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A date with Ryan Smith

A date with Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith is a busy boy. Our favourite New York DJ, party organiser, record label owner and DJ-agent Mr Smith knows his way around the Big Apple. We think Ryan is the perfect New York host so we asked him where he would take us on a date in his town...

Where would you take us for an aperitif?

Well if were going on a date you're probably gay so maybe Nowhere Bar or I also like going to the patio at The Maritime, they have tasty drinks and you can smoke! ...Or maybe a brown bag it in a park if you're feeling a bit on the wild side.

 And where are we going for dinner?

I'm a Mexican food addict and if Dalston Superstore were coming all the way from London it must experience some of the best Mexican in the city.  In my opinion that would be Café El Porta in Nolita or La Superior in Williamsburg.  The latter has the best authentic mini tacos - especially the garlic shrimp and to start the queso with chorizo.  Of course we'd have quite a few margaritas as well!  

Where are we going dancing afterwards?

Depends on the night but there are so many great parties in the city.  Predominantly straight but with a bit of gay are the legendary Bunker, Mister Saturday Night or gay parties like Spank or my own Wrecked (but hard to do a date before a party).  During the summer there is Mister Sunday which is one of my favourite parties of the summer.  You get to dance outside with a good mix of New Yorkers and people from everywhere really.  Definately has to be quality music wherever we go!

We happen to know that you are a pizza connoisseur, so where is the best slice in the city?

Haha, the best!?  Again depends what you're looking for.  So many options in NYC.  But I'm so bad with names I'd have to walk you there.  But Big Gay Ice Cream is delicious.  I think Dalston Superstore would have to pop in there for a salty pimp.

Good morning... you got lucky! Where are we going for coffee and breakfast?

Westville - favourite brunch in the city. The last time I was there I had a breakfast tostada.  Enough said...

Oh and coffee!  I love stumptown, blue bottle, gimme coffee, ports and a bunch of other spots but no starbucks!  I'm coffee addicted.

What's your perfect new york city day?

It's summertime and I'd wake up get a coffee and a sandwich from Chelsea Market (maybe with you) and then walk over to the pier - see who's there and get some sun.  Then go for some Mexican in the village to put the summertime feeling in full effect.  Then nap and go dancing!!  Bike rides are always great too but can the Dalston Superstore ride a bike?

Ryan plays Optimo at Dalston Superstore on June 16th 

Ryan's label Discaire Records 

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A date with Ryan Smith