters Trailer Trash go head to head with Gutter Slut in the Big Top laying on an epic bill of DJ Hell, Tiga, Ivan Smaghhe, Hannah Holland and more. Whilst Horse Meat Disco host the NYC Downlow area with HMD residents, Andrew Weatherall, Tim Sweeney and Optimo.

Lovebox tickets are notorious for selling out quickly so we definitely recommend looking into it now. See you at the front!