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Abattoir Speak To Ali Renault

Abattoir Speak To Ali Renault

Ahead of Abattoir this Friday, resident DJ RUFUS&Bambi sat down with their special guest for the laser basement Ali Renault (Heartbreak/Cestrian) to find out more about his music taste...

By RUFUS&Bambi

Tell us a bit about yourself… when and how did your relationship with music start?

I guess I’m sort of known for making slow dark disco of sorts under my Ali Renault moniker, and faster electroid pieces under my Cestrian guise. My relationship with music started when I was four years old when my parents bought me a Shakin Stevens record for my birthday.

What’s the song/album/artist you’re most obsessed with now?

There are too many to chose from, but if I had to name one now the song I’m obsessing over is Hard Corps - Je Suis Passe. It’s a masterpiece. As far as albums it would have to be New Muziks - Warp From 82. And for artist... again probably New Muzik.

Your new label Vivod is receiving very good (and deserved) reviews! What’s the story behind the name, the fascinating artworks, and choosing to go wax only?

Thanks! Vivod is the name of a small valley/village in north Wales near Chester where I’m from. I became slightly obsessed with the name after getting lost there with my girlfriend a few years ago. Without going into too much detail the images for each release are Vivodian soldiers from WW2. The choice to go wax only wasn’t really a considered one as I’m pro vinyl anyway. It was more a case of finding a more interesting way to make and package records to sell. I’ve had the idea of screen printing straight onto white labels for ages so it was just a matter of finding the right theme and means to screen print, which took quite a while before it all became viable. 

Which records never leave your DJ bag?

Mark Du Mosch – Cold Sweat EP. This is a real DJ tool for me as each track has a different style , tempo and mood but all very ‘mixable’. He’s my favourite house producer of today.

Human League – Unlimited Orchestra. Instrumental dubs of the classics produced by the excellent Martin Rushent RIP.

Koto – Visitors. I don’t always get to play it as it could be classed as fun-talo, a place some people don’t want to go but when the time is right it’s explosive. Somebody scratched my copy in the first few bars of the track a few months ago so I need a new copy now.

What’s your secret talent?

I am a talentless soul. No secret.

What can we expect from your set at Abattoir this Friday?

Not so much Italo, more a mixture of post punk, house and a few bits of synth and ebm here and there. It’ll be a mess but hopefully a cohesive one.

We really can’t wait!

Join both Ali and RUFUS&Bambi at Abattoir this Friday 22nd November from 9pm - 3am at Dalston Superstore.

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Abattoir Speak To Ali Renault