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Ali Renault

Ali Renault

For the last year SOCIETY have been championing the acid house sound in London through regular monthly nights in our basement with Chicago house legend ROBERT OWENS and a series of warehouse parties. With a list of previous guests that include Marshall Jefferson, Terry Farley, Colin Dale and Trevor Fung, it's clear these guys mean business when it comes to acid. Their next party once again sees Mr Owens take to the decks (and mic!) and will be joined by ex-Heartbreak star ALI RENAULT on Thursday 26th January from 9pm. We asked Ali what special touches he'll be bringing to proceedings.

You're well known for being an instigator of the italo disco revival in London so we're intrigued to know what surprises you're planning to bring to Chicago house/acid house night Society?

It's nice to have an excuse to play an all out Chicago/acid house set because usually I only get the chance to play a few of these tracks thrown in a set for good measure. I rarely play italo these days to be honest. I'll be digging around for some old records that I haven't played in years.

What have you got from your label Cyber Dance for the night?

I'll definitely be playing a few tracks from the Mark Du Mosch EP we released a while back plus the Matzo & Pauli EP and some of the Messages From The Void Vol. 2 tracks. Maybe one off my album as well if it fits.

It's quite well documented that your formative influences were metal and techno but we're curious to know whether you went to any raves growing up and if so what were your thoughts on them? 

My first experience of a rave was a herbal tea party in Manchester when I was 17 or 18. Bandulu were playing live. Before that I had never really listened to any dance music. I went out of curiosity. It took me a while to get into it but I really enjoyed myself in the end and started going to more parties after that.   

The basement here is quite intimate. What do you like about playing smaller venues?

I find it easier to speak to people and it doesn't feel like a job. 

You're playing on the same bill as Robert Owens. In what way would you say Chicago house has influenced your music? 

Yeah it's a real honor to be playing with him.

There's a jamming aspect of Chicago house which is the attraction for me. I can totally relate to it and I've always tried to keep to that method of writing with my music. There's also the disco and pop influenced Chicago house tracks, a lot of which were brutally produced and that's been an influence for sure. 

Society featuring Robert Owens with Ali Renault is on Thursday 26th January with residents Class Of 808 DJ's, Josh Caffe, Joshua Ford, Jamie Walker and Alex Wale.

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Ali Renault