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5 Minutes With Ed DMX

5 Minutes With Ed DMX

Drum Circus takes over the top bar tonight with Ed DMX of DMX Krew fame! An extremely influential artist who's released on respected labels such as Warp, Rephlex, Ghostly, Fresh Up and Permanent Vacation; his work spans various styles, from hard techno to electro and even taking in synthpop. We managed to pin down the eclectic and enigmatic Ed for a five minute chat before his set tonight...

EDMX - Cerberus from EDMX on Vimeo.

You're named after the Oberheim DMX drum machine… what's been your most recent hardware purchase?

Some new Doepfer modules for my modular synth.

Can you distill into one sentence why analogue is important to you?

It sounds nice, it's fun to play with and I can get the sound I want very quickly.

In a 17+ year career, what's one record you've made that stands out for you for whatever reason?

Galaxy Love because it's the newest one :) and the vocals are in tune for once.

You've been pretty vocal over the years about your love of music generally and your dislike of "genres". What sound will you be aiming for with your set at Superstore this Friday in that case?

They told me the idea of the night is "guilty pleasures" and while I've never been ashamed of liking what I like, I guess that means playing stuff you can't normally play in a club set. At the same time, it's a Friday night gig in a bar so I guess I'll aim for the more camp end of disco, '80s favourites, maybe a spot of dancehall, '90s r'n'b... a bit of everything as usual but no hard techno!

And what one record, either by yourself or not, can we expect to hear?

Work It by Missy Elliot.

Ed DMX plays Drum Circus with Pony Girl (Endurance), Ian Robinson in the top bar whilst in the basement it's Ubermax with Adeline (Get Physical), Kais, Sigmund K and Eugene & Mortimer tonight (Friday 12th October) from 9pm - 4am.

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5 Minutes With Ed DMX