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Kiwi and Nina Nana

By Florian Dovillez

Our favourite happy-go-lucky homodisco Homodrop returns to Superstore this Saturday with a special appearance from London based DJ, producer and genre-defying wunderkind Kiwi (Disco HalalFuture Boogie)! Joining him is the queen of the queer scene in Geneva, Nina Nana who is known for DJ sets which branch into the world of drag performance and span disco, italo, boogie and beyond! We caught up with them to get a forecast of what to expect at Homodrop!

Describe in one image your vision of the party.

Divine, Grace, Jones, and friends (Photo by Ron Galella/WireImage)

Nina Nana: 


Describe with one track your vision of party.

Kiwi: This one’s much harder, because i can’t think of a track that really sums up everything a party can be. But this ones been doing the business recently, pitched own of course.

Nina Nana: 


Queen or queer?

Kiwi: Queen

Nina Nana: Queen of queer!

Are they any exciting future projects for you that you can share with us?

Kiwi: So many! Releasing tonnes of music this year, on some of my favourite labels including Life and Death, Disco Halal and Futureboogie, plus this one which is out soon and has a Tuff City Kids remix, and then I’m just finalising plans to launch my own label next year.

Nina Nana: This! 

What can we expect from your DJ set for Homodrop?

Kiwi: A good dose of fun, and the unexpected 😉

Nina Nana: Drag LOOKS! 

Catch Kiwi and Nina Nana at Homodrop this Saturday 2 September from 9pm-4am at Dalston Superstore! 


Five Minutes with Lauer

Cult Athenian party series LaGaSta have already welcomed some phenomenal guests this year, from Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor to Gabe Gurnsey, and the latest artist to join their ranks is one half of Frankfurt-based outfit Tuff City Kids, Lauer. Their debut album Adoldesscent has already been making serious waves since October release, and we can’t wait to hear some of the throbbing house tracks on our newly installed Funktion One Soundsystem! We stole five minutes with Lauer to chat dream collaborations, inspiration tracks and plans for 2017!

If you had to trace your DJ career back to one track that started it all, what would it be?

Hard to break it down to one record… But maybe Arj Snoek – I Can People Know

What is the weirdest/best place you’ve ever played?

Recently.. I’d say Folsom Street Fair and Afterparty in San Francisco… Magic! 

If you could pick any other artist, alive or dead, to collaborate with, who would it be?

Falco would be cool

If you had a time machine and could go dancing anywhere/when, where would you go?

I’d travel to London – Dalston Superstore on 2nd of December 2016! 

Track to rescue a waning dance floor?

Trisomie 21 – Last Song 

Favourite track of the year?

Yet to be found… Frequency Illusions from Beautiful Swimmers is on the hot list though…

Can you let us in on any plans you have in the pipeline?

New music here and there.. remixes too. I was thinking about recording a new Lauer LP next year… More stuff coming with Fabrizio Mammarella and Tuff City Kids and Tim Sweeney and Talamanca System as well. 

Why do you keep away from all social media? When lately it’s sometimes the easiest way to promote/advertise music

There’s no policy behind this really… I was on Myspace and when that drowned it was so sad to watch that i was still mourning when everybody went on Facebook .. I might get a profile soon !

Also I’m a guy who records music and plays records.. there are other people who promote things – called promoters and label managers ..

In a restaurant the guy who cuts the onions doesn’t wait the tables 😉

On the Tuff City Kids album you have collaborations with Annie, Kelley Polar, Jasnau and Joe Goddard. How do these collaborations come about? While writing a track do you think of someone you would like to sing it? 

Not really… We kinda had all of them on our list of people we wanted to work with, and we sent them some music and they made a pick. 

Which is the last song you remember yourself singing or whistling lately?

I remember because by coincidence Gerd (Janson) was talking about the track the same day a bit later: Sandra – Maria Magdalena – the Michel Cretu production.

What’s the ideal soundtrack of a night ride with your car/on a car

The radio or silence… enough tech house all day! 😉

Catch Lauer at LaGaSta on Friday 2 December from 9pm-3am at Dalston Superstore!